The Importance of Entertainment at a Corporate Event

Reasons Why Live Entertainment Is Important at Any Corporate Event If you are planning a corporate event, you definitely would want to get the most out of it. To make the event successful, you make sure that all the major things including the venue, decoration, and food are par excellence. However, one of the most […]

19 Things That Thrill Event Planners

19 Things That Thrill Event Planners. As an event planner there are a number of simple things that get us over excited. Here are 19 things which are irresistible to event professionals, but which others outside the industry may not understand or appreciate. Sometimes the simplest of things can evoke disproportionate joy. Many of these […]

Why You Need to Break Your Event Assumptions

Why You Need to Break Your Event Assumptions. As a professional speaker, I have the opportunity to attend a lot of events and conferences. While they all differ in scale, audience,  locations, and cultures, they almost all share certain elements. For example, the flow is the same at most events. Attendees arrive at  a certain […]

9 Fun Facts About 9 Greater Phoenix Area Resorts

9 Fun Facts About 9 Greater Phoenix Area Resorts. When Visit Phoenix takes you on a tour of resorts, they really take you on a tour of resorts. Earlier this month, I visited nine properties in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Chandler, Ariz., in less than 48 hours. It was a bit of a whirlwind, but it […]

10 Things Productive #EventProfs Do Every Day

10 Things Productive #EventProfs Do Every Day. Productivity and event planning go hand in hand. Successful event planners are very productive. Here are 10 habits of productive event planners you can steal to kick off your week. I haven’t met a single event professional who is not very organised and effective at getting things done. […]

20 Things Venues Say and What They Really Mean

20 Things Venues Say and What They Really Mean. Working with a variety of different venues can be an exciting part of your event planning career but what do venues really mean when they say some of these things? We know that event planners can drive venues crazy and venues can drive eventprofs equally up […]

The Hottest Trend: Industrial-Style Spaces

Industrial-style spaces are one of this year’s biggest trends in the events industry. These edgy venues make a bold statement and bring guests together in new and exciting ways. Exposed brickwork, steel beams and original fixtures (complete with peeling paint) make an authentic backdrop for a thoroughly urban affair. In this article, we take a look at the top […]

How to Work with Eccentric, Disorganized Creatives

Let’s face it, designers can be wacky. As a meeting planner, you’ve probably encountered your fair share of eccentric, opinionated, and disorganized designers—especially when they’re outside contractors. Yet if you want to make your event a success, you know you need them. So what can you do? Here’s the good news: With a few tweaks […]

The 2016 CMI 25 meeting and incentive companies

The 2016 CMI 25 meeting and incentive companies Happy Birthday CMI 25! Our listing of the top independent meeting planning companies started in 2007 with a focus on the corporate market and we’ve remained true to that original concept: First of all what follows is a select directory of the biggest independents that understand corporate […]