Fasten those seat belts

Fasten those seat belts and please return your tray tables to their upright and locked positions.  2020 corporate events are poised for takeoff in what appears to be the season’s most popular trend in venues. HANGARS 

Not just any old drafty ugly hangars, but deluxe facilities that house corporate jets, fractional ownership planes and rare or vintage aircraft and some really fast cars!

High end private exclusive event venues in North Scottsdale for gala’s awards banquets destination weddings Meetings conferences and conventions.

A logical choice for events is a blank canvas compared to some big box hotel ballrooms and are better-suited for an event than a fancy hotel ballroom.

Venues with magnitude

“Blank slate” event venues are a cool option to give yourself innovative control of how you want the space to look and feel. Each time there is a party in our hangars, it looks special from one event to the next. Above all, if you’re looking for an event venue that’s inspirational for you and your invitees, no matter if they’ve been there before. Basically, ditch all the “rules” and make your event your own and exclusive to you!

We are totally private and have no foot traffic for looky lou’s!

Use of Technology for Better Event Hosting

Use of Technology for Better Event Hosting

Technology is now an essential thread of our social fabric and lifestyle. It has dribbled into everything that we do all day knowingly or instinctively. Corporate events or any event for that matter have also been imprinted with the omnipresence and pervasiveness of technology.

Planners and managers are in agreement that the use of technology has breathed new life into events. Now, people ask for the latest event technology trends while meeting planners and organizers. It has been noted that the integration of technology positively impacts events in many capacities.

  • It swells attendance
  • It increases engagement
  • It cuts down the cost.

Let’s have a look at some of the event technologies that are in vogue these days.

Projection Mapping for the Creation of Augmented Reality Experience

Projection mapping can turn around the ambiance of the entire venue for better. This ambiance detailing is done through multiple projectors that cast still and moving images to all the large facades in the venue to create an interactive 3D display.

Projection mapping is also budget-friendly. So, you don’t have to think too much about cost management.  For instance, simple projected mapping on a hangar ceiling can transform the venue into a futuristic dome. You can also use projection mapping along with music to make it a part of interactive entertainment.

Digital and diode lighting controlled through computers can also add to the ultramodern visual ambiance that you are trying to create with projection mapping.

Social Media Walls for Better Engagement

This is an event technology trend that has been around for a while and not going anywhere anytime soon. Put a social media wall throw multiple screens on display with an event hashtag. Post all the posts and pictures with your event hashtag from across different social media platforms to these digital walls. This event tech trend has many upsides.

  • The activity surrounding it generates organic real-time excitement and engagement.
  • Guests at the event become your brand marketer.

Facilitate the Use of Smartphone

People will use their smartphones no matter how interesting your event lineup is. So, start banking on this new-age human instinct.  To begin with, provide free internet. Secondly, go online with your program timeline, handout, menu, and any other itinerary. People will find it easy to look at concurrent event details through their phones and tablets.

Put on a VR Show

If your event entails a short guest list, then you can also think of putting on a VR show. VR is a trending event technology that ensures maximum attendance. You can also use it for some subtle branding.

Live Stream Your Event

If your event consists of music or any other performing art display, then you should make the most of it.  Live stream theses performances to gather a virtual audience for your event. At no cost, you can fetch a good number of eyeballs for your event.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues provides event hosting, catering, and entertainment as per the needs of your preferred theme. The company can also incorporate the latest technology trends in your events to spice things up.



Unique Venues Something different

Unique Venues Something different. The flexibility of our space provides for a blank canvas for your imaginative occasion planning.  You can alter this space to fit nearly any style of event. Call us today to see how Scottsdale Hangar Parties can serve as your next fantabulous event!

Hangars range from urban to flawlessly finished. We have amenities not generally located in this kind of venue.

No other source that can provide such a unique venue which is faultless for several types of events including:

We are your one-stop, full-service event partner. Scottsdale Hangar Parties connects you to our unique event venues while also providing the most comprehensive turnkey event production solutions. We specialize in corporate event locations and production in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the surrounding cities.

SPEV and no other source provides such a unique venue which is faultless for several types of events including:

Hence we are your one-stop, full-service event partner. Venues of North Scottsdale connects you to our unique event venues while also providing the most comprehensive turnkey event production solutions. We specialize in corporate event locations and production in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the surrounding cities.

With that said if you want your event to be a marvelous accomplishment, you need to make sure that it is something special. With all the things tried and tested with regards to event management in Scottsdale, there is little room to improve on standard practices. That is why you need to think out of the box. We’re talking about something really out there when we say out of the box. A victorious event needs a really good theme.

Specialties: Destination Management, Meeting Planning, City Wide Conventions.

