4 Tips to Keep the Guests Hooked Until the Event Ends

4 Tips to Keep the Guests Hooked Until the Event Ends

The sight of people leaving the venue before the formal conclusion of an event is not a great sight for the event’s organizers. This is true even when the event is well-received. If you don’t want to experience such a bummer, then you need to take some steps.

Let’s see how you can make sure guests sit through the end of your corporate event.

Don’t Drag Anything

From the company intro to the speeches given by higher-ups, things get a bit too drag for people who are attending a corporate event. You can do a survey only to find out that people avoid going to corporate events or leave them early due to the long, boring, sleep-inducing, and hackneyed speeches. If you don’t want to drain your guests’ energy through this audio ordeal, then make sure that the speeches being made at your event remain short and sweet.

Save the Best for Last

If you are holding an incentive event where you have to distribute prizes or have to make some much-awaited announcement, then save it for the last. People tend to leave an event when they have accomplished their goal. However, saving the best for last doesn’t mean you are allowed to make your guests “hostage.” You have to make sure they can refresh and satiate themselves in the meantime.  Having a minibar and a stall with light snacks will help in keeping your guests until the event finishes.

Set Up a Relaxation Zone

Keep in mind that your event is not the start of your guests’ days. If the event is at night, then many of your guests will attend it with borderline exhaustion. The boring itinerary of the event further exacerbates this tiredness where people think getting out of the venue and going home is the only way to put end to that misery.

Empathize with your guests and make a relaxation zone at the entrance of your event where people can get coffee and sit in relaxing reclining chairs for some time before the main proceedings of the event start. You certainly have to make separate arrangements for that, but it will transform the outlook of your event. Not only will that help you in keeping the people till the end of the event, but it will also get attendees talking about your event for a long time.

Audio/Video Arrangements Must Be Top-Notch

The audio/video arrangements at your event actually go on to define its overall quality. With a shoddy sound system and poor visual feed, you can’t expect people to patiently sit and take interest in whatever you are presenting to them. Keep in mind that crisp sound and video can transform mediocre presentations, and bad AV arrangements can spoil even a good one.

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