7 Tips to Plan a Successful Launch Party

7 Steps to Planning a Successful Launch Party. You may have just launched a new product or started a new company and you want to spread the word.
The best way to get the word out there and celebrate is to throw a launch party.
But how do you make sure it’s memorable and not just another party; after all, this party is going to be
your way of highlighting your new product or business and showcasing it to the world.

You need to make sure you throw a party that will have the desired effect on your guests. Start by
having a clear reason for why you are having the party; is it to promote a product, to network, or to
spread awareness? Once you have your reasoning, it’s time to start planning:

Build Hype

Start building hype around your product or business to get people excited about your party. Since you’re
launching something new, you need a way for people to be excited about it without fully knowing what
it is. Create teaser campaigns and have people talk about it on social to create a buzz.

Create an Exclusive Guest List

Exclusivity is key. If you want the right people to be attending your party, you need to curate a guest list
that will be relevant to your launch. For example, if you’re launching a makeup product, you want to
invite potential buyers, people from the fashion industry and popular makeup bloggers.
However, if you’re launching a tech business, your guest list will be completely different; you’ll have
potential investors, tech professionals and bloggers. You don’t want to invite people who have no
interest in your launch – they will just be there for the party and add no value to your business.

Choose a Unique Venue

Most launches happen in hotels, bars, and even conference rooms. These can become mundane and
quite boring. If you want an above-average launch party, try booking a hangar. Hangars are large spaces
that can literally be created into anything. You can make your vision into a reality without any
restrictions of preexisting décor and placement. If you’re looking to book hangars in the Scottsdale, AZ
area, click here.

Create an Experience

Provide a hands-on experience for guests where they can feel like they are involved in the party. Let
them try your product or create an experience that lets them learn a little bit about your business.
Speeches can be long and boring, so keep them short and sweet and let guests be introduced to your
launch the product through an experience.

Have Memorable Entertainment

Keep a large chunk of your budget for entertainment. If you want your launch party to be memorable,
you should try hiring a known band that might be easy to get your hands on. Or if you choose to have a
DJ, keep some other form of entertainment to leave people in awe of the experience.

Get Your Guests to Post on Social Media

Make it clear through placards on centerpieces and posters around the party that you want people to
share their experience on social media. Create a unique hashtag for them to share their posts on. This
way, your guests will create chatter around and hype for your launch for you.

Have Relevant Giveaways

Plan giveaways for your guests when they leave the party. This could be your product or then
something related to your business. This way, your guests will continue to talk about the launch even
once they have left.

We hope these steps help you plan your own launch party. Good luck!

Types of Uplighting for Your Special Event

The Best Types of Uplighting for Your Special Event

One of the most significant aspects while decorating the venue is choosing the lights.

You can find multiple kinds of lights on the market but you will notice that every kind of light generates different mood and feelings.

One of the most popular types of light is the “uplighting”. What is it, you may wonder?  Continue to read to find that out.

What Is Uplighting?

Uplights are a wonderful lightening effect, generally used for weddings, corporate events, concerts, parties, bars etc. They are strategically placed on the floors of the venue, pointing upwards.

Uplights are also set against the walls. In this way, the color coming off from the lights paint the wall in an attractive hue. They are an amazing way to enhance the beauty of the space instantly.

Types of Uplights

There are three kinds of uplighting, each one of them differs in their prices and effects.

It is important that you know the differences between them. Only then, you can decide which one of them would be ideal for your event.

1.     Uplighting with Bulbs and Colored Gels

This the most traditional kind of uplight, consisting of hot bulbs in a metal can. It is generally known as the “old-school” uplight or incandescent light.

The colored gel of the bulb helps to filter out the color of your choice. You can go for single or multicolor bulbs and spruce up the entire place in no time.

The lights also happen to give a beautiful touch of color to your decoration items, making them appear supremely attractive. If you are looking for affordable uplights, you should go with incandescent lights.

