Reasons Corporate Events Should Be Planned At Special Venues

Ditch Your Conference Room to Arrange Events that are More Impactful

In order to make your event successful, you must endeavor to deliver a memorable experience to the guests. This is particularly important in case of corporate events where it is generally hard to capture the attendees’ interest and retain it for long.

If you find yourself struggling to impress your corporate guests or fail at delivering experiences that can be retained, you are probably doing it wrong. Since corporate events are naturally dull, things like venue, food, décor, and lighting should be used resourcefully to make them successful. 

But the question that arises here is what do you do when you have a corporate event coming up but there are budget constraints? What if you can’t afford lavish venues? Are there any alternatives to spending extravagantly on décor or food?

In such a situation, simply ditching your conference room and renting a simple venue can do. You don’t have to be overgenerous. No need to spend too much on adding several food items on the venue or paying to get the venue decorated. The goal here is to DODGE the boring conference room and choose an external venue. Sometimes all it takes to entice the audiences is a new venue, especially ones that are outdoors.

Here are a few reasons why you should not hold back from renting a corporate event venue.

Make Your Event Stand Out

By renting a specific venue for corporate events that complements the event theme and type, you get the chance to make your event memorable and impressive without putting in a lot of efforts or investing generously. This benefit is even more significant when it is a corporate event arranged for existing and prospective clients or business partners who you want to compel to partner with you.

A good venue can easily tell your guests that they are valued and keep them engaged throughout.

Get the Limelight

Corporate events that are arranged in nice venues instead of closed conference rooms are more likely to get media attention. This is something that businesses spend thousands of dollars to get.

Only by going a bit out of the box, stretching your budget a little bit or compromising on other less important things, and choosing the most suitable venue, you can get something that businesses spend thousands of dollars and years to get.

How cool is that?

Make Your Otherwise Dull Event Interesting

Events that are well-planned have a greater likelihood to capture audiences’ interest and result in increased audience engagement. By arranging your next corporate event on a unique rented venue that is appropriately embellished to create brand awareness, you will get the benefit of creating brand awareness and association without specifically investing in it. This implies increased market share and profits without targeted marketing activities.

If you are on the lookout for a decent corporate event venue already, Scottsdale Hangar Parties is where you should head right now.

How Corporate Events Benefit Businesses

The Softer Side of Corporate Events

More often than not, corporate events are the first thing that is cut off the budget in an attempt to save more money. Even today, there are companies and people who think that corporate events are of no importance and don’t bring any benefits to businesses. When given the choice to eliminate any of the planned activities to bring down expenses, most prefer chopping off annual employee parties or other similar corporate events.

However, had the benefits of these events been known widely, more people would be willing to even skip buying company assets in order to arrange corporate events. Whether it’s your annual picnic, a holiday party for the employees, a trade show, or another sort of large-scale event, every type of corporate event is so much more than just a session where people get to relax and unwind.

Company events help you achieve big things that are otherwise really hard to get. There is a softer side to everything that is seemingly rigid and formal, and the same is the case with corporate events. They help you with:

  • Improving the company culture
  • Employee appreciation and boosting their morale
  • Propping-Up creativity

Nonetheless, no one can deny the fact that arranging company events is an investment in itself and you need to properly plan and allocate budgets to be able to pull off successful events. But this does not mean that you simply give no thought to the expenses that you will bear in running a successful event. Planning these events is just as important as hiring new employees and marketing your products, and should be treated as such.

1.     Improvement in Company Culture

Corporate events allow you to highlight, emphasize, and reiterate the culture and values of the company. No one would want to work for a company that doesn’t make them feel empowered and valued, and the same is the case with your current employees. Factually speaking, corporations that are able to successfully engage their employees are able to make 2.5 times more than those who don’t. Furthermore, engaged and empowered employees are 87% less probable to switch jobs. Emphasizing the company culture and values in corporate events is a great way to engage your employees and empower them.

2.     Employee Appreciation

Corporate events have proven to be really effective in validating and appreciating employees. The employees can be rewarded for their performance and appreciated for the achievements over a period of time. You can further discuss how an award-winning employee’s performance has benefited the company and/or give examples of how they have been adhering to the company’s culture and values when they are called upon.

