Utilizing Story Telling with Events

The process of planning an event is the process of telling a story in many different ways whether that be to write press or present your event publically. This is why it is so important to be able to tell your story accurately and professionally when needed to. There are many different event types that require storytelling and knowing how to proactively get your message out there to attract more publicity to your event. By understanding the purpose of storytelling for each type of event, you can accurately market yourself and your event to your peers and potential attendees. You want to create an experience that stays within the hearts and minds of those who attend your event for years to come.

Corporate Events

Corporate events have a massive engagement with the idea of storytelling. There are many different reasons to plan a corporate event and therefore many different reasons to use the process of storytelling. If you are planning a corporate event for an incentive event then you have a lot of storytelling to manage. For this type of event, you would utilize storytelling to motivate your staff to make their way towards their goal. You would also use storytelling to keep everyone up to date as milestones arise and to tell them about what they will be doing at the event that makes the goal worth reaching.

Corporate events can also be fundraising events. When it comes to fundraising events, storytelling can be used in many positive ways to assist in the planning and fruition of the event. The purpose of a fundraising event is to raise money for a specific charity or goal. There is a story there to be told and it needs to be well executed if you want to make sure that the donations roll in. You want to tell your story initially through marketing to intrigue people to come to the event. You want them to feel a strong connection to the theme of the fundraiser so that they feel warmed up to donate to the event. You will also want to speak publicly at a fundraising event to help remind your guests after they enjoy a few glasses of bubbly why you all attended the event in the first place. Stories are a way to connect people with ideas and to make your guests feel connected to the charity or goal that your event is fundraising for.

Personal Events

There are many personal events that people choose to host where a story being told can add a beautiful personal touch to the event. For example, when someone plans a wedding, a story is involved. You share the story of your love and your life and the wishes you have with your guests, in front of everyone you cherish to bond your life together with your spouse. You tell a story in the stationary that you pick out for your invitations, in the flowers that you choose to carry in your bouquet, and in the songs that you play at your reception.

Birthday parties are also events where stories are told. As you turn one year older, the mic is passed around and the world of storytelling is told in the tear-filled eyes of parents and the laughs of friends telling stories of your journeys together. Storytelling is an amazing part of connecting birthdays to our lives and the life that we plan to have. We share our goals, our dreams, and our lives that we envision for ourselves. Storytelling plays a part in almost every aspect of our lives.


Storytelling is a part of our lives and a part of connecting our lives with each other. Storytelling is useful in the world of event planning because when you are able to connect your story or your event’s purpose to your guests then you can help them find a connection with your purpose. This is helpful when handling fundraisers or when you just want them to feel a connection to a special moment in your life. You can create an immersive experience for your guests that they will never forget. We hold a special place in our memories for the things that create a special meaning and connection within us. These stories play a big part in finding that connection.  

Latest Corporate Event Trends

Useful Corporate Event Trends You Must Know About and Utilize

Everything ranging from physical features like the theme of your corporate events to the use of the latest technology can increase the success rate of your event radically. These features are known as event ‘trends’ that come and go with time.

Things like networking opportunities, interesting food presentation, unique food items, and fun elements, etc. have more impact on the success of your corporate event than you think they do. In addition to these usual attractions, there are high-end trends like green initiatives and yoga breaks that impress the guests.

If you are planning a corporate event and are wondering which corporate event trends should be followed, here are a few that will help you pull off the best event possible.

Corporate Event Trends

1.     Health and Fitness

One way to show your guests that they are valued and keep them energized throughout an otherwise dull corporate event is by incorporating a ‘health and fitness’ part. Two easy ways you can do this is by accommodating a couple of exercise breaks in between the event and offering the guests healthy snacks. These will not only deliver a nice impression but will also keep the attendees rejuvenated and motivated.

2.     Gamification

Every industry is trying to incorporate gamification into its corporate events. Gamification refers to the introduction of games in events that keep the guests entertained and relaxed. Nonetheless, these games shouldn’t be completely irrelevant or have no purpose. They should rather be focused on cognitive skills/development and encourage positive things such as team building, critical thinking, etc. You can even organize a short gaming competition amid an event to make the events more vibrant by infusing a sense of competition.

