The Vehicle Vault of Scottsdale New Venue

Have you heard about the Vehicle Vault of Scottsdale New Venue? First of all Vehicle Vault of Scottsdale is designed to move your events into the fast lane…car pun intended.

Are you craving something extraordinary, entirely unique and extremely elegant for your next corporate or business event? Then make our new venue Vehicle Vault of Scottsdale your next destination!

This modern, stylish space is a showcase of classiness. 10,000 square feet of pure elegance, 30-foot ceilings state of the art AV and premier options. A perfect blank canvas for your dream event! Featuring dozens of rare and exotic cars from past and present. Our event venue is designed to support gatherings from the 200 person reception to the 500+ guest banquet.

Life brings so many blissful occasions

We help people commemorate life’s special moments. Whether company anniversaries notable birthday parties, formal dinners, grand openings or any kind of special event. We will create and oversee all the particulars to ensure the event happens and that it is a success. Whether you are looking to enthuse an audience or influence employees we will source the venue, location, mood and style of your event.  We pay attention to every single aspect to create an energy that does not go unnoticed.

Vehicle Vault of Scottsdale’s Event Specialists will team with you to make your event seamless, effortless and sensational

Therefore a thrilling and unique backdrop for a range of events including receptions, launches, celebrations and more. An unforgettable setting that can be dressed with lighting, music and more with the classic cars present or not to add a talking point to any event.

An elegant venue will create a real sense of occasion, while the roomy interior can comfortably hold anywhere up to 500 people. Its virtual minimalism also means that space can be adapted to suit whatever specific needs you may have.

Events as Experiences

Mind-blowing, once-in-a-lifetime event experiences do not just materialize. Events as Experiences are arranged months sometimes a year in advance and shaped to the most minute detail so that guests depart already planning to come back. We all want and need experiences that facilitate human interactions, by designing journeys across all touchpoints. Event strategy and brand strategy need to echo one another. Whether you’re investigating a fab location, high-tech gear, unparalleled views, or a contemporary or urban event venue or an inspiring setting, our team has the tools and knowledge to make your event crazy fun!

“No event deserves to be mediocre” events offer brands an opportunity to connect with its customers

Events are meant to captivate, they should enlighten, unite, amaze and thrill. We like to say there is no recipe for accomplishing this.

Create an event within an event

Secret Events do not disclose the location

As a result, people cherish and remember experiences, not things. Therefore only experiences stick to our minds and hearts for good. Finally, to organize an exceptional and memorable event, you need to do just that – create an experience.

Events generate meaning

Attendees require a different level of stimulation and interactivity. Multi-sensory experiences is a relatively new approach to creating memorable events.

We are corporate event engineers, we will help you design a powerful story and awe-inspiring event experience that mesmerizes your audience and provides you with measurable results. Our progression is designed to plan, promote, and produce your event.

With a huge team of experts at our fingertips and years of experience, SPEV event venues are the natural choice for stunning events.

For every characteristic of your event, we have the experience and proficiency to meet your requirements. We have a portfolio of impressive venues.

Outstanding Events Outstanding Venues

Outstanding Events Outstanding Venues. We focus on high impact events in all of our venues, producing an extensive range of events. With a vast team of experts at our fingertips and years of experience, Scottsdale Private Event Venues is the natural choice for spectacular events in unique venues. 

This year alone hangar 6 has played host to NFL great “Kurt Warner”Arizona Coyote great Shane Doan, the bands “Cheap Trick” and “Train”  and “Dierks Bentley”.

Warehouses and or Hangars typically make for exceptional event spaces, as they tend to be known for their tall ceilings, wide-open space, huge windows, and textural details. Extra points for venues with an appealing anecdote or cool history behind them, as these are the types of venues that give a real sense of locality for eventgoers. The venues of the future must have exceptionality. Scottsdale is the most visited city in the Southwest. It’s also one of the most dynamic cities on the planet. Fabulous parks and museums to its world-class dining, shopping, entertainment, and hotels.  Scottsdale has everything your corporate client could want including a long list of special event venues.

You’re welcome to party it up with a thousand peeps or keep it cozy with just a handful. Possibilities are endless at our venues.

Our Unique Venues are bursting with character and some have colorful histories that help breed buzz around an event. The Spaces are in high demand for parties and corporate events. An unusual venue, like a, studio or loft, completely transforms guests’ perception of an event and helps make it more memorable.

Our wide-ranging portfolio of venues gives our clienteles admittance to some of the most in-demand event spaces in Arizona

In addition, SPEV delivers dazzling, effective ideas that transform into seamless, inspired corporate events. Therefore our clients depend on our exceptional blend of inventive live event ability to execute unique corporate events. With that said event management to content design & creation and AV support, we understand the timeliness, pressure, and challenges of live event production. Our name may be new to you, but you’ll certainly have heard of many of our team and our clients. You see, we believe the best ideas are truly contagious. So we develop and deliver events that people just can’t help talking about.

