Unique Venues Best Of Winners

Unique Venues would like to recognize the Best of the Best. These venues were chosen by planners and readers as the best in the industry. These award winning venues represent categories ranging from “Best Earth-Friendly Venue” to “Best Website.”


We are proud to introduce to you our Best Of award winners for 2020. Each winner was voted on by our vast network of planners in the U.S. & Canada to be the ‘Best Of’ the best – this is particularly special for this year, as we recognize venues that create a safe and unique environment for its guests. We hope that you take the time to learn about each of our winners and remember them when you are planning or re-booking your next meeting or event – the amount of care, service, and safety offered is truly thought out to provide a memorable experience for all. Congratulations to all of our winners – your commitment to making the events industry-unique and your commitment to customer service for planners is undeniable. Your passion and dedication to excellence is admirable and are well-deserving of your recognition and awards – thanks for pioneering a new way to meet and gather together.

And now, we present to you the Unique Venues Best Of 2020.

Chuck Salem and Neal Burghardt, Unique Venues Owners

Best Earth-Friendly Venue:

Colorado State University

Best High-Tech Venue:

Virginia Tech Executive Briefing Center

Best Large-Market Venue:

Boston University

Best Marketing Campaign:

University of Delaware Conference Services

Best Mid-Market Venue:

The University of Rhode Island

Best Outdoor Event Space:

Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Best Renovation/Addition:

University of Miami

Best Small-Market Venue:

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

Best Social Media Presence:

Galena Country Tourism

Best Venue for an LGBTQ-Friendly Event:

Arts Club Theatre Company, BMO Theatre Centre

Best Venue for Concerts or Shows:

Orchestra Hall

Best Venue for Conferences:

American University Washington College of Law

Best Venue for Corporate Events:

Museum of Science and Industry

Best Venue for Day Meetings:

The Conference Center at Montclair State University

Best Venue for Expos and Trade Shows:

MEET Las Vegas

Best Venue for Formal Affairs:

San Francisco Film Centre

Best Venue for Life Events:

The Beacon Center

Best Venue for Locally Sourced Catering:

American University

Best Venue for Spiritual/Wellness Gathering:

UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center

Best Venue for Team Building:

The Mountain Winery

Best Venue for Unique Experiences:

Charles A. Hayes Family Investment Center

Best Venue for Weddings:

University of Maryland, College Park

Best Venue for Youth Retreats & Camps:

California University of Pennsylvania

Best Venue to Film a Movie or TV Show:

Saint Elizabeth University

Best Website:

AEG Special Event Venues

Professional of the Year:

All Hospitality Industry Professionals

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Reasons Corporate Events Should Be Planned At Special Venues

Ditch Your Conference Room to Arrange Events that are More Impactful

In order to make your event successful, you must endeavor to deliver a memorable experience to the guests. This is particularly important in case of corporate events where it is generally hard to capture the attendees’ interest and retain it for long.

If you find yourself struggling to impress your corporate guests or fail at delivering experiences that can be retained, you are probably doing it wrong. Since corporate events are naturally dull, things like venue, food, décor, and lighting should be used resourcefully to make them successful. 

But the question that arises here is what do you do when you have a corporate event coming up but there are budget constraints? What if you can’t afford lavish venues? Are there any alternatives to spending extravagantly on décor or food?

In such a situation, simply ditching your conference room and renting a simple venue can do. You don’t have to be overgenerous. No need to spend too much on adding several food items on the venue or paying to get the venue decorated. The goal here is to DODGE the boring conference room and choose an external venue. Sometimes all it takes to entice the audiences is a new venue, especially ones that are outdoors.

Here are a few reasons why you should not hold back from renting a corporate event venue.

Make Your Event Stand Out

By renting a specific venue for corporate events that complements the event theme and type, you get the chance to make your event memorable and impressive without putting in a lot of efforts or investing generously. This benefit is even more significant when it is a corporate event arranged for existing and prospective clients or business partners who you want to compel to partner with you.

A good venue can easily tell your guests that they are valued and keep them engaged throughout.

Get the Limelight

Corporate events that are arranged in nice venues instead of closed conference rooms are more likely to get media attention. This is something that businesses spend thousands of dollars to get.

Only by going a bit out of the box, stretching your budget a little bit or compromising on other less important things, and choosing the most suitable venue, you can get something that businesses spend thousands of dollars and years to get.

How cool is that?

Make Your Otherwise Dull Event Interesting

Events that are well-planned have a greater likelihood to capture audiences’ interest and result in increased audience engagement. By arranging your next corporate event on a unique rented venue that is appropriately embellished to create brand awareness, you will get the benefit of creating brand awareness and association without specifically investing in it. This implies increased market share and profits without targeted marketing activities.

