Tips to Plan a Successful Corporate Incentive Travel Program

Your Precise Guide to Planning a Corporate Incentive Travel Program

Corporate incentive travel programs can be arranged locally or internationally for both individuals and groups. These programs make for an amazing, unique, and effective way you can motivate top-performing employees through rewards.

However, the success of all corporate incentive travel programs depends on careful planning and execution.

If you are looking to plan a corporate incentive party or travel program for your employees, here are a few tips that you must follow to make them successful.

  1. Begin by preparing your budget so that you know your spending limits. A plan that doesn’t incorporate budget limits will end up causing problems by either exposing you to crisis due to overspending or falling fall low-cost packages that are low on quality too.
  2. The next step is to plan an event or program that goes hand in hand with your company culture, goals, and size. A corporate incentive travel program that doesn’t give you a return on investment is no good and this is due to wrong selection.
  3. Choose the target group for your corporate incentive party early on and plan accordingly. It can be all-inclusive, meaning one that includes employees from all levels of the hierarchy or planned for specific departments or levels.
  4. Get to know your target group better. Determine their likes, dislikes, preferences, interests, and elements that motivate them. Conduct a survey or interviews in-person that allows you to know your employees better. Incorporate the results in your planning to be able to better motivate your employees and get the desired ROI.
  5. Incorporate tasks and activities that promote learning in areas that your employees still need improvement in. Check out their past performances and behavior on the job and determine the kind of activities needed.
  6. Ensure that there is a practical performance tracking system in place. Associate clear measure to track performance and produce results on a merit basis.
  7. Before you finalize, sit back and think about the hurdles that can result in the failure of your incentive program. This could be anything from budget limitations to employees with low morale. Think about ways you can counterfeit these obstacles and ensure success.
  8. Begin your hunt to find an agency that can help you successfully implement your corporate travel incentive program. Some people choose to arrange incentive programs on their own but, of course, there is a huge difference between how the experienced and inexperienced plan and execute.
  9. Discuss with the agency you hire about the tax implications of such a travel program. There are certain scenarios in which travel is taxable and you need to bear this cost in case your event falls in the taxable events’ category.
  10. Plan a post-program survey to determine how your corporate travel incentive program has affected the winners and non-winners. You can call it successful if everyone thinks that the results were fair enough and seems to have learned what the program was planned for.


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Latest Corporate Event Trends

Useful Corporate Event Trends You Must Know About and Utilize

Everything ranging from physical features like the theme of your corporate events to the use of the latest technology can increase the success rate of your event radically. These features are known as event ‘trends’ that come and go with time.

Things like networking opportunities, interesting food presentation, unique food items, and fun elements, etc. have more impact on the success of your corporate event than you think they do. In addition to these usual attractions, there are high-end trends like green initiatives and yoga breaks that impress the guests.

If you are planning a corporate event and are wondering which corporate event trends should be followed, here are a few that will help you pull off the best event possible.

Corporate Event Trends

1.     Health and Fitness

One way to show your guests that they are valued and keep them energized throughout an otherwise dull corporate event is by incorporating a ‘health and fitness’ part. Two easy ways you can do this is by accommodating a couple of exercise breaks in between the event and offering the guests healthy snacks. These will not only deliver a nice impression but will also keep the attendees rejuvenated and motivated.

2.     Gamification

Every industry is trying to incorporate gamification into its corporate events. Gamification refers to the introduction of games in events that keep the guests entertained and relaxed. Nonetheless, these games shouldn’t be completely irrelevant or have no purpose. They should rather be focused on cognitive skills/development and encourage positive things such as team building, critical thinking, etc. You can even organize a short gaming competition amid an event to make the events more vibrant by infusing a sense of competition.

3.     Mobile Event Applications

Event applications simplify things for the attendees. These applications feature event-related things like the agenda, outcomes, goals, names, and particulars of the spokespeople, note-taking, question-raising, etc. These applications are not only really impressive but play a prominent role in keeping events more organized and interactive.

4.     Green Initiatives

The world is slowly and gradually shifting to being green as people become more conscious about harming the environment that they are living in. If you forget or neglect introducing green initiatives and following things that add to environmental safety, you will be making a big mistake.