Brand Launches – Product Activations – Launches – Corporate Networking Events- Cocktail Welcomes – Sit down dinners – Interactive events – Fundraisers – Christmas Parties

Wide Eyed Hotel Guests in your space

Wide Eyed Hotel Guests in your space lounging poolside a measly few yards away from your event? Or the ineffective attempts to spin the standard boring stage décor. Our collection of unique venues along with our creative event planning staff offer the utmost privacy and complete event customization.

Specialists can help you choose the right venue.

It will be the best fit for your next corporate event.  As a result, we will help you customize the space to fit your style with full event production.

Every space is unique in its size, flooring, height, location, and amenities. Once we understand the goals for your event, we can assist with the selection process to ensure your event lands in the right venue for your vision and is executed flawlessly. Your event built to order from the ground up!

Exclusive access, in-house capabilities, and extraordinary team make an experience like none other.

Offering unique venues and options such as world class catering + dynamic furniture, decor, and entertainment packages. You know us and our clients you just don’t realize it! We work with some of the world’s most well-known organizations who entrust us with their full-service events. Hence collaborating with you to create your vision, design your event and with flawless execution, we deliver! Therefore clients leave our events having experienced unparalleled excellence. You are only limited your imagination, not by what we can deliver.

Our venues are all on private land so addresses are not published. They are all opportunely positioned minutes from all the valley’s top resorts. We currently have 14 styles and sizes of Jet hangars 3500 sqft. to 35,000 sqft. Our purpose is to deliver high quality customized corporate events for the discerning client in our extraordinary Scottsdale locations.

Most noteworthy SPEV is made up of multiple venue options and a team of event industry professionals in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Especially relevant our exclusive access, in-house capabilities and extraordinary team make this venue experience like none other. Therefore each event will be carefully crafted and one of a kind. VNS is a team with the passion to exceed our clients’ expectations at every opportunity.


Endless possibilities in a airplane hangar

Endless possibilities in a airplane hangar. Have a scene that requires an actress stepping out of an airplane? Or how about a commercial shoot featuring a fast car in an awesome garage? Does your bad guy need to hop into a helicopter and fly into the sunset?  Therefore you’ll love the possibilities here!

Whether you’re after a loft-style space or a cavernous exhibition space with vaulted ceilings. As well exposed pipes and cement floors, hosting an event in an industrial-style space is all about the wow factor. There’s a stripped-back quality about this style that makes for a unique atmosphere and leaves a lasting impression on guests. Also pared back to the essentials with strong clean lines and no hint of excess.  Industrial spaces are big, bold, comfortable in their own skin and all the more chic for it.

Especially relevant Unique Venues are bursting with character and have colorful histories that help generate buzz around an event. These spaces are in high demand for parties, exhibitions and corporate events. An unusual venue, like a warehouse, studio or loft, completely transforms guests’ perception of an event. This as well helps make it more memorable.

That’s all possible here at Scottsdale Private Event Venues

Consequently no matter how vast or small your endeavor is – our AV rental team is completely committed to your success. If you need help in choosing the correct AV equipment for your event, please feel free to ask our enthusiastic staff to assist in your AV rental requirements. And if you need it, our event production staff is always available to help you organize and help you make sure that your event comes off without a hitch.

Furthermore our Specialties: Destination Management, Meeting Planning, City Wide Conventions, Local Host Committee Coordination, Sales Training Meetings, Incentive Programs, Customer Appreciation Receptions, Board Retreats, Holiday Events, Off-Site Events/Dinners, Dine Arounds, Concept Creation, Themed Events, Transportation, Manifest Management, Venue Selection, Tours, Professional Staffing, Hospitality Desks, PR, Speakers, Entertainment, Promotional Events

Scottsdale Corporate Event Jet Hangars

Scottsdale Corporate Event Jet Hangars. Whether you’re planning an amazing incentive event, a let your hair loose offsite party, business meeting, awards gala, or team building, the right venue will set the tone for your next corporate event.

With experiential events at the core of purposeful marketing, creativity concept to execution is paramount to success.

Our versatile private hangar spaces make us a prime location for all of your corporate event needs. We are: a collection of aviation environments for rent in Scottsdale for corporate and social settings.

Our Unique Venues are bursting with character and have colorful histories that help generate buzz around an event. These spaces are in high demand for parties and corporate events. An unusual venue, completely transforms guests’ perception of an event and helps make it more memorable.

