Important Tips for Hiring the Best Catering Service for Any Event

Essential Tips for Hiring the Best Catering Services

When it comes to organizing an event, there are many significant things to consider. One of them includes the catering service.

Good food is something all guests look forward to when attending any event. Therefore, it is imperative for you to take the necessary measures to ensure that you have hired the best of the best catering service.

Here we have assembled some great tips that you can follow to hire an amazing catering business.


  • Ask for Recommendations or Check Out the Website


If you have little to no experience in planning an event, this is something you should definitely do.

Ask your family, friends or colleagues for catering service suggestions. You can also check online reviews to weed out unsatisfactory caterers. If possible, try to personally contact the reviewer and ask about the catering service in detail. This can make it easy for you to narrow down your list of catering services and help you to choose the right one.


  • Provide Tastings


No matter how perfect the food pictures and their descriptions are, your safe bet is always to ask your potential caterer to provide tastings of their food.

If the caterer is not willing to provide tasting, avoid taking the risk and consider other caterers who are willing to conduct a food-tasting session before the event. This way, you will be able to figure out if the food has lived up to your expectations or not. Trust us, going through the tasting session beforehand can save you from a lot of disappointment and embarrassment in the near future. This will also be a great chance for you to meet the chef himself and squeeze out all the necessary information from him related to the preparation, presentation, and customization of the food.


  • Flexibility


There are many catering services that are willing to customize the menu according to their customers’ wishes.

The caterers will consider changing the menu taking into account your specific dietary, budget, and taste. For instance, if you are a vegetarian, the caterer will make sure that the menu is comprised of all the veggie-based dishes. So, whenever you get in touch with a catering service, do ask them if they assist special menu requirements.


  • Staff Availability


Before you sign any contract, make sure that you pick the catering company that has a staff required to fully service your important event.

The amount of staff will largely depend on the nature of your event. If it’s a big event, comprising of many guests, make sure that the staff has a good amount of well-experienced workers who can easily cater to the needs of your guests. Discuss your plans with the head of the caterer and let him know what your expectations really are.

Venues of North Scottsdale offers an impeccable catering service that features simple and sophisticated menus and presentation. So, book them today to make your next event a hearty one!

4 Things to Consider While Selecting Decorations for Your Business Events

Tips for Selecting Decorations for Your Business Events

Innovation in decorations is a must in any event especially if it is a corporate event that will mark the beginning of a new term or end of a successful one. In any case, the members of the senior management arriving from different states just to attend the conference will certainly be comparing the décor in your event to their own states.

In this case, the impression you ought to lay on them must be strong.

The décor defines your entire event with elegance and grace. The right choices show your thoughtfulness and the idea behind the conference. Some people just prefer to use flowers while others choose a more antique touch with ornaments representing history and myth. Whatever the choice, the decorations should be eye-catching.

Let’s have a look at a few of the things that you must keep in mind while selecting decorations for your business events.

1.     Choose the Linens Carefully

Many business events simply use white linen for their table cloth, the seat cushions and the napkins. However, being a bit picky with the linens is always good for your branding. Choose colors that may even be present in your business’ logo.

You can also decide to choose patterned linens that have trendy and popular designs that showcase your individuality as a brand and as a company. The identity of your business is expressed quite nicely through the linen selection.

2.     Use Centre Pieces that Stand Out of the Crowd

Make use of unique centerpieces that catch the eyes of all your guests. For instance, instead of some heavy centre piece or a large vase that keeps getting in the way of your guests, you can use bowls filled with different colored candies! The guests can much on them and enjoy while they take important notes in the conference.

3.     Use Appropriate Floral Options for Decorations for Your Business Events

Although many business event planners consider flowers to be more of a wedding thing, it is not quite true. Flowers have a great impact on business events as well. You can use Orchids, White Roses or other light colored flowers in business events. The important part is fragrance. Make sure all your floral arrangements are quite fragrant. The environment of the entire event depends on the odor they spread in every corner.

4.     Use Bright and Welcoming Colors

Whatever Decorations for Your Business Events you choose in terms of lighting and ambiance, make sure they are very colorful and bright.

The liveliness exhibited through bright colors makes a youthful addition to the gathering which makes it a nice, welcoming change from the everyday office life. Many of the guests may belong to departments where they are getting the opportunity to attend such an event for the first time in a long time. The bright décor can be a refreshing change for them.

Business events have particular significance in the corporate life and Venues of North Scottsdale understands this. That is why we provide the best decorations of linen works, lights and floral arrangements for all your corporate events. Contact us to arrange your business events at the finest Airplane Hangers and with the decorations that could even give the 4th of July celebrations a run for their money!

5 Things to Consider While Catering for Your Business Conference

Tips for Catering for Your Business Conference

Organizing your first business conference? Don’t know where to begin? Catering of course!

This is the only part of a business conference that is most looked forward to by every individual attending it. Therefore, it must be dealt with carefully and considerations of the majority of the crowd have to be taken into account.

