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Fabulous Food Fine Catering and Events

High-end catering company offering distinctive event planning services. Specializing in creating individually tailored events for all occasions.
We specialize in creating events that are exclusively tailored for each of our client’s specific desires.

We excel at exceeding our clients expectations and can invent an occasion that is uniquely you.
Since 1996 Fabulous Food has been producing one of a kind events with exquisite artisan cuisine. The Fabulous Food management team is led by the husband and wife team, Skip and Chantal Hause, who own and operate in Phoenix, Arizona.

About Fabulous Food

Since 1996 Fabulous Food Fine Catering and Events has been producing one of a kind events with exquisite artisan cuisine. The Fabulous Food management team is led by the husband and wife team, Skip and Chantal Hause, who own and operate in Phoenix, Arizona.

Fabulous Food is a custom, high end catering company offering distinctive event planning services. We specialize in creating events that are exclusively tailored for each of our clients specific desires. We excel at exceeding our clients expectations and can invent an occasion that is uniquely you.

Our Mission

To be viewed by our clients as the elite catering company in Phoenix, Arizona by consistently providing high end experiences through artisan cuisine, exceptional service, integrity, and honesty to our clients, thereby becoming the desired choice caterer for our clients. To provide a friendly, fun, family oriented, and professional work environment for our employees to thrive. To be an asset in our community through our generosity and involvement in charitable events and programs.


The owners of Fabulous Food Fine Catering and Events, Skip and Chantal Hause, firmly believe in giving back to the community. Throughout the years, Fabulous Food has been a strong supporter of the Metropolitan Phoenix Arts & Culture community. We have formed partnerships with various organizations in the Valley, including the Arizona Theater Company, Arizona Costume Institute, Ballet Arizona, ChildsplayDesert Botanical GardenPhoenix Art Museum, and Phoenix Public Library – Burton Barr.

And Fabulous Food supports students at the Arizona Culinary Institute and East Valley Institute of Technology through mentoring, internships, and training programs.

We also ensure that no extra food from our kitchens go to waste with regular donations to the Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels, and Waste Not.

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How Corporate Events Benefit Businesses

The Softer Side of Corporate Events

More often than not, corporate events are the first thing that is cut off the budget in an attempt to save more money. Even today, there are companies and people who think that corporate events are of no importance and don’t bring any benefits to businesses. When given the choice to eliminate any of the planned activities to bring down expenses, most prefer chopping off annual employee parties or other similar corporate events.

However, had the benefits of these events been known widely, more people would be willing to even skip buying company assets in order to arrange corporate events. Whether it’s your annual picnic, a holiday party for the employees, a trade show, or another sort of large-scale event, every type of corporate event is so much more than just a session where people get to relax and unwind.

Company events help you achieve big things that are otherwise really hard to get. There is a softer side to everything that is seemingly rigid and formal, and the same is the case with corporate events. They help you with:

  • Improving the company culture
  • Employee appreciation and boosting their morale
  • Propping-Up creativity

Nonetheless, no one can deny the fact that arranging company events is an investment in itself and you need to properly plan and allocate budgets to be able to pull off successful events. But this does not mean that you simply give no thought to the expenses that you will bear in running a successful event. Planning these events is just as important as hiring new employees and marketing your products, and should be treated as such.

1.     Improvement in Company Culture

At Scottsdale Private Event Venues corporate events allow you to highlight, emphasize, and reiterate the culture and values of the company. No one would want to work for a company that doesn’t make them feel empowered and valued, and the same is the case with your current employees. Factually speaking, corporations that are able to successfully engage their employees are able to make 2.5 times more than those who don’t. Furthermore, engaged and empowered employees are 87% less probable to switch jobs. Emphasizing the company culture and values in corporate events is a great way to engage your employees and empower them.

2.     Employee Appreciation

Corporate events have proven to be really effective invalidating and appreciating employees. The employees can be rewarded for their performance and appreciated for the achievements over a period of time. You can further discuss how an award-winning employee’s performance has benefited the company and/or give examples of how they have been adhering to the company’s culture and values when they are called upon.