Local Host Committee Coordination, Sales Training Meetings, Incentive Programs.

Customer Appreciation Receptions, Board Retreats, Holiday Events, Off-Site Events.

Dinners, Dine Around, Concept Creation, Themed Events, Transportation, Manifest Management

Venue Selection, Tours, Professional Staffing, Hospitality Desks, PR, Speakers, Entertainment, Promotional Events






Endless possibilities in a airplane hangar

Endless possibilities in a airplane hangar. Have a scene that requires an actress stepping out of an airplane? Or how about a commercial shoot featuring a fast car in an awesome garage? Does your bad guy need to hop into a helicopter and fly into the sunset?  Therefore you’ll love the possibilities here!

Whether you’re after a loft-style space or a cavernous exhibition space with vaulted ceilings. As well exposed pipes and cement floors, hosting an event in an industrial-style space is all about the wow factor. There’s a stripped-back quality about this style that makes for a unique atmosphere and leaves a lasting impression on guests. Also pared back to the essentials with strong clean lines and no hint of excess.  Industrial spaces are big, bold, comfortable in their own skin and all the more chic for it.

Especially relevant Unique Venues are bursting with character and have colorful histories that help generate buzz around an event. These spaces are in high demand for parties, exhibitions and corporate events. An unusual venue, like a warehouse, studio or loft, completely transforms guests’ perception of an event. This as well helps make it more memorable.

That’s all possible here at Scottsdale Private Event Venues

Consequently no matter how vast or small your endeavor is – our AV rental team is completely committed to your success. If you need help in choosing the correct AV equipment for your event, please feel free to ask our enthusiastic staff to assist in your AV rental requirements. And if you need it, our event production staff is always available to help you organize and help you make sure that your event comes off without a hitch.

Furthermore our Specialties: Destination Management, Meeting Planning, City Wide Conventions, Local Host Committee Coordination, Sales Training Meetings, Incentive Programs, Customer Appreciation Receptions, Board Retreats, Holiday Events, Off-Site Events/Dinners, Dine Arounds, Concept Creation, Themed Events, Transportation, Manifest Management, Venue Selection, Tours, Professional Staffing, Hospitality Desks, PR, Speakers, Entertainment, Promotional Events

Scottsdale Corporate Event Jet Hangars

Scottsdale Corporate Event Jet Hangars. Whether you’re planning an amazing incentive event, a let your hair loose offsite party, business meeting, awards gala, or team building, the right venue will set the tone for your next corporate event.

With experiential events at the core of purposeful marketing, creativity concept to execution is paramount to success.

Our versatile private hangar spaces make us a prime location for all of your corporate event needs. We are: a collection of aviation environments for rent in Scottsdale for corporate and social settings.

Our Unique Venues are bursting with character and have colorful histories that help generate buzz around an event. These spaces are in high demand for parties and corporate events. An unusual venue, completely transforms guests’ perception of an event and helps make it more memorable.

Our specialists can help you choose the right hangar that will be the best fit for your next corporate event. Also help you customize the space to fit your style with full event production from the ground to the ceiling.

Spaces 100 to 2000

Discover more at Scottsdale

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Venues of North Scottsdale Hangars

Venues of North Scottsdale Hangars. A fresh, more leading-edge form of social entertainment has been growing in status over the last few years, with the rise of immersive experiences. They have become the “must have” thing for social entertaining, and we wholly expect their attractiveness to continue to grow.  The test will be for all of us in the events industry vendor or planner will to be to make our events as electrifying, mystifying and immersive as imaginable. Truly immersive experiences are all about producing wonder, anticipation and a real “wow” effect. In this highly connected world, the amount of ambiguity and amazement is increasingly scarce, and what guests at immersive experiences enjoy is being plunged into an absolutely outlandish state where they might end up in the middle of a flash mob or a panic room with no way out but to find the way. You are pushing the boundary between fantasy and reality. Any event can contain immersive elements to give guests that same bombshell feeling of wonder and excitement.

The Hottest Craze: Industrial-Style Spaces. Industrial- chic spaces are one of this year’s greatest trends in the events industry. These edgy venues make a courageous statement and bring guests together in fresh and exciting ways. Exposed brickwork, steel beams and innovative fixtures (complete with peeling paint) construct a genuine backdrop for a meticulously urban affair. Industrial venues are jam-packed with character and have colorful pasts that help create buzz around an event. These spaces are in high demand for social gala’s, product launches, incentive events, experiential events and of course corporate events.

Call us today to see how our hangars can serve as your next fantabulous event!