If you are on the lookout for a decent corporate event venue already, Scottsdale Hangar Parties is where you should head right now.

4 Tips to Keep the Guests Hooked Until the Event Ends

4 Tips to Keep the Guests Hooked Until the Event Ends

The sight of people leaving the venue before the formal conclusion of an event is not a great sight for the event’s organizers. This is true even when the event is well-received. If you don’t want to experience such a bummer, then you need to take some steps.

Let’s see how you can make sure guests sit through the end of your corporate event.

Don’t Drag Anything

From the company intro to the speeches given by higher-ups, things get a bit too drag for people who are attending a corporate event. You can do a survey only to find out that people avoid going to corporate events or leave them early due to the long, boring, sleep-inducing, and hackneyed speeches. If you don’t want to drain your guests’ energy through this audio ordeal, then make sure that the speeches being made at your event remain short and sweet.

Save the Best for Last

If you are holding an incentive event where you have to distribute prizes or have to make some much-awaited announcement, then save it for the last. People tend to leave an event when they have accomplished their goal. However, saving the best for last doesn’t mean you are allowed to make your guests “hostage.” You have to make sure they can refresh and satiate themselves in the meantime.  Having a minibar and a stall with light snacks will help in keeping your guests until the event finishes.

Set Up a Relaxation Zone

Keep in mind that your event is not the start of your guests’ days. If the event is at night, then many of your guests will attend it with borderline exhaustion. The boring itinerary of the event further exacerbates this tiredness where people think getting out of the venue and going home is the only way to put end to that misery.

Empathize with your guests and make a relaxation zone at the entrance of your event where people can get coffee and sit in relaxing reclining chairs for some time before the main proceedings of the event start. You certainly have to make separate arrangements for that, but it will transform the outlook of your event. Not only will that help you in keeping the people till the end of the event, but it will also get attendees talking about your event for a long time.

Audio/Video Arrangements Must Be Top-Notch

The audio/video arrangements at your event actually go on to define its overall quality. With a shoddy sound system and poor visual feed, you can’t expect people to patiently sit and take interest in whatever you are presenting to them. Keep in mind that crisp sound and video can transform mediocre presentations, and bad AV arrangements can spoil even a good one.

If you are looking for a corporate event venue near Scottsdale with all the amenities that keep guests engaged, contact Scottsdale Hangar Parties. The company will help you in organizing a memorable corporate event.

The Basics of a Post-Event Corporate Reception

The Basics of a Post-Event Corporate Reception

Gone are the days when week-long workshops and full-day networking sessions were used to end with bland Q/A sessions and product launches. Now, organizations try to make the most of such opportunities to market themselves. This is the reason why the niche of “post-event receptions” has formed. Companies throw a party for its staff and attendees after any corporate event and engagement that stays less formal.

The idea of giving such post-event corporate receptions is to make sure everyone goes home with a cheerful mood. If you are also going to extend your corporate event to such a happy note, then read on. We are going to discuss some of the basics that you need to take care of in order to organize a successful post-event reception.

Change the Venue

It would be better if you have that post-event reception held somewhere else. Attendees will definitely like to experience a new place after staying for an entire day and sometimes many working days in the same place. It would be better if you sort this post-event venue in advance. Try to work with a company that can offer you all sorts of venues. This way, you will be able to choose different locations for the main event/ workshop/conference and post-event chill-out.

Don’t Fix the Itinerary of the Post-Event Reception

You need to differentiate between your more formal main corporate engagement and less formal post-reception event. Setting a tight itinerary will only dissuade people from attending it. If you don’t want to hear excuses from many attendees that they couldn’t attend the post-event reception for some “reason,” then keep it “no-pressure zone.”

Make sure both participants from outside and your own team can enjoy their time instead of keep on thinking about networking. The post-reception should be a gathering where people should interact with each other without the pretext of “business.”

Lighting and Music Should Be on Point

Giving your post-event reception a slight look of “club partying” won’t harm anyone. A  DJ playing live music and lighting dancing around— such improvements will surely make your post-event reception a hit among all the relevant people. Here too, you need to work with an event contractor that can fulfill your varied entertainment requirements.

Luckily, you can find such a contractor in Arizona that can arrange all sorts of live music for your event. From country to jazz and electronic to pop, you can hire live acts for your post-event celebration via them.

Add a Dash of Interactive Entertainment

Having interactive entertainment in your post-event reception will be a cherry on top. Getting served by an aerial bartender is definitely going to cheer your guests. Similarly, set up a stall for local wine or cheese tasting to make things more interactive and interesting.