The employees receiving their awards and hearing nice things that you have to say about them will give them the recognition that they rightly deserve and motivate them to keep performing the same way. What’s more, this will encourage other employees to work hard and working their way up for the award in your next corporate event.  This means a rise in the overall productivity of your employees. So, it’s a win-win!

3.     Prop-Up Creativity

Letting the team step out of the normal work setting and allowing them to experience a new, different environment that is not as formal will encourage them to participate and think out of the box. This will enable them to use their creative energy in different areas like problem-solving for instance. 

The softer side of corporate events is something that most don’t really know about but those who do are able to cash in on it explicitly and the same is what you can do as well.

Hire Scottsdale Corporate Events today and watch your event leave everyone awestruck!

Event Conceptualization
Storytelling Strategy
Content Creative Direction
Design + Decor
Custom Builds
Interactive Experiences
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Environmental Design
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Save Our Stages – What is NIVA (National Independent Venue Association)?

Save Our Stages Act Has passed as part of the COVID-19 Relief Bill 

 Thank you for helping to #SaveOurStages! NIVA thanks those across the country who sent 2.1 million emails to their elected officials expressing their support for the Save Our Stages Act. All 535 Congresspeople heard from their constituents through SaveOurStages.com. We encourage you to tell your legislators you appreciate their support and for including independent venues and promoters in the latest COVID-19 Relief Bill!

Without your support and continued attention, we could not have accomplished this goal together!


We know you have many questions about the Save Our Stages Act and how it will be administered. NIVA has assembled the Implementation Task Force and is working with the Small Business Administration as they promulgate regulations – we are working hard to make sure that NIVA members receive the help they need via this program. We seek to ensure the emergency relief is dispersed as Congress intended, that the instructions and process to apply for grants ensure that the process is implemented accurately, fairly and as expediently as possible.

Since it could take many weeks, even months for the funding to flow, the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund, with The Giving Back Fund as its 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor, continues to raise money to assist the venues at greatest risk of permanently going under as we wait for the grants to be issued. Anyone wishing to donate can do so below.

What is NIVA (National Independent Venue Association)?

  • We are a group of over 3,000 independent venues in 50 states and Washington D.C. that are banding together to ask Washington for targeted legislation to help us survive.
  • We were the first to close. We will be the last to open.
  • We are 100% shut down for an indefinite period of time.
  • We have zero revenue.
  • We are small businesses who are in danger.

What are we asking our Senators and Representatives for?


NIVA supports the Save Our Stages Act (S. 4258)led by Senators John Cornyn (R-TX) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and (H.R. 7806) led by Representatives Peter Welch (D-VT) and Roger Williams (R-TX) which would provide a critical lifeline for independent venues. The bill has significant bipartisan support with more than 196 co-sponsors and was included in the Heroes Act passed by the House on October 1, 2020. Key provisions of the Act include:

  • Establishes a $10 billion grant program for live venue operators, promoters, producers and talent representatives.
  • Eligible recipients must have fewer than 500 FTEs, not be publicly traded companies, and not own or operate venues in more than 1 country or more than 10 states.
  • Each recipient is eligible for a grant no greater than 45% of gross revenue from 2019 or $12 million, whichever is less.
  • Grant funding may be used for expenses incurred between March 1, 2020 and ending on December 31, 2021.
  • A recipient is eligible for a supplemental grant equal to 50% of the initial grant if the entity is still experiencing 80% or greater revenue loss on December 1, 2020.
  • Grant funding may be used for payroll and benefits, rent, utilities, mortgage interest payments, interest payments, insurance, PPE, existing loans, payments to 1099 employees, and other ordinary and necessary business expenses.