2.     Wired LED Uplighting

Unlike traditional uplights, the LED uplights fall into the category of the newer version of uplights. One of the reasons why you should go for LED uplights and not with other kinds of uplights is because these bulbs stay cool for a longer period of time.

Other types of LED lights may get hot after a while but the wired LED uplights stay the same. Since they consume less heat, they consume less power too.

You can change the color of your LED lights even during the middle of your event. For instance, if you want to change the lights with the theme of your event, you can easily do that with the wired LED uplight.

3.     Wireless LED Uplighting

This is the newest and the most exciting version of LED uplights. These uplights work by battery and remote control. This is why you wouldn’t need to worry about wires getting in your or guests’ way.

Although these uplights are costly, they are worth the investment. You can change the color on a fly. For instance, you can have white lights at the start of the event then change them to yellow during dinner time.

If you want to invest in good-quality lightings for any of your events, to bring great concepts to life involves both inspired design and clever planning. Our staff brings together an assorted range of talents to focus on each thought of a task. We’re thrilled to work with carefully selected production companies that have a wealth of experience across a wide range of events, … audio, video, and rigging to projects of all sizes.  Learn more

Venues of North Scottsdale

Venues of North Scottsdale

Venues North Scottsdale maintains a heavy calendar of events and produces every type of event possible. From the traditional hotel ballroom and convention center environments to highway tunnels, open fields, and urban streets. We have many testimonials in all categories for our innovative and globally spectacular productions.
Providing our clients with an experience unparalleled by any other production company in the business. First of all our group offers the most client-centric approach when collaborating with your vision.  Our goal is to leave a lasting impression.

Additionally, with our full line of Audio Visual Equipment, including HD Video, Sound, Staging, and Lighting services, we use the latest technology to make your event shine! Audio Equipment being heard crisply and succinctly is key to any event you are planning. Our expertly engineered audio reinforcement packages custom designed for your event in your venue for your size audience and room layout. We use pro audio and staging to construct the foundation of a world-class experience. After adding lighting and LCD displays and sound systems, your audience is left with a jaw-dropping production experience.

They know their business inside and out!

Furthermore “Venues of North Scottsdale’s team is one of the most high-energy, bright, competent groups I’ve had the pleasure of working within this industry. In addition, they know their business inside and out and are a delight to work with. Our team has the ability to take full responsibility for a project and really get things done. Knowing when key decisions should be brought back to the client is what we do.

I appreciate having someone with their knowledge and expertise in my court during the planning times. Therefore I would recommend Venues of North Scottsdale wholeheartedly to others who are planning events and meetings. They are top notch.”

Break Foods that Boost Energy

Break Foods that Boost Energy. For your next refreshment break, instead of the typical buffet of pastries, cookies, and cakes, try a balance of whole, colorful, fresh foods. These will help keep your attendees focused and productive—and they boost the immune system and provide the body balanced nourishment for all-day energy.

Consider these three basics when creating your break menu:

1. Provide balanced macronutrients. Be sure your snack contains healthy carbohydrates (fruit, vegetables, greens, beans, whole grains), protein (beans, nuts, seeds, eggs, meat, fish) and healthy fat (olives, hummus, avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut milk, coconut oil)

2. Fiber is your friend. Snacks should contain a good amount of fiber to help digest any available sugars, keep you satiated, and provide enduring energy.

3. Snacks should be colorful If you select cheese and crackers for your snack, you might get some protein, carbohydrates, and even a little fat, but you’re missing out on all the beautiful nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that support you in health. Balance bright vegetables and fruits with a protein and fat source.

Team up with the chef and advocate for snack options that will sustain everyone for a full, productive day. You can pair cost-effective items to stay within budget and achieve your goals.

