Use of Technology for Better Event Hosting

Use of Technology for Better Event Hosting

Technology is now an essential thread of our social fabric and lifestyle. It has dribbled into everything that we do all day knowingly or instinctively. Corporate events or any event for that matter have also been imprinted with the omnipresence and pervasiveness of technology.

Planners and managers are in agreement that the use of technology has breathed new life into events. Now, people ask for the latest event technology trends while meeting planners and organizers. It has been noted that the integration of technology positively impacts events in many capacities.

  • It swells attendance
  • It increases engagement
  • It cuts down the cost.

Let’s have a look at some of the event technologies that are in vogue these days.

Projection Mapping for the Creation of Augmented Reality Experience

Projection mapping can turn around the ambiance of the entire venue for better. This ambiance detailing is done through multiple projectors that cast still and moving images to all the large facades in the venue to create an interactive 3D display.

Projection mapping is also budget-friendly. So, you don’t have to think too much about cost management.  For instance, simple projected mapping on a hangar ceiling can transform the venue into a futuristic dome. You can also use projection mapping along with music to make it a part of interactive entertainment.

Digital and diode lighting controlled through computers can also add to the ultramodern visual ambiance that you are trying to create with projection mapping.

Social Media Walls for Better Engagement

This is an event technology trend that has been around for a while and not going anywhere anytime soon. Put a social media wall throw multiple screens on display with an event hashtag. Post all the posts and pictures with your event hashtag from across different social media platforms to these digital walls. This event tech trend has many upsides.

  • The activity surrounding it generates organic real-time excitement and engagement.
  • Guests at the event become your brand marketer.

Facilitate the Use of Smartphone

People will use their smartphones no matter how interesting your event lineup is. So, start banking on this new-age human instinct.  To begin with, provide free internet. Secondly, go online with your program timeline, handout, menu, and any other itinerary. People will find it easy to look at concurrent event details through their phones and tablets.

Put on a VR Show

If your event entails a short guest list, then you can also think of putting on a VR show. VR is a trending event technology that ensures maximum attendance. You can also use it for some subtle branding.

Live Stream Your Event

If your event consists of music or any other performing art display, then you should make the most of it.  Live stream theses performances to gather a virtual audience for your event. At no cost, you can fetch a good number of eyeballs for your event.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues provides event hosting, catering, and entertainment as per the needs of your preferred theme. The company can also incorporate the latest technology trends in your events to spice things up.




6 INGREDIENTS MAKE UP OUR RECIPE FOR CATERING SUCCESS. With Steve and Kristine Short at the helm, Atlasta has evolved to become one of Arizona’s premier catering companies.

We have remained family owned and operated since first opening our doors over 30 years ago.

Through the years, we have created a mindful, customized dining experience that honors farm-to-table cuisine.

Our award-winning chef, Steve Short, was motivated to reinvent the way the event industry operates and to execute events through the lens of sustainability all while maintaining the integrity of the special event business.

Atlasta operates its facilities around Arizona through a complex zero landfill system.

We bring these systems to each event’s execution and can truly say our events result in zero waste. Our talented team engaged in acting as local environmental advocates while bringing exceptional events to life.

Our long history of creating one of a kind menus and memorable events has repeatedly gained acclaim from various media outlets and publications. Rated as a Top Catering Company from The Phoenix Business Journal.

In addition, we have been featured in Arizona Bride Magazine, The Knot, and honored with the “Couples’ Choice Award” three years in a row by

The secret to our success is actually no secret at all – we openly stand by the ingredients of our success; passion, service, community, ethics, sustainability, and leadership. We are driven to deliver millions of flavorful memories to corporations, schools, weddings, parties, and entertainment events.

With Steve and Kristine Short at the helm, Atlasta has evolved to become one of Arizona’s premiere catering companies. We have remained family owned and operated since opening our doors over 30 years ago. Through the years, we have created a mindful, customized dining experience that honors farm-to-table cuisine. Our award-winning chef, Steve Short, was motivated to reinvent the way the event industry operates and to execute events through the lens of sustainability all while maintaining the integrity of the special event business.

Butta Cakes of Scottsdale

Butta Cakes of Scottsdale

It is the simple [pleasures in life !