  • Rent/Mortgage Tax Credit. NIVA supports proposals like the Keeping the Lights on Act (H.R. 6799), which was included in the House-passed HEROES Act, that permit severely distressed small businesses to earn a tax credit for rent, mortgage, and utility expenses.  
  • Employee Retention Tax Credit.  NIVA supports expanding eligibility for the ERTC in the CARES Act to include shuttered businesses that are recipients of PPP loans, and continuing this benefit until the industry is able to resume normal operations at full legal capacity.
  • Safe Workplace Incentives. NIVA supports proposals like the Clean Start Act (H.R. 7079), which provides a tax credit to businesses for added costs related to cleaning & disinfecting products, PPE, and other tools needed to ensure both workers and customers remain safe. 
  • Excise Tax Relief on Beverage Alcohol. NIVA supports making the federal excise tax rates on beverage alcohol permanent, as proposed in the Craft Beverage Modernization & Tax Reform Act (H.R. 1175/S. 362), and opposes increases in state excise taxes on beverage alcohol. 

3. Support For Live Event Workers And Artists

NIVA supports continuing additional unemployment insurance for employees of shuttered businesses, as well as the Mixed Earner Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Act (H.R. 7691/S. 4442) which ensures that workers who earn a mix of traditional (W-2) and independent (e.g. 1099) employment income are able to fully access the unemployment assistance provided in the CARES Act.

NIVA also supports the Help Independent Tracks Succeed (HITS) Act (H.R 7886), which helps independent music creators by allowing an individual to fully expense for tax purposes the cost of new studio recordings.


As arguably the hardest hit industry by the pandemic, with no revenue, high overhead and no timeline for reopening, the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) and the proposed updates to the program found in the House-passed HEROES Act, Senate Democrats’ P4 and Senate Republicans’ HEALS Act are not viable solutions for this industry. Here’s why:

  • PPP penalizes companies with many part-time employees: Per the SBA 7(a) program, eligibility is based on every single employee. Therefore, original PPP funding was available to those with fewer than 500 employees using a full headcount. This disadvantages many NIVA members and other small businesses like ours who depend on part-time employees. For example, Merriweather Post Pavilion, just outside of DC, provides seasonal, part-time work to more than 1,000 part time employees like schoolteachers and students. These are small businesses that are ineligible due to the fact that they rely on part-time workers. Using a Full Time Equivalent (FTE) count is more practical. NIVA members across-the-board have fewer than 150 FTEs. 
  • Flexibility to use funds to keep the lights on is necessary: Due to high overhead (large spaces often in high-rent districts), lower payroll costs as a percentage of expenses, and having no work to offer employees for the foreseeable future, the 60/40 requirement necessary to obtain forgiveness under PPP does not work for this specific industry. We need help to cover fixed overhead to pay rent, mortgages, utilities, taxes and insurance until we can all fully reopen safely. 
  • Payroll is not our only, nor our biggest expense: For PPP and the extension of the program in the HEROES Act, PPP Second Draw in the HEALS Act, and P4 the loan amount is 2.5 times average payroll costs. We are in high-rent districts in large buildings with enormous overhead, so the ratio of 2.5 times payroll costs is not enough to cover our fixed costs or sustain our businesses with no revenue well into 2021. Basing the loan amount on multiple expenses/gross revenue/operating costs, and not just payroll is crucial. 
  • Long-term support is needed with reopening not expected until a vaccine: The Heroes Act includes no long-term program to provide assistance for shuttered industries. P4 and the HEALS Act extend through the end of the year. Large gatherings will likely not happen until there is a vaccine, and we will not be able to fully recover until large gatherings are permitted again at full capacity – which may be until well into 2021. By all predictions, our industry will come back stronger than ever – we just need federal assistance to help us stay afloat until we can reopen our doors. 
  • Forgiveness is crucial for shuttered industries with negative cash flow: Forgiveness restrictions in PPP, P4 and HEALS Act make forgiveness unattainable for many NIVA members (more detail below). The Recovery Sector Business Loan Program in the HEALS Act provides no forgiveness at all. Due to the nature of our business – large public gatherings – our industry is experiencing essentially 100%+ revenue loss for an indefinite period of time. We cannot take on more debt with negative cash flow. For many small business owners, this could mean potentially losing their homes in a quest to ensure their livelihood. 
  • Opportunity Zone Requirement penalizes industries that foster economic growth: The HEALS Act Recovery Sector Loan Program is only available to those in an opportunity zone. Not all of our venues fall into opportunity zones, but we are all experiencing essentially 100% revenue loss with no idea of when we will be able to reopen. Our members have historically helped developing neighborhoods all over the country. For example, when the 9:30 Club opened in DC, it was in an economically distressed area, but it led the charge in fostering local economic growth, paving the way for other businesses like bars, restaurants, and retail shops that knew events would generate income for their businesses.

