The Vehicle Vault of Scottsdale New Venue

Have you heard about the Vehicle Vault of Scottsdale New Venue? First of all Vehicle Vault of Scottsdale is designed to move your events into the fast lane…car pun intended. Are you craving something extraordinary, entirely unique and extremely elegant for your next corporate or business event? Then make our new venue Vehicle Vault of […]

Events as Experiences

Mind-blowing, once-in-a-lifetime event experiences do not just materialize. Events as Experiences are arranged months sometimes a year in advance and shaped to the most minute detail so that guests depart already planning to come back. We all want and need experiences that facilitate human interactions, by designing journeys across all touchpoints. Event strategy and brand strategy need […]

Outstanding Events Outstanding Venues

Outstanding Events Outstanding Venues. We focus on high impact events in all of our venues, producing an extensive range of events. With a vast team of experts at our fingertips and years of experience, Scottsdale Private Event Venues is the natural choice for spectacular events in unique venues.  This year alone hangar 6 has played […]

Wide Eyed Hotel Guests in your space

Wide Eyed Hotel Guests in your space lounging poolside a measly few yards away from your event? Or the ineffective attempts to spin the standard boring stage décor. Our collection of unique venues along with our creative event planning staff offer the utmost privacy and complete event customization. Specialists can help you choose the right venue. It […]

Endless possibilities in a airplane hangar

Endless possibilities in a airplane hangar. Have a scene that requires an actress stepping out of an airplane? Or how about a commercial shoot featuring a fast car in an awesome garage? Does your bad guy need to hop into a helicopter and fly into the sunset?  Therefore you’ll love the possibilities here! Whether you’re […]

Scottsdale Corporate Event Jet Hangars

Scottsdale Corporate Event Jet Hangars. Whether you’re planning an amazing incentive event, a let your hair loose offsite party, business meeting, awards gala, or team building, the right venue will set the tone for your next corporate event. With experiential events at the core of purposeful marketing, creativity concept to execution is paramount to success. […]

The Value of a Live Brand Experience

The Value of a Live Brand Experience. A live brand experience has the ability to provide value for all involved. For consumers, it fulfills a universal human desire for a unique experience. After all, more and more people are choosing to buy experiences over products. Experiences tend to make people happier for a longer period than a physical purchase. Experiences […]

Venues of North Scottsdale Hangars

Venues of North Scottsdale Hangars. A fresh, more leading-edge form of social entertainment has been growing in status over the last few years, with the rise of immersive experiences. They have become the “must have” thing for social entertaining, and we wholly expect their attractiveness to continue to grow.  The test will be for all […]

100 Ideas, Checklists and Tips to Plan Successful Events

100 Ideas, Checklists and Tips to Plan Successful Events. This article is from The Event managers Blog Would you agree that planning corporate events is not an easy beast to tame? Seriously, how can you get advice on planning events for the most demanding audiences out there? You probably know it all. Yet the world […]


VENUES OF NORTH SCOTTSDALE COMPANY PROFILE. Founded in 2015, Venues of North Scottsdale is offering access to privately owned airplane hangars and a luxury high end auto showroom for hosting private and corporate events to groups from 100 to 2,000 in size from across the United States. Consistent with its name, Venues of North Scottsdale provides […]