Fresh from the Kitchen Catering

Fresh from the Kitchen Catering

“A taste of Perfection!”

From the time I was 8 years old I wanted to be a chef. My
whole world revolved around baking, cooking, cooking shows, trips to Williams
Sonoma, watching Julia Child Saturday mornings on PBS. Yes, I was the only
teenage girl that had a subscription to Marth Stewart Weddings. I was obsessed!
Anything event, I wanted to be involved in. My first job at age 16, that wasn’t
an entrepreneurial pursuit, was a server at a banquet hall. When it comes to
this industry, food & beverage, hospitality, I have done it all. Washed
hundreds of dishes, loaded and unloaded events by myself, planned, cooked, made
food labels, lists (oh the endless lists) for each event on what is needed,
what should be gathered, what should be purchased.

So, imagine my dismay when my world, besides family,
literally my world, came to a halt because of COVID-19. I was angry, sad,
upset, frightened, dismayed, discouraged, unmotivated, depressed. I literally
felt this crushing weight upon myself as I felt so overwhelmed as to what to
do. Many of my competitors jumped on making individual meals to package and
sell to the public. Other’s were unbothered and would be unscathed, as they had
enough to weather the storm. Some fired people and didn’t pay them. It was like
a horror film, and whatever door I chose, the killer was behind each door. What
could I do as the event calendar I depended on greatly all but dwindled down to
nothingness? I added up the money being lost or postponed at what seemed like
an accelerated exponential rate, and cried some more wondering, will I have to
close my doors after 11 years? I cried thinking of each and everyone of my
amazing staff that now would not have a job until we were told we could work
again. It wasn’t feasible for us to do meals. Too many risks, not enough
profit. I have always been a problem solver, and the worse thing about this
virus, was it left me powerless. It left me with no options. It didn’t let me
problem solve.

I had to contact the bank and other intuitions, my business
landlord, asking them, pleading them to work with me. I wrote hardship letters,
and endless calls. I followed all disaster relief aid, because I knew I needed
it. The large amounts of income the business was not making now, made survival
seem bleak. Who knew in one day, one announcement could bring my business to a
halt? I gave my workers their final checks for now. I tearfully wrote them
about what was happening. I sent them all the links to help them in this
crisis. I offered them food, shelter, family, and toilet paper. It was all I
had that I could give. I stopped my salary, and halted my mortgage payment on
my home. I was at a crossroads. Do I call it quits? How much more debt should I
get in to save my business. My business that felt like it was dying in these
trying times. This was the time to soul search. To decide to I deplete my
savings and max out credit cards if all else fails? To decide, will I recover?
Will my business? My fall calendar was full, but what if….?? Let there not be a
what if.

A beautiful soul, I will leave her nameless, messaged me and
said, now is the time to make your team strong. Reach out to so and so, they
will be able to do leaps and bounds for your company. I want you partnered with
me so that as soon as we get the greenlight, we can come back strong. I started
to imagine this. I remember my family always told me I had a millionaire mind
set, and I would accomplish this through my business. My problem-solving mind
started thinking of the possibilities. I dried my tears, and decided, I am this
vested. Don’t quit now. My fiancé encouraged me too, saying “You got this. It
will all be fine.” My staff encouraged me, saying they can’t wait for us to be
back in the kitchen cooking and planning. And just like that, I knew saving my
business, prepping for the greenlight, and following my passion was my only
option. The best option!

With this new mindset, I am applying for financial aid, not
just to make sure my bills are paid for now, but to bigger and better my
company. I will train a sales team, I will get new catering supplies, I will
come up with new ideas to have additional forms of revenue streams (a café
would be great!). This virus won’t stop me. I started my business in 2008, and
I am still here. I will remain here. There are too many people that know who I
am, and too many that don’t. There are many businesses, client’s, brides,
grooms, and individuals that need to experience “a taste of perfection!”
That being said, connect with us. Let us plan together. Let us make your event
spectacular! Read about our accolades. Know we are family owned and small, but
have huge presence and amazing integrity. Booking with someone that loves what
they do is the difference between booking with someone that is just looking to
pay the bills (yes, always necessary, but those people lack soul, and it
reflects in their food). As it has been said before by others, I am not here to
be average, I am here to be awesome! Our past client’s can relate to this, and
have amazing reviews and positive things to say about Fresh from the Kitchen.