Check out our full letter to Congressional Leadership here: 


Help us  #SaveOurStages

Top Trends to Ensure Corporate Event Success in 2021

Corporate Event Trends for 2021

As per the Special Events magazine report, 96% of those dealing in event planning and production are expecting to see a rise in their business in the year 2021. With that said, the upcoming year so far seems to be really lively and energetic when it comes to corporate events and their increased importance. The all-so-important events will require even better planning and features that make them stand out among the rest.

With our focus set on the future and the hope to make corporate events in the year 2021 successful,

which trends do you think should be followed by businesses around the globe?

No clue? Fret not; we have got you covered!

  • The Rise of Mindfulness

Mindfulness refers to incorporating the health factor in corporate event planning. This includes the realization of how we influence the health of others and what can be changed to improve an event experience.

As per a basic study conducted by the Global Wellness Institute, employees tend to be more satisfied, more productive and less stressed if their wellbeing is cared for and given importance to.  

Wellness and sustainability are two things that are linked to the mindfulness factor. This is a psychological process that emphasizes the understanding of how the existing moment and atmosphere is affecting one’s self and others around them. When made a part of corporate events, the practice of mindfulness can help the attendees not feel uncomfortable in the crowd or develop an inferiority complex for any reason whatsoever. It will encourage participant engagement and keep your events as fascinating as possible.

  • AR, VR, and VI

Creative technology is revolutionizing businesses, and there is no question that they have the tendency to improve the overall experience for the audiences of corporate events. Virtual Reality (VR) is said to be really powerful and there is a high chance it will become a popular trend in 2021. The technology will be used to make the event more accessible to those who are unable to attend them physically for any reason. This can allow more and more people to benefit from such arrangements just with the use of a headset.

Moreover, fictional elements will be further enriched with the use of Augmented Reality (AR). Famous applications like Pokémon Go have the potential to be used as something that helps event delegates for instance, in finding their way around, etc.

This combination of AR and fiction will enable the attendees to head where they need to within the event premises by simply peering through AR-powered applications in their smartphones.

Further, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something that is already being used for business purposes such as customer service chatbots. The same bots can be used to answer the event attendees regarding any general questions that they have.

  • Event Site

Needless to mention, the world has lately seen a massive rise in the demand of unique, creative venues for corporate events and this will just continue to grow in the year 2021. As much as people like to go for mediocre venues thinking it will not have that much of an impact, the venue actually is one of the most notable things that can make corporate events successful. Good venues leave a lasting impression on people and are very much likely to be the reason people remember your events.

Not sure how to catch up on the latest corporate event management trends in 2021? Let the team at Scottsdale Corporate Events do it all for you. Visit the website now!

Proxfinity’s CUE™ Smart Badges. Better Connections.

Data-Driven Event
Engagement For Everyone

…For Meetings

Because you’re running an event, you’re often blind until people show up to register. Above all, that’s why we invented social hardware.

Proxfinity’s CUE™ and SaaS platform give organizers unparalleled ability to design, manage, and measure events.

Therefore our fast profiling, reprogrammable hardware and lack of dependence on downloaded apps mean nearly 100% participation in pre-event interaction.

Due to CUE’s real-time data collection and LED screens to mean that messages and sponsor branding can be delivered and tracked in real-time. Allowing event heat mapping and traffic management – all from an intuitively designed dashboard. Because we have been hard at work finding ways to extend our platform. People can use Proxfinity to foster meaningful connections in the world behind screens. In addition check out our latest features and let us know if we can help bring a sense of community to your virtual workplace. https://bit.ly/347R6aB #videoconferencing #virtualworkplace #coronavirus

Introducing the Social Hardware for Business Platform 

The Proxfinity CUE™ is the only smart badge linked to a SaaS back-end that improves the event experience before, during and after a meeting.