Our 4″ Butta Cake is our signature cake, however it inspired us to create the perfect bite size Butta Babies.

The Butta Cakes are great for dinners, events or cheat days. Our Butta Babies in a resealable bag are great anytime. Butta Cakes all started in my small kitchen. I was given a challenge by a friend to make a butter cake for a dinner party.  So I collected the finest ingredient’s possible and began the process. Over a short period of time I finally perfected my recipe and the cake was a dinner party success.  Soon everyone wanted one and Butta Cakes was born. The product makes the cake. Therefore we will not use anything but the highest quality ingredients for our Butta Cakes.

The butta comes from grass fed cows milk, which is imported.

We also do not use preservatives. One taste and you will see there is no other cake like Butta Cakes.

If you want the tastiest and most unique cupcake you will ever eat this is the place to be. Amazing food as well. Fresh and prepared with love. Great place to visit with the kids.

I am so in love with this amazing dessert…..I can’t express enough how awesome Butta Cakes are. Skip making dessert for your next party and order these! Your friends will appreciate your amazing find!

I tried the red velvet and vanilla at a house party I attended. WOW! Absolutely delicious! Not too sweet, and just perfectly moist. I cannot wait to have some more!

The holidays are fast approaching. Impress your guest or surprise a host with a 4” Butta Cake or few dozen small Butta Cakes. Order now to compliment that turkey dinner.

What to Know Before You Choose the Menu for Your Event

When it comes to the guests’ enjoyment of any event, food and beverage are nearly as important to an event as the purpose of the event itself. As the event planner, you will likely be responsible for working with the catering professional to plan the food right down to selecting each menu item for your group.

Planning the Event Menu

Whether you’re working with a private caterer or the catering manager at the event venue itself, it’s always helpful to consider several factors before building the menu.

The first thing to remember is that the menu options they present are almost always 100% flexible. And even though most caterers will allow you to confirm the menu and head count about three weeks prior to the event, I always suggest confirming the menu much earlier in the planning process.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Menus

The menu should include several pre-packaged meal options and à la carte selections developed by the executive chef or caterer. The approach to the different meals of the day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – are generally unique. Consider the following:

  • Breakfast: When it comes to breakfast, packaged menus are usually more cost effective and easier to select, including continental options, hot buffets, and breakfast stations. If you’re offering breakfast prior to the start of the official program. Be sure to choose the option that best suits your event’s schedule.
  • Lunch: Most caterers offer several lunch buffet options, “working lunch” choices (such as à la carte sandwiches and appropriate sides). And even boxed lunches. Again, the best choice of meal type will be entirely depending on your program’s schedule so consider how much time guests will have to eat.
  • Dinner: You always have a choice of packaged dinner buffets or plated dinners. And both can offer a choice of three to five courses. This is where you will find items that reflect the executive chef’s personal preferences and is also generally a time to let the food shine.

Break Foods and Reception Menus

When it comes to planning the food at an event, the planning is not always limited to three square meals. In fact, many multi-day conferences require catering planning beyond breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Perhaps during scheduled breaks or breakfast and cocktail receptions. The executive chef or caterer may present you with several more pre-packaged meal options as well as à la carte selections:

  • Break Items: If your budget can afford it, theme breaks are always more interesting than standard beverages and snacks.
  • Receptions: Most caterers offer à la carte options for passed chilled and hot hors d’oeuvres. Hosted bar reception packages (charged hourly per person or on consumption). They also may offer cold and hot platter stations as well as dessert stations.

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Event Hangars Scottsdale & Catering

Event Hangars Scottsdale & Catering

Venues of North Scottsdale offers more than a catering company. We offer a culinary team focused on delivering experiential events for a clientele who have seen it all. They are sustainably aware, inventive and passionate about food! Whether you have a new office grand opening or remodel, celebrating a corporate anniversary or hosting your annual company party, let us make you look good. From casual to upscale, our corporate catering division can create an event that reflects the caliber and style of your company.

Creative menu design with sophisticated, on trend cuisine

The event planning team has a successful history of planning large scale special events for up to 3,000 guests, Upfront presentations, all day seminars, media activations, weddings, mitzvahs, corporate events, fundraisers, anniversary parties, concerts, UpFronts and numerous other important occasions. We plan and execute events throughout the greater Phoenix area.