Most noteworthy our hangars range from urban to flawlessly finished with many amenities not generally located in this kind of venue.  Such as VIP 1st class restrooms, AC, and electrical power.

Venues of North Scottsdale and no other source that can provide such a unique venue which is faultless for several types of events including:

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Spotlight on Our Caterers

Our Caterers

With three outstanding preferred caterers to choose from, there’s no way you can go wrong! We hand picked all of our caterers based on their food, price, and customer culture.

Santa Barbara Catering:
This extraordinary company creates beautiful meals that are creative, delicious, and Eco friendly. They proudly use biodegradable cups, plates, and silverware for their events. In addition, they use locally produced products to support local farmers and environmentally friendly food. Their creative displays add a unique dynamic to any event. Santa Barbara Catering prides themselves on using local, high quality food with an artistic display. Please visit for more information.



Cater Phoenix:
Another one of our caterers is Cater Phoenix. This company believes that food should be part of the party,

not just at the party. Their creative displays bring the food to life and add a unique twist to  normal catering services. Cater Phoenix works one on one with the client to take off some of the stress that goes into planning events. Overall, the award winning chefs, delicious food, and outstanding customer service are just some of the reasons why Cater Phoenix is one of our preferred caterers. For additional information about pricing, menus and events, please visit

Brat Haus: 

Finally, our third caterer is Brat Haus! This restaurant is located in Old Town Scottsdale and specializes in artisan sausages, Belgian fries, and craft beer. In addition to sausages, fries, and beer, their menu is amazing! Additionally, all of the food is made in house from scratch. The creators of the menu got their inspiration from  European food craftsmen, offering a wide variety of burgers, salads, sides and, of course, brats. Brat Haus is a perfect choice for an event that wants a casual, high quality dining experience. To make reservations, view menus, and discover more about what Brat Haus has to offer, visit



In Conclusion, our team at Venues of North Scottsdale puts hours of time into picking our vendors. We strive to meet the needs of all our clients and give them a variety of catering choices to choose from for their special event.

10 Incentive Travel Facts You Can Use

10 Incentive Travel Facts You Can Use

In honor of Global Meetings Industry Day April 6 the IRF has compiled 10 Incentive Travel Facts everyone should know in 2017

  1. 38% of all U.S. Firms over $1MM in revenue use incentive travel to motivate their people and partners. (Incentive Federation)
  2. U.S. firms spend over $14B Annually on incentive travel. (Incentive Federation)
  3. Net Optimism Score for incentive travel in the fall of 2016 was 26%, meaning the industry is still moderately positive about the outlook for incentive travel (Read More)
  4. As of fall 2016, per-person incentive travel budgets are most commonly between $3,000 and $4,000, although about 40% of the industry spends more.  (Read More)
  5. Average per-person spend has increased by 5% annually since fall 2014. (Read More)
  6. Most commonly selected destinations for incentive group travel are now the USA, Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe, showing a return to long-haul destinations. (Read More)
  7. Analysis shows that the economic Net Optimism Score for incentive travel tracks closely with overall U.S. economic performance, often acting as a leading indicator. (Read More)
  8. Almost 60% of planners have experienced some form of disruption in their events, estimating that almost a quarter of their events have been affected in some way. (Read More)
  9. Planners view “Flawless Execution” as the #1 way their most trusted Hotel Partners add value; Hoteliers view “Providing a Strong Vision” as the #1 way their most trusted Planner Partners add value to the relationship. (Read More)
  10. Although Planners and Organizations are enthusiastic about wellness, there is often a disconnect in implementation.

Bonus:  On average, employees most selected large award. (i.e. delivered after a  year-long effort or major accomplishment.)  Was travel and experiences…beating out cash.  (Read More)

The Hotelier Planner Relationship: A View From Both Sides

Advancing the incentives industry requires building stronger, better partnerships throughout the program delivery cycle. The most recent IRF-Prevue study shows that although the hotelier-planner relationship is most often collaborative and supportive while delivering meetings and incentive programs, there are a number of opportunities for improvement throughout the discovery, RFP, and execution phases of the relationship.

Best Companies See More Value in Incentives

Best Companies See More Value in Incentives

Research previewed at the IBC show found top performing firms see incentives more strategically

by Leo Jakobson | July 11, 2017

The fourth annual Incentive Buyers Conference (IBC) kicked off with a look at how much attention the best performing companies pay to their incentive, recognition, and reward programs.

Incentive’s hosted buyer show takes place July 10-12 at the Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach hotel in Florida.

Based on research to be published in August by the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), the study — “10 Things Top Performing Businesses Do Differently in Recognition and Reward Programs” — showed quite clearly that the most successful firms view incentive programs as a strategic business advantage, not just as a sales tool.