With a  form factor thinner than a smartphone and lighter than a pad of sticky notes, the CUE™ puts just the right amount of social into professional – helping people connect and bond easily and naturally.

Reprogrammable. Reusable. Reliable – with three days of battery life.

Furthermore, how do you get 18 days worth of team building in a few hours and build bridges between different employee groups? Let us show you. https://bit.ly/2PPEIFU #socialhardware #wearables

Part of the challenge of inclusion is a challenge that’s also innately built into every social interaction – being creatures of habit and sticking with what we know. But how can we break that cycle? Read on to find out. https://bit.ly/2IcIfKv #socialhardware #wearables

Reasons Corporate Events Should Be Planned At Special Venues

Ditch Your Conference Room to Arrange Events that are More Impactful

In order to make your event successful, you must endeavor to deliver a memorable experience to the guests. This is particularly important in case of corporate events where it is generally hard to capture the attendees’ interest and retain it for long.

If you find yourself struggling to impress your corporate guests or fail at delivering experiences that can be retained, you are probably doing it wrong. Since corporate events are naturally dull, things like venue, food, décor, and lighting should be used resourcefully to make them successful. 

But the question that arises here is what do you do when you have a corporate event coming up but there are budget constraints? What if you can’t afford lavish venues? Are there any alternatives to spending extravagantly on décor or food?

In such a situation, simply ditching your conference room and renting a simple venue can do. You don’t have to be overgenerous. No need to spend too much on adding several food items on the venue or paying to get the venue decorated. The goal here is to DODGE the boring conference room and choose an external venue. Sometimes all it takes to entice the audiences is a new venue, especially ones that are outdoors.

Here are a few reasons why you should not hold back from renting a corporate event venue.

Make Your Event Stand Out

By renting a specific venue for corporate events that complements the event theme and type, you get the chance to make your event memorable and impressive without putting in a lot of efforts or investing generously. This benefit is even more significant when it is a corporate event arranged for existing and prospective clients or business partners who you want to compel to partner with you.

A good venue can easily tell your guests that they are valued and keep them engaged throughout.

Get the Limelight

Corporate events that are arranged in nice venues instead of closed conference rooms are more likely to get media attention. This is something that businesses spend thousands of dollars to get.

Only by going a bit out of the box, stretching your budget a little bit or compromising on other less important things, and choosing the most suitable venue, you can get something that businesses spend thousands of dollars and years to get.

How cool is that?

Make Your Otherwise Dull Event Interesting

Events that are well-planned have a greater likelihood to capture audiences’ interest and result in increased audience engagement. By arranging your next corporate event on a unique rented venue that is appropriately embellished to create brand awareness, you will get the benefit of creating brand awareness and association without specifically investing in it. This implies increased market share and profits without targeted marketing activities.

If you are on the lookout for a decent corporate event venue already, Scottsdale Hangar Parties is where you should head right now.

Reasons to Hire a Photographer for Corporate Events

Are you finally having that corporate holiday party? Does it feel like it’s been 10 years since you last got a break? This is why you need to hire a photographer to capture this rare phenomenon.

How else will you convince yourself that work can be fun (sometimes)?

They’re Professionals

Would you really want someone coming to your company’s event and sticking out like a sore thumb? A professional photographer knows how to take photos without being obvious about it. You might think that anyone from your team can manage, but why not let them enjoy the event?

Photographers know what angles to use and how to take the perfect shot. The last thing you need is to have someone taking all the wrong photos. Imagine the only photos of the event are of everyone eating. Nobody wants memories like that.

A professional will know when to take a candid photo and who to take photos of. They’ll make sure everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera.

A professional photographer will know how to take photos that best represent your company’s culture. They’ll make sure to give you memories worth keeping.

You’ll Get High-Quality Photos

A company can take ages to gather all the employees for a holiday party. There’s always some meeting or important date coming up that stops you from holding that long-awaited event.