Food is that one thing that everyone will remember after the conference no matter how well the presentation of the senior managers regarding their branding policy seemed. That’s what makes this one of the most difficult areas to manage.

Let’s have a look a few of the things that must be considered while catering for your business conference.

1.     Be Diverse in Your Food Choices

In a business conference, you will be catering to hundreds of employees at the same time making it rather impossible for you to know the preferences of each of these. The smart option is to keep a variety of things on the table so that everyone attending the conference has multiple options open to them. For instance, drinks other than tea and coffee, especially natural juices should be available for those who do not drink caffeine.

For menu items, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items should be on the table so that everyone can eat without worrying about their diet plans. Some people are diabetics so you should keep some sugar-free items on the menu too to make sure they don’t have to starve themselves during the full day conference.

2.     Make Sure You Only Take Local Flavors

Your menu should comprise of items that are available locally and people are familiar with these foods. Otherwise, you will be faced with the issue of people not trying much of anything and most of the menu going to waste.

3.     Several Finger Foods

Your menu should have several finger foods that people can enjoy as snacks, such as zinger strips or chicken strips with variety of sauces. The finger foods add flavor and color to the dining table. They don’t create much mess and majority of the people love devouring them!

4.     Hassle Free Dining Arrangements

The dining arrangements should be such that everyone can eat with ease. For instance, many companies hold a buffet around which people can stand and continue their meal. However, it is a good idea to keep the participants seated and food is served to them on the tables.

Moreover, some conferences only have china or glass dishes leaving the participants looking for a place to leave these once they are done. Business conferences should use throw-away dishes so that everyone who finished eating can throw these away easily.

5.     Don’t Forget the Desserts

Again, there should be a variety of sweets on the table, not just cookies. Different sorts of truffles, pastries and fudge should be a part of the final course of the meal so that the participants have a unique and full dining experience

No matter how peculiar your catering needs are, if you are organizing your business conference in Scottsdale, you can have the best venues through the Venues in North Scottsdale. We can provide you with any and all catering needs exactly as per your requirements. Contact us to arrange an event your employees will never forget!

3 Outstanding Entertainment Ideas for Your Business Event

Scottsdale Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas for Your Event

Who doesn’t like to enjoy their time with their colleagues? Everyone does.

Making memories other than spending time in meeting rooms doing business review debates is something that every employee wants. In such a case, business events bring about wild opportunities for fun time with colleagues and making memories that last a lifetime.

But you need to make sure that the event you arrange allows everyone to have a blast!

Every business conference needs entertainment. But if you stick to the traditional orchestra or the piano playing artist for the ears of a few senior members of the management, the rest of the attendees will suffer dearly.

You can make sure that all the attendees have a great time at the event you organize.

Let’s have a look at a few outstanding options for entertainment in all your business events.

1.     Bring in the Corporate Comedian

Now you may be a bit apprehensive about this guy but if you have reviewed his script before and edited out certain insolent lines, you are quite safe with him. A good laugh is always appreciated!

You can add your own script with the latest on-goings of the Wall Street. This way, the comedian will be able to bring people up to speed on the latest happenings in the corporate world while keeping them well entertained.

2.     Set Up an Event Wall

An event wall will be an eye-catcher for everyone that walks into the event. In addition, guests will be able to take selfies and group photos while standing in front of it. The event wall will always be a memorable experience for the attendees.

In fact, you can even create a red carpet set up with one leading right to the event wall, allowing guests to take pictures by it then moving into the main conference hall.

One of the biggest advantages of an event wall is that it can be specific to the event or it can be used to promote the company’s branding policy or the core values or objectives of the business. In fact, it can also be used to reveal one of the products being launched by the company in recent times. This can be an excellent way to promote a recently launched product.

3.     Use Interactive Food Stations Instead of Buffet

You can always set up several food stations where the guests can go and have their favorite foods done on request rather than setting up a single buffet where everyone fills up their platter and walks away. The stations provide an opportunity for them to interact with the chefs, and amuse them with the different recipes they use to bring them the perfect meal!

You can avail all kinds of entertainment ideas for your business events at the Venues of North Scottsdale. Contact us to arrange an event with the best catering, outstanding entertainment ideas and with a wow-effect for impress the attendees!

3 Reasons to Organize Your Company’s Events at an Airplane Hangar

Tips to Organize Your Company’s Events at an Airplane Hangar

Scottsdale Airpark makes a perfect place for organizing any event for your business. Nothing is more motivational to the attendees as walking out into a packed hangar through the huge Airplane hangar doors. You will have the space for thousands of employees and in fact, members of the senior management flying in from different states will be able to park their private jets straight into the party!

Let’s have a look at a few of the reasons company events in an Airplane hangar are quite fabulous!

1.     The WOW-Effect

All your guests will be smitten at the sight of the huge Airplane hangar waiting to welcome them! You can easily create the wow-effect that is so seldom achieved in most business gatherings. Especially, if you have guests from the State department, Congressmen or other Guests of Honor, you will be able to impress them through one event that would be life changing for you and your company!

