Team Building and Ice Breaking Games and Activities for Corporate Events

Corporate Event Games & Activities

The activities and games that are made a part of corporate events are those that are both enjoyable and add value to the events. While there are different games and activities you can incorporate depending on what the event is about, it is generally ice breaking and team building activities that work best for such events.

These corporate event games and activities don’t only add life to the events but also allow people to know each other, relax, enjoy, and participate at the same time.

If you too are looking for ideas to make corporate events fun and interactive, here are a few games and activities that you can incorporate.

1.     The Game of Possibilities

This game is less time-consuming and is an amazing one for team building. All that you need to do is divide the participants into several small groups and distribute random objects in each group. The object you distribute should be given to a random person in each group and those who get it will have to stand up and showcase a unique use of the object in front of everyone, one after the other.

Another way you can play this game is by having the person with the object give clues to their team in order to guess the object. In this scenario, the demonstrator will not be allowed to speak.

The objective of this game is to allow the participants to be creative and interact with each other while having fun. It inspires creativity and team building.

2.     Turning the Negatives into Positives

The objective behind this activity is to enable the participants to engage better and cheer each other up. It helps them discover ways to gain a positive outlook even in the most trying times and teaches them not to judge others.

You can either divide the participants into pairs or trios or more. What happens during the activity is that a person will share his/her real-life negative experience from the past with the other member(s). After this, the other participant(s) will look at the scenario and discuss the positive aspect of the same experience. The partners will keep on switching roles until everyone is done.

Outdoor Team Building Games

3.     The Perfect Square

You will need long pieces of rope and a blindfold for every participant. All that you have to do is make the coworkers form a circle while grabbing a piece of rope. Each of the members will then be asked to put their blindfolds on and set the rope on the floor. Next, have the participants must move away from where the ropes were placed and then come back and arrange all the ropes together to form a large square with each other’s help while still being blindfolded.

This game will encourage communication as each participant will be dependent on another and allow them to demonstrate their leadership skills. This will also develop a sense of trust among the participants and add to their team building skills.

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Scottsdale Spring Training 101

Scottsdale Spring Training 101. Spring Training is a big deal around here. If this is your first time experiencing a game (whether it’s the Giants, Diamondbacks or Rockies), there are some things you should know. Let’s walk through some of the basics:

Know Your Seating Options

Lawn seats at Scottsdale Stadium and Salt River Fields at Talking Stick have long been a Spring Training tradition. Fans pack the grassy home run territory before the game for optimal relaxation throughout. If laying on the ground isn’t your style, the Scottsdale Charros Lodge at Scottsdale Stadium brings the casual atmosphere of the lawn seats, but in VIP form. Food, drinks and good times are all included with your ticket to the lodge. Likewise, private boxes at Salt River Fields give you the VIP experience. There also are plenty of bleacher seats at both stadiums for a more traditional game-day experience. Extra Tip: If you opt for lawn seats, bring a blanket or towel to sit on. Nobody like grass stains on vacation.

Got kids? Bring a Few Baseballs

Foul territory is autograph central both before and after the game. MLB stars will sign for a good amount of time, so don’t leave your kids unprepared for what could be an unforgettable moment with their favorite players.

Keep Your Head Up

Home run balls are abundant on the lawn seats (and foul balls in the stands.) Pitchers aren’t fully ready for the season, which means mistakes will be made and baseballs will fly. Keep your head up.

Brush Up on the Prospects

Early and late spring training games are where baseball’s best prospects get show off their skills. That means some of the more well-known players will be out of the game by the seventh inning to give the newbies a chance. Do some research on the up-and-comers so you know who you’re watching.

Bring Sunscreen

The sun may feel good on your winter weary body, but it also burns. Most ballparks have sunscreen stations, so be sure to slather it on! (P.S. You can still get tan with sunscreen on – just in case you were worried).

Drink Water

There’s no doubt about it – beer and ballparks go hand in hand. But be sure to down plenty of water too, particularly if your seats are in the sun. Getting dehydrated is no way to wrap up an otherwise fun day.

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2016 Chicago Cubs and Great Meeting Teams Have in Common

2016 Chicago Cubs and Great Meeting Teams Have in Common. Before the 2016 World Series is a distant memory, I want to share my observations about what made the Chicago Cubs so great and how those qualities translate to great meetings and events teams.

1. During the locker room celebration, Cubs executive Crane Kenney proudly proclaimed that culture eats strategy for lunch. Culture starts from the top, with leadership setting the tone for willing followers. There can be great strategy, but without inspired people who genuinely love their jobs and who are empowered to execute, strategy is nothing more than an idea.

