How to Pull off a Corporate Event on Short Notice?

How to Pull off a Corporate Event on Short Notice?

Completing any task on short notice gets challenging, and organizing a full-fledged corporate event is no different. Don’t panic and give up altogether if you are facing an emergency like this. Even with a short lead time, you can pull off a successful corporate event, given that you play your cards right.

Let’s see some tricks and measures that you can employ to hold a successful corporate event on short notice.

Invites Should Be Sent Out at the Earliest

When an event is held on short notice, organizers face the issue of low attendance. This issue usually occurs because event invitations are not managed in the right manner. You need to be proactive with event invites when the window between sending invites and the actual event day is small. There are multiple things that you can do to expedite this process.

  • Use all mediums to send out the invitations. Use emails, Whatsapp, Facebook, calls, SMS, express mail to make sure you can fully reach out to the outside guests. For your team, you won’t have to put in that much effort.
  • You can also assign a person or a group to invite all those guests that matter the most personally. They can also put across the reasons for holding the event on such short notice more eloquently.

Try to Avoid Working with Too Many Contractors

When you are organizing an event with a regular lead time, you can work with a range of contractors taking care of different segments of the event. However, you don’t get this luxury when you are treading a tight deadline. Working with too many contractors when you don’t have much time makes for many last-minute unpleasant scenarios.

Instead, pick a contractor that can take care of all aspects of event management. When you work with a company that arranges the venue, catering, audio/video equipment, and transport, half of your work is sorted out on its own. You can streamline your event organizing work in the available time when you are just corresponding with a single person for everything.

Make it Interesting

If you want to make your event success with short lead time in hand, then you need to incentivize people to attend it. Add a specific theme to your event or give it some uniqueness that can be realized without putting in any extra time. For instance, you can have your event at a hangar venue specially designed for corporate and incentive events.

If you are working with a seasoned event company like Scottsdale Hanger Parties, then chances of the success of an event that’s being held on a short notice increase manifold. If you are looking to organize any type of corporate event in and around Scottsdale, get in touch with them.

7 Tips to Plan a Successful Launch Party

7 Steps to Planning a Successful Launch Party. You may have just launched a new product or started a new company and you want to spread the word.
The best way to get the word out there and celebrate is to throw a launch party.
But how do you make sure it’s memorable and not just another party; after all, this party is going to be
your way of highlighting your new product or business and showcasing it to the world.

You need to make sure you throw a party that will have the desired effect on your guests. Start by
having a clear reason for why you are having the party; is it to promote a product, to network, or to
spread awareness? Once you have your reasoning, it’s time to start planning:

Build Hype

Start building hype around your product or business to get people excited about your party. Since you’re
launching something new, you need a way for people to be excited about it without fully knowing what
it is. Create teaser campaigns and have people talk about it on social to create a buzz.

Create an Exclusive Guest List

Exclusivity is key. If you want the right people to be attending your party, you need to curate a guest list
that will be relevant to your launch. For example, if you’re launching a makeup product, you want to
invite potential buyers, people from the fashion industry and popular makeup bloggers.
However, if you’re launching a tech business, your guest list will be completely different; you’ll have
potential investors, tech professionals and bloggers. You don’t want to invite people who have no
interest in your launch – they will just be there for the party and add no value to your business.

Choose a Unique Venue

Most launches happen in hotels, bars, and even conference rooms. These can become mundane and
quite boring. If you want an above-average launch party, try booking a hangar. Hangars are large spaces
that can literally be created into anything. You can make your vision into a reality without any
restrictions of preexisting décor and placement. If you’re looking to book hangars in the Scottsdale, AZ
area, click here.

Create an Experience

Provide a hands-on experience for guests where they can feel like they are involved in the party. Let
them try your product or create an experience that lets them learn a little bit about your business.
Speeches can be long and boring, so keep them short and sweet and let guests be introduced to your
launch the product through an experience.

Have Memorable Entertainment

Keep a large chunk of your budget for entertainment. If you want your launch party to be memorable,
you should try hiring a known band that might be easy to get your hands on. Or if you choose to have a
DJ, keep some other form of entertainment to leave people in awe of the experience.

