10 Alternatives to the Office Holiday Party

10 Alternatives to the Office Holiday Party

10 Alternatives to the Office Holiday Party Bolstered by an economy that has made some significant strides over the last few years and healthy corporate profits, a survey by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. shows that more of the nation’s employers are ready to break out their party hats during the holiday season.

But recognize that employers increasingly have less tolerance for annual office party shenanigans involving career busting episodes with alcohol overindulgence.

Employees demonstrate little appreciation for expensive investments in an office party if their personal compensation is affected by slowing company sales that result in low salary increases and the loss of bonuses or profit sharing. The potential for increased costs to employees via Washington initiatives such as the increased costs of Obamacare is also a player in employee thoughts about office parties.

Celebrate Without the Traditional Office Party – or in Addition

It is still the holiday season, an opportunity for employers and employees to participate in team building, morale increasing holiday adventures – together.

Here are ideas to embrace the holiday spirit without committing a lot of employee time, hard earned cash, or energy. Your employees and their families will appreciate your low-key alternatives to an expensive, energy-consuming office party.

Make Cookies for a Holiday Cookie Tasting

A holiday cookie exchange is an excellent alternatve to a holiday party.
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With company-supplied punch, soft drinks, and mulled cider. Ask employees to bring in a plate of cookies to share with their coworkers. Keep the event low pressure by specifying that bakery products are welcome, too. Make sure the company orders a supply of bakery cookies. To ensure that every employee has a chance to sample a variety.

Make the event festive with holiday music and gift certificate prizes for the bakers of the employees’ favorite cookies.

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Planning a Successful New Year Corporate Party in Arizona

Planning a Successful New Year Corporate Party in Arizona

Throwing a New Year party is a great way to recharge your team and giving it the new impetus for the next year.  However, a corporate event is a synonym for boredom in the dictionary of many employees. As an organizer, it is your job to dispel such perceptions. You have to make sure your event look and feel less formal and more of a New Year bash. Nonetheless, you still need to be diligent to make sure it doesn’t turn into a frat party either.

By striking this challenging balance, you can make your New Year’s corporate event a success. Also, this success will be long-lasting. The employees who will attend this party are going to wait for the next year’s bash. If you are an Arizona-based business and want to organize a tempting New Year event for your team, then read on. We are going to discuss things that will tone down the formality of the event while adding more fun to it but without tarnishing its core identity of being “corporate.”

The Venue Should not Be a Hotel

Hotel ballrooms and conference halls have an inherent formal feel to them.  There are strong chances that having your corporate New Year bash inside a hotel will make it stale. It would be better if you pick an open-air venue. It looks and feels less formal.  You can also opt for some unconventional options like a hangar. Hangars are, in fact, a better option than an open-air venue. Its enclosed construction makes sure your event doesn’t get affected by the overwhelming cold of a December evening.

Make it Less Informal Through Drinks and Foods

You can also make your New Year Corporate party more interesting, engaging, and less formal by choosing the menu carefully. For instance, order more drinks per head than a regular corporate event. However, don’t go overboard where people start binging on drinks as if it is a happy hour. Remember, you don’t want your event to turn into a frat party.

Also, choose the side dishes and main course that doesn’t need peculiar cutlery and table manners to consume. By offering foods that one can only eat in an informal manner, you can change the entire ambiance of the event. Wings, fries, burgers, pizza, lasagnas, sausages, etc. are a staple in informal food menus for your New Year’s corporate event. You can also add Middle Eastern and Indian dishes to the menu to simultaneously make it interesting and less formal.

Entertainment Should Set the Mood Accordingly

There strong chances that the majority of your staff would belong to Generation X and Y. So, make sure the entertainment, primarily music, at the event should be in accordance with their test. If EDM is a popular genre among guests, then it should be played. Electronic music will also suit the upbeat mood of a typical New Year bash.

From arranging a hanger to taking care of catering and entertainment of the event, Scottsdale Private Event Venues will make sure your New Year Corporate party becomes a resounding success.

Fasten those seat belts

Fasten those seat belts and please return your tray tables to their upright and locked positions.  2020 corporate events are poised for takeoff in what appears to be the season’s most popular trend in venues. HANGARS 

Not just any old drafty ugly hangars, but deluxe facilities that house corporate jets, fractional ownership planes and rare or vintage aircraft and some really fast cars!