Please book with us so you can say positive things too. Help
me create a legacy. I am here to stay. I am open for business. May it please be

Noelle Salinas is the sole owner of Fresh from the
Kitchen. Founded in 2008, this woman-owned minority driven company offers
full-service catering for weddings, social events, and corporate events. The
owner studied locally at Phoenix College, receiving two associate’s degrees in
food service administration and culinary studies. She is the visionary behind
her company, and has a passion for fine food, travel, and reading. She has one
son (and 3 stepkids!), was recently engaged, and together with others in her
industry will beat COVID-19 and come out stronger than ever. Love, prayer, and
kindness guide her decisions. If you would like to have “a taste of
perfection!” please email or call.

| Phone: 602-694-1197


Corporate Event Celebrations at Scottsdale Private Event Venues

Your Guide to Corporate Event Trends

Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering and Scottsdale Private Event Venues team up for a 1,000 plus person corporate event!

Corporate Event Trends

From large to small, corporate events are becoming more and more intricate. Trends for events and catering are all coming into play for businesses that are throwing anniversary parties, employee holiday gatherings, conference after parties, and employee team building events. This list of top corporate event trends is your go-to guide to create an amazing event for your guests.

1.Picking a theme for your corporate party

Creating a theme for your corporate event will help you to set the tone. Do you want a classy, up-scale event? Are you wanting your guests to let loose with dancing and music? Will there be a speaker that a focus needs to be created for?  Thinking of what vibe you want your event to have will help to create the flow of your event and how you can elevate it for your guests.

This Venues of North Scottsdale corporate party was a holiday reception with a “Travel the World” theme. Guests entered the Scottsdale Private Event Venue hangar and were greeted by an airline captain with a Prickly Pear Margarita. Guests “traveled” to each culinary station to enjoy foods from around the world! All of the catering staff were dressed as airline attendants to set the mood for the traveling theme.

2. The Best Event Space For Your Corporate Party

When it comes to picking a venue for your corporate event, we suggest that you consider a few things before making a final decision.

How many guests will be attending your event? You will want to check with the venue that it has capacity for what your high end attendee count will be.

What is included with the venue? You will want to ask the venue what they include in the venue fee. This will help you to plan what else you need to rent for your event. You will also want to find out if the venue requires you to book certain vendors, if there are power restrictions, how many hours before and after the event time that you can set-up and breakdown. Some venues handle rentals through their event production team. Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering is a full-service catering team and can also help you with all aspects of your event.

Why is location important for a venue? When hosting a corporate party, sometimes your guests are coming from out of town. You will want to consider airport transportation and hotel accommodations close to the venue you are choosing.

The event was hosted at a North Scottsdale party hangar with enough space for 1,000 plus guests. It was the perfect venue this size group and to create a themed experience for an event to remember. This venue has a spacious indoor and outdoor area that can be transformed into any layout needed to create a fabulous event.

3. How to Make Your Corporate Event Menu Stand Out

When it comes to corporate catering, Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering is always coming up with new, unique menus that work best with the flow of the event. There are several different types of ways to present food at a corporate event. Most people think of the traditional catering buffet or plated dinner, but at Artisan by SBC we like to think outside of the box to create an experience for event guests.