2.     Room for All Kinds of Entertainment

The hangar provides an excellent opportunity to arrange for any and all kinds of event décor and entertainment that you would like to use. For instance, you can set up a huge stage for a live band, orchestra or even a concert.

You can set up a huge circular bar in the centre and still have room for a front stage for an award ceremony, a musical gala or even a dance mania! Your guests will absolutely love the centre-bar!

In fact, the Scottsdale Private Event Venues can provide war birds, jets and the planes of VIPs as decoration in the event. During an award ceremony, attendees can applaud the award winners climbing down the ramp of a beautiful jet! Imagine showing these pictures to your grandchildren!

3.     Taking Your Event to a New Height

Hangar events are popular among the majority of corporate managers because they offer once in a life time opportunities. The large space available to the company adds the benefit of arranging many exciting options to the event. For instance, you can organize an open mic singing event on one corner of the hangar while on the other side a dance competition can ensue among the employees.

What can be better than small, fun competitions to make your event even better! You can develop attributes of team building, coordination and establish a flat structure of communication among the employees through such events.

Imagine an AVP level officer going head to head in a musical with one of the new members of your team! It can be a means of recognition and establishing mutual respect among the attendees of the event, not to mention the loads of fun you’ll have!

Venues in North Scottsdale is your first choice if you are looking for a suitable hangar for your company’s grand event, gala or an award night for the hard working members of your team. You will not only get the hangar you need but also the jets you choose for décor and the catering of your exact choice. Contact us now for arranging the best event your company has ever seen!



The Lux Air Jet hangars are 120’ wide x 100’ deep with 28’ door height.  Our outdoor area measures 360’ wide and 160’ deep for a whopping 57,600 with easy access for trucks and gear!

The Lux Air Jet Center Hangar’ boasts more open square footage than almost any venue option in Goodyear!

An extraordinary hangar available for unique receptions and corporate events full of light and bright blue skies, a blank slate ready to be transformed. The Lux Hangar is one of Arizona’s most unique event spaces. With a large open floor space, and versatile indoor and outdoor entertaining options- our hangar provides the ultimate blank canvas designed to let you create the event you’ve always dreamed of. Impress your guests with a grand entrance in a helicopter- and even a ride of their own!

Arrive by plane at the airstrip right in front of your unsuspecting guests!

This unique Venue is ideal for large scale events with groups of up to 1,500 guests. As you have 2 spaces 100×120 deep blank canvas space with polished epoxy floors, white walls, and a 30′ high ceiling. This amazing, industrial event space can accommodate any type of entertainment including.  A-List talent with massive staging, aerial artists, and room for displays of any size. For smaller groups, you can bring in more decor and pipe and draping to make the space any size to fit your group. We can even bring in model and display planes as the ultimate decor pieces for your event, so the possibilities are truly endless!

The city of Goodyear is home to Goodyear ballpark, where the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds of MLB practice their spring training. Goodyear is also in close proximity to The University of Phoenix Stadium (home of the Arizona Cardinals) and the Gila River Arena ( home of the Arizona Coyotes)

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Brenda and Kurt Warner’s Celebrity Game Night

Brenda and Kurt Warner’s Celebrity Game Night. Join Hall of Fame Quarterback Kurt Warner and his wife Brenda for the most fun and unique fundraising event of the year! Brenda and Kurt Warner’s Celebrity Game Night is bringing together community members, local celebrities, and professional athletes to honor Arizona Coyotes legend Shane Doan, while raising money for the Warner’s most beloved cause — Treasure House.

We’re breaking out all your game room favorites and giving you a chance to mingle, play and compete. Sip on a signature cocktail or grab a bite at one of the sports arena-themed food stations while gearing up for the live auction!

The evening will feature some of your favorite athletes competing in a “Win, Lose or Draw” contest to benefit the charity. We will then have a very special program in honor of Shane Doan, including a “fireside chat” about his life and career.

General Admission Tickets are $250 per person, with all proceeds benefiting Treasure House.

Special VIP tickets are available for $1,000. VIP tickets include exclusive access to a VIP reception with Kurt, Shane and more of your favorite celebrities and athletes; preferred VIP seating near front of stage; commemorative sports memorabilia signed by Kurt and Shane; and some other fun perks and surprises. You won’t want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For more information and to purchase VIP tickets, please email Hurry! Space is limited — only 50 VIP tickets are available!

When: 6:30pm. to 9:30pm. Friday, February 9, 2018

Where: Ross Aviation

South Complex South Hanger

14700 N Airport Drive

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Parking: Complimentary Valet and Rideshare Drop-Off Only

Attire: Business Casual

(Must be 21 or older to attend)

Sponsorship packages available, please contact Lisa Hartsock


Fri, February 9, 2018

6:30 PM – 9:30 PM MST

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Ross Aviation – Scottsdale (SDL)

14700 North Airport Drive

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