Here are some healthy snack ideas that work at a conference (and at home):

Fresh berries topped with whipped cream, chopped walnuts, and dark chocolate shavings

Stove-top popcorn made with coconut oil and tossed with clarified butter, sea salt, and rosemary

Homemade trail mix: nuts, dried fruit, seeds, coconut flakes, and dark chocolate

Veggie sticks and hummus

Roasted garbanzo beans: rinse and dry beans, toss in olive oil, salt, and pepper and roast at 400°F

Yogurt parfait: Greek yogurt, honey, fresh berries and homemade granola

Organic tortilla chips, guacamole, and salsa

Small side salad with vegetables, feta cheese and dressing

Tuna or chicken salad with chopped carrot and celery served in a halved avocado

Cup of bean soup with warm bread rolls and butter

Fresh fruit, raw nuts, and dark chocolate

If you need a sweet treat, ask the chef to create a healthier cookie loaded with whole oats, nuts, seeds, and complimented with dark chocolate chunks.

Make the commitment to offer healthy snack options at each of your events. Habits are hard to break, I know, but in time it will become second nature for you and your attendees to enjoy healthy fare. Everyone benefits from this small change; clients will see increased focus and productivity from their teams, you’ll have the energy you need to take care of all the demands in your day, and everyone will be supporting their health while on the road.

That’s a win, win, win!

Owner and Speaker, Essential Health and Wellness

Lighting is everything

Lighting is everything . Whether just lighting a stage, or creating an awesome effect…. Our team has the expertise and resources to blow you away at your event. They have designed hundreds of events with many different types of lighting effects to create amazing live events and concerts. VNS has worked with many of the top event and show producers in the area. Our production team will design the lighting to fit the style of your event and utilize the latest in stage lighting technologies and capabilities to create impactful lighting designs that will “amaze” your guests.

concert-316464 disco-1145846 blue-dance-1531551concert-1-1461003
In our inventory are the moving heads, beams, lasers gobos, spots, washes, and special effects. These will dazzle your guests at your next show or event. Let us help you design and create an impactful event with our amazing concert effects. A powerful staging design, with just the right colors and angles to enhance presenters and décor on stage, will maximize your program. Carefully designed packages will illuminate your stage set. They as well help your live and recorded video images on the screen, to deliver your message and captivate your audience.

We can provide our clients with an experience unparalleled by any other production company in the business. VNS offers the most client-centric approach when collaborating with your vision. Deciding what can really be done with the latest technology.

In conclusion our goal is to leave a lasting impression.

Audio/Visual Production

In addition our production team has years of experience operating a full spectrum of event types in many different environments. Such as traditional hotel ballrooms and convention center environments to highway tunnels, open fields and urban streets. We have worked with Fortune 500 corporate clients, sports agencies, and private celebrities to execute meetings and conferences, trade shows, national brand product launches, fashion shows, concerts, non-profit gala fundraisers and exclusive private functions. In addition we provide our clients with the most client-centric focused technical team of professionals who have seen it all.  Therefore bringing this level of experience to your live event always delivers a lasting impression with your guests.



Sophisticated exclusive Scottsdale venues

Sophisticated exclusive Scottsdale venues. El Samaritano Event Venue is a distinctive sophisticated exclusive Scottsdale venues to host your event. Glorious Sonoran Desert settings to backdrop an elegant dinner or a truly Spanish experience. The complete facility is yours for the night! A magnificent and impressive presentation by several horses can be included ! El Sam is part of Venues of North Scottsdale.

Also the venue will seat up to 2500 people for dinner under full and complete cover. Many available options indoors outdoors with a very beautiful arrival. Located in Grayhawk and the amazing Sonora desert.

Our ranches are located in Grayhawk, a community of uncompromising quality.  We are located in one of the country’s most desirable communities Scottsdale, Arizona. Furthermore the venues have gorgeous views of Pinnacle Peak and the McDowell Mountains. They feature distinctive landscape and architectural elements that complement the dramatic natural beauty of the surrounding Desert. Furthermore our desert setting and atmosphere makes us the only one of its kind in Scottsdale.

El Sam is located on private land and is conveniently located only a short drive from all of the Valley’s top resorts. 