Creating a Menu for a Corporate Event

At this Scottsdale Private Event Venue event in North Scottsdale, guests progressively “traveled” to each activated culinary station. Each station featured a different chef with a different menu item. Having culinary stations throughout the event helped to alleviate lines for the 1,000 attendees. Upon arrival, a Prickly Pear Margarita greet drink was given to each guest. The first two culinary stations activated were the “West Coast American” and “Mediterranean Indulgence”. Crispy Buffalo Chicken Bites Served in Waffle Cones Drizzled with Herbed Aioli were an Instagram worthy menu item. For vegetarians at this corporate event, a Crispy Cauliflower Bite was an option. Vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters a like were also impressed by the 24-foot crudites display. This station featured Roasted Garlic Humus and Charred Red Pepper Hummus Topped with Kalamata Olives, Pine Nuts, Feta & Diced Tomato. Served with Pita Crisps, Tortilla Chips & Crudités Vegetables.

The next culinary activations included an Italian Bar with Assorted Grilled Breads, Naan, Crostini and Traditional Basil Pesto + Spinach Artichoke Dip for topping. Italian Classics including Caprese Skewers Drizzled with Queen Creek Olive Oil & Chopped Basil and Lemon Parmesan Skewer with Housemade Garlic Dip.

Next the worldly cuisine “traveled” to the guests with this Roaming Culinary Experience. Flight attendants showcased Fire Roasted Elote Street Corn and Crispy Vegetarian Spring Rolls with Sweet & Sour Sauce.

To end the evening, some Southern Comfort was a final destination for this corporate catering event. Mesquite BBQ Beef Sliders Topped with Tangy Slaw, Served on Soft Roll with Pickle Spear.

4. How to Pick the Perfect Event Vendors to Elevate Your Event

After you have booked your venue and catering team, you will want to see what other event upgrades you can add to your event. Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering and Scottsdale Private Event Venues work with so many award-winning event vendors that teaming up with both companies makes planning your event simple. Vendors that you will want to consider are: entertainment, upgraded bar services or props, lighting and sound, lounge rentals, staging, photography and photo booths, videography, valet, branding, and floral.

At this particular 1,000 person corporate event at Scottsdale Private Event Venues there were several vendors that helped to bring the party to life.

Staging, lighting, and sound: Divinity Event Lighting

Photographer: Aribella Photography

Bar Enhancement: Tap Truck

Photobooth: Crazy Shotz Photo Booth

Lounge Furniture and Decor: AZ Retro Rentals

Games: Epic Party Team

5. Create the perfect Corporate Event timeline

After booking the venue, the catering company, all of the vendors, and deciding on the perfect decor, a step that must not be forgotten is the timeline of your event. Not having an event timeline could hinder the guests experience. Event planners must go back to the overall flow of the event. How much “work” time will be at the event, and how much “play” time should be allotted. Without balancing both types, an event may not accomplish the goals that the company had for its guests.

A timeline is also important to keep all of the vendors on schedule, especially for a 1,000 person event. If the caterer does not know when the CEO is going to speak to guests, they may time their hot food to be displayed during the wrong time. Many times your venue point of contact or your caterer can help you decide what the best flow for your event should be so that your guests have the best experience possible.

Planning the perfect Corporate Party

With these simple steps, you will be on your way to throwing the ultimate corporate event. From finding the perfect venue, creating a delicious catering menu, booking fun and interactive entertainment. Having a corporate event theme will help to tie all of your vendors together. Last, but not least taking time to plan your event timeline will help make a smooth event for all.

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Utilizing Story Telling with Events

The process of planning an event is the process of telling a story in many different ways whether that be to write press or present your event publically. This is why it is so important to be able to tell your story accurately and professionally when needed to. There are many different event types that require storytelling and knowing how to proactively get your message out there to attract more publicity to your event. By understanding the purpose of storytelling for each type of event, you can accurately market yourself and your event to your peers and potential attendees. You want to create an experience that stays within the hearts and minds of those who attend your event for years to come.

Corporate Events

Corporate events have a massive engagement with the idea of storytelling. There are many different reasons to plan a corporate event and therefore many different reasons to use the process of storytelling. If you are planning a corporate event for an incentive event then you have a lot of storytelling to manage. For this type of event, you would utilize storytelling to motivate your staff to make their way towards their goal. You would also use storytelling to keep everyone up to date as milestones arise and to tell them about what they will be doing at the event that makes the goal worth reaching.