2. But…strategy is important! You have to have a grand vision (what you aspire to be) and a well-articulated plan for how to get there. Culture and strategy work in tandem: With a poor culture, the plan is going nowhere fast. Both are key to any organizations success, and meeting planning is no exception.

3. Pay attention to the details. In baseball, players simply need to react to the ball. However, those who rely on Sabermetrics—baseball’s version of Big Data—have a better chance at success. Good planners combine an eye for the big picture with a knack for knowing the details.

4. Balance matters. The Cubs, by design, had a good mix of veterans and rookies. There was a group of players who had been there before and knew what to do and those who were curious to know what it means to win it all. Experience and exuberance continually proves itself to be a worthy combination. Successful meetings teams aren’t comprised just of seasoned professionals.

Luck is not an accident

5. Luck is not an accident, and neither is success. Sometimes the ball bounces in funny ways, or the rain comes at an opportune (or inopportune) time. Great teams seem to get the breaks, but the reality is they are prepared for any situation that comes their way. They are resilient and are rarely caught off-guard.

6. Shedding is growing. The Cubs had to let go of a lot of talented players over the years to get the right people in place and in the right order. Great meetings and event teams are not those that continually try to do the same thing, but those that take calculated risks and dare to be different. Letting go of the right things creates new opportunities and keeps events fresh.

7. Good things often take time—well, not usually 108 years!—and sometimes it is the journey, rather than the destination, that matters the most. Quality and success do not happen overnight. There is no such thing as the perfect meeting. Planners learn from their mistakes. Sometimes having a few bad events makes the great ones more satisfying.

8. Many Cubs played multiple positions during the year and didn’t complain, although they may have had expertise at one position. Versatility is valuable. The most valued meeting professionals may be great at one thing while simultaneously demonstrating their breadth by adapting to virtually any situation.

Relax and have fun

9. Relax and have fun. Nobody performs well when they are stressed. Cubs manager Joe Maddon often created dress-up themes for road trips to keep the players loose. Meeting planning may be among the most stressful professions, but at least you don’t have a 90-mph fastball coming at your head!

10. Celebrate your successes. The Cubs celebrated every victory in their locker room. When the event ends, does everyone pack up the boxes and head to the airport? If so, you’re missing an important part: the celebration of a job well done.

11. Cubs employees get the best of everything. The organization flew all of its employees to Game 7 of the World Series. You can call it their incentive trip! Everyone will receive a World Series ring. The Cubs spared no expense because they knew the rewards in the future will pay dividends in employee retention and loyalty. Find a way to convince your leadership to support your efforts in big ways.

12. In conclusion You need loyal, passionate customers. Therefore none of this matters without appreciative fans—or, for meeting planners, attendees. Fortunately your participants don’t have to wait a century for a great event!

Executive Director, Financial & Insurance Conference Planners

Staging Scaffolding Venues of North Scottsdale

Staging Scaffolding Venues of North Scottsdale

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How to Entertain the Millennials

How to Entertain the Millennials

No other generation has had a bigger impact on our culture since the Baby Boomers than the technology savvy Millennials. So, for the group of consumers who tweet, like, and post their way through a digital world, what truly captivates them? Well, fear not. In the world of entertainment there is much that can energize and invigorate their imaginations. Here are just a few solutions in the quest to entertain the millennials.

No other generation has had a bigger impact on our culture since the Baby Boomers than the technology savvy Millennials.
How to Entertain the Millennials

Competition:  This is a generation that perfected the idea of collaboration, in an effort to win that is. So, why not include a competitive aspect to the live entertainment at your next event. One of the best ways to do this is with a Game Show hosted by an enthusiastic MC who involves your attendees. By creating teams and the drive to win, your millennial audience will be thoroughly engaged and entertained.

Niche Entertainment: Highlight those pieces of entertainment that speak specifically to this generation. They like taking a break…especially when it includes exciting entertainment designed to let them relax and enjoy before having to focus on the work at hand. How about including a 3-minute flash mob that gives them a chance to stand up, stretch, and simply enjoy.

Live Streaming: No other generation lives on-line more than the Millennials, so why don’t you make it even easier to share their experiences? Facilitate this by designating an event planner or member of the team to live stream parts of the event. This is an exciting way for your attendees to let the world know how much fun they’re having. You gain the added side benefit of the positive publicity and excitement generated with sharing.

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Final Four 101: NCAA March Madness Music Festival

Final Four 101: NCAA March Madness Music Festival


When the NCAA awarded the 2017 Final Four to Phoenix.  The announcement came as music to the ears of sports-loving Valley residents. Nothing would be more exciting than bringing the Championship game to Phoenix for the first time. With thousands of basketball fans flooding the Valley for one epic weekend.