Get Your Guests to Post on Social Media

Make it clear through placards on centerpieces and posters around the party that you want people to
share their experience on social media. Create a unique hashtag for them to share their posts on. This
way, your guests will create chatter around and hype for your launch for you.

Have Relevant Giveaways

Plan giveaways for your guests when they leave the party. This could be your product or then
something related to your business. This way, your guests will continue to talk about the launch even
once they have left.

We hope these steps help you plan your own launch party. Good luck!

Your Complete Event Planning Checklist

Event Planning Checklist for Foolproof Event Organization

Regardless of whether you have years of experience in event planning or it is the first-ever event that you are arranging, event planning is always stressful. For first-time event organizers, the stress is because of obvious reasons. And for those who have been in business for a while now, it is stressful because every client has different requirements and they have to struggle a lot to satisfy everyone.

As per a 2017 Forbes report, event planning is the 5th most stressful job in the world. However, the internet is stuffed with resources that make the process simpler. Several articles on the internet that discuss tips, guidelines, common event planning mistakes and other things that explicitly help in arranging the best events.

Catching on the bandwagon in a slightly different manner, here we have made a detailed checklist of things/tasks that you must corporate in planning events and the right time to do them.

Have a look!

Event Planning Checklist

The key to successful event planning is making the right choices and that is only possible when you have ample time to analyze your options for everything, make comparisons, and choose the best ones.

At the bare minimum, you must begin planning at least 4 months before your event date.

·        Prepare Your Goals and Objectives

If possible, start with this step 6 months before your event date.

Before anything else, jot down the goals and objectives for any event you are planning. Write down details like the purpose, number of attendees, nature of the event, cost of tickets and ways to make profits (if applicable), and the type of venue that will be needed.

·        Prepare a Rough Budget

You will be able to get numerous event budget templates on the internet. Choose one and fill out the details to make a tentative budget.

·        Choose the Event Date

Choose a date for your event along with another two tentative dates when it can be arranged if anything goes wrong.

·        Finalize the Venue and Vendors

Write down your options for event venue and compare things like prices, location, facilities, etc. Finalize the one that best suits your budget and other needs. Talk to the venue managers to reconfirm and communicate things that will be needed like a Wi-Fi connection etc.

The best things you can do is hire event planners from the start and work with them. They have better relationships with event vendors and are familiar with the procedures. This implies lesser hassle for you and a lower risk of blunders and failure.

·        Decide a Theme

Choose a theme that goes well with the nature of your event and communicate the same to the vendors you are hiring or your event planners.

·        Manage Your Financials

If you are intending to get external funding, look for sponsors and finalize as soon as possible. This should be done at least 4 months before your event date.

·        Promote Your Event

If it is a public event, write down strategies as to how you will market it and entice people to buy tickets.

Here are some strategies you can use:

  • Develop a nice document, e-pamphlet, or email to be sent
  • Make a website and promote it on your social media profiles
  • Make effective use of social media platforms
  • Offer attractive offers like early-bird discounts or discount on the purchase of three tickets etc.
  • Write blog posts with appropriate keywords to market your event
  • Create an interesting promo video
  • Issue an event itinerary with attractive activities in the event (No lying, please.)

Lastly, finalize the attendees and everything else. Send reminders a day before. And don’t forget to enjoy your event because you deserve it!


Visit Scottsdale Private Event Venue to get event planning professionals to help you out!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Private Event Venue

Your Ultimate Checklist for Choosing the Perfect Private Event Venue

Choosing a private event venue may seem like an easy task to accomplish, but the complexity of it can only be understood when you get to do it.

Event venue selection is the core of successful event planning. Even the smallest slipups in choosing a venue can put you in shambles by completely ruining your event and leaving the guests bored and exhausted.

It is the place that you choose to execute your event in that sets the bar for events success. Therefore, it is extremely important to think not twice but as many times as you need before you are 100% sure of your venue selection being suitable for the type of event you are organizing.

The best way you can ensure you choose the right private event venue is by hiring renowned agencies that help you plan events. But if you can’t do that for any reason whatsoever, you must play safe and opt for all-inclusive venues like the  Scottsdale Private Event Venue.

Apart from this, here is a complete checklist of elements that you need to consider to choose a private event venue that is suitable for both your event and yourself.