Corporate events can also be fundraising events. When it comes to fundraising events, storytelling can be used in many positive ways to assist in the planning and fruition of the event. The purpose of a fundraising event is to raise money for a specific charity or goal. There is a story there to be told and it needs to be well executed if you want to make sure that the donations roll in. You want to tell your story initially through marketing to intrigue people to come to the event. You want them to feel a strong connection to the theme of the fundraiser so that they feel warmed up to donate to the event. You will also want to speak publicly at a fundraising event to help remind your guests after they enjoy a few glasses of bubbly why you all attended the event in the first place. Stories are a way to connect people with ideas and to make your guests feel connected to the charity or goal that your event is fundraising for.

Personal Events

There are many personal events that people choose to host where a story being told can add a beautiful personal touch to the event. For example, when someone plans a wedding, a story is involved. You share the story of your love and your life and the wishes you have with your guests, in front of everyone you cherish to bond your life together with your spouse. You tell a story in the stationary that you pick out for your invitations, in the flowers that you choose to carry in your bouquet, and in the songs that you play at your reception.

Birthday parties are also events where stories are told. As you turn one year older, the mic is passed around and the world of storytelling is told in the tear-filled eyes of parents and the laughs of friends telling stories of your journeys together. Storytelling is an amazing part of connecting birthdays to our lives and the life that we plan to have. We share our goals, our dreams, and our lives that we envision for ourselves. Storytelling plays a part in almost every aspect of our lives.


Storytelling is a part of our lives and a part of connecting our lives with each other. Storytelling is useful in the world of event planning because when you are able to connect your story or your event’s purpose to your guests then you can help them find a connection with your purpose. This is helpful when handling fundraisers or when you just want them to feel a connection to a special moment in your life. You can create an immersive experience for your guests that they will never forget. We hold a special place in our memories for the things that create a special meaning and connection within us. These stories play a big part in finding that connection.  

Heli Hangar Event Venue Scottsdale

Luxury Lighting Heli Hangar Scottsdale

When hosting an event, the last thought after all of the planning and prepping for your event is usually how you decide to finally make your grand entrance into the event. When you choose the Heli Hangar as your event venue, you have the ability to ride into your own event on a Sabercat Helicopter. There is even the availability to have your guests take rides in the helicopter throughout the event. Whether you are having a small intimate gathering or a larger event with your friends and family, the Heli Hangar is one way to surely create an unforgettable experience. 

Event Options

There are a plethora of ways to customize your experience when you choose the Heli Hangar for your next event. One of the more intimate options is to have a wonderful dinner followed by a tour with you and your loved one riding the helicopter around the city. This is an amazing option for anniversaries, birthdays or even proposals. Heli Hangars are also a great venue ideal for larger parties, around 450 guests. Corporate events can become the talk of the breakroom for ages to come. This is also an amazing way to host fundraiser galas as well. With so many versatile options, the Heli Hangar is a fully customizable event venue that can meet your needs no matter what the subject of your event is. 

Benefits of Choosing a Unique Venue

There is more than simply the memorable aspect of choosing a unique venue like the Heli Hangar option for your next event. Having custom events become a part of your brand and your identity as a party host. When you come into the event hosting scene, you want to be sure to leave an impression on your brand. Grand entrances by helicopters are a great way to do so. “Scottsdale Private Event Venues,” is unique in offering this type of event venue and pride themselves on custom events that set the bar. SPEV recommends using the Heli Hangar for events such as brand launches or Incentive Events. 

Working With a Full-Service Event Planner

By working with a full-service event planning company such as SPEV, you receive the benefit of an event fully customized around all of your expectations. SPEV works with unique and customized event options such as the Heli Hangar to bring you and your guests an incomparable experience. By working with professionals you can set up helicopter rides for your event during the event, grand entrances and grand exits alike. The Heli Hangar event option gives you one of the most customizable venues that you can choose to have since the helicopter can land in so many different places. 


