Scottsdale Spring Training 101

Scottsdale Spring Training 101. Spring Training is a big deal around here. If this is your first time experiencing a game (whether it’s the Giants, Diamondbacks or Rockies), there are some things you should know. Let’s walk through some of the basics:

Know Your Seating Options

Lawn seats at Scottsdale Stadium and Salt River Fields at Talking Stick have long been a Spring Training tradition. Fans pack the grassy home run territory before the game for optimal relaxation throughout. If laying on the ground isn’t your style, the Scottsdale Charros Lodge at Scottsdale Stadium brings the casual atmosphere of the lawn seats, but in VIP form. Food, drinks and good times are all included with your ticket to the lodge. Likewise, private boxes at Salt River Fields give you the VIP experience. There also are plenty of bleacher seats at both stadiums for a more traditional game-day experience. Extra Tip: If you opt for lawn seats, bring a blanket or towel to sit on. Nobody like grass stains on vacation.

Got kids? Bring a Few Baseballs

Foul territory is autograph central both before and after the game. MLB stars will sign for a good amount of time, so don’t leave your kids unprepared for what could be an unforgettable moment with their favorite players.

Keep Your Head Up

Home run balls are abundant on the lawn seats (and foul balls in the stands.) Pitchers aren’t fully ready for the season, which means mistakes will be made and baseballs will fly. Keep your head up.

Brush Up on the Prospects

Early and late spring training games are where baseball’s best prospects get show off their skills. That means some of the more well-known players will be out of the game by the seventh inning to give the newbies a chance. Do some research on the up-and-comers so you know who you’re watching.

Bring Sunscreen

The sun may feel good on your winter weary body, but it also burns. Most ballparks have sunscreen stations, so be sure to slather it on! (P.S. You can still get tan with sunscreen on – just in case you were worried).

Drink Water

There’s no doubt about it – beer and ballparks go hand in hand. But be sure to down plenty of water too, particularly if your seats are in the sun. Getting dehydrated is no way to wrap up an otherwise fun day.

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