1.    The Cost

Regardless of how small a thing it is, one thing that the buyers are always concerned about is the price or cost associated and for all the obvious reasons.

No one wants to waste their hard-earned money into buying, hiring, or renting things that don’t get them the desired ROI or result in losses.

So, before you set your eyes on a private event venue, ensure the cost of renting one doesn’t surpass your budget limits. Add all direct and indirect costs and see if the figure you get works for you.

If you have a very limited budget, you can opt to rent minimalist venues that are suitable for the type of event you are organizing.

2.      Convenience and Season

Another important thing that you can’t ignore is the location of the venue that you choose. Select a private event venue that is convenient for your guests to reach and appropriate for the respective season the event will be hosted in.

You can’t expect much from a venue that is located far away from the city your guests live in or choose an open event venue in the rainy season and expect success. Choose a venue that is both convenient and appropriate for the season.

3.      Capacity

Last on this list but not any least, you need to ensure that the private event venue you choose isn’t over or undersized for the number of guests and type of event that it is.

Renting oversized venues results in money wastage while a venue that is too small will not allow you to execute the event as you like and fail to impress your guests.

Don’t forget to consider the style, décor, and lighting arrangements next.

Tips to Plan a Successful Corporate Incentive Travel Program

Your Precise Guide to Planning a Corporate Incentive Travel Program

Corporate incentive travel programs can be arranged locally or internationally for both individuals and groups. These programs make for an amazing, unique, and effective way you can motivate top-performing employees through rewards.

However, the success of all corporate incentive travel programs depends on careful planning and execution.

If you are looking to plan a corporate incentive party or travel program for your employees, here are a few tips that you must follow to make them successful.

  1. Begin by preparing your budget so that you know your spending limits. A plan that doesn’t incorporate budget limits will end up causing problems by either exposing you to crisis due to overspending or falling fall low-cost packages that are low on quality too.
  2. The next step is to plan an event or program that goes hand in hand with your company culture, goals, and size. A corporate incentive travel program that doesn’t give you a return on investment is no good and this is due to wrong selection.
  3. Choose the target group for your corporate incentive party early on and plan accordingly. It can be all-inclusive, meaning one that includes employees from all levels of the hierarchy or planned for specific departments or levels.
  4. Get to know your target group better. Determine their likes, dislikes, preferences, interests, and elements that motivate them. Conduct a survey or interviews in-person that allows you to know your employees better. Incorporate the results in your planning to be able to better motivate your employees and get the desired ROI.
  5. Incorporate tasks and activities that promote learning in areas that your employees still need improvement in. Check out their past performances and behavior on the job and determine the kind of activities needed.
  6. Ensure that there is a practical performance tracking system in place. Associate clear measure to track performance and produce results on a merit basis.
  7. Before you finalize, sit back and think about the hurdles that can result in the failure of your incentive program. This could be anything from budget limitations to employees with low morale. Think about ways you can counterfeit these obstacles and ensure success.
  8. Begin your hunt to find an agency that can help you successfully implement your corporate travel incentive program. Some people choose to arrange incentive programs on their own but, of course, there is a huge difference between how the experienced and inexperienced plan and execute.
  9. Discuss with the agency you hire about the tax implications of such a travel program. There are certain scenarios in which travel is taxable and you need to bear this cost in case your event falls in the taxable events’ category.
  10. Plan a post-program survey to determine how your corporate travel incentive program has affected the winners and non-winners. You can call it successful if everyone thinks that the results were fair enough and seems to have learned what the program was planned for.


Get in touch with Scottsdale Private Event Venue to begin planning your corporate travel incentive program.

Hangars and the movies

Hangars and the movies

Looking for a place to shoot a commercial or a model shoot?

Are you unable to find a soundstage big enough to accommodate the new product?

Unique, Diverse and dynamic spaces

Its all about the size and basically just need a huge space.

A growing number of feature films have been shot in hangars that once housed aircraft.

Film promoters shooting commercials consider these hangars — as much as 10 times the size some of Hollywood’s largest soundstages.

Interested in filming your next movie, television show or commercial with us?

Maximize your budget and forget the headaches

Our Hangars have accommodated several production companies for both television and major films, advertising shoots, Brand Launches, and music videos. We as well have held photo shoots for fashion, auto-launches and numerous media articles.

