Your Complete Event Planning Checklist

Event Planning Checklist for Foolproof Event Organization

Regardless of whether you have years of experience in event planning or it is the first-ever event that you are arranging, event planning is always stressful. For first-time event organizers, the stress is because of obvious reasons. And for those who have been in business for a while now, it is stressful because every client has different requirements and they have to struggle a lot to satisfy everyone.

As per a 2017 Forbes report, event planning is the 5th most stressful job in the world. However, the internet is stuffed with resources that make the process simpler. Several articles on the internet that discuss tips, guidelines, common event planning mistakes and other things that explicitly help in arranging the best events.

Catching on the bandwagon in a slightly different manner, here we have made a detailed checklist of things/tasks that you must corporate in planning events and the right time to do them.

Have a look!

Event Planning Checklist

The key to successful event planning is making the right choices and that is only possible when you have ample time to analyze your options for everything, make comparisons, and choose the best ones.

At the bare minimum, you must begin planning at least 4 months before your event date.

·        Prepare Your Goals and Objectives

If possible, start with this step 6 months before your event date.

Before anything else, jot down the goals and objectives for any event you are planning. Write down details like the purpose, number of attendees, nature of the event, cost of tickets and ways to make profits (if applicable), and the type of venue that will be needed.

·        Prepare a Rough Budget

You will be able to get numerous event budget templates on the internet. Choose one and fill out the details to make a tentative budget.

·        Choose the Event Date

Choose a date for your event along with another two tentative dates when it can be arranged if anything goes wrong.

·        Finalize the Venue and Vendors

Write down your options for event venue and compare things like prices, location, facilities, etc. Finalize the one that best suits your budget and other needs. Talk to the venue managers to reconfirm and communicate things that will be needed like a Wi-Fi connection etc.

The best things you can do is hire event planners from the start and work with them. They have better relationships with event vendors and are familiar with the procedures. This implies lesser hassle for you and a lower risk of blunders and failure.

·        Decide a Theme

Choose a theme that goes well with the nature of your event and communicate the same to the vendors you are hiring or your event planners.

·        Manage Your Financials

If you are intending to get external funding, look for sponsors and finalize as soon as possible. This should be done at least 4 months before your event date.

·        Promote Your Event

If it is a public event, write down strategies as to how you will market it and entice people to buy tickets.

Here are some strategies you can use:

  • Develop a nice document, e-pamphlet, or email to be sent
  • Make a website and promote it on your social media profiles
  • Make effective use of social media platforms
  • Offer attractive offers like early-bird discounts or discount on the purchase of three tickets etc.
  • Write blog posts with appropriate keywords to market your event
  • Create an interesting promo video
  • Issue an event itinerary with attractive activities in the event (No lying, please.)

Lastly, finalize the attendees and everything else. Send reminders a day before. And don’t forget to enjoy your event because you deserve it!


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Types of Uplighting for Your Special Event

The Best Types of Uplighting for Your Special Event

One of the most significant aspects while decorating the venue is choosing the lights.

You can find multiple kinds of lights on the market but you will notice that every kind of light generates different mood and feelings.

One of the most popular types of light is the “uplighting”. What is it, you may wonder?  Continue to read to find that out.

What Is Uplighting?

Uplights are a wonderful lightening effect, generally used for weddings, corporate events, concerts, parties, bars etc. They are strategically placed on the floors of the venue, pointing upwards.

Uplights are also set against the walls. In this way, the color coming off from the lights paint the wall in an attractive hue. They are an amazing way to enhance the beauty of the space instantly.

Types of Uplights

There are three kinds of uplighting, each one of them differs in their prices and effects.

It is important that you know the differences between them. Only then, you can decide which one of them would be ideal for your event.

1.     Uplighting with Bulbs and Colored Gels

This the most traditional kind of uplight, consisting of hot bulbs in a metal can. It is generally known as the “old-school” uplight or incandescent light.

