Four Reasons Your Next Team Meet-up Should Be Held in a Hangar

4 Reasons Your Next Team Meet-up Should Be Held in a Hangar

Organizing a team meet-up at a corporate level is always a challenge for managers. They have to make sure the event gets the needed traction from the staff. At the same time, they also need to execute all the stuff that draws out a response in a certain budget. If you are also facing this predicament while organizing your next team meet-up, then here is a suggestion: choose a hangar venue for the event.

Hear us out on the reasons why a hangar can be a great venue for your next corporate team meet-ups.

1) Breaking Out of the Ordinary

If you are organizing corporate gatherings for several years, then you have definitely run out of new and unique venue options. From hotel ballrooms to open-air and rooftop gatherings, you have tried them all. In a scenario where you have used all the regular event venues for your corporate meet-ups and don’t want to repeat them either, a hangar definitely becomes a viable venue option.

Many employees sit such meet-ups out because they are petrified of the stereotypical superficiality and boredom of those events. By setting a hangar as the venue of your corporate event, you are definitely going to get many employees interested. Many people will agree to attend the event just because they want to experience it in the ambiance of a hangar.

2) You Can Make the Meet-up Truly Grand

The word “Grand” is thrown around way too much for corporate events. Even if it’s a meet-up of some 20 people happening at a local restaurant, it is called “grand” in the papers. Your event can live up to the weighty word of “grand” if you hold it in a hanger. The hangar venues in Scottsdale and around are literally big, grand, and available at a price where you don’t have to worry about any overspending.

3) It Will Be Good from Functional Standpoint

Having a team meet-up in a small, congested place entails many issues that you have to deal with on time. For instance, you have to make sure that there is enough room for the catering team to set the tables and buffet. Moreover, if you are setting up entertainment segments in the event (music and video), you will need quite some space for that too.

By booking a hangar as your corporate venue, you won’t have to worry about space constraints at all. There will be a lot of space for every team that is going to cater to your event in different capacities.

4) Introverted Staff Can Find Their Space

There is always a group of introverts in an organization that doesn’t like mingling with everyone. They refrain from attending corporate events because they know that they can’t get their secluded place to chill. By having a grand hangar as your venue, you can also give them an opportunity to take part in the meet-up.

If you are looking to organize a team meet-up in a hanger in Scottsdale and surrounding areas, then get in touch with Scottsdale Private Event Venues. The company offers more than ten different hangar venues for all sorts of corporate parties.

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