The employees receiving their awards and hearing nice things that you have to say about them will give them the recognition that they rightly deserve and motivate them to keep performing the same way. What’s more, this will encourage other employees to work hard and working their way up for the award in your next corporate event.  This means a rise in the overall productivity of your employees. So, it’s a win-win!

3.     Prop-Up Creativity

Letting the team step out of the normal work setting and allowing them to experience a new, different environment that is not as formal will encourage them to participate and think out of the box. This will enable them to use their creative energy in different areas like problem-solving for instance. 

The softer side of corporate events is something that most don’t really know about but those who do are able to cash in on it explicitly and the same is what you can do as well.

Hire Scottsdale Corporate Events today and watch your event leave everyone awestruck!

The Top Hangar Venues for a Christmas Party

The Perfect Venues for a Hangar Christmas Party

Are you planning to hold a mega party this Christmas? And, are you confused about which place to go for? There are many places where you can host a Christmas party, such as a fancy restaurant, a hotel or a beautiful hall.

One such ideal place to host a Christmas party would be an airport hangar! The place won’t only be able to accommodate a large number of people but it will be away from all the buzz of the city.

Here, we present to you some of the best Christmas venues you can easily book. So, check them out!

1.     Acoma Hangars

Acoma hangars are situated in Scottsdale’s most iconic landmark – Scottsdale airport. The place has the potential to transform your Christmas party into a full-spirited and lively event. Do you know how? Well, the place is big enough to accommodate 900 to 1200 guests easily. And you know what they say – the more the merrier!

Most of the places we generally book for parties and events give a little scope to add our own touch of creativity in the decoration department. However, this won’t be the case if you book Acoma Hangars. You can decorate the place according to the theme of your Christmas party and customize it the way you like. There wouldn’t be any rulebook to follow in order to make your Christmas party your own!

2.     Jetset Hangar

This hangar is one of the best Christmas venues as it can accommodate up to 500 guests! This means that you can easily host a big Christmas party without the fear of having the place be small and congested.

If you are confused about how your party can be more entertaining and full of fun, then you will be glad to know that Jestset Hangar has got an offer you can’t ignore. They can tailor the place to host live entertainment, including popular bands, singers and/or theatrical shows.

Also, what makes this hangar so unique is that the place has an award-winning design, amazing patios and furniture, and even a large dancing floor which will make your guests happily dance all night long!

3.     Lux Air Jet Center

Choose this hangar out of all the Christmas venues if you want to make your party a splendid one!

This stunning hangar is the largest of all the hangars that have been discussed above. It has high ceilings and ample open space which can easily accommodate a large stage, incredibly long dinner tables and other attractions you would want to fit according to the theme of your Christmas party.

What makes this hangar extraordinary is that it offers the host of the party to make a grand entrance in a helicopter! Well, isn’t it good enough to impress the guests!

These are the three biggest and the finest Christmas venues you can choose from if you really want your party to stand out!

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Butta Cakes of Scottsdale

Butta Cakes of Scottsdale

It is the simple [pleasures in life !

Our 4″ Butta Cake is our signature cake, however it inspired us to create the perfect bite size Butta Babies.

The Butta Cakes are great for dinners, events or cheat days. Our Butta Babies in a resealable bag are great anytime. Butta Cakes all started in my small kitchen. I was given a challenge by a friend to make a butter cake for a dinner party.  So I collected the finest ingredient’s possible and began the process. Over a short period of time I finally perfected my recipe and the cake was a dinner party success.  Soon everyone wanted one and Butta Cakes was born. The product makes the cake. Therefore we will not use anything but the highest quality ingredients for our Butta Cakes.

The butta comes from grass fed cows milk, which is imported.

We also do not use preservatives. One taste and you will see there is no other cake like Butta Cakes.

If you want the tastiest and most unique cupcake you will ever eat this is the place to be. Amazing food as well. Fresh and prepared with love. Great place to visit with the kids.

I am so in love with this amazing dessert…..I can’t express enough how awesome Butta Cakes are. Skip making dessert for your next party and order these! Your friends will appreciate your amazing find!

I tried the red velvet and vanilla at a house party I attended. WOW! Absolutely delicious! Not too sweet, and just perfectly moist. I cannot wait to have some more!

The holidays are fast approaching. Impress your guest or surprise a host with a 4” Butta Cake or few dozen small Butta Cakes. Order now to compliment that turkey dinner.