The Heli Hanger, as one of SPEV’s most popular and unique event space options is a space that will leave your guests forever discussing your next event. The Heli Hangar is an event space that will leave an impression of whether you utilize it for a grand entrance, a grand exit or to give your guests a helicopter ride over the beautiful city. SPEV offers many custom and unique event spaces to choose from. They provide you full planning services to handle every detail that may come up so all you are left to do is enjoy your event. 

Find a full list of Hangar Venues:

Private Event Venues:

How to Pull off a Corporate Event on Short Notice?

How to Pull off a Corporate Event on Short Notice?

Completing any task on short notice gets challenging, and organizing a full-fledged corporate event is no different. Don’t panic and give up altogether if you are facing an emergency like this. Even with a short lead time, you can pull off a successful corporate event, given that you play your cards right.

Let’s see some tricks and measures that you can employ to hold a successful corporate event on short notice.

Invites Should Be Sent Out at the Earliest

When an event is held on short notice, organizers face the issue of low attendance. This issue usually occurs because event invitations are not managed in the right manner. You need to be proactive with event invites when the window between sending invites and the actual event day is small. There are multiple things that you can do to expedite this process.

  • Use all mediums to send out the invitations. Use emails, Whatsapp, Facebook, calls, SMS, express mail to make sure you can fully reach out to the outside guests. For your team, you won’t have to put in that much effort.
  • You can also assign a person or a group to invite all those guests that matter the most personally. They can also put across the reasons for holding the event on such short notice more eloquently.

Try to Avoid Working with Too Many Contractors

When you are organizing an event with a regular lead time, you can work with a range of contractors taking care of different segments of the event. However, you don’t get this luxury when you are treading a tight deadline. Working with too many contractors when you don’t have much time makes for many last-minute unpleasant scenarios.

Instead, pick a contractor that can take care of all aspects of event management. When you work with a company that arranges the venue, catering, audio/video equipment, and transport, half of your work is sorted out on its own. You can streamline your event organizing work in the available time when you are just corresponding with a single person for everything.

Make it Interesting

If you want to make your event success with short lead time in hand, then you need to incentivize people to attend it. Add a specific theme to your event or give it some uniqueness that can be realized without putting in any extra time. For instance, you can have your event at a hangar venue specially designed for corporate and incentive events.

If you are working with a seasoned event company like Scottsdale Hanger Parties, then chances of the success of an event that’s being held on a short notice increase manifold. If you are looking to organize any type of corporate event in and around Scottsdale, get in touch with them.

Winner of Chef of the Year – Chef Marissa Delgado of Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering 

The Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering team attended the 2019 Catersource Conference in New Orleans this past February. During this conference, the team learned new food trends, the latest products in the culinary industry and attended the Spark Awards Gala with dinner cooked by Celebrity Chef, Curtis Stone.

At this awards gala, our very own Chef Marissa Delgado was the winner of the International Culinary Association CATIES Award, “Chef of the Year”!

The Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering team celebrating the Chef of the Year win at Catersource!

Over the past year, Chef Marissa Delgado has been involved in the local and national catering and culinary scene. From her submission for “Chef of the Year”, Chef Marissa gives some background on her career.

I began my career in high-end resorts and at local restaurants.
Having a mix of both backgrounds has allowed me to become
self-taught in creating new and innovative ideas in the kitchen.
I have been a chef with Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering for over
five years. During this time, I have learned how a solid team in the
kitchen can help you to become more creative, while also developing
a workplace that people love—even when endless hours are put
into the week. During my time at ASBC, I have cooked on events for
nationally known brands such as Food Network, Adidas, Coca Cola,
Benihana, DoTerra, NBA, NFL, Super Bowl, and PepsiCo. I was a part
of the team that created the event for the submission that earned
ASBC the 2018 Catersource ACE Award: West Region, Operations
Over 2 Million
 award and entries as Finalist for 2018 International
Catering Association CATIE Award
 and Arizona Restaurant
Association Foodist Awards.