Our specialists can help you choose the right hangar that will be the best fit for your next corporate event. Also help you customize the space to fit your style with full event production from the ground to the ceiling.

Spaces 100 to 2000

Discover more at Scottsdale

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The Value of a Live Brand Experience

The Value of a Live Brand Experience. A live brand experience has the ability to provide value for all involved. For consumers, it fulfills a universal human desire for a unique experience. After all, more and more people are choosing to buy experiences over products. Experiences tend to make people happier for a longer period than a physical purchase. Experiences also leave lasting memories and result in greater bonds with those who share in them.

At the same time, it allows consumers to see a brand for who it is – its authentic self, which Inc. Magazine reports is of high importance. “Almost 94 percent of all consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand when it commits to full transparency.” For brands, loyal consumers can mean sales and free word-of-mouth marketing for even more revenue and longevity.

Plus, the face-to-face aspect of a live brand experience enables two-way conversation, when other forms of marketing can’t. This gives brands great opportunity to get to know their consumers on a deeper level for strategic insight. In fact, a study finds nearly 60% of brands value experiences for their “ability to create ongoing relationships with key audiences.” And, over two-thirds find a brand experience effective in achieving their goals. Yet, this can only be true for experiences executed with the right elements and the right amount of skill.

The Most Important Element of Live Brand Experiences

There are several elements that make up the best brand experiences. These include the details of your experiential marketing activation, whether you’ll host a product demonstration, contest or giveaway, for example. And, these plans should be in line with your goal – the foundation of any marketing campaign. But, there’s one aspect that ultimately drives your success. That is your event staff.

Who you choose to execute your live brand experience can make or break your effort. These are the people who personify your brand, giving it a voice and embodying its style and values. They’ll share your key messages and your story with consumers and encourage them to share back. And, this takes skill, especially when you’d also like to capture their contact information, preferences or other feedback. Your best event staff not only enable value for your consumers. In the end, they affect the level of value your brand is able to get out of your marketing event.

For More from 

Venues of North Scottsdale Hangars

Venues of North Scottsdale Hangars. A fresh, more leading-edge form of social entertainment has been growing in status over the last few years, with the rise of immersive experiences. They have become the “must have” thing for social entertaining, and we wholly expect their attractiveness to continue to grow.  The test will be for all of us in the events industry vendor or planner will to be to make our events as electrifying, mystifying and immersive as imaginable. Truly immersive experiences are all about producing wonder, anticipation and a real “wow” effect. In this highly connected world, the amount of ambiguity and amazement is increasingly scarce, and what guests at immersive experiences enjoy is being plunged into an absolutely outlandish state where they might end up in the middle of a flash mob or a panic room with no way out but to find the way. You are pushing the boundary between fantasy and reality. Any event can contain immersive elements to give guests that same bombshell feeling of wonder and excitement.

The Hottest Craze: Industrial-Style Spaces. Industrial- chic spaces are one of this year’s greatest trends in the events industry. These edgy venues make a courageous statement and bring guests together in fresh and exciting ways. Exposed brickwork, steel beams and innovative fixtures (complete with peeling paint) construct a genuine backdrop for a meticulously urban affair. Industrial venues are jam-packed with character and have colorful pasts that help create buzz around an event. These spaces are in high demand for social gala’s, product launches, incentive events, experiential events and of course corporate events.

Call us today to see how our hangars can serve as your next fantabulous event!

Most noteworthy our hangars range from urban to flawlessly finished with many amenities not generally located in this kind of venue.  Such as VIP 1st class restrooms, AC, and electrical power.

Venues of North Scottsdale and no other source that can provide such a unique venue which is faultless for several types of events including:

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100 Ideas, Checklists and Tips to Plan Successful Events

100 Ideas, Checklists and Tips to Plan Successful Events. This article is from The Event managers Blog

Would you agree that planning corporate events is not an easy beast to tame?

Seriously, how can you get advice on planning events for the most demanding audiences out there? You probably know it all.

Yet the world is not perfect and attendees, especially corporate event attendees, get bored very easily. So, I got my team together to think how can we help you running successful corporate events.

This is the plan we came up with:

First, we created an advanced corporate event planning checklist. Probably the most comprehensive ever created on the subject.

Then we collected 100+ exciting corporate event planning ideas to use for your events. North of 100. Because we know you know how to run events. Sometimes you just want that unexpected twist that makes attendees go wow. No worries, we got your back.

Does that sound useful?


Ok, but before we start, let’s make things clear and look at what we mean by corporate planning, what it means to plan corporate events and the different aspects you should consider when planning corporate events as opposed to regular events.

What is a Corporate Event and Why is it Different?

Corporate event planning is different from other forms of event planning.