At the bare minimum, what you can do to make an impression and preserve the environment is forbidding the use of plastic products such as water bottles and polythene bags for anything during the event.  Additionally, you can utilize state-of-the-art LED bulbs that consume less energy than the fancy lights do and use mobile apps to share any documents or images instead of distributing printed templates. This information should also be highlighted and shared with the attendees to have a longer lasting impact.

5.     Desirable Event Venues

This might sound like an ordinary one, but it is as important as all the other trends on this list. There is an appropriate location/environment for everything, so the location that you choose for your corporate event or meeting should be well-suited to it. You can’t expect your event to be successful if you organize your corporate event in a playground, can you?

The best you can do to ensure the location is best-suited to your event is focusing on things like convenience and desirability, not only the price when browsing through the options.

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Team Building and Ice Breaking Games and Activities for Corporate Events

Corporate Event Games & Activities

The activities and games that are made a part of corporate events are those that are both enjoyable and add value to the events. While there are different games and activities you can incorporate depending on what the event is about, it is generally ice breaking and team building activities that work best for such events.

These corporate event games and activities don’t only add life to the events but also allow people to know each other, relax, enjoy, and participate at the same time.

If you too are looking for ideas to make corporate events fun and interactive, here are a few games and activities that you can incorporate.

1.     The Game of Possibilities

This game is less time-consuming and is an amazing one for team building. All that you need to do is divide the participants into several small groups and distribute random objects in each group. The object you distribute should be given to a random person in each group and those who get it will have to stand up and showcase a unique use of the object in front of everyone, one after the other.

Another way you can play this game is by having the person with the object give clues to their team in order to guess the object. In this scenario, the demonstrator will not be allowed to speak.

The objective of this game is to allow the participants to be creative and interact with each other while having fun. It inspires creativity and team building.

2.     Turning the Negatives into Positives

The objective behind this activity is to enable the participants to engage better and cheer each other up. It helps them discover ways to gain a positive outlook even in the most trying times and teaches them not to judge others.

You can either divide the participants into pairs or trios or more. What happens during the activity is that a person will share his/her real-life negative experience from the past with the other member(s). After this, the other participant(s) will look at the scenario and discuss the positive aspect of the same experience. The partners will keep on switching roles until everyone is done.

Outdoor Team Building Games

3.     The Perfect Square

You will need long pieces of rope and a blindfold for every participant. All that you have to do is make the coworkers form a circle while grabbing a piece of rope. Each of the members will then be asked to put their blindfolds on and set the rope on the floor. Next, have the participants must move away from where the ropes were placed and then come back and arrange all the ropes together to form a large square with each other’s help while still being blindfolded.

This game will encourage communication as each participant will be dependent on another and allow them to demonstrate their leadership skills. This will also develop a sense of trust among the participants and add to their team building skills.

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Top Trends to Ensure Corporate Event Success in 2019

Corporate Event Trends for 2019

As per the Special Events magazine report, 96% of those dealing in event planning and production are expecting to see a rise in their business in the year 2019. With that said, the upcoming year so far seems to be really lively and energetic when it comes to corporate events and their increased importance. The all-so-important events will require even better planning and features that make them stand out among the rest.

With our focus set on the future and the hope to make corporate events in the year 2019 successful,

which trends do you think should be followed by businesses around the globe?

No clue? Fret not; we have got you covered!


  • The Rise of Mindfulness


Mindfulness refers to incorporating the health factor in corporate event planning. This includes the realization of how we influence the health of others and what can be changed to improve an event experience.

As per a basic study conducted by the Global Wellness Institute, employees tend to be more satisfied, more productive and less stressed if their wellbeing is cared for and given importance to.  

Wellness and sustainability are two things that are linked to the mindfulness factor. This is a psychological process that emphasizes the understanding of how the existing moment and atmosphere is affecting one’s self and others around them. When made a part of corporate events, the practice of mindfulness can help the attendees not feel uncomfortable in the crowd or develop an inferiority complex for any reason whatsoever. It will encourage participant engagement and keep your events as fascinating as possible.


  • AR, VR, and VI


Creative technology is revolutionizing businesses, and there is no question that they have the tendency to improve the overall experience for the audiences of corporate events. Virtual Reality (VR) is said to be really powerful and there is a high chance it will become a popular trend in 2019. The technology will be used to make the event more accessible to those who are unable to attend them physically for any reason. This can allow more and more people to benefit from such arrangements just with the use of a headset.