A company like Scottsdale Private Event Venues can help you in arranging all the details of a post-event corporate reception. They can offer you a lot of venue options along with top-quality catering and ample entertainment services at very reasonable rates.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Private Event Venue

Your Ultimate Checklist for Choosing the Perfect Private Event Venue

Choosing a private event venue may seem like an easy task to accomplish, but the complexity of it can only be understood when you get to do it.

Event venue selection is the core of successful event planning. Even the smallest slipups in choosing a venue can put you in shambles by completely ruining your event and leaving the guests bored and exhausted.

It is the place that you choose to execute your event in that sets the bar for events success. Therefore, it is extremely important to think not twice but as many times as you need before you are 100% sure of your venue selection being suitable for the type of event you are organizing.

The best way you can ensure you choose the right private event venue is by hiring renowned agencies that help you plan events. But if you can’t do that for any reason whatsoever, you must play safe and opt for all-inclusive venues like the  Scottsdale Private Event Venue.

Apart from this, here is a complete checklist of elements that you need to consider to choose a private event venue that is suitable for both your event and yourself.

1.    The Cost

Regardless of how small a thing it is, one thing that the buyers are always concerned about is the price or cost associated and for all the obvious reasons.

No one wants to waste their hard-earned money into buying, hiring, or renting things that don’t get them the desired ROI or result in losses.

So, before you set your eyes on a private event venue, ensure the cost of renting one doesn’t surpass your budget limits. Add all direct and indirect costs and see if the figure you get works for you.

If you have a very limited budget, you can opt to rent minimalist venues that are suitable for the type of event you are organizing.

2.      Convenience and Season

Another important thing that you can’t ignore is the location of the venue that you choose. Select a private event venue that is convenient for your guests to reach and appropriate for the respective season the event will be hosted in.

You can’t expect much from a venue that is located far away from the city your guests live in or choose an open event venue in the rainy season and expect success. Choose a venue that is both convenient and appropriate for the season.

3.      Capacity

Last on this list but not any least, you need to ensure that the private event venue you choose isn’t over or undersized for the number of guests and type of event that it is.

Renting oversized venues results in money wastage while a venue that is too small will not allow you to execute the event as you like and fail to impress your guests.

Don’t forget to consider the style, décor, and lighting arrangements next.

Use of Technology for Better Event Hosting

Use of Technology for Better Event Hosting

Technology is now an essential thread of our social fabric and lifestyle. It has dribbled into everything that we do all day knowingly or instinctively. Corporate events or any event for that matter have also been imprinted with the omnipresence and pervasiveness of technology.

Planners and managers are in agreement that the use of technology has breathed new life into events. Now, people ask for the latest event technology trends while meeting planners and organizers. It has been noted that the integration of technology positively impacts events in many capacities.

  • It swells attendance
  • It increases engagement
  • It cuts down the cost.

Let’s have a look at some of the event technologies that are in vogue these days.

Projection Mapping for the Creation of Augmented Reality Experience

Projection mapping can turn around the ambiance of the entire venue for better. This ambiance detailing is done through multiple projectors that cast still and moving images to all the large facades in the venue to create an interactive 3D display.

Projection mapping is also budget-friendly. So, you don’t have to think too much about cost management.  For instance, simple projected mapping on a hangar ceiling can transform the venue into a futuristic dome. You can also use projection mapping along with music to make it a part of interactive entertainment.

Digital and diode lighting controlled through computers can also add to the ultramodern visual ambiance that you are trying to create with projection mapping.

Social Media Walls for Better Engagement

This is an event technology trend that has been around for a while and not going anywhere anytime soon. Put a social media wall throw multiple screens on display with an event hashtag. Post all the posts and pictures with your event hashtag from across different social media platforms to these digital walls. This event tech trend has many upsides.

  • The activity surrounding it generates organic real-time excitement and engagement.
  • Guests at the event become your brand marketer.

Facilitate the Use of Smartphone

People will use their smartphones no matter how interesting your event lineup is. So, start banking on this new-age human instinct.  To begin with, provide free internet. Secondly, go online with your program timeline, handout, menu, and any other itinerary. People will find it easy to look at concurrent event details through their phones and tablets.

Put on a VR Show

If your event entails a short guest list, then you can also think of putting on a VR show. VR is a trending event technology that ensures maximum attendance. You can also use it for some subtle branding.

Live Stream Your Event

If your event consists of music or any other performing art display, then you should make the most of it.  Live stream theses performances to gather a virtual audience for your event. At no cost, you can fetch a good number of eyeballs for your event.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues provides event hosting, catering, and entertainment as per the needs of your preferred theme. The company can also incorporate the latest technology trends in your events to spice things up.