High end private exclusive event venues in North Scottsdale for gala’s awards banquets destination weddings Meetings conferences and conventions.

A logical choice for events is a blank canvas compared to some big box hotel ballrooms and are better-suited for an event than a fancy hotel ballroom.

Venues with magnitude

“Blank slate” event venues are a cool option to give yourself innovative control of how you want the space to look and feel. Each time there is a party in our hangars, it looks special from one event to the next. Above all, if you’re looking for an event venue that’s inspirational for you and your invitees, no matter if they’ve been there before. Basically, ditch all the “rules” and make your event your own and exclusive to you!

We are totally private and have no foot traffic for looky lou’s!

Vehicle Vault Scottsdale Holiday Parties

Vehicle Vault Scottsdale Holiday Parties

Vehicle Vault is designed to move your events into the fast lane…car pun intended.

Are you craving something extraordinary, entirely unique and extremely elegant for your next corporate or business event? Make Vehicle Vault your next destination!

In the heart of Scottsdale, Vehicle Vault is a dazzling and opulent private event venue magnificent for hosting all types of corporate events. Lunches, sit down dinners, canapé receptions and film premieres to product launches.

In any gear, our chic, modern venue offers colossal versatility and an unsurpassed “WOW” factor.  VV’s Event Specialists will team with you to make your event seamless, effortless and sensational.

Simply stated, The Vault is an event planners dream!

Vehicle Vault is a unique and exclusive entertainment and dining venue that will impress even the most cultivated clientele. The central focal point of this experience is a world-class classic automobile collection.

The Vehicle Vault is a stunning full-service event venue in Scottsdale.

A veteran team of event professionals will listen to your wishes, assess the logistical challenges, and guide you through every phase of planning your event. One walk through The Vehicle Vault and you’ll be excited to start planning your event with our experienced event planners. Convenient location in the heart of Scottsdale Airpark with easy access to freeways, airports, and hotels. Click here for directions.


Therefore, if you’re planning a awards gala, product launch corporate dinner or looking for the perfect party space. Vehicle Vault delivers extreme experience.

Our contemporary, car-centric elements and vibrant venue space options will positively liven up your party and absolutely stun your guests.

Before Summer is Over – Book that Christmas Party!

Summer goes fast – Time to Book the Scottsdale Holiday Party.

Another year over, one more holiday party to plan. Dust off last year’s ugly sweaters, book the venue, and call the caterer to order the identical “Amuse Bouche Spoons” and Stuffed Mushrooms you order every year … when you get an inspiration: why not do something a bit different this year?

Finding a Holiday party event venue in Scottsdale is no mean feat. So we’ve taken the pain out of it we have the quirkiest venues around. Whether you’re looking for an office party space or somewhere for a get together with friends check out our event venues at Scottsdale Private Event Venues

While many companies consider themselves flexible around the date of their Christmas party. Reality is that 95% of companies only consider the last week of November and the first week of December.

I am sure that the topic is furthest from your mind but 2019 is half over

Yet many of our clients and potential clients looking for a suitable venue for this year’s Party were disappointed – all the venues they liked were already booked, many of them from the day after the 2018 Party.

Have a Holiday party it’s the perfect time to blow off some of that steam from work. As most businesses are reluctant to write off the workday following the party. Thursdays and Fridays are the most popular days on which to hold a Christmas Party. The fourth quarter for many companies can be the most stressful time out of the entire year. A month’s worth of work can all be crammed into just a few weeks. Which means lots of overtime and stressed people. No better way to relax and have fun than to have a holiday party.

We offer many different looks at night and day whether it be inside by a Jet or an Indoor/Outdoor event using the inside of our hangars or tarmac for larger events or either of our car venues!


Unique Venues Something different

Unique Venues Something different. The flexibility of our space provides for a blank canvas for your imaginative occasion planning.  You can alter this space to fit nearly any style of event. Call us today to see how Scottsdale Hangar Parties can serve as your next fantabulous event!

Hangars range from urban to flawlessly finished. We have amenities not generally located in this kind of venue.