The colored gel of the bulb helps to filter out the color of your choice. You can go for single or multicolor bulbs and spruce up the entire place in no time.

The lights also happen to give a beautiful touch of color to your decoration items, making them appear supremely attractive. If you are looking for affordable uplights, you should go with incandescent lights.

2.     Wired LED Uplighting

Unlike traditional uplights, the LED uplights fall into the category of the newer version of uplights. One of the reasons why you should go for LED uplights and not with other kinds of uplights is because these bulbs stay cool for a longer period of time.

Other types of LED lights may get hot after a while but the wired LED uplights stay the same. Since they consume less heat, they consume less power too.

You can change the color of your LED lights even during the middle of your event. For instance, if you want to change the lights with the theme of your event, you can easily do that with the wired LED uplight.

3.     Wireless LED Uplighting

This is the newest and the most exciting version of LED uplights. These uplights work by battery and remote control. This is why you wouldn’t need to worry about wires getting in your or guests’ way.

Although these uplights are costly, they are worth the investment. You can change the color on a fly. For instance, you can have white lights at the start of the event then change them to yellow during dinner time.

If you want to invest in good-quality lightings for any of your events, to bring great concepts to life involves both inspired design and clever planning. Our staff brings together an assorted range of talents to focus on each thought of a task. We’re thrilled to work with carefully selected production companies that have a wealth of experience across a wide range of events, … audio, video, and rigging to projects of all sizes.  Learn more

Unique Venues Something different

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Specialists can help you choose the right venue.

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Top 4 Wedding Reception Venues in Scottsdale

The Best Private Venues for Your Wedding Reception

If there is one occasion that is the most special in one’s life, it is the wedding day. Your loved ones including family, friends, and relatives joins in your happiness and celebrate your big day. To honor their presence on your big day, you hold a wedding reception.

It is an important ceremony for a wedding couple and it needs to be celebrated extravagantly. Choosing the right venue is the first significant step in making your wedding reception a success.

Here we present to you some of the unique wedding reception venues to consider for your happiest occasion.


  • Hangar 6


If you are planning a big wedding reception, consider Hangar 6 as your best option. Do you know why? The place is an extraordinary private venue which can accommodate a large number of guests, making it ideal for those who have a long list of guest.

Located in the heart of Scottsdale Airpark, the private venue is far away from the city’s buzz. You and your guests can comfortably enjoy the reception in seclusion. The unique part of this venue is that it gives the perfect view of the jets taking off and landing, an ideal site for all the travel lovers!


  • Heli Hangar


Heli Hangar is a big, bright place which will definitely wow your guests by its unique interior and exterior details.

The private venue is spacious enough to let you design the space the way you wanted. It means that you can easily set an exciting cocktail bar for your guests or you can organize a live music show.

More than that, you can mesmerize your guests with an impressive entrance in a helicopter. You can also avail the thrilling opportunity to create tours of the city with your partner and the guests. This will most definitely be one memorable wedding event for everyone!


  • Acoma Hangar


The airport hangar is situated in the most iconic landmarks – Scottsdale Airport. This is an unconventional private venue perfect for those who have a penchant for adventure and thrill.

The venue has wondrous runway views and a large space which can easily be transformed according to your liking. You can make the space more beautiful by stunning wall draping or you can also personalize it by choosing a distinct airport-themed wedding.


  • Jetset Hangar


If the dance is the major part of your wedding reception, consider booking Jetset Hangar. The place offers amazing ballroom space where you and your guests can dance their hearts out.

The large stunning space decorated with beautiful lighting and decoration will definitely make your wedding reception a memorable one. Also, you can tailor the event by calling any type of live entertainment including the city’s popular musicians!

If you are interested to book any of these wedding reception venues (as you surely must be) then immediately contact Venue in North Scottsdale. The company will work with you to create and design a glorious wedding reception!