3.     Mobile Event Applications

Event applications simplify things for the attendees. These applications feature event-related things like the agenda, outcomes, goals, names, and particulars of the spokespeople, note-taking, question-raising, etc. These applications are not only really impressive but play a prominent role in keeping events more organized and interactive.

4.     Green Initiatives

The world is slowly and gradually shifting to being green as people become more conscious about harming the environment that they are living in. If you forget or neglect introducing green initiatives and following things that add to environmental safety, you will be making a big mistake.

At the bare minimum, what you can do to make an impression and preserve the environment is forbidding the use of plastic products such as water bottles and polythene bags for anything during the event.  Additionally, you can utilize state-of-the-art LED bulbs that consume less energy than the fancy lights do and use mobile apps to share any documents or images instead of distributing printed templates. This information should also be highlighted and shared with the attendees to have a longer lasting impact.

5.     Desirable Event Venues

This might sound like an ordinary one, but it is as important as all the other trends on this list. There is an appropriate location/environment for everything, so the location that you choose for your corporate event or meeting should be well-suited to it. You can’t expect your event to be successful if you organize your corporate event in a playground, can you?

The best you can do to ensure the location is best-suited to your event is focusing on things like convenience and desirability, not only the price when browsing through the options.

Looking for someone to plan your upcoming corporate event? Scottsdale Corporate Events has got you fully covered, so contact us now!




Events as Experiences

Mind-blowing, once-in-a-lifetime event experiences do not just materialize. Events as Experiences are arranged months sometimes a year in advance and shaped to the most minute detail so that guests depart already planning to come back. We all want and need experiences that facilitate human interactions, by designing journeys across all touchpoints. Event strategy and brand strategy need to echo one another. Whether you’re investigating a fab location, high-tech gear, unparalleled views, or a contemporary or urban event venue or an inspiring setting, our team has the tools and knowledge to make your event crazy fun!

“No event deserves to be mediocre” events offer brands an opportunity to connect with its customers

Events are meant to captivate, they should enlighten, unite, amaze and thrill. We like to say there is no recipe for accomplishing this.

Create an event within an event

Secret Events do not disclose the location

As a result, people cherish and remember experiences, not things. Therefore only experiences stick to our minds and hearts for good. Finally, to organize an exceptional and memorable event, you need to do just that – create an experience.

Events generate meaning

Attendees require a different level of stimulation and interactivity. Multi-sensory experiences is a relatively new approach to creating memorable events.

We are corporate event engineers, we will help you design a powerful story and awe-inspiring event experience that mesmerizes your audience and provides you with measurable results. Our progression is designed to plan, promote, and produce your event.

With a huge team of experts at our fingertips and years of experience, SPEV event venues are the natural choice for stunning events.

For every characteristic of your event, we have the experience and proficiency to meet your requirements. We have a portfolio of impressive venues.

How to Organize a Successful Car Show

Organize Your Car Show at a Hangar!

Looking forward to organizing your car show? Got all the luxury and latest models ready? Just need a big enough place. How about a jet hangar?

You would never have dreamt of it before but if you live in Phoenix, Arizona then you can set up your car show at a jet hangar.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why it would be a splendid show because of the amazing location.


  • Make Use of the Huge Space


A car show needs a lot of space. All the new models and the concept cars on display need their room. You can use the space available in the hangar for as many cars as you would like to put on display. Despite the displays, the hangar will have enough space to accommodate all your guests and for more additions to the event.

You can have access to a space of 75000 square feet both indoors and outdoors if you organize your event at a jet hangar. That will more than fulfill your requirements.


  • Arrive at Your Event in a Plane


Yes, that’s right! You can make a grand entry at your event. After all the guests have assembled, you can swoop into the event in your private jet. Awe your guests with your stylish entry. Take pictures inside the jet, climbing out of it and even outside it. It can stay in the center of the event for everyone to take pictures with it. When you rent the hangar, you can also the rent the jet!