What if you finally have that event you had been planning for months only to see that nobody took any nice pictures of it? How will you prove that your company is a fun place to work in?

That’s why a professional photographer is important. They have all the equipment and expertise it takes. Their photos are going to be better than the ones you hurriedly captured from your phone.

The best thing about hiring a photographer is that they’ll keep your photos safe. They will, most likely, store your photos on a cloud server. No more worrying about losing that USB!

You Can Make Newsletters

Have you ever gone through your company newsletter? Does it even have photos of people who still work here? You’re probably dying to get featured in your company’s edition of Vogue.

What’s a better time to capture these images than at a party? It’s probably the only time you’re genuinely smiling. If you’re busy taking photos of everyone else, who’s going to take photos of you?

This is why a professional photographer can take your worries away and cover the event for you. You can then use these photos to show new employees what kind of events your company has held in the past. You can even use it to showcase the company culture and environment.

Do you need someone to reduce the burden of event planning for you? Having someone to photograph for you can be a lifesaver. Let our professional photographers cover all your corporate events in Scottsdale.

The Basics of a Post-Event Corporate Reception

The Basics of a Post-Event Corporate Reception

Gone are the days when week-long workshops and full-day networking sessions were used to end with bland Q/A sessions and product launches. Now, organizations try to make the most of such opportunities to market themselves. This is the reason why the niche of “post-event receptions” has formed. Companies throw a party for its staff and attendees after any corporate event and engagement that stays less formal.

The idea of giving such post-event corporate receptions is to make sure everyone goes home with a cheerful mood. If you are also going to extend your corporate event to such a happy note, then read on. We are going to discuss some of the basics that you need to take care of in order to organize a successful post-event reception.

Change the Venue

It would be better if you have that post-event reception held somewhere else. Attendees will definitely like to experience a new place after staying for an entire day and sometimes many working days in the same place. It would be better if you sort this post-event venue in advance. Try to work with a company that can offer you all sorts of venues. This way, you will be able to choose different locations for the main event/ workshop/conference and post-event chill-out.

Don’t Fix the Itinerary of the Post-Event Reception

You need to differentiate between your more formal main corporate engagement and less formal post-reception event. Setting a tight itinerary will only dissuade people from attending it. If you don’t want to hear excuses from many attendees that they couldn’t attend the post-event reception for some “reason,” then keep it “no-pressure zone.”

Make sure both participants from outside and your own team can enjoy their time instead of keep on thinking about networking. The post-reception should be a gathering where people should interact with each other without the pretext of “business.”

Lighting and Music Should Be on Point

Giving your post-event reception a slight look of “club partying” won’t harm anyone. A  DJ playing live music and lighting dancing around— such improvements will surely make your post-event reception a hit among all the relevant people. Here too, you need to work with an event contractor that can fulfill your varied entertainment requirements.

Luckily, you can find such a contractor in Arizona that can arrange all sorts of live music for your event. From country to jazz and electronic to pop, you can hire live acts for your post-event celebration via them.

Add a Dash of Interactive Entertainment

Having interactive entertainment in your post-event reception will be a cherry on top. Getting served by an aerial bartender is definitely going to cheer your guests. Similarly, set up a stall for local wine or cheese tasting to make things more interactive and interesting.

A company like Scottsdale Private Event Venues can help you in arranging all the details of a post-event corporate reception. They can offer you a lot of venue options along with top-quality catering and ample entertainment services at very reasonable rates.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Private Event Venue

Your Ultimate Checklist for Choosing the Perfect Private Event Venue

Choosing a private event venue may seem like an easy task to accomplish, but the complexity of it can only be understood when you get to do it.

Event venue selection is the core of successful event planning. Even the smallest slipups in choosing a venue can put you in shambles by completely ruining your event and leaving the guests bored and exhausted.

It is the place that you choose to execute your event in that sets the bar for events success. Therefore, it is extremely important to think not twice but as many times as you need before you are 100% sure of your venue selection being suitable for the type of event you are organizing.

