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Bramare Aviation Management

Bramare Aviation Management

Flawless Flight Experiences at Bramere 

Formed explicitly for business owners and individuals who want to increase productivity and reduce overhead costs for the operation of a jet aircraft for personal and business travel. Specifically, we specialize in providing solutions to those looking for top-tier aviation leasing and charter operations. We will also help in the buying and selling of aircraft and proving resources for aircraft management and operations under both Part 91 and Part 135. 

Offering a full turnkey solution to aircraft ownership. Founded by active members within the aviation community, we believe we have a leg up on the competition because we have that melting pot of experience. From aircraft sales to aircraft management all the way to charter we offer a full one stop shop for individuals who are looking for aircraft acquisitions or want to get more from their current aircraft. Offering more than just the sales aspect of the business below is what we can help with from the start all the way to the end.  Bramare Aviation Management

Bramare Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions

Dedicated to getting you into the aircraft that is a perfect match for you and your family’s mission. While other companies say that have the experience we have the true in-depth knowledge from not only the sales side but from the pilot and operator side. With our vast network, we can find sellers or buyers for almost any aircraft before it comes to the public. One phone call from us to one of our partners could be the deal of a lifetime, something you won’t find on Controller or any public site. With our simple structure, we save you literally thousands of dollars for not playing around, We get right to work and can often have prospect aircraft with total logbook reviews to you in as little as five days from the date of a contract. Our expertise and knowledge of the market will ensure we provide the best for you in worldwide aircraft sales and acquisitions. Bramare Aviation Management

Bramare Aircraft Management

Buying the airplane is the “simple” part but it’s the everyday operation that gives owners potential headaches. With our full management program, all you do is show up and enjoy the flight. We take care of everything from the minute you call to schedule a flight to the minute you land back home. Our 24/7 operations team handles all the aircraft maintenance, pilot scheduling, and employment, aircraft inspections, providing provisions to the aircraft as well as the fuel and hangar negations to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Have peace of mind that your asset is being treated just like you would take care of your supercar. You’ll never have to worry if the pilots will be there if my favorite snack or lunch is on board, or if there is a car waiting on the other side! We take care of it all! Now is an excellent time to sell. Contact us to discuss your options for sale or trade. Bramare Aviation Management

Bramare Aircraft Charter

After the close of the purchase of an existing aircraft, we can then lease, operate, and manage the aircraft for charter operations. We improve efficiency and reduce administrative costs for those that want the convenience of private jet travel, without all the operational time and expense that it requires. Our sister company is fully approved to be an FAA part 135 Air Carrier Operator. Why offset the cost of aircraft ownership by chartering it while you aren’t using it? Chartering your aircraft on one of the many programs gives you a little breathing room with the expenses of owning an aircraft.  Our programs are designed to give you the most amount of flexibility to schedule all the way to a full dedication charter airplane where the airplane will be utilized to the maximum potential possible. By chartering your aircraft there are special tax incentives that go along with charter along that piggyback on top of the purchase of the asset. 

Why Partner With Us

MEETING PLANNING AND TRAVEL MANAGEMENT COMPANYOur Goal Is To Partner With Our Clients To Form Long-Term Relationships, Truly Getting To Know Each Customer And Their Preferences, Thus Providing Personalized, High-Quality Service Year After Year.

By Partnering With Us You Will Gain:

  • A Valuable Team With Proven Travel And Event Industry Expertise
  • Meeting Planning And Travel Management
  • Buying Power Results In Cost Savings To Your Organization
  • Insight Into Your Meeting And Travel Spend
  • Dedicated Support With Flawless Attention To Detail

Your Complete Source For All Your Meeting And Travel Needs.

Comprehensive Solutions

We offer The Ability To Monitor And Manage All Aspects Of Meetings And Travel To Be Your Designated Total Meeting Planning And Travel Management. Our Team Of Professionals Will Simplify And Streamline The Process To Maximize Your Staff’s Efforts And Resources, Thus Offering Greater Control And Visibility Of Your Travel Spending.

Following A Tried And True Process, We Have Established A Thorough Process From Concept To Culmination To Ensure That All Aspects Of Travel Are Handled In A Seamless And Cost-Effective Manner.  We Provide Service For Travel Itineraries Of All Sizes – From Your Executive Or VIP Traveling Alone To Large Groups Traveling To Meetings And Conventions. Understanding How Important Travel Is To Your Organization, We Make The Travel Process As Effortless As Possible On Your Behalf.

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