The Importance of Entertainment at a Corporate Event

Reasons Why Live Entertainment Is Important at Any Corporate Event

If you are planning a corporate event, you definitely would want to get the most out of it. To make the event successful, you make sure that all the major things including the venue, decoration, and food are par excellence.

However, one of the most easily neglected aspects of any corporate event is entertainment. The planners easily over-look this significant feature of any event.

That’s why we share with you some major reasons why hiring live entertainment can determine the success of your corporate event.


  • Cheers up the Guests


The corporate events can become very boring at times. The constant serious talk related to business can wear out people quite easily. Thus, what is needed to enliven their spirits is good entertainment. It is also important that you hire entertainment that goes along with the likes and interests of your audience.

Live entertainment can help the guests to have fun and be relaxed. It could also be a nice way to engage better with others, getting the opportunity to talk about other light and fun topics.  

The energy of the event elevates the mood of the guests, making them feel more positive. This way they will go back home with a smile on their faces.  


  • Reflects Your Values and Vision


You might not know but live entertainment at your corporate event can be a way to showcase the visionary ideas that your company upholds. It means that you can use entertainment to help your guests understand the motive of your event.  

The entertainment that is according to the purpose of the event helps to run the event more smoothly and naturally. Your guests will easily understand the message you are trying to convey, and that too through music. Hence, it is vital to choose the right kind of entertainment for your event.


  • Makes the Event Memorable


Do not underestimate the power of live entertainment. Good music or funny stage performance can make your event stick out in the minds of guests forever.

People never forget the things that successfully make them happy. Keeping that in mind, if the live entertainment at your corporate event is able to bring joy to people, your event will be totally a hit.

Trust us, people will definitely talk about it afterwards. Surely they will also look forward attending your next corporate event.


  • Enhances the Morale of the Co-Workers


A popular live entertainment can give your co-workers a chance to boost their energy. All year long they work hard which can drain out their energy. Thus, a lively entertainment can give your co-workers a reason to stay at the company.

When planning entertainment you can also set the space for dancing which can be a light-hearted fun for everyone.

Do you know that Venues of North Scottsdale can book you the industry’s greatest performing artists for your corporate event? So, book them now if you want a flawless entertainment for your next corporate event.


Important Tips for Hiring Entertainment

4 Best Tips for Hiring Entertainment for Your Event

Having any form of entertainment at your special event is very important. A good entertainment can make your event more fun and exciting.

Plus, it can cheer up your guests to the point where they are willing to show some groovy dance moves. This way your special occasion can stay in the minds of your guests for a really long time.

To make sure that you hire an awesome entertainment, you need to focus on the following tips before hiring entertainment.


  • Know Your Audience


The entertainment is majorly for your guests so that they can relax and loosen up a bit. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep the kind of audience in mind before hiring entertainment.

If you are organizing a birthday party for children, you will probably consider a hilarious magic show for the kids to keep them engaged throughout the event. On the other hand, if you are planning a party for your friends, you will probably consider hiring a DJ or a live performance by a popular music band.

Thus, it is important to know what age group your guests mostly belong to and hire entertainment according to that.


  • Know What You Want to Accomplish Through Entertainment


You don’t know but entertainment can help you achieve the purpose of the entire event. Yes, entertainment is a very powerful tool in conveying your message or goal to the audience.

If you are organizing a corporate event and want your entertainment to help accentuate the overall motive of your event, hire the entertainment accordingly.

If you are organizing an award ceremony and don’t want it to be boring. Hire a lively, fun entertainment which let the night flow smoothly and doesn’t make the audience sleepy. You can also hire a standup comedian to help your audience cheer up. This way your overall event would be fun and totally memorable as well.


  • Know the Latest Entertainment Trends


Before hiring any sort of entertainment it is good to stay updated on the latest entertainment trends that are in these days.

