Planning a Successful New Year Corporate Party in Arizona

Planning a Successful New Year Corporate Party in Arizona

Throwing a New Year party is a great way to recharge your team and giving it the new impetus for the next year.  However, a corporate event is a synonym for boredom in the dictionary of many employees. As an organizer, it is your job to dispel such perceptions. You have to make sure your event look and feel less formal and more of a New Year bash. Nonetheless, you still need to be diligent to make sure it doesn’t turn into a frat party either.

By striking this challenging balance, you can make your New Year’s corporate event a success. Also, this success will be long-lasting. The employees who will attend this party are going to wait for the next year’s bash. If you are an Arizona-based business and want to organize a tempting New Year event for your team, then read on. We are going to discuss things that will tone down the formality of the event while adding more fun to it but without tarnishing its core identity of being “corporate.”

The Venue Should not Be a Hotel

Hotel ballrooms and conference halls have an inherent formal feel to them.  There are strong chances that having your corporate New Year bash inside a hotel will make it stale. It would be better if you pick an open-air venue. It looks and feels less formal.  You can also opt for some unconventional options like a hangar. Hangars are, in fact, a better option than an open-air venue. Its enclosed construction makes sure your event doesn’t get affected by the overwhelming cold of a December evening.

Make it Less Informal Through Drinks and Foods

You can also make your New Year Corporate party more interesting, engaging, and less formal by choosing the menu carefully. For instance, order more drinks per head than a regular corporate event. However, don’t go overboard where people start binging on drinks as if it is a happy hour. Remember, you don’t want your event to turn into a frat party.

Also, choose the side dishes and main course that doesn’t need peculiar cutlery and table manners to consume. By offering foods that one can only eat in an informal manner, you can change the entire ambiance of the event. Wings, fries, burgers, pizza, lasagnas, sausages, etc. are a staple in informal food menus for your New Year’s corporate event. You can also add Middle Eastern and Indian dishes to the menu to simultaneously make it interesting and less formal.

Entertainment Should Set the Mood Accordingly

There strong chances that the majority of your staff would belong to Generation X and Y. So, make sure the entertainment, primarily music, at the event should be in accordance with their test. If EDM is a popular genre among guests, then it should be played. Electronic music will also suit the upbeat mood of a typical New Year bash.

From arranging a hanger to taking care of catering and entertainment of the event, Scottsdale Private Event Venues will make sure your New Year Corporate party becomes a resounding success.

Have you ever experienced a balloon drop

Balloon Drops

Have you ever experienced a balloon drop? It’s so cool and brings out the child in you as you run around stomping on balloons! Remember the Democratic Convention and their balloon drop? Remember how the candidates frolicked in the balloons? Well, hopefully you are going to a really fun place that has a balloon drop ordered for their New Years shindig!

There are several types of balloon drops out there. They all do the same; it just matters what they are filled with.

These drops are filled with 11” balloons. When the drop opens, a ton of balloons come cascading down. This is the one you normally see. Some concerts have them as well, for the finale. This drop would be fabulous at any one of Venues of North Scottsdale’s venues!

The Multi-Size Balloon Drop

This raises the notch a few steps! We put different shaped balloons into the drop and the fun really begins when it opens. All these different balloons rain down and the crowds go crazy hitting all these different balloons back and forth!

The Lit Drop

This is the first of the more luxurious drops, One fourth of the balloons are clear in this drop, and each clear balloon has an LED light inside. All night, the drop bag is up in the air and you can see all these twinkling balloons. When the bag opens and the balloons come down, these little lights come cascading down and it really looks beautiful! There are certain tricks of the trade needed here for it to be successful and not hurt anyone.

The BIG drop

This drop is only filled with very large balloons. The size of the balloon drop bag obviously dictates how many balloons will be in. This makes a total statement! There may not be a lot of balloons that drop, but they are HUGE and definitely create an impression. We have put up to 50 of these in a single drop so just imagine 50 huge balloons first coming down and then going back and forth among the crowds. This is for really large areas with even larger crowds!

The Luxury Drop

This is the most expensive, most luxurious and most time consuming drop. I am dying for someone to order this baby! It is filled with round mylar (foil) balloons that look like beach balls. It is STUNNING to look at while it is up above, and it is incredible to watch it open and come down. I have tried to sell it a few times. No such luck yet! It was featured on The Voice I think and it was just something else!

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