Chef Marissa made her national debut as a contestant on Food Network’s CHOPPED! On this episode, Chef Marissa went back to her pastry days with three dessert rounds. She finished the episode as a runner-up, but that did not stop her TV appearances. Chef Marissa has also been seen on several local news shows and in magazines sharing seasonal recipes and at home cooking tips.

Chef Marissa Delgado competing on Food Network’s CHOPPED

This year Chef Marissa created the “Homegrown Arizona” dining experience and hosted at a local brewery. She incorporated
produce from a local farm and wines from Arizona wineries. She wanted
to connect the community to our local purveyors that work so hard
to represent our Arizona bounty.

Homegrown Arizona Dinner Menu

Along with her local contributions, Chef Marissa hosted an International Caterers Association Webinar titled “How to Get Creative When Short Staffed”. She was also a speaker at the 2019 Catersource and spoke on the topic “Breaking Down the Brigade”.

Photo by Harley Bonham #harleybonhamphotography

With all of these different areas of merit, Chef Marissa Delgado was named “Chef of the Year” by the International Catering Association. Congrats to Chef Marissa and the entire ASBC team!

When Super Bowl XLIX was in Phoenix, Arizona last Time!

Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix, Arizona!

Whether rain or shine and rainy it was leading up to one of the BIGGEST events of 2015, the show must go on. Super Bowl XLIX was in Phoenix this year along with approximately 100,000 football fans from across the country for the showdown between the New England Patriots and reigning champions the Seattle Seahawks. We were so thrilled to be a part of some of the most exclusive parties in town!

The NFL Together We Make Football Party at the Heard Museum in Phoenix

Fans from all over the country came together to share with the NFL what role football plays in their lives and after several rounds of online voting, there were two stories that won the hearts of the NFL and America. The NFL treated the winners and their families to a week they will never forget, including an exciting journey to a Red Carpet Movie Premier of “Together We Make Football” at The Heard Museum. Guests enjoyed several divine food stations, including a Gourmet Mac & Cheese Bar and delicious hand passed hors d’oeuvres like Petite Crab Cakes and Wild Mushroom & Parmesan Chive Arancini throughout the evening.

Direct TV Super Fan Festival at the Pendergast Family Farm in Glendale

Direct TV hosted the official Super Bowl Super Fan Festival, a three-day pregame bash for Super Bowl XLIX featuring Zac Brown Band, Calvin Harris, Imagine Dragons and Snoop Dogg. The HGTV Lodge (it really was a lodge) is where our talented staff managed five food stations which included delightful choices like Truffle Parmesan Popcorn, Mini Spicy Rubens and delectable desserts such as Mini Cherry & White Chocolate Bread Pudding Muffins. We also hosted Direct TV’s top-level executives from across the country in two additional VIP Tents which were complete with an amazing Flaming Doughnut Station, a unique culinary treat!

The Hall of Fame Luncheon at the Heard Museum in Phoenix

NFL Hall of Famers took over the Heard Museum for a lunch to remember where lucky guests rubbed elbows with The Hall of Famers. Guests enjoyed feasting on mouthwatering Baby Lamb Chops, Coriander Crusted Tenderloin and Jumbo Shrimp.

Pepsi at the Phoenix Art Museum

The hottest party in town! Zac Brown Band, custom food stations featuring gourmet foods cooked with Pepsi products, and athletes Drew Brees, Tony Romo, Terry Bradshaw and many more players signing autographs! Food was everywhere! Giant Paella Pans of Fried Rice were amazing. The hit of the night was the innovative Street Tacos in a Bag! Guests had their choice of
PepsiCo chips to pair with enticing choices like Southwest Smokey Chicken,
Ancho Braised Duck, Carne Asada, Chipotle Roasted Pork Belly and a delightful assortment of gourmet toppings.