No other source that can provide such a unique venue which is faultless for several types of events including:

We are your one-stop, full-service event partner. Scottsdale Hangar Parties connects you to our unique event venues while also providing the most comprehensive turnkey event production solutions. We specialize in corporate event locations and production in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the surrounding cities.

SPEV and no other source provides such a unique venue which is faultless for several types of events including:

Hence we are your one-stop, full-service event partner. Venues of North Scottsdale connects you to our unique event venues while also providing the most comprehensive turnkey event production solutions. We specialize in corporate event locations and production in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the surrounding cities.

With that said if you want your event to be a marvelous accomplishment, you need to make sure that it is something special. With all the things tried and tested with regards to event management in Scottsdale, there is little room to improve on standard practices. That is why you need to think out of the box. We’re talking about something really out there when we say out of the box. A victorious event needs a really good theme.

Specialties: Destination Management, Meeting Planning, City Wide Conventions.

Local Host Committee Coordination, Sales Training Meetings, Incentive Programs.

Customer Appreciation Receptions, Board Retreats, Holiday Events, Off-Site Events.

Dinners, Dine Around, Concept Creation, Themed Events, Transportation, Manifest Management

Venue Selection, Tours, Professional Staffing, Hospitality Desks, PR, Speakers, Entertainment, Promotional Events






The Importance of Entertainment at a Corporate Event

Reasons Why Live Entertainment Is Important at Any Corporate Event

If you are planning a corporate event, you definitely would want to get the most out of it. To make the event successful, you make sure that all the major things including the venue, decoration, and food are par excellence.

However, one of the most easily neglected aspects of any corporate event is entertainment. The planners easily over-look this significant feature of any event.

That’s why we share with you some major reasons why hiring live entertainment can determine the success of your corporate event.


  • Cheers up the Guests


The corporate events can become very boring at times. The constant serious talk related to business can wear out people quite easily. Thus, what is needed to enliven their spirits is good entertainment. It is also important that you hire entertainment that goes along with the likes and interests of your audience.

Live entertainment can help the guests to have fun and be relaxed. It could also be a nice way to engage better with others, getting the opportunity to talk about other light and fun topics.  

The energy of the event elevates the mood of the guests, making them feel more positive. This way they will go back home with a smile on their faces.  


  • Reflects Your Values and Vision


You might not know but live entertainment at your corporate event can be a way to showcase the visionary ideas that your company upholds. It means that you can use entertainment to help your guests understand the motive of your event.  

The entertainment that is according to the purpose of the event helps to run the event more smoothly and naturally. Your guests will easily understand the message you are trying to convey, and that too through music. Hence, it is vital to choose the right kind of entertainment for your event.


  • Makes the Event Memorable


Do not underestimate the power of live entertainment. Good music or funny stage performance can make your event stick out in the minds of guests forever.

People never forget the things that successfully make them happy. Keeping that in mind, if the live entertainment at your corporate event is able to bring joy to people, your event will be totally a hit.

Trust us, people will definitely talk about it afterwards. Surely they will also look forward attending your next corporate event.


  • Enhances the Morale of the Co-Workers


A popular live entertainment can give your co-workers a chance to boost their energy. All year long they work hard which can drain out their energy. Thus, a lively entertainment can give your co-workers a reason to stay at the company.

When planning entertainment you can also set the space for dancing which can be a light-hearted fun for everyone.

Do you know that Venues of North Scottsdale can book you the industry’s greatest performing artists for your corporate event? So, book them now if you want a flawless entertainment for your next corporate event.


Why You Should Book Your Scottsdale Holiday Party In Advance

Why You Should Book Your Scottsdale Holiday Party In Advance? Time moves fast, and before you know it, the holiday season will be just around the corner. We all know the busy schedules that come along with the holidays. From corporate events to school and charity gatherings, the holidays will be jam packed with plenty of festivities.

It can become even more stressful if you are in charge of planning a large holiday event or your annual corporate party. However, planning a holiday event can be painless — even fun if you plan ahead and organize early.

Our prestigious venues are some of the most popular in the Scottsdale. Choose from our top venues for your Christmas party and enjoy a night out at one of Scottsdale most impressive event spaces.