We are the #1 choice for all planners and companies looking for that unique venue for any type of exclusive private events. Our covered areas are 28,800 square feet each with a full roof overhead. Event sizes can range from 300 to 1500 seated for dinner based on type of event. 

How the ranch venues came to be:

Phil and Sandra Merrill spend many hours looking for Spanish horses within USA and abroad.  The determination has paid off in November 2014 when Phil found a horse named Samaritano IX. El Samaritano was brought from the south of Spain and being a “Flying Samaritan” himself, Phil was drawn immediately to this special horse.

Being a Grand Prix dressage champion and was taking the nation by surprise.  Phil and Sandra had the opportunity to go to Spain and meet the magnificent Samaritano IX.  He was everything Phil hoped for and more.  Spanish Yeguadas and the wonderful cultures of flamenco and old town ambiances of Malaga and Seville await you at El Sam!

Hence the couple returned home to Scottsdale AZ with Samaritano IX and a second stallion named Gabito. Samaritano IX is a horse full of presence and life and melts the hearts of everyone who meets him.  When it was time to name the new equine facility, an obvious choice emerged embracing both the man and his horse,   “El Samaritano Equestrian and event Center”.

Corporate Event Planning

With the addition of Corporate Event Planning our only desire is to provide you and your guests with a flawless culinary experience.

Highlighting sustainability produced, inventive and luscious menus. Providing the highest caliber of service in our industry, trend setting design and attention to every detail.

Five Star Exclusive Celebrity Treatment in Private Hangars. Extraordinary Arizona Desert Sunset at an Unforgettable Ranch in North Scottsdale.

Corporate events are drawn to unique sites that offer both privacy and maximum personalization. No more are the days of wide-eyed hotel guest lounging poolside a measly few yards away from the general session.  As well the ineffective attempts to spin the standard boring stage décor. While our collection of unique venues offer the utmost privacy and complete event customization. At Venues of North Scottsdale we allow every element of your event to sing in perfect harmony.

Events carefully crafted and one of a kind

Made up of multiple venue options within the Scottsdale, Arizona area. Our exclusive access, in-house capabilities and extraordinary team make your experience like none other. Unique venues offer world class catering, dynamic furniture, decor and entertainment packages.

First of all you know us and our clients…you just don’t realize it!

Furthermore we work with some of the world’s most well-known organizations who entrust us with their full service events. We collaborate with you to create your vision and design your event with flawless execution! In addition clients leave having experienced excellence. Once you have selected your venue from our collection, ( choose from 21) the Venues of North Scottsdale’s extraordinary team of seasoned event professionals will collaborate with your group to design an experience like none other. A private and unparalleled experience located in North Scottsdale Arizona at Scottsdale Airpark, conveniently located in the heart of the city’s business area and in close proximity to the Phoenix and Scottsdale Metro area. Hangars range from 3500 to 60,000 square feet and have looks from urban to flawlessly finished with many amenities not generally located in this kind of venue.

Love culinary fun

We love culinary fun. Our catering and event development services can be tailor-made to suit your culinary requests. So if your event calls for a cocktail reception for 500, seated coursed dinner with wine for 1500 we have you covered.

 Let us find the perfect venue for your culinary event in Arizona, or let us help you select the optimal destination elsewhere.

We believe we have the most passionate team in the industry.

When we get to know our clients’ dreams and  passions and are honored with the opportunity to execute both, our dreams become reality.

Especially relevant Quest for Distinction

Vibrant Essence

Hence Unstoppable Energy

Our catering and event planning includes a broad range of event styles accommodating from 50 to 2000+ guests. We make planning your corporate lunch or all-day seminar easy. From galas and fundraisers to gourmet boxed lunches. Cocktail parties, media events and seated dinners. We will assist you with all aspects of planning.

Therefore VNS is the perfect choice for large scale events such as concerts, barbecues, Up Fronts and sporting functions. Our chef ensures each menu is perfectly tailored to accommodate each events unique style. Corporate catering menus are seasonally inspired, delicious and beautifully presented.

