How to Plan and Hold a Successful Trade Event

Holding a Successful Trade Event and the Role of Venue and Caterer

For businesses that are dealing in a particular range of products, it is really important to brandish them appropriately to reach out to new markets and make new business partners. Holding a trade event and show is a great way to market your product and brand. However, planning and holding such an event is no mean task. So many things go in holding even a small-scale trade event that businesses often refrain from going for it altogether.

However, some tricks and measures can help you in pulling off this difficult task. Here, we are going to discuss how your venue selection and the caterer and entertainment partner can help you in organizing a successful trade event.

Choosing a Venue that Is Big and Also Inexpensive

No matter how small a trade show is going to be, it will need a spacious venue. So, don’t hastily lock in any venue just because you are getting it on the cheap. Remember that you are going to showcase your products to prospective buyers. You may have to create multiple stalls that can easily accommodate the products and staffers who are attending the visitors.

Similarly, you need to leave a lot of walking space in the venue so the visitors can easily roam around. Setting up a sitting area for visitors is also important. You can see that arranging all these things under one roof require quite some space. The exhibition centers and auditoriums can provide you such spaces, but they are quite expensive and may throw your entire budget off balance.

A hangar comes as a viable venue option in this context. They are spacious, available at reasonable fees, and also let you maintain a corporate outlook of the event. You can easily set up multiple stalls and leave a lot of walking and sitting space in hangar venues.

Pretty up Your Trade Event with Food and Beverages

People are coming to your event. They are roaming around, engaging with your staff to find out more about the displayed products. Similarly, your staff is at its toes and attending everyone and answering each and every query. All this activity can tire anyone out. So, serving food and beverages at the event is your ethical responsibility. Setting a buffet or sandwich kiosk and a beverage dispenser is definitely going to inject some energy into your trade event.

In order to streamline this arrangement, try to work with a single contractor that can arrange a venue for your trade show and can also take care of its food and beverage supply.

Don’t Miss the AV Part

A trade show that is taking place in ambient noise has a different feel to it than a similar event being held with beautiful music playing in the background. Similarly, an interactive video being played on large screens and projectors can also make the overall event more interesting for participants.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues can help you in organizing a successful trade event. From the venue to catering and audio/video, they will take care of every important aspect of event management for you.

Unique Venue for Events

Choosing a Unique Venue for Events

Conventional events having been hosted in all the creative ways possible. It seems like it is impossible to host an event in a unique venue that can truly provide a memorable experience. All the corporate events, conferences, workshops, and even weddings have become a boring affair now. It seems like there is no real excitement to these things anymore. While a lot of people might assume that the problem is with the organization of the event, it is not. The events themselves are successful. They are able to serve their purpose and you can pull them off without a hitch. The problem lies in where you host them.

Traditional venues have been used for so long that they have left nothing special for events nowadays. No matter how special the seating arrangement, decorations or the entertainment gets, the venue itself makes an event boring. This is why there is a need to choose a more unique venue for events now. Thinking outside the norm can help you achieve an event which becomes a night for everybody to remember.

The trend for unique venues to host events has seen a surge throughout this year. People are opting for the strangest of places to host traditional events in an unconventional manner. As we go exploring the aspect of planning events in unique venues, we will also tell you what you should keep in mind when selecting a unique venue for events.

Why Should You Choose a Unique Venue?

A unique venue will make for one of the most memorable events possible. There are a few reasons why you should choose a unique venue to host an event in Scottsdale. If you have a knack for hosting or planning events, working on setting up an event in a unique venue can provide you a new experience. For instance, organizing a party in an airplane hangar will be a whole new experience. You’ll have a lot of space to work with and you will have a lot more creative options when it comes to how you can transform the space. As an event planner, this can add a lot of diversity to your portfolio.

