Event Sponsors Reveal Why They Chose To Support Events

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10 Event Sponsors Reveal Why They Chose To Support Events. Attracting a sponsor can help take your event to the next level. But with so many events vying for support, it’s not always easy.

To help guide your approaches to potential sponsors, we thought we’d ask those people controlling the purse strings what it is they actually look for in an event sponsorship opportunity.

Hear right from the horse’s mouth why these 10 event sponsors chose to support events and discover how to tailor your own offering to make it more attractive.

1. Paul Stanley, Cloven Hoof Rum

Paul Stanley

“At Cloven Hoof HQ we get asked to sponsor tons of events but we say no to most straight away especially when all the organisers are after is a stack of cash. We look to sponsor events with a similar ethos to ours, like Breaking Bands Festival, where we can support each other and both benefit in a decent, honourable way.

“Handling events where the organisers have a like minded passion and this normally revolves around heavy music of some description. We sponsor events where we have control on the price of Cloven Hoof – there’s nothing worse than being stitched up by a big corporate brand and paying over the odds for a cheap drink.

“When it comes to the size of festivals we tend to prefer the smaller ones. They look after the bands better and do their best to give something back. It stinks that at some of the bigger festivals the headliners can command huge fees. As a result, some of the smaller up and coming bands end up paying to perform.

“We can’t wait to Raise The Hoof at Breaking Bands. Everything about it has the right vibe and is in keeping with our brand and morals.”

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