For example, hiring a popular music band to perform at your party is a fun trend that many opt for. This elevates the overall appeal of the event and makes it memorable for the guests. Hiring Jazz musicians or a violin soloist is a trend that most people follow when the event is more sophisticated like a corporate dinner.


  • Book in Advance


The most important tip is to book your entertainment weeks or months prior to your event. Once you have set the date of your event, book entertainment next immediately. This will ensure that you get the entertainment you want.

Venues of North Scottsdale is known for booking the best entertainment for your event. Be it a DJ or a popular music band, the company will hire the perfect entertainment of your preference. So, what are you waiting for? Contact them today.

3 Ways to Make a Business Conference Interesting for Your Employees

3 Ways to Make a Business Conference Interesting for Your Employees.

Looking forward to arranging your first business review conference in a good place for all your employees to enjoy? Need a set up that will reward them for the performance of the last quarter and motivate them for the next quarter?

You need arrangements that are easy on the eyes and are very elegant to accommodate both the senior management and impress the new hires. Office meetings tend to be very boring with little room for entertainment with the exception of excellent catering annexed to them.

However, there’s a lot that you can do to make them interesting!

Let’s have a look at few of the features that can improve the experience of your employees and make business conferences interesting and lively.

1.     Select a Roomy Place

Whatever place you choose, just make sure it can hold a few members more than the actual number of employees. You never know who may feel the need to bring along their children because their babysitter bailed on them!

Besides, a little extra room can make people very comfortable with the arrangements. In fact, if you are planning an award distribution ceremony along with the review, extra space becomes a must. Imagine walking out of the clutter of tables and chairs and accidentally tripping over one of the chair’s leg! Not a very good impression on anyone, right? But most of the times, it is not really your fault. There just wasn’t enough space.

So, make sure none of your employees have to face an embarrassment of this kind by arranging a spacious area.

2.     Make Arrangements for Soft Music

Most business meetings go without music, putting employees to sleep while the numbers for the previous quarter are reviewed. This makes the ambiance extremely dull and lazy. Most people would prefer to sleep soundly until the announcement of the dinner which is certainly not a bad idea but also not quite ideal.

A live orchestra that plays a soft tune that serves as background music to your official event sounds like a great idea. It would perhaps make the employees that much more attentive than before.  Even if the same tune continues to play, the environment becomes very calm and pleasant for everyone to sit through.

3.     Make Appropriate Lighting Arrangements

Lighting is very essential for such events. Generally, conferences set up in hotels and restaurants have their own lights, however, they are just to provide clarity of vision to the audience.

Lighting that makes the event stand out can be added separately.

These events need the touch of “up lighting.” Most up lights are powered by batteries so they are very easy to install and also quite cost-effective. The professionals at Divinity Event Lighting & Audio/Visual Productions can install these with convenience. In fact, you can have these in various different colors so the environment can reflect any color that you prefer.

An easy on the eyes violet, blue or a tinge of pink can be just the amount of color you need in your conference to impress your employees! Divinity Lighting has all the tools needed to make your conference a wonderful experience.

As an organization of choice, you always make decisions that impact your employees positively. Setting up a conference is no different. So, make your best effort to give them a worthwhile time.

Arizona’s most popular event photographer

Arizona’s most popular event photographer. Maybe it’s the name, but Flash Gordon Murray has been one Arizona’s most popular event photographers since 2003

Companies like American Airlines, Chase Bank, and Discount Tire appreciate his friendly, professional approach.  Gordon’s dedication to the very best possible guest experience is evident.  National associations large and small appreciate the VIP treatment that he and his team provide to both their staff and their guests.  Whether discreetly capturing candid highlights, expertly posing couples or headshots, efficiently organizing groups or quickly capturing awards photos. Flash Gordon makes the event organizer’s job much easier and makes the planner look good in the process.

One reason Murray is popular with event professionals is that he understands event planning and production. Having built a multi-million dollar production company with a full-time staff of 44.  He understands that you need to arrive early, bring professional gear with backup, stay on schedule, go the extra mile – like helping guests up and downstage stairs, allow subjects to preview their headshots, confirm everything in writing and provide guaranteed not-to-exceed line-item pricing.