FedEx at the Farm at South Mountain in Phoenix

Guests enjoyed a true farm to table experience in an intimate setting…. our 10-acre pecan grove is a breathtaking hidden gem in the heart of Phoenix. The event featured rustic wooden tables, local floral and mounds of fresh produce, tours of our organic garden, farm to table foods, pizzas out of our wood-burning pizza oven and live music from Jared & The Mill to get people up and moving!

NBC Super Bowl Tailgate Party

On Super Bowl Sunday we welcomed 850 guests of NBC to a tailgate party right outside the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. Guests were greeted with cold beer, Bloody Marys and gourmet “tailgate” style foods hot off the grill. Dave & Drea with Desert House Productions were spinning the hottest tracks and the drinks were flowing as guests then made their way over to the BIG GAME!

Your Complete Event Planning Checklist

Event Planning Checklist for Foolproof Event Organization

Regardless of whether you have years of experience in event planning or it is the first-ever event that you are arranging, event planning is always stressful. For first-time event organizers, the stress is because of obvious reasons. And for those who have been in business for a while now, it is stressful because every client has different requirements and they have to struggle a lot to satisfy everyone.

As per a 2017 Forbes report, event planning is the 5th most stressful job in the world. However, the internet is stuffed with resources that make the process simpler. Several articles on the internet that discuss tips, guidelines, common event planning mistakes and other things that explicitly help in arranging the best events.

Catching on the bandwagon in a slightly different manner, here we have made a detailed checklist of things/tasks that you must corporate in planning events and the right time to do them.

Have a look!

Event Planning Checklist

The key to successful event planning is making the right choices and that is only possible when you have ample time to analyze your options for everything, make comparisons, and choose the best ones.

At the bare minimum, you must begin planning at least 4 months before your event date.

·        Prepare Your Goals and Objectives

If possible, start with this step 6 months before your event date.

Before anything else, jot down the goals and objectives for any event you are planning. Write down details like the purpose, number of attendees, nature of the event, cost of tickets and ways to make profits (if applicable), and the type of venue that will be needed.

·        Prepare a Rough Budget

You will be able to get numerous event budget templates on the internet. Choose one and fill out the details to make a tentative budget.

·        Choose the Event Date

Choose a date for your event along with another two tentative dates when it can be arranged if anything goes wrong.

·        Finalize the Venue and Vendors

Write down your options for event venue and compare things like prices, location, facilities, etc. Finalize the one that best suits your budget and other needs. Talk to the venue managers to reconfirm and communicate things that will be needed like a Wi-Fi connection etc.

The best things you can do is hire event planners from the start and work with them. They have better relationships with event vendors and are familiar with the procedures. This implies lesser hassle for you and a lower risk of blunders and failure.

·        Decide a Theme

Choose a theme that goes well with the nature of your event and communicate the same to the vendors you are hiring or your event planners.

·        Manage Your Financials

If you are intending to get external funding, look for sponsors and finalize as soon as possible. This should be done at least 4 months before your event date.

·        Promote Your Event

If it is a public event, write down strategies as to how you will market it and entice people to buy tickets.

Here are some strategies you can use:

  • Develop a nice document, e-pamphlet, or email to be sent
  • Make a website and promote it on your social media profiles
  • Make effective use of social media platforms
  • Offer attractive offers like early-bird discounts or discount on the purchase of three tickets etc.
  • Write blog posts with appropriate keywords to market your event
  • Create an interesting promo video
  • Issue an event itinerary with attractive activities in the event (No lying, please.)

Lastly, finalize the attendees and everything else. Send reminders a day before. And don’t forget to enjoy your event because you deserve it!


Visit Scottsdale Private Event Venue to get event planning professionals to help you out!

The Ins and Outs of Choosing the Perfect Corporate Event Venue

How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Upcoming Corporate Event

You have to be very practical, rational, efficient, and organized when planning a corporate event. These events are not like usual birthday parties or weddings where you can overdo the décor etc. and still not fail.