The do’s and don’ts of holiday office party etiquette

The do’s and don’ts of holiday office party etiquette

Every winter, business owners host formal and sometimes elaborate holiday parties. At the very least, excess celebration and etiquette mistakes can become fodder for next day stories and eventually legend for future parties. How can you navigate the office holiday party like a pro?

Sharon Schweitzer, an international business etiquette expert, author, and the founder of Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide, offers the do’s and don’ts of holiday office parties.

DO RSVP: Be sure to respond to an invitation with 48 hours, regardless of whether it comes via Evite, email, telephone or traditional methods. As much as you may not wish to attend, you must. Attendance is practically mandatory – failing to go to the annual holiday party sends a negative message. Executives and upper management will take note.

Do Arrive & Depart on Time: Pay attention to the time that you arrive and when you leave. Arriving ‘fashionably late’ is inappropriate. Do not arrive early, but do plan to arrive within the first 15-20 minutes. Even if you truly do not want to attend, avoid arriving 30 minutes before the end just to make an appearance.

Don’t Bring an Extra Guest: Be sure to read the invitation carefully. Know the company policy on guests, or whether the event is ‘Employees Only’ or has a ‘Plus One’. Discreetly check ahead of time to determine whether spouses or dates are welcome.

Greet Hosts, Colleagues & Party Planners: When you arrive at the party, be sure to greet, thank and shake hands with your hosts and the party planners. If it is a company or partnership owned by more than one individual, be sure to thank all of them! Chat briefly and compliment an aspect of the party that you sincerely enjoyed such as the catering, music, or décor. Limit this to 5 minutes and move on.

Don’t Hide in the Corner: Everyone watches the entrance to a room. When you arrive, do not head straight for the bar or buffet. Enter, pause, step to the right, greet and shake hands with the person standing there. Executives enjoy speaking with employees. Your company party may be one of the few times you see them in person. Introduce yourself, state the department you work in and shake hands. This is a good time to become visible to your organization’s leadership. Greet your superiors, and chat with as many colleagues as you can, introducing yourself to those that you do not know well. Greet co-workers warmly, and with a smile on your face. Resist the urge to spend the entire evening with your office buddies – get in the spirit and mingle with people from other departments. At all costs, avoid appearing bored and ready to dash for the door.

Don’t Give a Monologue: Strive to keep business talk to a minimum! When socializing with business colleagues it can be difficult not to talk shop. Instead, view the office party as an opportunity to get to know colleagues a little better on a personal level. Stay with topics such as travel, children, sports, pets and movies. Remember to avoid politics, sex and religion. Keep discussions positive and no more than 5-10 minutes. Avoid gossiping, complaining and bragging. The party is intended to be a time to celebrate the successes of the year. A cheerful mood is in order!

Don’t Wear That! Pay attention to the attire listed on the invitation. The holiday party may be a festive occasion; however it is still attended by your coworkers. This especially applies to women who are sometimes tempted to use company parties to strut their stuff. Leave short, tight or revealing clothing in the closet. Use good taste to select an elegant outfit and leave the over-the-knee-boots for purely social events. Creating a professional image is hard work; don’t undermine it in one evening.

Don’t Binge at the Buffet: Eat a small amount of protein beforehand. You were not invited because the hosts thought you were hungry! Be considerate of others and remember your etiquette basics – keep hands clean and avoid a mouth full of hors d’oeuvres. Avoid walking around with a full plate, do not double dip or eat over the chafing dish, and properly discard toothpicks, napkins, and plates.

Don’t be Monday’s Gossip: This is probably the most common mistake that executives make during the holiday party. Alcohol and a loose tongue may add up to a regretful Monday morning equation. Consider tea, club soda or water. If you choose to drink, do so responsibly. Remember to carry your refreshment in your left hand. Leave your right hand free for handshaking.

Don’t Clap for Yourself: The CEO may offer a toast during the evening. When the toast is for a colleague, raise your glass at the conclusion of the toast, when the host raises their glass. Do not touch your glass with everyone else; it is unnecessary and distracting. Pause afterward and watch. The recipient will most likely reciprocate with a toast. If you have been a star performer, you may be honored with a toast. Stand and accept it gracefully. Refrain from drinking to a toast offered in your honor; this is akin to clapping for yourself. Be sure to stand and make a toast to the person who toasted you, thanking them for the recognition.

Posted December 5, 2016 by AZ Business Magazine