Is Partaking in Live Music at Your Business Event a Good Idea?

Can a Live Music  Be a Beneficial Addition to Your Next Company Event?

If you are considering how your next corporate event can truly be unforgettable, then contemplate hiring a live music act for the night. Having a band play at an event is a time-tested method for success, given that it’s done right.

In this blog, we are going to deliberate how having a live music act in an event is a good idea and how one should make the most of it.

Live Music Extends the Life of the Event Experience

At the end of the day, the moods and emotions that guests leave the event venue to define an event’s achievement. Food, environment, event activities—all this factor in to produce that experience either remarkable or forgettable.

Playing prerecorded music denotes nothing special. This has been done so many times that those in attendance would tune it out. After all, there is nothing extraordinary about it. By exchanging the recorded music with live bands, you can add exhilarating and dynamic elements to the event It will extend the positive sentiments for your event with reinvigorating the energies of the attendees.

Engagement Comes with Live Music

Engagement is one of the top-most apprehensions for corporate event planners. They often worry about the disregard of attendees at their event. It’s true that events can occasionally become really uninteresting, lengthy, and boring where event guests only bear with them for the sake of food or the obligations they have made earlier.

Welcoming a live music act in a corporate event is the single most effective way of engaging with more individuals at the venue. Having an on-demand segment during the performance can garner a lot of response from the audience. Besides, people become more enmeshed and focused when the performances are acoustic and full of high-fidelity; this is not doable with prerecorded music.

Live Music Can Get Around Technological Glitches

Singers and dance bands like NRG Music that extensively perform know how to improvise when there is a glitch. They make sure that they don’t lose the interest of the audience even if any equipment fails.

How to Make the Most of Music Live

Take care of these two main things if you truly want to make your corporate event to be memorable with live music.

Pick Adaptable Performers

All of your attendees are not going to share alike music. So, try to bring in a band that can execute across different genres. Also, make sure that they are able to implement more than one instrument. A performance becomes authentic when it is carried out through numerous musical instruments.

Make Smart Use of the Event Venue

Try to make the event experience of live music as immersive as possible. It happens when the event venue and its features supplement the performing band.  For instance, the stage should be impressive and imposing. The lighting of the venue should synchronize with the performance and there should be high-fidelity speakers in place.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues (SPEV) provides venues and other amenities that are pitch-perfect for inviting a live music band to your corporate event. Make your next corporate event is memorable with SHP’s impressive venues and event services along with music acts.


Awesome Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Big Event

We all look forward to making our events enjoyable and memorable. One of the biggest ways to achieve that is by choosing the right entertainment for your guests.

By having the perfect entertainment, people would be able to enjoy to the fullest, making your event a total hit.

The question is how can you possibly decide the perfect entertainment for any of your future event? Read this post to get some insightful ideas related to party entertainment.


  • Celebrity Impersonators


This is a type of entertainment that will instantly liven up the atmosphere of your event. It’s great for all sorts of events including birthday parties, cocktail parties, wedding anniversaries, and corporate events.

When it comes to corporate events, you can hire an impersonator to mimic the CEO or the office co-workers for the sake of sheer fun; but make sure that you have taken their approval beforehand. You wouldn’t want to offend anyone!


  • Professional Singers/Bands


This is the most typical form of entertainment which is quite easy to hire. Although it is a common type of entertainment, it doesn’t mean people don’t enjoy it. As long as the singer or the band is able to entertain the guests at the party, it is an absolutely ideal entertainment.

You can hire multiple solo singers to make the occasion lively and exciting. When different singers will be performing, your event would be far from becoming boring. Another great option is to hire a famous musical band to pique your guests’ attention at once.


  • Caricaturists


Caricaturists are a total hit at any event – from regular parties to corporate event. It is a great way to bring a huge smile to all the guests’ faces.

Having a caricaturist at your special event will give your guests a chance to take the funny sketches back to their homes as a nice souvenir.

You can also consider an artist who can incorporate technology into his art. Caricature artists can use tablets to draw and project their drawings onto large screens at the event to maximize entertainment.


  • Magician


Magicians and illusionists have gone from birthday party entertainers to professional performers. They have the ability to awe and inspire both children and adults.

So whether it is a birthday party or an award ceremony, magicians can leave all the guests spell-bound with their mind-bending tricks.


  • Cirque Shows


If you thought circus arts can only be hired for informal events, think again. Acts like Cirque du Soleil have completely revolutionized the art form by their sophisticated acts.

Hire well-experienced contortionists, acrobats, and aerial performers for your next special event and mesmerize your guests like never before!

These are the top five entertainment ideas that you can consider to make the occasion super-awesome. Venues of North Scottsdale can provide you with different types of entertainment that will make a lasting impression on everybody present at your special event.