Due to our cutting edge style is maintained by constant research in the culinary arts as well as the passion for perfection. Imaginative, sophisticated means to gourmet precision and client satisfaction.

In conclusion we strive for innovation, drawing on world cuisine, twisting old favorites into new obsessions. Seems like our tried-and-true favorites are remarkable and customizing your experience is our craving.

Most noteworthy were passionate about providing our clients with an affair that will linger in their memories long past the first bite. In addition we will unify your vision with the talent of our culinary team to deliver the paramount encounter.


State Liquor Laws Quiz: Can I drink that here?

State Liquor Laws Can I drink that here

In South Carolina, it’s illegal to sell alcohol on which day?

Florida reserves the right to enforce prohibition during this potential state of emergency?

Open containers are prohibited in most areas of this state…but drive-thru daiquiri stands are legal.

Which conservative state’s Attorney General banned liquor from being served on planes in its airspace?

5.  In which libertarian-leaning state can you buy liquor at highway rest areas?

6. In which state is it illegal to run a bar tab?

7.  You can only chug alcohol while seated in this state, because it’s against the law to take more than 3 sips of beer while standing up.

8.  In Kansas, it is illegal to do what in a bar?

9.  In which state is it illegal to drink on horseback, because a horse is considered a vehicle?

10.  Until 2013, Utah had a ban on drinking alcohol in this surprising situation:

State Liquor Laws Quiz:

11.  You might want a cold beer in this drought-prone state, but you won’t be able to find one in the stores.

12.  You won’t find any nudes on your wine bottles here, because it’s illegal to have wine labels may not be “immodest or sensuous” in this traditionally conservative state…

13.  Liquor stores close early – at 10pm – in this notably religious state:

14.  In 1984, Massachusetts became the first state to implement a statewide ban on what?

15.  How many states still haven’t technically repealed Prohibition by officially ratifying the 21st Amendment?

16.  Which state bans alcohol sales between 5am and 8am, which could be inconvenient on those super long summer days?

17.  In what state is it strictly against the law to give alcohol to a moose?

18.  What surprising activity is illegal when you visit a brewery in Alabama?

19.  What type of venue was granted a liquor license for the first time in Georgia in 2012?

20.  If you’re under age 21 in Texas, when can you drink alcohol?

I did not do so well!

Your Score: 35%
You’re cut off.
It’s a good thing you took this quiz before you went riding off on a horse into that hurricane


More Personalization, New Destinations

More Personalization, New Destinations. Last year’s results could have been an anomaly. The latest data just in from the annual incentive travel survey by MeetingsNet and the Incentive Research Foundation, it looks like we’ve got a trend on our hands: Budgets are coming back!

“Overall this year’s survey again shows a banner year for incentive travel, with budgets expanding and programs growing,” says IRF President Melissa Van Dyke. “Planners continue to find ways to meet attendee demands for authentic, unique, personalized experiences. By targeting new destinations, expanding their use of mobile, highlighting merchandise experiences, and helping attendees give back.”Asked about their 2016 incentive budgets overall, most planners reported budgets that are stable or that have grown over 2015.

The mood is not quite as giddy as it was last year when almost 54 percent saw increases (and half those increases were more than 10 percent). For 2016, planners whose budgets are up (about 38 percent of respondents) are typically working with modest— and more sustainable—increases. “The austerity measures and cautious optimism of the post-re­cession era is finally receding from budgets,” Van Dyke says. “The pendulum is now swinging toward program re-investment, giving planners the resources they need to create incentives with a lasting impression.”

 Change in 2016 Incentive Budgets Increased significantly (more than 25%) Increased moderately (11% to 25%) Increased slightly (6% to 10%) About the same (5% to -5%) Decreased slightly (-6% to -10%) Decreased moderately (-11% to -25%) Decreased significantly (more than -25%)