Because events in a corporate environment are usually tools to market externally or internally a message proposed by the brand, the company, the boss. They can promote a product, an internal initiative. They may help to celebrate a company achievement or to bring a team together. In some instances events are the main focus of brand or product campaigns. They launch the latest and the greatest product or they have the objective to change perceptions.

The common denominator of corporate events is the use of events as tools to change internal company behaviour or external behaviour of customers towards the brand, company or products of the company in question.

In many cases corporate event planners sit under the marketing department or under the PR and comms department. In larger organizations, corporate event planners have their own department and run both internal and external events.

The main difference with standalone events that are run as businesses is the occasional lack of ticket selling and sponsorship selling. While these are necessities of independent events, they may or may not be present in corporate events.

Most noteworthy the objectives of corporate events tend to differ substantially, making the consequent planning and production of the event extremely different from other type of events.

Corporate event planning objectives can be:

  • Changing customers’ perceptions
  • Making a team bond
  • Motivate sales personnel
  • Entertain executives and managers
  • Create press coverage
  • Stimulate social media coverage
  • Support above the line marketing activities
  • Make one person, the boss, happy

So while these objectives can be part of the mix of other types of events, they can be the sole aim of a corporate event.

Planning and production will change substantially. When the objective is one and very specific, the whole event has to point in one direction. There is no room for dilution, diversion, noise. All the event decisions need to be aligned to support the achievement of that objective.

That becomes extremely difficult when the events happen on a regular basis. Therefore thirst for ideas, novelty, innovation is great. There is a constant demand to come up with new corporate event planning ideas.


VENUES OF NORTH SCOTTSDALE COMPANY PROFILE. Founded in 2015, Venues of North Scottsdale is offering access to privately owned airplane hangars and a luxury high end auto showroom for hosting private and corporate events to groups from 100 to 2,000 in size from across the United States.

Consistent with its name, Venues of North Scottsdale provides an impressive venue portfolio, which includes several airport hangars of varying sizes and amenities such as private function space directly on the airport tarmac. Boasting ceilings up to and over 30 feet with exposed rafters and hangar bay doors that open to the airport tarmac, the airport hangars in Scottsdale, Mesa Gateway and John Wayne/Orange County Airports lend opportunity to event planners to create a fully customized and unique atmosphere, unlike any ballroom could provide. Planners can also incorporate the residential airplanes into their décor or arrange for a VIP entrance from an arriving helicopter to provide added impact.

It is not all about planes, though

Venues of North Scottsdale also offers Lusso Fine Motorcars. 12,000 feet of luxury space.  Every space is unique in its size, flooring, height, location and amenities. Therefore, customization is the focus of the venue selection and planning process.

Therefore its company culture is as unique as the venues they offer. From first contact, its team members work closely with stakeholders to visualize custom event designs, followed by a highly collaborative approach through every phase of pre-production leading up to and through show day. Venues of North Scottsdale provides absolutely everything, from audiovisual services to HD video, set design to room décor, state of the art lighting, soft LED curtains and more.

Its production team has years of experience operating a full spectrum of event types in many different environments. From traditional hotel ballrooms and convention center environments to highway tunnels, open fields and urban streets. Its team of professionals has served Fortune 500 corporate clients, sports agencies. And private celebrities to execute meetings and conferences, trade shows, national brand product launches, fashion shows, concerts, non-profit gala fundraisers and exclusive private functions.

As a result bringing this level of experience to your live event always delivers a lasting impression with your guests. By keeping up with trends and technology, guests are impressed beyond measure. For optimum results, only expert designers and technical engineers on the job consistently delivering highly rated event experiences. As corporations are looking to engage audiences with breathtaking or branded events, the team at Venues of North Scottsdale provides concept-to-execution consultation and production, managing every detail of the guest’s experience.

Operationally, quick response time, quality logistics, and value for every dollar spent, are all top priority. As a result said pricing is intelligent, service is excellent, and processes are especially client-centric. Previous clients have shared that their experiences with Venues of North Scottsdale do not compare. And the reason is simple: the team has been producing over the top, groundbreaking events for years!

Venues of North Scottsdale is led by Karen May. Event industry veteran and recipient of recognitions such as “Meeting Planner of the Month”. April 2007 “Supplier of the Year 1999 from Meeting Professional International, and “Lifetime Achievement Award”.  December 2010 from Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International Arizona Chapter.  May maintains membership in the local chapters of MPI, ADME, SITE, HIP, ISES, PCMA, ESCA and AZSAE. And is the current Job Bank Chair and Past President of the Arizona chapter of HSMAI.

For more information on these venues, or to explore dates and availability, visit or contact 602.296.8000.