Unique Venues Something different

Unique Venues Something different. The flexibility of our space provides for a blank canvas for your imaginative occasion planning.  You can alter this space to fit nearly any style of event. Call us today to see how Scottsdale Hangar Parties can serve as your next fantabulous event! Hangars range from urban to flawlessly finished. We have amenities not generally located […]

4 Things to Consider While Selecting Decorations for Your Business Events

Tips for Selecting Decorations for Your Business Events Innovation in decorations is a must in any event especially if it is a corporate event that will mark the beginning of a new term or end of a successful one. In any case, the members of the senior management arriving from different states just to attend […]

5 Things to Consider While Catering for Your Business Conference

Tips for Catering for Your Business Conference Organizing your first business conference? Don’t know where to begin? Catering of course! This is the only part of a business conference that is most looked forward to by every individual attending it. Therefore, it must be dealt with carefully and considerations of the majority of the crowd […]

3 Outstanding Entertainment Ideas for Your Business Event

Scottsdale Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas for Your Event Who doesn’t like to enjoy their time with their colleagues? Everyone does. Making memories other than spending time in meeting rooms doing business review debates is something that every employee wants. In such a case, business events bring about wild opportunities for fun time with colleagues and […]

3 Reasons to Organize Your Company’s Events at an Airplane Hangar

Tips to Organize Your Company’s Events at an Airplane Hangar Scottsdale Airpark makes a perfect place for organizing any event for your business. Nothing is more motivational to the attendees as walking out into a packed hangar through the huge Airplane hangar doors. You will have the space for thousands of employees and in fact, […]

ShowGizmo launches new product suite

March 23, 2017 ShowGizmo launches new product suite. Event professionals around the world know how hard it is to choose an event app that perfectly fits their objectives. But now veteran event app provider, ShowGizmo, has made it easy with the release of a new product suite with features and enhancements. All designed to create […]

Why You Need to Break Your Event Assumptions

Why You Need to Break Your Event Assumptions. As a professional speaker, I have the opportunity to attend a lot of events and conferences. While they all differ in scale, audience,  locations, and cultures, they almost all share certain elements. For example, the flow is the same at most events. Attendees arrive at  a certain […]

Big Event Companies Share Trends in Latest Special Events “50 Top Event Companies”

Big Event Companies Share Trends in Latest Special Events “50 Top Event Companies” First of all new technologies–such as virtual and augmented reality—and the continued role of social media are two of the major trends shaping special events this year. These insights appear in the 15th annual “50 Top Event Companies” article, featured in the […]

How to Work with Eccentric, Disorganized Creatives

Let’s face it, designers can be wacky. As a meeting planner, you’ve probably encountered your fair share of eccentric, opinionated, and disorganized designers—especially when they’re outside contractors. Yet if you want to make your event a success, you know you need them. So what can you do? Here’s the good news: With a few tweaks […]