How to Bring Your Corporate Event to Life

How to Bring Your Corporate Event to Life with a Big Opening and Food

It’s expected of events to be lively and full of entertainment. However, that doesn’t happen all the time and particularly not with corporate events. Tedious state of affairs—this is how one can define the most of corporate events that are just organized for the sake of it.

This happens when no planning, creativity, and hard work is put in making the night memorable. With sleepy proceedings all through the event, neither your employees will feel rewarded, nor can you build new partnerships.

In short, if you are organizing an event, make sure it brims with energy. If not all, it should make most of your guests happy and chirpy. In order to ace corporate event management, you will need to get at least two things right: the opening and food.

Give It an Adrenaline-Filled Kick-Start

If you want to get things going right from the beginning. Start off the event with a bang. For instance, try to emulate the setting of New Year countdown. Use of music along with fireworks and light shows makes for a grand opening of the night and that too without straining your budget.

However, the same ambitious grand opening can become a whole lot of mess without proper planning. Make sure that all the guests are properly checked in before the event clock starts ticking. Also, have some greeters in place who can guide guests through the venue. Remember that you can only off to an energy-filled start if guests are comfortable in their place.

Visitors’ Energy Depends on Food and Beverages

Yes, many people come to events for free food and drinks. So, get along with this reality and use it to make your event successful. Even if that’s not the case, people can’t be engaged in chatter and activities all the time. They need refueling in the form of their favorite foods and drinks to remain animated. Try to slot in these two things if you want to make your event more eventful.

  • In case of small to medium gatherings, great every guest with an entrée.
  • Set a moving bar so people can indulge wherever they are sitting/standing.

Variety is the key when you are planning the food. Have exotic, continental, oriental—everything on the platter. People love to try out new food when it’s free. The pursuit of new food and instantaneous reviews on it will keep your party abuzz.

Take care of people’s food preferences from an ideological and medical standpoint as well. Make sure there are some pure vegan, kosher and halal options in the menu. Lactose intolerant people should also find something to eat. The shortage of food and beverages is the most awful thing that an event organizer can experience. So, it’s important to get accurate headcount beforehand to arrange the catering.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues provide complete corporate event management for all sorts of organizations. From unique venues to catering and event amenities, the company can take care of everything with its extended experience of event planning and management.


Team Building and Ice Breaking Games and Activities for Corporate Events

Corporate Event Games & Activities

The activities and games that are made a part of corporate events are those that are both enjoyable and add value to the events. While there are different games and activities you can incorporate depending on what the event is about, it is generally ice breaking and team building activities that work best for such events.

These corporate event games and activities don’t only add life to the events but also allow people to know each other, relax, enjoy, and participate at the same time.

If you too are looking for ideas to make corporate events fun and interactive, here are a few games and activities that you can incorporate.

1.     The Game of Possibilities

This game is less time-consuming and is an amazing one for team building. All that you need to do is divide the participants into several small groups and distribute random objects in each group. The object you distribute should be given to a random person in each group and those who get it will have to stand up and showcase a unique use of the object in front of everyone, one after the other.

Another way you can play this game is by having the person with the object give clues to their team in order to guess the object. In this scenario, the demonstrator will not be allowed to speak.

The objective of this game is to allow the participants to be creative and interact with each other while having fun. It inspires creativity and team building.

2.     Turning the Negatives into Positives

The objective behind this activity is to enable the participants to engage better and cheer each other up. It helps them discover ways to gain a positive outlook even in the most trying times and teaches them not to judge others.

You can either divide the participants into pairs or trios or more. What happens during the activity is that a person will share his/her real-life negative experience from the past with the other member(s). After this, the other participant(s) will look at the scenario and discuss the positive aspect of the same experience. The partners will keep on switching roles until everyone is done.

Outdoor Team Building Games

3.     The Perfect Square

You will need long pieces of rope and a blindfold for every participant. All that you have to do is make the coworkers form a circle while grabbing a piece of rope. Each of the members will then be asked to put their blindfolds on and set the rope on the floor. Next, have the participants must move away from where the ropes were placed and then come back and arrange all the ropes together to form a large square with each other’s help while still being blindfolded.

This game will encourage communication as each participant will be dependent on another and allow them to demonstrate their leadership skills. This will also develop a sense of trust among the participants and add to their team building skills.

If there is a corporate event coming up and you have been stressing over making it engaging and fun without sidelining the actual purpose/goal, Scottsdale Corporate Events has got you covered. Connect today to discuss your options!