Custom tailored designs for buffet, dining table and bar display

Whether your event calls for a cocktail reception for 500, seated coursed dinner with wine pairings for 2,500, or a corporate conference closing mixer for 3,000, our team executes luscious, trend setting culinary design with attention to every detail. Our event professionals and chefs entertain as you indulge. Our venues can create fresh décor for an interactive culinary experience. We thrive on exceeding client expectations and delighting guests, down to every refined detail. Book your next exclusive culinary event with us at Venues of North Scottsdale.

Novelty kitchen designed for your specific event

Want to showcase a national region, color palette or genre? We are up to the challenge! Let our highly trained planners design a one of a kind evening that will have guests coming back for years to come in anticipation. Greeted with artisan signature cocktails and a delicious meal that is truly unforgettable, our attention to detail will lead to a flawless evening of entertainment, exquisite dining, and attentive service will bring your Gala to the next level.

Greet drinks and liquid refreshment synchronization

Food is an Art!

Let our Scottsdale Catering Team take care of your culinary needs!

The Venues of North Scottsdale events team has worked with all of the top caterers in the industry for several years. This experience and knowledge of the local catering industry comes as a perk for our clients. Venues of North Scottsdale selected a caterer  based on the highest of standards. Our events team at Venues of North Scottsdale not only hand picked our culinary partners based on delicious food, but quality of ingredients, innovative menu concepts and customer service. We bring passion to the table for your event, and guests will feel the spirit of your Gala transformed from the moment they arrive.

Fresh, Local and Seasonal Product

Our culinary product is the cornerstone of the catering. We take pride in using only the highest quality ingredients, sourcing local and seasonal whenever possible, and cooking all of our foods from scratch. Prepared on site, our food is always fresh and restaurant quality goodness!

Custom Menus to Elevate Your Event

When it comes to menus, our culinary team can craft an array of dishes for any event theme. Our catering menus and styles of service are tailor-made to suit your goals and budgetary requests. From Italian, Southwest, Asian, American, and Barbecue the types of cuisine are endless. Once a cuisine is chosen, our chefs create a menu unique for your event. From plated sit down dinners, cocktail hours with hand passed hors d’oeuvres, family style meals or interactive food stations, our chefs will create a menu that your guests will talk about for years.

Exceptionally professional and trained service staff

All of our recipes are made from scratch with a focus on the freshest, most seasonal ingredients available. Our team is constantly connecting seasonal and local foods with innovative menu ideas. Enjoy an electric event, premier party or wonderful wedding at the most versatile venue in Scottsdale – which is also ideal for corporate events – and you’ll also experience the very best catering and staff. Of course the proof is in the pudding – or perhaps the canapés, or starters or mains…

Exceptional Customer Service

When it comes to culinary service, our team brings fine dining service to your large scale event. Chef attire is always professional chef coats and catering staff are all in matching, professional long sleeve banquet uniforms. With a team of fully trained staff. Your culinary needs are met with the highest caliber of service in our industry. The next time your company needs to plan a memorable corporate celebration or corporate meeting. Look to our event planners to bring your vision to life.

Our catering, food styling and event production services include:
  • Start to finish event design and production
  • Menu tailored to any food allergy or custom requests
  • Interactive food station
  • Exceptionally professional and trained service staff
  • Custom tailored designs for buffet, dining table and bar display
  • Specific event timeline to ensure menu flow – timing and coordination always guaranteed!

5 Hot Culinary Trends for 2017

5 Hot Culinary Trends for 2017. Event and meeting planners are always on the lookout for affordable, fresh, and high-impact approaches to their events. One way planners can reinforce event themes and generate excitement without blowing budgets is to leverage hot culinary trends.

First, however, you have to find them. Every year, the National Restaurant Association releases its What’s Hot Culinary Forecast, based on a survey of 1,300 chef members of the American Culinary Federation.

Some hotel chains survey their chefs to generate their own lists of trends. One of them is Kimpton, which has released its Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants 2017 Culinary Trends forecast.