The best way you can ensure you choose the right private event venue is by hiring renowned agencies that help you plan events. But if you can’t do that for any reason whatsoever, you must play safe and opt for all-inclusive venues like the  Scottsdale Private Event Venue.

Apart from this, here is a complete checklist of elements that you need to consider to choose a private event venue that is suitable for both your event and yourself.

1.    The Cost

Regardless of how small a thing it is, one thing that the buyers are always concerned about is the price or cost associated and for all the obvious reasons.

No one wants to waste their hard-earned money into buying, hiring, or renting things that don’t get them the desired ROI or result in losses.

So, before you set your eyes on a private event venue, ensure the cost of renting one doesn’t surpass your budget limits. Add all direct and indirect costs and see if the figure you get works for you.

If you have a very limited budget, you can opt to rent minimalist venues that are suitable for the type of event you are organizing.

2.      Convenience and Season

Another important thing that you can’t ignore is the location of the venue that you choose. Select a private event venue that is convenient for your guests to reach and appropriate for the respective season the event will be hosted in.

You can’t expect much from a venue that is located far away from the city your guests live in or choose an open event venue in the rainy season and expect success. Choose a venue that is both convenient and appropriate for the season.

3.      Capacity

Last on this list but not any least, you need to ensure that the private event venue you choose isn’t over or undersized for the number of guests and type of event that it is.

Renting oversized venues results in money wastage while a venue that is too small will not allow you to execute the event as you like and fail to impress your guests.

Don’t forget to consider the style, décor, and lighting arrangements next.

How to Ace Social Media Photography for Your Event

How to Ace Social Media Photography for Your Event

Event photography is no longer an optional feature. In today’s social media-driven world, you can’t boast of the success of your event without making an impression on social media audiences. Several digital marketing research reports and studies have proved that visual content is the most consumed item on social media. No option is more feasible for covering events on social media besides photographs and videos.

Event management experts recommend that hosts do not compromise on the quality of visual content being captured at their events. In this blog post, we are going to discuss some tips that can help you in acing social media photography of your event, allowing you to only present its best aspects.

Arrange for a Professional Photographer or a Good-Quality Camera Well Before the Event

The best option is to get any professional photographer on board to capture all the memorable moments of your event. However, if you don’t have the budget to hire an expert, make sure there is someone among your team with a good quality camera and decent photography skills.

Don’t leave this arrangement to the last minute and assign the relevant duties well before the event date. It has been noticed that many hosts regret the decision of not giving photography the required importance later on.

Maintain the Uniqueness in Your Captured Images

Social media feeds now remain saturated all the time. If you want to stand out with your event photography on social media, you have to make sure that the photographs are not just high-quality but also rich in their contextual substance. There are some simple tips that you must take into account while churning the content for social media to keep it unique, striking, and engaging.

  • Try to capture the moments of high emotion and transitory actions. In other words, try to be as candid as possible.
  • Make the smart use of event lighting i.e. it should highlight the subject of photos rather than hiding and silhouetting them.
  • Play with angles. The shots with greater depth quickly grab the attention of viewers.

Don’t Ignore Small and Cordial Moments

There is a recurring mistake that many organizers commit while doing event photography. They only try to capture the extravaganza, lavishness, and grandeur of the event. Truth to be told, viewers don’t get impressed with wide shots of the venues and attendees anymore.

Instead, try to focus on seemingly trivial but heartfelt moments e.g. a shot of a person grinning all the way or laughing out loud or a kid totally lost in their platter. Such priceless little moments are able to connect better with social media audiences.

Avoid Over-The-Top Branding

Your event photography will only be viewed on social media if it doesn’t appear to be overtly promotional. If you are just trying to cover your brand name and identity in every still, then people will just scroll past the pictures.  Getting your brand/company covered in 2 out of 6 pictures is ideal for keeping your event photography interesting for a wider social media audience.

Scottsdale Hanger Parties (SHP) provides some magnificent and unique venues for corporate events. The uniqueness of venues along with impeccable lighting makes for some stunning event photography.