Planning a Successful New Year Corporate Party in Arizona

Planning a Successful New Year Corporate Party in Arizona

Throwing a New Year party is a great way to recharge your team and giving it the new impetus for the next year.  However, a corporate event is a synonym for boredom in the dictionary of many employees. As an organizer, it is your job to dispel such perceptions. You have to make sure your event look and feel less formal and more of a New Year bash. Nonetheless, you still need to be diligent to make sure it doesn’t turn into a frat party either.

By striking this challenging balance, you can make your New Year’s corporate event a success. Also, this success will be long-lasting. The employees who will attend this party are going to wait for the next year’s bash. If you are an Arizona-based business and want to organize a tempting New Year event for your team, then read on. We are going to discuss things that will tone down the formality of the event while adding more fun to it but without tarnishing its core identity of being “corporate.”

The Venue Should not Be a Hotel

Hotel ballrooms and conference halls have an inherent formal feel to them.  There are strong chances that having your corporate New Year bash inside a hotel will make it stale. It would be better if you pick an open-air venue. It looks and feels less formal.  You can also opt for some unconventional options like a hangar. Hangars are, in fact, a better option than an open-air venue. Its enclosed construction makes sure your event doesn’t get affected by the overwhelming cold of a December evening.

Make it Less Informal Through Drinks and Foods

You can also make your New Year Corporate party more interesting, engaging, and less formal by choosing the menu carefully. For instance, order more drinks per head than a regular corporate event. However, don’t go overboard where people start binging on drinks as if it is a happy hour. Remember, you don’t want your event to turn into a frat party.

Also, choose the side dishes and main course that doesn’t need peculiar cutlery and table manners to consume. By offering foods that one can only eat in an informal manner, you can change the entire ambiance of the event. Wings, fries, burgers, pizza, lasagnas, sausages, etc. are a staple in informal food menus for your New Year’s corporate event. You can also add Middle Eastern and Indian dishes to the menu to simultaneously make it interesting and less formal.

Entertainment Should Set the Mood Accordingly

There strong chances that the majority of your staff would belong to Generation X and Y. So, make sure the entertainment, primarily music, at the event should be in accordance with their test. If EDM is a popular genre among guests, then it should be played. Electronic music will also suit the upbeat mood of a typical New Year bash.

From arranging a hanger to taking care of catering and entertainment of the event, Scottsdale Private Event Venues will make sure your New Year Corporate party becomes a resounding success.

Hangars and the movies

Hangars and the movies

Looking for a place to shoot a commercial or a model shoot?

Are you unable to find a soundstage big enough to accommodate the new product?

Unique, Diverse and dynamic spaces

Its all about the size and basically just need a huge space.

A growing number of feature films have been shot in hangars that once housed aircraft.

Film promoters shooting commercials consider these hangars — as much as 10 times the size some of Hollywood’s largest soundstages.

Interested in filming your next movie, television show or commercial with us?

Maximize your budget and forget the headaches

Our Hangars have accommodated several production companies for both television and major films, advertising shoots, Brand Launches, and music videos. We as well have held photo shoots for fashion, auto-launches and numerous media articles.

The readiness of hangars for film work fluctuates according to hangar activity, but short, day or two shoots can almost always be obliged without too much difficulty.

Hangars commonly have sufficient power for extensive lighting and can be safe and used wholly by the production companies with full privacy. Celebrities are easily housed overnight as Scottsdale is home to the most beautiful resorts in the country. Private VIP Jet Service as well always available.

We can, of course, facilitate the use of all types of aircraft and helicopters if part of the calculation.

Conveniently located close to major freeways

Ideal location for film, television, commercial shoots, and print advertising.

Open ramp areas, hangars, and vacant land to meet a variety of location needs.

Location scouts, movie crews and media agencies will find an extensive range of nearby fabulous 5 star resorts and restaurants for added opportuneness. The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa and all of its shops and restaurants at Kierland Commons are within walking distance

Our clients include Film Studios, Advertising Agencies, Production Companies, Entertainment Companies as well as Confidential clients who seek that rare experience.

Non-Traditional Event Venue

Non-Traditional Event Venue – Airplane Hangar

Whenever you have a huge event coming up and you are hosting it, there are two ways you can go about the venue selection. You could go for the easy option and opt for a traditional venue. It could be anything from a ballroom in a hotel, a resort, convention center or just a plain old banquet hall. These are the kind of venues which have been used to host events time and time again for a very long time now. They are reliable and have been used as far back as memory can serve for all of us. Traditional venues have been tried and tested. They serve their purpose well. There is a ‘but’ on your way. This is because we will be talking about non-traditional venues now.

You see the problem with traditional venues is not that they aren’t good. It’s just that they are plain old boring now. There is nothing special about these venues no matter how much effort and money you invest in them. If you want to truly make the night a special one for all your guests, you should go for something completely out of the box. Events are becoming a more immersive experience for everybody now and all the people hosting the best events are looking for venues that would make their guests go “..Wow!”

Non-Traditional Venue – Airplane Hangars

So what is a non-traditional venue? Well, it is the kind of place you would least expect to host a special event. These are the kind of places which were not created for these kinds of events as their purpose. There are plenty of non-traditional venues that you could go for in the Scottsdale area but there are few better than airplane hangars.

Yes, you read that right. Have you ever thought about it? No, right? That is the reason why nobody else will be expecting it either. Don’t worry. If you think that it will not go well, we are going to tell you why everything about it will be better than you can expect.

The simple fact of the matter is that an airplane hangar being used as the venue for an event in Scottsdale is going to catch everybody by surprise. That there will introduce an element of curiosity and wonder when the guests receive their invites.

Then you take a look at the venue itself. An airplane hangar which is used for private jets would be an ideal place to hold an event. There is so much area that can be used in terms of the square footage. Combined with ceilings that are higher than anything you’ve seen at ballrooms or hotel resorts and you have virtually unlimited space for creative freedom.

The minimal aspect of an airplane hangar in Scottsdale can allow you to transform the venue in the craziest ways imaginable. All you have to do is find the right venue, catering service and organizers to help you set the whole thing up.

How Do You Go About It?

If you’re concerned about how you will make an event happen at such a non-traditional venue, you shouldn’t be. Luckily for you, we are here to facilitate that and much more. At Venues in North Scottsdale, we will provide you with the best possible venue, catering service, and the whole works. If you want your event to be a truly memorable night for all your guests, we are the people that will make it happen.

Feel free to contact us at any time for more information. We’d be more than happy to help you in any way we can.