Moreover, fictional elements will be further enriched with the use of Augmented Reality (AR). Famous applications like Pokémon Go have the potential to be used as something that helps event delegates for instance, in finding their way around, etc.

This combination of AR and fiction will enable the attendees to head where they need to within the event premises by simply peering through AR-powered applications in their smartphones.

Further, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something that is already being used for business purposes such as customer service chatbots. The same bots can be used to answer the event attendees regarding any general questions that they have.


  • Event Site


Needless to mention, the world has lately seen a massive rise in the demand of unique, creative venues for corporate events and this will just continue to grow in the year 2019. As much as people like to go for mediocre venues thinking it will not have that much of an impact, the venue actually is one of the most notable things that can make corporate events successful. Good venues leave a lasting impression on people and are very much likely to be the reason people remember your events.

Not sure how to catch up on the latest corporate event management trends in 2019? Let the team at Scottsdale Corporate Events do it all for you. Visit the website now!

Arizona Hottest Craze: Industrial-Style Spaces

Serviceable surfaces, exposed -back design and rescued objects offer themselves to a contemporary visual. Keep your venue unadorned or get funky with florals, initiate things huge art installations to absolutely change the space. Don’t be frightened to take a gamble when it comes to designing an industrialized venue – exposing your personality and creating the space is what’s going to craft build your event and make it unforgettable. VNS is not a 3rd party we represent the owners of each venue. We offer exclusive private meeting and event spaces in the greater Scottsdale area and surrounding communities. We can place your group in our exclusive jet airplane hangars, equestrian ranches, outdoor arenas, covered scenic desert patios, private clubs and luxury auto showrooms.

Able to accommodate all event sizes and styles in many of our spaces.  Indoor and outdoor beautiful scenic spots are perfect for intimate chef’s kitchen requests as well as cocktail receptions accommodating several guests to several thousand guests.  Options abound for seated dinners from 40 – 2,000 guests.  For live concert designs chose from stages under the open sky or under roof cover. We can even design a combination of VIP spaces and larger gatherings in the same venue, for the same event.

Customization is the focus of our venue selection and planning process. Every space is unique in its size, flooring, height, location and amenities. Once we understand the goals for your event, we can assist with the selection process to ensure your event lands in the right venue for your vision and is executed flawlessly. Your event built to order from the ground up!

Our venues are all on private land so addresses are not published. They are all opportunely positioned minutes from all the valley’s top resorts. We currently have 21 styles and sizes of Jet hangars 2500 sqft. to 31,000 sqft. Our Sonora Desert  Equestrian Ranches are on over 30 acres in the Grayhawk community, capable of seating 2000 under a fabulous roof for dinner, our luxury showroom can seat 500 for dinner indoors. Our purpose is to deliver high quality customized corporate events for the discerning client in our extraordinary Scottsdale locations.

Each of our private venues offer an exceptional experience It’s easy to measure the standard elements, attendance, audience surveys, etc. It’s hard to measure the experience and that’s the thing that matters the most. So we confuse execution with success. Everything operates properly so it must be great.

Choosing a unique venue is the first step in the planning process and the perfect solution for corporate events seeking privacy and maximum personalization. Our exclusive private venues provide the ideal backdrop for unforgettable corporate events. Connecting unique event spaces with professional event planning and production solutions is what Venues of North Scottsdale is about. We offer an all-inclusive event planning experience with unique spaces of all sizes.  Unlike other venues in Scottsdale, we can accommodate groups as large as 3,000 participants at several of our locations.   For intimate gatherings choose from our smaller sites including mini airport hangars, private clubs or chef’s service on the tarmac of one of our runways.

On the search for a venue, but don’t require it to provide catering, staffing or extras? Why not go dry hire? By renting a space as an empty shell, you’ll have the liberty to create your perfect event. Dry hire venues are blank canvases that allow you to make a space your own. If elements are your thing, then supplementing a personal touch by sourcing your preferred vendor, decor and so. Sophisticated levels of flexibility and control is desirable. Whether you’re planning a hard-hitting product launch or big bat mitzvah bash, dry hire corporate venues give you free control to go with your choice of suppliers and bring your vision to life.