The readiness of hangars for film work fluctuates according to hangar activity, but short, day or two shoots can almost always be obliged without too much difficulty.

Hangars commonly have sufficient power for extensive lighting and can be safe and used wholly by the production companies with full privacy. Celebrities are easily housed overnight as Scottsdale is home to the most beautiful resorts in the country. Private VIP Jet Service as well always available.

We can, of course, facilitate the use of all types of aircraft and helicopters if part of the calculation.

Conveniently located close to major freeways

Ideal location for film, television, commercial shoots, and print advertising.

Open ramp areas, hangars, and vacant land to meet a variety of location needs.

Location scouts, movie crews and media agencies will find an extensive range of nearby fabulous 5 star resorts and restaurants for added opportuneness. The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa and all of its shops and restaurants at Kierland Commons are within walking distance

Our clients include Film Studios, Advertising Agencies, Production Companies, Entertainment Companies as well as Confidential clients who seek that rare experience.

Is Partaking in Live Music at Your Business Event a Good Idea?

Can a Live Music  Be a Beneficial Addition to Your Next Company Event?

If you are considering how your next corporate event can truly be unforgettable, then contemplate hiring a live music act for the night. Having a band play at an event is a time-tested method for success, given that it’s done right.

In this blog, we are going to deliberate how having a live music act in an event is a good idea and how one should make the most of it.

Live Music Extends the Life of the Event Experience

At the end of the day, the moods and emotions that guests leave the event venue to define an event’s achievement. Food, environment, event activities—all this factor in to produce that experience either remarkable or forgettable.

Playing prerecorded music denotes nothing special. This has been done so many times that those in attendance would tune it out. After all, there is nothing extraordinary about it. By exchanging the recorded music with live bands, you can add exhilarating and dynamic elements to the event It will extend the positive sentiments for your event with reinvigorating the energies of the attendees.

Engagement Comes with Live Music

Engagement is one of the top-most apprehensions for corporate event planners. They often worry about the disregard of attendees at their event. It’s true that events can occasionally become really uninteresting, lengthy, and boring where event guests only bear with them for the sake of food or the obligations they have made earlier.

Welcoming a live music act in a corporate event is the single most effective way of engaging with more individuals at the venue. Having an on-demand segment during the performance can garner a lot of response from the audience. Besides, people become more enmeshed and focused when the performances are acoustic and full of high-fidelity; this is not doable with prerecorded music.

Live Music Can Get Around Technological Glitches

Singers and dance bands like NRG Music that extensively perform know how to improvise when there is a glitch. They make sure that they don’t lose the interest of the audience even if any equipment fails.

How to Make the Most of Music Live

Take care of these two main things if you truly want to make your corporate event to be memorable with live music.

Pick Adaptable Performers

All of your attendees are not going to share alike music. So, try to bring in a band that can execute across different genres. Also, make sure that they are able to implement more than one instrument. A performance becomes authentic when it is carried out through numerous musical instruments.

Make Smart Use of the Event Venue

Try to make the event experience of live music as immersive as possible. It happens when the event venue and its features supplement the performing band.  For instance, the stage should be impressive and imposing. The lighting of the venue should synchronize with the performance and there should be high-fidelity speakers in place.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues (SPEV) provides venues and other amenities that are pitch-perfect for inviting a live music band to your corporate event. Make your next corporate event is memorable with SHP’s impressive venues and event services along with music acts.


4 Reasons to Host Your Summer Daytime Event Indoors

4 Reasons to Host Your Summer Daytime Event Indoors

Summer is upon us. During the sunny season, many people get confused about the ambiance of their events. For instance, summer evenings make for pleasant outdoor gatherings that sway many people to drop the idea of indoor event hosting. There is no doubt that events have a different feel altogether when they are organized outdoors in daylight.

However, there are some vital functional reasons why it is always better to host your daytime events indoors.

1) You Can Get Around Last-Minute Weather Anomalies

No one can vouch for the weather. Amid all the forecasting skills that we now have, it is still not possible to be 100% sure about how the weather will be set out on a certain day in the near future. This means by picking an open-air venue for your event, you will always have to factor in the risk of unexpected weather changes. In summers especially, the sudden torrential rain can make a complete mess of your event.