  • Accommodate Thousands of People


The hangar is big enough to facilitate a gathering of about 2000 people. For your car show, you can have a completely sold out event. All the people can fit in easily at the hangar. In fact, you can even add round tables and chairs for a formal dinner. As an added entertainment you can request the waiters and servers to be dressed as air hostesses.

It will add a feel as if the entire event is taking inside of an airplane. You could be having all this fun during a flight!


  • Have Room for a Bar & a Barbeque


You can set up an open bar at the hangar. If you are using the outdoor space, you will have the room to set a live barbeque for your guests. These two things are just what your event needs for its promotion. All those attending the event will be talking about it for a very long time!

A car show needs room for too many things. With Venues of North Scottsdale you can organize your event at the Lux Air Jet Center without worrying about all the extra space you’ll need. It will become the event of your life! Not only will it improve your sales but it will also be the most memorable experience of all the guests attending it. Visit us and see the wonderful location yourself! We will make your event a tremendous success.

Venues of North Scottsdale Hangars

Venues of North Scottsdale Hangars. A fresh, more leading-edge form of social entertainment has been growing in status over the last few years, with the rise of immersive experiences. They have become the “must have” thing for social entertaining, and we wholly expect their attractiveness to continue to grow.  The test will be for all of us in the events industry vendor or planner will to be to make our events as electrifying, mystifying and immersive as imaginable. Truly immersive experiences are all about producing wonder, anticipation and a real “wow” effect. In this highly connected world, the amount of ambiguity and amazement is increasingly scarce, and what guests at immersive experiences enjoy is being plunged into an absolutely outlandish state where they might end up in the middle of a flash mob or a panic room with no way out but to find the way. You are pushing the boundary between fantasy and reality. Any event can contain immersive elements to give guests that same bombshell feeling of wonder and excitement.

The Hottest Craze: Industrial-Style Spaces. Industrial- chic spaces are one of this year’s greatest trends in the events industry. These edgy venues make a courageous statement and bring guests together in fresh and exciting ways. Exposed brickwork, steel beams and innovative fixtures (complete with peeling paint) construct a genuine backdrop for a meticulously urban affair. Industrial venues are jam-packed with character and have colorful pasts that help create buzz around an event. These spaces are in high demand for social gala’s, product launches, incentive events, experiential events and of course corporate events.

Call us today to see how our hangars can serve as your next fantabulous event!

Most noteworthy our hangars range from urban to flawlessly finished with many amenities not generally located in this kind of venue.  Such as VIP 1st class restrooms, AC, and electrical power.

Venues of North Scottsdale and no other source that can provide such a unique venue which is faultless for several types of events including:

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Event staging just for Rock Stars

Event staging just for Rock Stars

Event staging just for Rock Stars… not so. There are high quality that take the pounding of live events and provide a stable foundation for your performers. We have invested in the best available to provide a smooth clean area that is rock solid for your performers. Our gear has been used by many national artists on tours and festivals. Don’t get stuck with an inferior stage, our equipment can go to any height needed and maintain a rock solid platform for your event.

It is our specialty. Whether you are planning a private party, a product launch, a festival or fashion show, or a major concert tour, no one does it better.

We plan and install staging installations of all sizes and configurations, featuring Wenger Vision Staging products. Wenger Vision Staging is flexible, sturdy and efficient to install. It is the gold standard in the staging industry and WPG provides it at a highly affordable price. Don’t settle for less


  • Wenger Vision Staging
    • Solid
    • Clear
  • Wenger Versalite Staging & Risers
  • Safeway Systems Scaffold
  • Action Systems Scaffold

It takes a lot of different components to create a great event. In addition to high quality staging, structures and tents, VNS offers a full range of event support products and accessories. We own and maintain an impressive inventory of these products at our warehouse.