“No one wants to be average,” said Melissa Van Dyke, president of the IRF. “That’s not a goal. Everyone wants their company to be a top performer.”

So the IRF set out to look at what top performing companies do differently when it comes to their sales, channel, and employee reward and recognition programs. Instead of using a pre-set list like the Fortune 500, the IRF surveyed 400 companies and found 177 that met its definition of top performers: at least 5 percent annual growth in either revenue or stock price as well as 90 percent customer and employee satisfaction scores.

What the study found, Van Dyke said, is that when it comes to non-cash reward and recognition programs. Top performing companies do a lot of things differently. Starting with how likely they are to use these incentive programs. And how important they feel those programs are to their success.

Top companies use non-cash rewards and recognition in 90 percent of their sales programs compared to 75 percent of average firms; 81 percent vs. 59 percent in channel sales; and 88 percent vs. 77 percent in employee loyalty and engagement programs. Beyond that, fully 93 percent of the top performing companies surveyed strongly believe that their non-cash reward and recognition programs are a strategic advantage. Compared to just 63 percent of average firms, she said.

That strategic viewpoint translates into how well organized those programs are, Van Dyke added. Highly successful companies are far more likely to have all of their programs organized under a single umbrella.   350 percent more likely when it comes to sales incentives and 250 percent more for employee recognition programs. On the other hand, they are substantially less likely to use service anniversary programs. With only 39 percent celebrating years of service, compared to 51 percent of average performing firms.

Another strategic difference is that the best companies are twice as likely to design their reward and recognition programs to have the broadest reach possible. With 56 percent aiming to include as many employees as possible rather than just focusing on top performers.   “The top performing firms also single out top salespeople, channel partners, and employees,” she noted. “They just don’t do it exclusively.”


MEETINGS FINANCIAL & INSURANCE MEETINGS. Scottsdale welcomes financial and insurance meeting groups with a refined Sonoran Desert setting, idyllic weather, quality accommodations and meeting facilities, unique off-site venues and hassle-free transportation, both in the air and on the ground. Top it all off with a hospitality community that extends VIP-level service to both you and your clients, and you have the ideal destination for your next program.

Scottsdale has a long history of hosting successful financial and insurance meetings, including:

  • Incentive/Chairman’s Circle & President’s Club
  • CEO Forums
  • Broker Forums
  • Advisor Due Diligence
  • Board of Directors Meetings
  • Leadership Meetings

When it comes to creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences for your group, Scottsdale makes it easy with a refined Sonoran Desert setting, idyllic weather and a host of exceptional offerings.

At Experience Scottsdale, we’re here to help you with a wide array of complimentary services. Submit an RFP today and find out just how effortless planning your Scottsdale program can be!

Traveling to Scottsdale

There’s no doubt about it – business travel can be challenging these days. But thanks to the robust air-lift offerings, award-winning staff and passenger-friendly amenities at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, as well as first-class corporate jet services at Scottsdale Airport, getting your clients to and from Scottsdale has never been easier.


Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is located 10 miles west of downtown Scottsdale, which means your group is only minutes from the city’s finest hotels, resorts and meeting facilities. Recently named “America’s Friendliest Airport” by passenger vote and also previously ranked the “Top Airport in the Country” by Newsweek Daily Beast (2010), Sky Harbor serves more than 40.5 million passengers each year and offers the following services and amenities:

  • Nonstop service to more than 80 domestic and 21 international destinations
  • More than 1,200 daily arrivals and departures, making Sky Harbor one of the nation’s 10 busiest airports for passenger traffic
  • 17 major airlines, including Southwest, American Airlines, United, Delta and British Airways
  • Free wireless Internet in all terminals
  • A full-service Rental Car Center housing 11 companies under one roof. With the capacity to hold 5,600 cars ready for customer pickup
  • Three spacious terminals that house an exciting mix of more than 50 retail shops. 35 eateries and 11 restaurants and bars, including new local offerings like Blanco Tacos + Tequila and Barrio Café

So conveniently located nine miles north of downtown Scottsdale and just minutes from world-class resorts, award-winning restaurants and championship golf courses, Scottsdale Airport is the ideal choice for corporate jet travel. This premier airport is one of the nation’s busiest single-runway facilities, recording more than 133,000 takeoffs and landings each year. The airport’s two fixed-base operators, Landmark Aviation and Scottsdale AirCenter, provide superb facilities, outstanding maintenance and impeccable customer service. And thanks to the airport’s new US-VISIT customs service. Which features state-of-the-art biometric identification techniques. Properly visa’d business travelers from all over the world can now fly into and out of Scottsdale Airport with ease.


For more info