What we didn’t realize was that the Big Dance would literally bring a weekend of moving your feet and grooving to the beat, with the March Madness Music Festival.

With three days, two stages and one weekend of outdoor concerts in the beautiful Arizona weather, March Madness Music Fest will be one of the most cherished events of Final Four weekend brining top-talented artists to the local community. Earlier this year at the Houston Final Four, headliners included Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, Pitbull, Flo Rida and Maroon 5. But it doesn’t stop there—past talent has included, Imagine Dragons, Zac Brown Band and Rihanna.

March Madness Music Fest

Now that the Music Fest is Valley bound, we will bring the talent to Hance Park in Downtown Phoenix. With Phoenix being the ultimate Spring Break location, you’ll want to pack plenty of sunscreen, hats and energy because it is bound to be a good time.

The concert series opens on Friday afternoon, March 31 with the AT&T Block Party and will rock late into the evening. The festival will roll on Saturday with Coca-Cola Music. With music filling the gap between the national semifinal games at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. The March Madness Music Festival will wrap up on Sunday with the Capital One JamFest another full day of concerts.

Oh! And we may have left out one thing. The Music Festival is completely FREE!

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IACC Describes the ‘Meeting Room of the Future’ at IMEX

IACC Describes the ‘Meeting Room of the Future’ at IMEX Home-style settings, networking spaces and a peek at the great outdoors—all are features that will mark the meeting room of the future, according to a recent study by the International Association of Conference Centers. IACC CEO Mark Cooper (pictured above) presented highlights of the study at his session at IMEX America last week.

More than 65 venues across four continents took part in the study, which covered topics including the role of venues in experience creation, trends in meeting space and meeting room design, food and beverage issues, and technology requirements.

Consequently key finding from the meeting planner analysis was the increasing importance of “experience creation,” the study says. Approximately 75 percent of responding meeting planners report that their current role involves more “experience creation” than two to five years ago.

In response, the IACC study shows, some 55.7 percent of venue operators report that it is their role to provide the “experience creation” element for clients and their delegates. More so a slightly smaller percentage of suppliers (51 percent) feel that it is their role to provide “experience creation” elements.

Therefore to help shape that custom experience, conference and meeting venue operators today offer meeting rooms that are designed to foster creativity, themed food and beverage and ice-breakers. With that said a significant percentage of operators are also offering outdoor meeting rooms or spaces as well as other physical spaces. And activities that promote team building, Cooper noted.

Therefore in response to the trend towards flexible meeting space and room design, 69 percent of venue operators report that now 75 percent or more of their meeting rooms have furniture/equipment that allows for multiple flexible layouts. When asked for examples of new furniture and equipment that venue operators were incorporating into their facilities, these were highlighted the most often:

For furniture:

  • “Fireside chat” seating
  • Bean bag chairs
  • Chalk paint walls
  • Communal tables
  • Creative partitions
  • Ergo- or eco-friendly furniture
  • High-top tables
  • Kitchen- and dining-style furniture
  • Lounge areas and seating
  • On-site recreational facilities

For equipment:

  • Moveable/portable tech
  • Charging stations
  • Digi tables
  • Gaming equipment
  • Holography display
  • Interactive white boards
  • Mobile A/V equipment
  • Presentation technology
  • Small theater
  • Videoconferencing equipment

Finally in addition Meeting planners placed a high degree of importance on the refreshment breaks and meals. The IACC study says, in how the breaks impact delegates, facilitate networking and build relationships. Continuous refreshment break stations remain the preferred solution, with fewer options, but healthier snacks. Due to some 20 percent of venue operators say they see a trend in venues offering conference delegates continuous refreshment break services throughout the day.


Not only are venue operators supplying continuous refreshments. But their food and beverage offerings are moving towards healthier, locally sourced finger foods that allow meeting attendees to freely move about the space and mingle with other attendees, the study says.

Therefore venue operators and suppliers are implementing more initiatives around health and wellness. Promoting the importance of sustainability, incorporating locally sourced food items, promoting healthy eating and active living. And overall making significant changes to their food and beverage offerings, IACC says.

While there are notable changes and expectations around meeting room design, the study says, the No. 1 priority across the meetings and events industry is providing high-quality broadband internet.

In conclusion according to operators, the top three technology-related items being invested in more this year based on feedback from clients includes:

1)  Bandwidth: 33 percent

2)  A/V Equipment: 20 percent

3)  Collaborative Technology: 15 percent

The need to connect with the outside world and keep in touch with work and family will continue to impact the length of breaks and the style of food and beverage service to support the need to complete multiple tasks during break and meal times throughout the day, the IACC study says.