Organizations like Trend Hunter and Technomic also monitor and track food and beverage trends on an ongoing basis. Pinterest and Instagram are also great places to spot what’s hot and new in food and beverage offerings.

Based on these sources, here are five of the emerging culinary trends planners can put in play for their 2017 events.

1. Ethnic-Inspired Cuisine
Take advantage of the increasing diversity in workforces and event audiences by introducing ethnic-inspired dishes and flavors into menus. This is such a strong trend that the National Restaurant Association highlighted it in three of its 2017 trends: authentic ethnic cuisine, ethnic-inspired breakfasts, and African flavors.

Culturally inspired condiments also can add variety. Kimpton Hotels recommends experimenting with Mediterranean and Moroccan flavors, as well as adding cardamom, cumin, and turmeric to dishes. For example, spice up poultry dishes with Jamaican jerk seasoning or curry, or rent food trucks to serve sushi, teriyaki chicken, and Indian butter chicken.

One word of caution: If your audience is not very adventurous, proceed slowly. Introduce a couple of hors d’oeuvres with ethnically inspired seasoning at one gathering. If your group receives this well, test out an appetizer at another event before selecting authentic ethnic main courses for future conferences.

2. New Cuts of Beef
Just like last year, the National Restaurant Association highlighted the fact that chefs are adding more affordable cuts like oyster blade steak and Vegas strip steak to their menus.

3. Holiday-Inspired Burgers
One way to stretch any budget is to select fresh seasonal ingredients. For example, for events in December, March, and November, consider turkey burgers or sliders. Since turkey is readily available during holiday seasons, event planners can offer a new spin on popular favorites and keep within the scope of their budgets.

4. Sculptural Dessert Designs
Trend Hunter recently profiled Chef Dinara Kasko’s sculptural designs for desserts and pastries. It’s the perfect example of where life and art intersect.

A skilled pastry chef can fashion desserts into just about any shape. For example, this dessert fit the kaleidoscope theme perfectly.

5 Hot Culinary Trends for 2017
Event and meeting planners are always on the lookout for affordable, fresh, and high-impact approaches to their events

Be sure that participants are open to creative approaches. When catering to a conservative crowd, stick to shapes that will resonate with the audience (e.g., the company logo or a product).

5. Beverages in Fluorescent Colors

Soft drink cans and bottles in fluorescent colors have started popping up on Pinterest—what a creative way to reinforce an event’s color palette!

5 Hot Culinary Trends for 2017
5 Hot Culinary Trends for 2017

If participants prefer non-soda options, replace soft drinks with signature cocktails or mocktails.

Therefore don’t overuse any approach, no matter how trendy it may be. For example, at some trade show receptions, almost every exhibitor serves sliders. However, you can maintain the same flavor profile without becoming mundane by serving chili in a cup, tacos, or sloppy joes.

Anne Thornley-Brown is president of Executive Oasis International, a Toronto-based management consulting firm specializing in team building, executive retreats and luxury corporate events.


Super Bowl Buffalo Chicken Bites

Super Bowl Buffalo Chicken Bites

Total Time:
Level: Easy
Yield: 18 bites
Serves: 4


  • 2 c. shredded rotisserie chicken
  • 1/3 c. Hot sauce
  • 1 1/2 c. shredded sharp Cheddar cheese
  • 2 tbsp. Chopped chives
  • 2 tbsp. ranch dressing, plus more for dipping
  • 1 c. flour
  • 3 Eggs, beaten
  • 1 1/2 c. panko breadcrumbs
  • 1/4 tsp. Pepper
  • Cooking spray


  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, combine chicken, hot sauce, cheese, chives and ranch. Roll into golf ball-sized balls. Chill in fridge as you set up dredging station.
  3. Grab three shallow bowls, filling one with flour, one with the beaten eggs, and the third with panko and pepper (mixing the two ingredients to combine). Dip each buffalo chicken ball in flour, then the eggs, then the panko mixture. Set the balls about 1” apart on an aluminum foil-lined baking sheet. Spritz buffalo chicken balls with cooking spray.
  4. Bake 7 minutes, flip balls and respray with cooking spray. Bake 7 minutes more. Serve with ranch dressing for dipping\

Video of Recipe