Our team has extensive experience in planning and producing seamlessly executed:
  • Cocktail Welcomes – Sit down dinners – Interactive events
  • Action Station – Receptions – Exceptional Experiences
  • Corporate Events – Private Concerts – Streamlined and Synergistic
  • Brand Launches – Product Activations – Event Decor
  • Experiential Events – Team Building Events – Creative Strategists
  • Award Recognition Ceremonies – Black Tie Galas
  • Couture Fashion Shows – Destination Weddings
  • One-of-a-Kind Environments – Custom Fabrication

Scottsdale Spring Training 101

Scottsdale Spring Training 101. Spring Training is a big deal around here. If this is your first time experiencing a game (whether it’s the Giants, Diamondbacks or Rockies), there are some things you should know. Let’s walk through some of the basics:

Know Your Seating Options

Lawn seats at Scottsdale Stadium and Salt River Fields at Talking Stick have long been a Spring Training tradition. Fans pack the grassy home run territory before the game for optimal relaxation throughout. If laying on the ground isn’t your style, the Scottsdale Charros Lodge at Scottsdale Stadium brings the casual atmosphere of the lawn seats, but in VIP form. Food, drinks and good times are all included with your ticket to the lodge. Likewise, private boxes at Salt River Fields give you the VIP experience. There also are plenty of bleacher seats at both stadiums for a more traditional game-day experience. Extra Tip: If you opt for lawn seats, bring a blanket or towel to sit on. Nobody like grass stains on vacation.

Got kids? Bring a Few Baseballs

Foul territory is autograph central both before and after the game. MLB stars will sign for a good amount of time, so don’t leave your kids unprepared for what could be an unforgettable moment with their favorite players.

Keep Your Head Up

Home run balls are abundant on the lawn seats (and foul balls in the stands.) Pitchers aren’t fully ready for the season, which means mistakes will be made and baseballs will fly. Keep your head up.

Brush Up on the Prospects

Early and late spring training games are where baseball’s best prospects get show off their skills. That means some of the more well-known players will be out of the game by the seventh inning to give the newbies a chance. Do some research on the up-and-comers so you know who you’re watching.

Bring Sunscreen

The sun may feel good on your winter weary body, but it also burns. Most ballparks have sunscreen stations, so be sure to slather it on! (P.S. You can still get tan with sunscreen on – just in case you were worried).

Drink Water

There’s no doubt about it – beer and ballparks go hand in hand. But be sure to down plenty of water too, particularly if your seats are in the sun. Getting dehydrated is no way to wrap up an otherwise fun day.

For More info

Brainstorming and visualizing your event venue

Brainstorming and visualizing your event venue

Use this stage to conceptualize and explore what venue options exist. Formulate an image of the perfect venue stay open to new things. The next stage of this guide is all about choosing the right venue that matches your needs. Let Venues of North Scottsdale

Planning a small networking meetup, an internal corporate meeting, or a large conference.  Much as event planners feel pressure to and the perfect event venue. Most of all you want what matches or exceeds the expectations of your attendees. Relevant for you to consider is the audience’s expectations, and capture what they would really find innovative, surprising, or unique. This high level of conceptualization will provide you with the necessary template to choose relevant innovative technologies. Seems like personalizing your own creative take on innovation is necessary for creating a unique event experience.  There are certain key points of innovation that every event planner must consider in their quest diligently exploring event venues.

Venues of North Scottsdale is the high-quality experience all event planners and international destination management companies are looking for. Big, bright and sparkling clean this 27,000 foot space houses 6 planes, that are removed for your event, OR leave the smaller plane in the hanger for a novel event center-piece. With 40 feet ceilings and sparkling concrete floors you can get creative with lighting and decorating.

In addition our production team has years of experience operating a full spectrum of event types in many different environments, from traditional hotel ballrooms and convention center environments to highway tunnels, open fields and urban streets. Most noteworthy we have worked with Fortune 500 corporate clients, sports agencies, and private celebrities to execute meetings and conferences, trade shows, national brand product launches, fashion shows, concerts, non-profit gala fundraisers and exclusive private functions. We provide our clients with the most client-centric focused technical team of professionals who have seen it all.  Bringing this level of experience to your live event always delivers a lasting impression with your guests.