Especially relevant venue facilities and the food and beverage offering play an important part in ensuring that the well-being of the delegate is being looked after. Finally the study concludes, where outdoor spaces are available, they should be made available for networking, food and beverage service and team activities.

Download the IACC study here.

3 Things to Consider When Finding the Perfect Venue

3 Things to Consider When Finding the Perfect Venue. So you have narrowed down all the hotels that meet your selection criteria to two or three destinations and are ready to send out RFPs … all 125 of them, right?

Before filling out your RFP to hotels and venues that will not meet your requirements, do your homework to save time for both you and the potential venue partner. Remember, while it may not take much effort to send out an eRFP, it does take a lot of time for the hotel to respond and for you to review. Seems like the extra step is necessary in the venue vetting process and is guaranteed to pay off. Here are three things to keep in mind when selecting the perfect venue:

1. Look at Meeting Objections and Requirements

While the items listed below may sound like they belong on an RFP, they are high-level considerations you must nail down before reaching out to venues.

Goals: What are the goals and objectives of your meeting? Once you can convey them clearly,  many venues will become obvious choices.

Style: What is the style of the meeting? Is it a networking function for employees, educational session of like-minded professionals, or a large annual convention?

Also, does the venue reflect the image of the organization? Is it a place your company, its stakeholders, and its sponsors would be proud to enter? On the other hand, is it too opulent for your guests?

This takes time to assess and requires planners like you to walk a fine line. The venue should not be “too” anything. Too cheap or too expensive are not words you wish to hear from attendees.

Meeting Space, AV, and Food

  • What is your total meeting space requirement? Would a convention center, conference center, or hotel work best for your group? How many breakout rooms do you need, and will you want to use outside function space?
  • What type of audio/visual equipment will you need, including risers and podiums? Is technical support available onsite?
  • Are there ways to brand your event through the hotel’s marquee or digital signage?
  • Is Wi-Fi prevalent throughout the facility, including outdoor space? Is it free or fee based?
  • What about charging stations? Are they available throughout the space, and do they support many types of mobile devices?
  • Look at food and beverage – overall, what is the cuisine? Can you bring in outside caterers, if desired?

2. Break Down the Budget

If you are like most meeting professionals, you collect surveys from attendees at the end of each meeting to garner feedback. Consequently now is the time to pull up those results and really learn from them.

If yours is an annual event, take a hard look at your three-year history. As a result analyze meeting spend in the areas of space, audio/visual, presenters, food and beverage, and any other items of significance.

Lastly, map these results against your goals. How do they line up? Should you be doing things consistently or do attendees want a fresh take?

3. Look and Ask for Help

There is an abundance of free resources available to help you make meaningful and successful decisions while planning an event.

Convention and Visitors’ Bureaus address three major areas:

  • Gathering information and connecting with hotels that meet your search criteria
  • Setting realistic expectations about the destination and venue
  • Educating you about local demand factors, such as peak times, special conventions, and construction projects scheduled for the time of your event

The Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) blog details perspectives, insights, and advice about locations and venues for meeting professionals.

The Convention Industry Council offers the Accepted Practices Exchange (APEX) that promotes development and implementation of industry-accepted practices. These practices are designed to create and enhance efficiency throughout the meetings, conventions, and exhibitions industry. There are many free templates available to evaluate venues and destinations.

Therefore if you are a member of Meeting Professionals International (MPI), you can search under the community directory and connect directly with other planners, suppliers, and university faculty in the city you are looking to explore. As a fellow member, you can ask for advice about the best venues from experienced professionals.

The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) has a collection of models and samples used by real associations and industry partners designed to generate ideas and save you time when planning your meeting.

The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) offers courses, articles, and research on meetings and exhibits strategy, and lets you search specific terms.

There are many LinkedIn groups that you can ask for guidance or suggestions about specific venues within a destination. The following three feature active discussions about anything event management related:

Planning and Event Management with 273,000 member

Event Peeps with 130,000 members

Planners and Coordinators with 68,000 members

Cvent has two offerings to help planners narrow down their choices:

  1. The Cvent Supplier Network offers live chat capabilities with a Cvent consultant and serves as a way for more than 70,000 planners to find venues, send RFPs, and collect proposals through a single platform
  2. is a free tool for planners looking at luxury destinations. It gives you an opportunity to view 44,000 properties via an exclusive portal. Every member has direct access to a personal assistant who can help with information about a particular destination and finding the perfect hotel for a specific event

Now you should be armed with enough information to send out your RFPs. You have completed your homework by looking at your goals, requirements and history, but most of all, you’ve gone deeper into industry ideas and standards. Click here to help you craft the perfect RFP.

Check out The Essential Planner Guide to help you source your next meeting or event.

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