.Rock N Roll Stage 7 1490699_476342502483089_653169954_o 1553175_476203892496950_852079088_o 10978686_10150494746364975_3145666567481950359_n 11013059_717395745044429_4029847224220351285_n 11156127_710526515731352_9137994071981290170_n  11193291_717395758377761_5368121355884607606_n  12240304_808243152626354_1907432130223352004_o   12241613_10150586354984975_4963535601754575008_n 12248209_10154336563207678_6401054179717971239_o 12265595_810428552407814_520916370047818159_o 12265793_10154336562287678_8830800919236650034_o 12289652_813445775439425_1102129452780912756_n 12291675_10154336565462678_4968322679773365012_o  12307374_10154336563702678_8501184102949685131_o 12307455_10154336565307678_5037694746587941771_o 12401644_10154438153782678_2122769774442679555_o 12440663_227073614294859_8247886648173820228_o 12485970_10154438158342678_8201229050184416060_o 12493679_10150603045379975_654201256335023167_o 12642681_10206070536387856_574100446351550536_n 12650993_227073587628195_3581452339490709033_n 12651161_10206070503907044_6054330603332806998_n 12654609_227073647628189_2420006798882366122_n 12654682_227073597628194_6786175719078050369_n 12657809_10206070503267028_8003581686045191935_o 12671844_10206070504627062_4965627109070420239_o DSCN0002 IMG_0028 IMG_0029 (1) IMG_0040  IMG_0044 IMG_0130  IMG_0139 IMG_0292 IMG_0303 IMG_0307 IMG_0309 IMG_0311 IMG_0313 IMG_0397  IMG_0509 IMG_0532 IMG_0831 IMG_0904 IMG_0920 IMG_0921 (1) IMG_0977  IMG_1006    IMG_1050


Miss Jetset Event 2017

Dressed to Impress

Saturday October 7 was the 2nd annual Miss Jetset Crowning Event at JetSet Magazine’s hangar!

The hangar is located at the Scottsdale Air Park, which was a perfect venue for this event.

Our team was stationed at the hangar all week to make sure the event was 100% perfect when guests arrived. Our lighting team from Divinity Event Lighting produced an atmosphere that combined fun and luxury, therefore creating the perfect ambiance for our guests.

Guests flew in from all over the United States to attend the event! Everyone was dressed to the nines and rocked the red carpet. The night was filled with fun, dancing, and drinks. Our fabulous bar staff did another wonderful job at this event. We use Raise the Bar Bartending for all of our events, and they never to be anything less than outstanding.  In addition to the great drinks, the dessert served was amazing! Butta Cakes is a local bakery that makes bite-sized cream filled cakes that are delicious and easy to eat!

Around 10:00 PM, the 2017 Miss Jetset arrived to the party on her private Jet. Adaliz Martinez stepped out of the jet in a
gorgeous sequin gown that glimmered in the spotlight. Shortly after, she was crowned Miss Jetset 2017, was given a $50,000 prize, full page spread in the magazine, and is now on the cover for the next Jetset issue.

Overall, Miss Jetset 2017 was a HUGE success! We can’t wait to do more events at this awesome venue. It has the flexibility to turn into a nightclub at the flip of a switch, therefore, makes it ideal for any corporate parties, anniversaries, holiday parties, or galas!

For more information about the Jetset Magazine Hangar, please contact us at VNS 

Event Sponsors Reveal Why They Chose To Support Events

A really great article by Eventbrite

10 Event Sponsors Reveal Why They Chose To Support Events. Attracting a sponsor can help take your event to the next level. But with so many events vying for support, it’s not always easy.

To help guide your approaches to potential sponsors, we thought we’d ask those people controlling the purse strings what it is they actually look for in an event sponsorship opportunity.

Hear right from the horse’s mouth why these 10 event sponsors chose to support events and discover how to tailor your own offering to make it more attractive.

1. Paul Stanley, Cloven Hoof Rum

Paul Stanley

“At Cloven Hoof HQ we get asked to sponsor tons of events but we say no to most straight away especially when all the organisers are after is a stack of cash. We look to sponsor events with a similar ethos to ours, like Breaking Bands Festival, where we can support each other and both benefit in a decent, honourable way.

“Handling events where the organisers have a like minded passion and this normally revolves around heavy music of some description. We sponsor events where we have control on the price of Cloven Hoof – there’s nothing worse than being stitched up by a big corporate brand and paying over the odds for a cheap drink.

“When it comes to the size of festivals we tend to prefer the smaller ones. They look after the bands better and do their best to give something back. It stinks that at some of the bigger festivals the headliners can command huge fees. As a result, some of the smaller up and coming bands end up paying to perform.

