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When hosting an event, the last thought after all of the planning and prepping for your event is usually how you decide to finally make your grand entrance into the event. When you choose the Heli Hangar as your event venue, you have the ability to ride into your own event on a Sabercat Helicopter. There is even the availability to have your guests take rides in the helicopter throughout the event. Whether you are having a small intimate gathering or a larger event with your friends and family, the Heli Hangar is one way to surely create an unforgettable experience. 

Event Options

There are a plethora of ways to customize your experience when you choose the Heli Hangar for your next event. One of the more intimate options is to have a wonderful dinner followed by a tour with you and your loved one riding the helicopter around the city. This is an amazing option for anniversaries, birthdays or even proposals. Heli Hangars are also a great venue ideal for larger parties, around 450 guests. Corporate events can become the talk of the breakroom for ages to come. This is also an amazing way to host fundraiser galas as well. With so many versatile options, the Heli Hangar is a fully customizable event venue that can meet your needs no matter what the subject of your event is. 

Benefits of Choosing a Unique Venue

There is more than simply the memorable aspect of choosing a unique venue like the Heli Hangar option for your next event. Having custom events become a part of your brand and your identity as a party host. When you come into the event hosting scene, you want to be sure to leave an impression on your brand. Grand entrances by helicopters are a great way to do so. “Scottsdale Private Event Venues,” is unique in offering this type of event venue and pride themselves on custom events that set the bar. SPEV recommends using the Heli Hangar for events such as brand launches or Incentive Events. 

Working With a Full-Service Event Planner

By working with a full-service event planning company such as SPEV, you receive the benefit of an event fully customized around all of your expectations. SPEV works with unique and customized event options such as the Heli Hangar to bring you and your guests an incomparable experience. By working with professionals you can set up helicopter rides for your event during the event, grand entrances and grand exits alike. The Heli Hangar event option gives you one of the most customizable venues that you can choose to have since the helicopter can land in so many different places. 


The Heli Hanger, as one of SPEV’s most popular and unique event space options is a space that will leave your guests forever discussing your next event. The Heli Hangar is an event space that will leave an impression of whether you utilize it for a grand entrance, a grand exit or to give your guests a helicopter ride over the beautiful city. SPEV offers many custom and unique event spaces to choose from. They provide you full planning services to handle every detail that may come up so all you are left to do is enjoy your event. 

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