Another reason is that he constantly introduces new technology and new techniques to help planners keep their programs fresh.  Back in the ‘90’s, Flash was one of the first to use digital photography – originally called “still video”.  These days he’s…

  • providing professional photos for mobile event app galleries and social media
  • batch-retouching headshots to shave off 10 years and 20 pounds
  • beaming instant slideshows to projectors and monitors to amp up the fun at a reception
  • onsite-duplicating souvenir USB FlashDrives so that guests can leave with a collection of images
  • onsite-printing 4×4 and 6×8 prints (as well as the usual sizes) for immediate gratification
  • providing high-tech robotic camera packages and drones

And yet, one of his most-requested products is still his full-service GreenScreen PhotoStation, originally introduced in 2003.  The secret is the carefully selected and trained staff with professional equipment and supplies.  Guests are greeted by a friendly Host.  Who invites them to choose from a large selection of high-quality props and legally-licensed backgrounds.  The courteous professional Photographer expertly poses the guests, and the super-fast Tech quickly processes the images for delivery as prints (one per person in the session) and/or text.

Based in Arizona, Flash travels extensively each year to support his clients with their meetings, conferences, launches and club trips throughout the US, Hawaii and the Caribbean.  He is a member of the Professional Photographers of America, MPI (since 1991), the Phoenix and Scottsdale CVBs, and regularly volunteers with NILMDTS.

Top Ways to Make Your Hangar Wedding Reception Extraordinary

Outstanding Ideas to Make Your Hangar Wedding Reception a Memorable Affair

A wedding ceremony is one of the most special and glorious events of one’s life. A lot of energy, hard-work and planning go into making the wedding events absolutely perfect.

And we are here to help you achieve that purpose! Here we present you some of the best ways you can make your hangar wedding reception a memorable event.

1.     Book Acoma Hangar

If you are looking for an ideal hangar for your wedding reception venue, then we suggest you book Acoma Hangar.

This type of hangar offers a unique space which you can style and customize the way you want. Also, the place offers modern and fun decorative pieces which you can choose according to your likes. We are sure that the dynamic decoration will wow the guests present at your hangar wedding reception.

2.     Choose Beautiful Decoration

If you really want to make your wedding reception to stay in everyone’s minds forever then you have to make the entire wedding space look ethereal.

There is a plethora of decoration ideas that you can put into life on the big day, but some of them include the addition of beautiful flower centerpieces, grand entrance décor, unique guests’ tables, sophisticated tablecloths and napkins, and stylish buffet tables.

3.     Plan an Exquisite Menu

What is the one thing that people enjoy the most at weddings? It is, obviously, the food. The food has to be perfect if you want guests to fully enjoy the wedding reception.

Hence, it is necessary to book a remarkable catering service that provides stupendous food service which makes the guests reach for a second helping.

Our menus offer delicious food items which taste twice as good as they look. So, make your guests happy and satisfied by providing the food that they will remember forever.

4.     Plan Entertainment for the Reception

The second thing people look forward to (first being the food) is the kind of entertainment they will be offered at the wedding reception.

One of the ways to make your hangar wedding reception full of fun and memorable is to book the industry’s greatest performing artists! Do you wonder how could that be possible? Well, the Venues of Scottsdale can book a number of singers to perform at your wedding reception. The team has previously hired many entertainers such as Beach Boys, Ray Charles, Clint Black, Toby Keith etc. They can book your favorite artists too! Amazing, yes?

Also, the team is proficient in managing and handling every part of the entertainment – from planning to execution to enhancing it! Thus, you wouldn’t have to worry about the entertainment at all. All, you would be expected to do is enjoy along with your guests.

Consider these four options and we promise you that your wedding reception will be a pleasantly unforgettable affair!