“We can’t wait to Raise The Hoof at Breaking Bands. Everything about it has the right vibe and is in keeping with our brand and morals.”

To read the rest of it 

Ditch the Conference Room Book an Unusual Event Venue

Ditch the Conference Room Book an Unusual Event Venue

Therefore ditch the Conference Room Book an Unusual Event Venue. Events are all about experience.  In the future experience will continue to be a major influence as events increase in number. Participants are spoilt for choice. In 2017. In the events industry alone, we’ve listed 52 event industry events and 29 awards events for events – that’s 81 events in total for event professionals to choose from. The situation is identical in other industries too.

So apart from destination, the second biggest feature that is guaranteed to make your event stand out from the competition, is the venue. We’ve all seen congress centres and hotel conference rooms in all of their available varieties. To create a different, unique impression for potential visitors, you need to “think different”. See Genioso 10-reasons-to-ditch-the-conference-room-and-book-an-unusual-event-venue/Read the whole article here

Here are 10 ways an unusual venue will transform your event into a unique experience

  1. Having a unique venue for your event will definitely make it stand out amidst competing events.
  2. Venues that are not typical for a particular industry or sector are much more likely to create media ‘Buzz’. We’re talking traditional, digital and social media. A unique venue will always provide a more interesting story to write about and share.
  3. As a result Media Buzz will, in turn, improve the event’s attendance. Who doesn’t want to be part of a unique experience that’s the ”talk of the town”?
  4. With all the Buzz and attendance of course comes engagement. As participants and media become part of this unique event they are much more likely to talk about it, share their thoughts and experiences.
  5. And so we come to social proof, testimonials and endorsements. No longer will you need to ask for a recommendation, just collect the articles about your event, the user tweets, the positive mentions, comments and shares.
  6. Even long into the future, the original venue and unique experience provided, are much more likely leave long-lasting memories with your events’ participants.
  7. Which brings us to the “WOW” effect and…
  8. Especially the event producer, being remember as original, unique and creative.
  9. Therefore being a memorable organizer of events, a producer who creates Buzz, attendance and engagement – you will always generate sponsorships!
  10. This is not so much a “unique experience” for participants, more of a unique experience for your wallet. Unusual venues can work out cheaper than traditional, more lavish locations, in terms of fee to hire.

19 Things That Thrill Event Planners

19 Things That Thrill Event Planners.

As an event planner there are a number of simple things that get us over excited. Here are 19 things which are irresistible to event professionals, but which others outside the industry may not understand or appreciate.

Sometimes the simplest of things can evoke disproportionate joy. Many of these items are inexpensive, and common place but to a professional event planner they can mean or be worth so much more. Here are some of the things guaranteed to make me happy (and I don’t think I am alone!).

Whether you like paper or electronic lists this is often an essential part of an event planners daily life. Obsession, necessity or comfort, the real thrill however really comes from crossing (or striking or ticking or swiping) items from your list.



Post It Notes

So simple, and so effective, how can these little blocks of fluorescent paper fail to bring cheer? Whether you are using them to take telephone messages, brainstorm your meeting design or as part of an event workshop session they add brightness to every situation.

Knowing You’ve Nailed It

The biggest (and most addictive) thrill for any event planner is witnessing people having a good time or benefitting because of something you have created. Looking around and seeing this first hand is a great feeling and hard to beat.

Fitness Trackers

image: http://www.eventmanagerblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Fitness-Trackers.jpg

fitness-trackersOn site visits, walk throughs and event days you will smash your step count. There is nothing like being top of the leader board and boasting a crazy amount of steps to make you feel smug! Of course on those days that you work from home and don’t leave the house it is the opposite story, but let’s not mention that.


Whether you are using them to replace your ring binder, as a check in device. Or to moderate social media or audience responses. Tablets have quickly became an essential touchscreen toy for every modern event professional. Tablets are particularly thrilling for those that remember a time before the invention. Which gives a deeper appreciation of the mighty tablet device.

Read more at http://www.eventmanagerblog.com/19-things-that-thrill-event-planners#HofcGGfkgjQDArPd.99