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Too Early To Book Your Holiday Party

Have you booked your Holiday Event venue yet? If not Scottsdale Hangar Parties has a hangar for you.

Is everyone in your office always talking about that Christmas party that was so great? Or maybe they’re complaining about having to attend the same boring party again this holiday season. Either way, if the burden of planning this year’s party has fallen on your shoulders, we are here to help you out! Your company could be anywhere from a few dozen to hundreds of people, so you must plan the party accordingly. Once you have the budget in place, you know you have to follow the standard protocol of hiring a caterer and setting up a bar according to the number of people attending. Here are a few other important details that may help you plan the perfect party:

One reason to have a Holiday party is that it’s the perfect time to blow off some of that steam from the rough work weeks. The fourth quarter for many companies can be the most stressful time out of the entire year. A month’s worth of work can all be crammed into just a few weeks, which means lots of overtime and stressed people. No better way to relax and have fun than to have a holiday party. 2023 is filling up already!

While the stress and hubub from Christmas is long gone and the decorations have been packed back up and returned to storage, we’re already thinking about the holidays again!

We still have a few dates left in December and would be honored to be your Host for a magical evening. Venues of North Scottsdale offers many different looks at night and day whether it be inside by a Jet or an Indoor/Outdoor event using the inside of our hangars or tarmac for larger events.

Let our Executive Chefs create a tantalizing menu for you and have our in-house Pastry Chefs finish it off with an array of Exquisite Desserts.

Call us to book your holiday event from 100 to 1500 people! 

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