The Evolution of Corporate Events

Corporate Events Are Evolving

With all the technological advancements, everything related to businesses including corporate events has evolved as well. Modern technology has made it easier for businesses to plan and manage corporate events while revealing how these events could be better translated into profits and growth.

From small-scale employee appreciation events to large-scale trade shows and conferences, corporate events have become a mandatory part of the marketing strategy of several corporations.

In fact, a recent survey conducted by HBR (Harvard Business Review) with 700 business executives revealed that 93% of the executives stress on hosting corporate events and this included 57% who give this a high priority. A large majority (85%) of the respondents also confirmed that their organizations prefer and prioritize sponsoring events.

With that said, the marketers today, especially those working for the corporate sector or as corporate event planners, are under a lot of pressure to bring value to the businesses through these events. And this pressure is only increasing every day!

However, this was all the more difficult until recently when there was no trusted and efficient way of tracking event activities of a certain scale. Today’s generation, on the other hand, has event marketing software that can be used to track the value of corporate and other events. With these, even the degree to which these events become profitable for corporations can be gauged.

Since the introduction of it, the event industry has evolved rapidly and has come a long way. And while corporate events are evolving for a number of reasons, the credit for major improvements belongs to technological advancements.

The Impact of Technology

Everyone in today’s age is aware of the explicit use of technology and how everything in this world has become easier, integrated, and systemized because of the technological influence. Likewise, those organizing corporate events are no stranger to this truth.


So, how is technology actually influencing the events industry? Well, for the most part, it is our smartphones that have brought the revolution!

From Papers to Mobile

If we travel back a decade and look at how corporate events used to be then, we can easily picture all the manual arrangements and overt use of paper. There used to be printed invitations that were sent through the mail and the attendees’ utilized paper pads to note things down. Likewise, the organizers used paper-based activities to develop the audiences’ interest and make meetings and conferences interactive. But that’s not the case anymore!

Today, event invites are sent via emails and all the other tasks have gone from being paper-based to screen-based. Those engaged in event organization utilize applications, software, and online platforms to make corporate events interactive and engaging. And this is done to achieve the following:

  • Make an impression
  • Improve audience engagement
  • Environment-friendliness (by not utilizing paper)
  • Easy organization and management


In a nutshell, corporate events are evolving with every passing moment, and all that the latest technology is actually doing is introducing easy solutions to problems that create unimaginable stress-full experiences for both the corporate event organizers and the attendees.

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Scottsdale’s Unique Wedding Venues and Event Places

When it comes to organizing any event, deciding the perfect venue is primary in making the occasion a success.

However, with so many venues around it is always a challenge to decide which one you should go for.

There are many things that need to be taken into account before choosing the perfect venue for your event.

Some of them include location, interior/exterior decoration, how spacious the venue is etc. Keeping all of these significant factors in mind, we have assembled our top list of the best wedding venues and event places you can book in Scottsdale.


  • Alpio’s At Troon


If you are looking for an event place which instantly grabs everyone’s attention, go for Alpio’s At Troon. The best thing about this place is that there is nothing ordinary about it.

The entire place has a unique feel to it. Are you wondering how? Well, it features the most enthralling interior décor that will take anybody’s breath away. Classic cars, Hollywood era posters, old gasoline pumps, Pac-man machines, vintage sports cars, and “Rat Pack” ephemera are some of the most wonderful decoration pieces you will come across here.

Alpino’s At Troon is also perfect for hosting all kinds of events including award shows, sit-down dinners, film premieres, awards ceremonies, and holiday celebrations.


  • Heli Hangar


It’s one of the most extraordinary event places in Scottsdale which is ideal for special occasions like weddings, anniversary celebrations, cocktail parties, casino nights, family reunions, bridal showers, fundraisers etc.

The spacious hangar gives you the liberty to decorate the place in the most creative way possible. By booking Heli Hangar, you can have tours of the city with your guests, making it a fun and memorable experience for all.


  • Hangar 6


When looking for an event place, people normally look for high ceilings, wide-open space, and beautiful details to make their special occasion more special and beautiful.

Hangar 6 is a Scottsdale private event venue which offers all of these three features, making it a must for you to book this venue for your next event.

The venue offers white floors with modern walls, making the place look simple and elegant simultaneously. Another striking feature about the place is that, as the hangar opens, it gives a perfect view of the jets taking off and landing, making it as the most attractive sight ever.


  • Jetset Hangar


Book this venue if you are planning to host a large scale event with an outstanding interior and exterior design.  You can host all sorts of parties here ranging from regular parties to cocktail parties to wedding dances.

Jetset hangar gives the opportunity to custom design the venue by providing you with a range of furniture arrangement and entertainment options.

Venues In North Scottsdale is known to offer an access to these amazing private wedding venues and event places. Contact them today so that you can host your next big event in any of these wonderful venues and make your grand affair extra grand.