There is no valid reason to put your entire event in jeopardy by hosting it in outdoors. Just go for any good indoor event venue to get around any potential weather disrupter.

2) Indoors Will Offset the Heat

Even if your event is going to be held in the evening, you can’t attenuate the scorching heat of summers that lingers on during dull evenings as well. You are already so caught up in the event management that you might not notice that understated high temperature. However, your hosts will definitely ‘feel the heat’ when the will sit out there in the open with their tuxedos and fancy dresses on.

By opting for an indoor venue, you can ensure the temperature convenience of your guests. The air conditioners and chillers installed inside the premise will make sure that people will not regret coming at your daytime event.

3) Your Guests Doesn’t Want Sunburns

Some people experience skin sensitivity to the direct exposures of the sun. Then there are people who are conscious regarding the harmful effects of the sunlight (UV exposure etc.) Whatever is the case, not all of your guest will like to sit in the direct exposure of sunlight.

It is always the responsibility of the event organizer to make sure their arrangements are not causing discomfort to any of the guest. They have to establish some ‘universal’ standards in this regard. The ambiance of the indoor venue is in line with those universal standards.

4) For Not Hosting Uninvited Insects and Rodents

Summer is the thriving season for insect and rodent population. The booming critter problem can also spill in your event if it is held outdoors. The presence of food and beverages also make outdoor events more attractive to pests. You certainly don’t want ‘flies and roaches’ to be the talk of your event.

Besides these major reasons, indoor venues also provide a better set up for AV production and other entertainment amenities. If you are going to organize an event this summer in Arizona, then get the services of Scottsdale Private Event Venue to ensure the first-rate quality of everything—from venue to catering and AV production.

3 Reasons Why Hangar Venues are Perfect for Your Next Event 

3 Reasons Why Hangar Venues are Perfect for Your Next Event

Choosing a venue remains a topic of great debate in every meeting with event organizers. People are always divided on the choice of venue. Therefore, it always becomes a headache for organizers to get everyone on the same page regarding the place where the event is to be held.

Hangars as event venues are relatively a new concept. However, it has got a lot of traction among the companies to organize their corporate parties and events. If you are one of those event organizers who can’t make up their mind regarding the choice of the venue, then read on this article because we are going to make the case for hangar venues.

1) You Can Throw Out the Worry of Capacity for Good

Capacity is the first and foremost thing organizers assess any venue for. No one wants to organize an event in the premise that turns into a claustrophobic fest. Even if you have arranged a spacious event venue, it becomes really tricky when you are dealing with a long list of guests to ensure the event is not going to get overcrowded.

Instead of crossing some names off your guest list or incurring last-minute inconvenience in managing the seating and catering in a venue swarming with guests, you have the option to go for the venue where space never become an issue.

Yes, hangar venues are extra spacious even for your large event. No matter which type of hangar you are going to book, you don’t have to worry about overcrowding of the venue even for a second.

2) Hangar Venues Are Perfect for Entertainment Packages

If your event itinerary consists of a gymnastic show or a concert, then a hangar venue provides you with ample space and field of view to arrange these things. The high ceilings of hangar make sure that you can easily set the stage to make it visible to the participants at the last row. Moreover, the largeness of the venue allows you to set up a bigger stage. Similarly, other performing arts can also be perfectly organized in a hangar venue.

The construction design of a hangar also facilitates the sound production of your event. Whether you are playing a playlist or is there a live performance, the quality of sound is not get dampened when it is being played out in a hangar venue.

3) Location Also Makes Them a Good Option

Having a venue in the midst of city center might help you in managing things. However, it will become a nightmare for your guests to plan their commutes to the venue. Things only get worse when they have to drive during the rush hours. On top of that, the unavailability of parking becomes a double whammy.

By picking a hangar venue for corporate parties and other events, you don’t need to worry about all these problems. They are at a reasonable distance from the usual bustle of the city where you guests can reach without getting stuck in traffic.

If you are looking to organize an event in a hanger in Scottsdale and its surrounding areas, then get in touch with Scottsdale Private Event Venues. The company offers six different hanger venues.