Hangar 6

The space makes for a perfect venue for a seated dinner, product launch, conference or live music performance. https://spevevents.com/scottsdale-hangar-event-venues/

Lusso Fine MotorCars

In the heart of Scottsdale, Lusso Fine Motorcars dazzling opulent private event venue magnificent for hosting all types of corporate events. https://spevevents.com/lusso-fine-motorcars-event-venue-scottsdale/

Heli Hangar

The Hangar is So-Scottsdale and is nestled in the heart of the airpark just minutes from everything.  https://spevevents.com/scottsdale-hangar-event-venues/h5/

Lux Air Jet Center

The Hangar boasts more open square footage than almost any venue option in Goodyear!  https://spevevents.com/lux-air-jet-center/

 Jetset Hangar

From celebrities to business moguls, this exclusive Scottsdale venue has hosted them all.  https://spevevents.com/jetset-hangar/

So raise a toast to Christmas parties and let us help you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

Venues of North Scottsdale Hangars

Venues of North Scottsdale Hangars. A fresh, more leading-edge form of social entertainment has been growing in status over the last few years, with the rise of immersive experiences. They have become the “must have” thing for social entertaining, and we wholly expect their attractiveness to continue to grow.  The test will be for all of us in the events industry vendor or planner will to be to make our events as electrifying, mystifying and immersive as imaginable. Truly immersive experiences are all about producing wonder, anticipation and a real “wow” effect. In this highly connected world, the amount of ambiguity and amazement is increasingly scarce, and what guests at immersive experiences enjoy is being plunged into an absolutely outlandish state where they might end up in the middle of a flash mob or a panic room with no way out but to find the way. You are pushing the boundary between fantasy and reality. Any event can contain immersive elements to give guests that same bombshell feeling of wonder and excitement.

The Hottest Craze: Industrial-Style Spaces. Industrial- chic spaces are one of this year’s greatest trends in the events industry. These edgy venues make a courageous statement and bring guests together in fresh and exciting ways. Exposed brickwork, steel beams and innovative fixtures (complete with peeling paint) construct a genuine backdrop for a meticulously urban affair. Industrial venues are jam-packed with character and have colorful pasts that help create buzz around an event. These spaces are in high demand for social gala’s, product launches, incentive events, experiential events and of course corporate events.

Call us today to see how our hangars can serve as your next fantabulous event!

Most noteworthy our hangars range from urban to flawlessly finished with many amenities not generally located in this kind of venue.  Such as VIP 1st class restrooms, AC, and electrical power.

Venues of North Scottsdale and no other source that can provide such a unique venue which is faultless for several types of events including:

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Spotlight on Our Caterers

Our Caterers

With three outstanding preferred caterers to choose from, there’s no way you can go wrong! We hand picked all of our caterers based on their food, price, and customer culture.

Santa Barbara Catering:
This extraordinary company creates beautiful meals that are creative, delicious, and Eco friendly. They proudly use biodegradable cups, plates, and silverware for their events. In addition, they use locally produced products to support local farmers and environmentally friendly food. Their creative displays add a unique dynamic to any event. Santa Barbara Catering prides themselves on using local, high quality food with an artistic display. Please visit santabarbaracatering.com for more information.



Cater Phoenix:
Another one of our caterers is Cater Phoenix. This company believes that food should be part of the party,

not just at the party. Their creative displays bring the food to life and add a unique twist to  normal catering services. Cater Phoenix works one on one with the client to take off some of the stress that goes into planning events. Overall, the award winning chefs, delicious food, and outstanding customer service are just some of the reasons why Cater Phoenix is one of our preferred caterers. For additional information about pricing, menus and events, please visit caterphoenix.com.

Brat Haus: 

Finally, our third caterer is Brat Haus! This restaurant is located in Old Town Scottsdale and specializes in artisan sausages, Belgian fries, and craft beer. In addition to sausages, fries, and beer, their menu is amazing! Additionally, all of the food is made in house from scratch. The creators of the menu got their inspiration from  European food craftsmen, offering a wide variety of burgers, salads, sides and, of course, brats. Brat Haus is a perfect choice for an event that wants a casual, high quality dining experience. To make reservations, view menus, and discover more about what Brat Haus has to offer, visit brathausaz.com.



In Conclusion, our team at Venues of North Scottsdale puts hours of time into picking our vendors. We strive to meet the needs of all our clients and give them a variety of catering choices to choose from for their special event.