There are many tasks involved in successful corporate event planning and each one is important; choosing a corporate event venue, selecting the menu, deciding on the decorative elements, lighting, and other things. However, one thing that is chiefly responsible for the success of such events is corporate event venue selection.

Imagine yourself attending a corporate event with the perfect menu, décor, and arrangements but a congested venue or one that is not suitable according to the weather. Would it still have the same impact as an event arranged at the perfect venue and with fewer, usual items in the menu and subtle décor? We think not!

This is the reason that the success of such events largely depends on choosing a suitable corporate event venue.

Here are a few tips you must take on to choose the best venue for your upcoming corporate event.

1.      Consider a Weekday

The price of a corporate event venue depends on certain factors including the day of the event. Holding your event on weekdays is preferable, especially if you have a tight budget.

This is because most venue managers charge lesser for off-peak days i.e. weekdays than they do for events on peak days like holidays and weekend. Moreover, there is a higher chance of being able to book the corporate event venue of your choice during off-peak times. This way, you don’t have to compromise because of the venues being occupied.

2.      Choose the Best Location

Location matters, not just when you are investing in real estate but also when renting a corporate event venue.

Events that are planned at unique and decent locations are more likely to succeed than those that are arranged at ordinary venues. However, you can’t expect to impress your guests if you choose a location that is too far away for people to reach or inappropriate according to the nature of the event or the weather conditions.

3.      Don’t Forget the Numbers

When it comes to corporate event venue selection, you must clearly know and remember some figures throughout. These include things like the number of guests attending your event, maximum capacity that an event venue allows for, maximum budget limit, etc.

These figures will help you choose the best event venue in addition to ensuring that you don’t end up overspending.

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Entertainment Options for Different Types of Parties

Adding Entertainment to Parties – Here’s How You Do It Right

When looking for options to make parties entertaining, it is wise to start by taking a profound look at the type of party you are organizing. If it is a birthday party, there will be different activities to go with it that are more casual and fun. On the contrary, if it is a corporate event, there will be different activities that don’t make the event look too casual or defy its purpose.

Likewise, you can look for activities based on the demographics of the guests attending your party. But this can be challenging if the attendees include people from different age groups. In such a scenario, you can begin by dividing the guests into various categories. Once you have effectively categorized your guests, you can look for party entertainment activities for each group specifically.

Here are some party entertainment activities that you can consider incorporating in your upcoming event depending on their compatibility with your guests and party type.

Public Entertainment Options

Walking through large streets, subway stations, or public parks in your city, you must have walked past a variety of public entertainers several times. These entertainers perform to entertain the onlookers with different art forms that they know for ‘any’ amount of money anyone wants to give. This implies they have no predefined fee for entertaining the public.

If you don’t want to spend extravagantly, simply go take a walk around the city and see who will be the perfect fit for your upcoming party. You can offer them a limited amount of fixed money and the rest they will earn from your guests.

Corporate Party Entertainment Activities

Of course, corporate events are formal. You can’t just add a trampoline for people to jump around or include fun games. Planning these types of parties successfully requires special attention. You need to think twice before you finalize anything and when it is about party entertainment activities, there is no way you do it haphazardly and expect success.

For corporate events, you can think about including things like live music, stage acts, etc.

Adult Parties

By adult parties, we do not mean those that are obscene or X-rated. There are events that kids shouldn’t be a part of like parties that encourage drinking or a night party that involves watching a movie that is inappropriate for kids.

When you plan such a party, ensure that there are no underage kids. And if there are any, you must change the type of party or look for party entertainment activities that are appropriate for everyone.

Child Entertainment

If you are expecting kids at your upcoming event or that it is an event arranged for kids only like your child’s birthday party etc., the party entertainment activities should be planned accordingly. But unlike the rest, there are numerous options for such events and the best part is you don’t have to be very particular. Live music, trampoline, games, races, video games, and animated movies are some of your best bets in this regard.

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