Consider Traditional Venue Standards

Of course, when you have the creative freedom with a unique venue like an airplane hangar in Scottsdale, you might just blow it out of proportion. While it is good to enjoy the creative juices flowing, it is also a good idea to consider the standards set by traditional venues in mind. The best practices for events have to be kept in check while going all out with your unique ideas.

Things to Factor in While Selecting a Venue Location

Things to Factor in While Selecting a Venue Location

Finding and settling on a venue is one of the most difficult tasks of any event planning routine. The venue has the power to make your event a rampant success or a washout. Its location also greatly matters in deciding the fate of your event. This is the reason why event planners and managers always ask hosts to do thorough homework for picking a venue location before finalizing any other event detail.

Let’s have a look at the elements that one must factor in before locking in a venue location.

The Commute Should Be Shorter

No one wants to drive for an hour to reach a suburban venue. The ones who will make this effort will already be dead beat due to the long commute. So, try to choose the location that remains a moderate commute for all the invitees.

Even an impressive event itinerary can’t persuade people to attend if they already know that they have to travel a long distance to reach the destination. Keep in mind that, a far-off venue location can drastically impact the headcount at your event and subsequently its success.

The Commute Should be Hassle-Free

Just as people don’t want to travel long distances, they also don’t like to get stuck in traffic again and again while heading to an event. Wrestling their way out of bad traffic can spoil their mood even before the start of the event proceedings. It’s never easy to get the annoyed and tempered guests involved in the activities. They even have the contagious power to spread their bad mood vibes.

We know that it is not easy to find a venue that can fulfill both the above requirements. However, we are going to make one suggestion here: try our hangars. There are many hangar venues in Arizona that are not far away from the city centers and also involve a hassle-free commute.

Caterers Can Easily Manage their Things on the Location

While facilitating the guests and putting their convenience at the forefront, it is also important to factor in the functional requirements of your event. For instance, it is essential that the caterers you are working with can easily manage the food and beverages at the given location without making any compromise. A better option is to look for an event management company that offers both a venue and catering services.


Take into Account the ‘Curb Appeal’ of a Venue

Besides crafting the interior of the venue in accordance with the event theme, it is equally important that the surrounding location also enhances the experience of the guests attending the event. A natural landscape or some good architectural work of art in the vicinity of the venue will add a personality to your event.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues offers a range of different venues at different locations including hangers. The wide assortment of venues offered by the company makes it easier for hosts in picking a venue location of their choice.

Team Building and Ice Breaking Games and Activities for Corporate Events

Corporate Event Games & Activities

The activities and games that are made a part of corporate events are those that are both enjoyable and add value to the events. While there are different games and activities you can incorporate depending on what the event is about, it is generally ice breaking and team building activities that work best for such events.

These corporate event games and activities don’t only add life to the events but also allow people to know each other, relax, enjoy, and participate at the same time.

If you too are looking for ideas to make corporate events fun and interactive, here are a few games and activities that you can incorporate.

1.     The Game of Possibilities

This game is less time-consuming and is an amazing one for team building. All that you need to do is divide the participants into several small groups and distribute random objects in each group. The object you distribute should be given to a random person in each group and those who get it will have to stand up and showcase a unique use of the object in front of everyone, one after the other.

Another way you can play this game is by having the person with the object give clues to their team in order to guess the object. In this scenario, the demonstrator will not be allowed to speak.

The objective of this game is to allow the participants to be creative and interact with each other while having fun. It inspires creativity and team building.

2.     Turning the Negatives into Positives

The objective behind this activity is to enable the participants to engage better and cheer each other up. It helps them discover ways to gain a positive outlook even in the most trying times and teaches them not to judge others.

You can either divide the participants into pairs or trios or more. What happens during the activity is that a person will share his/her real-life negative experience from the past with the other member(s). After this, the other participant(s) will look at the scenario and discuss the positive aspect of the same experience. The partners will keep on switching roles until everyone is done.

Outdoor Team Building Games

3.     The Perfect Square

You will need long pieces of rope and a blindfold for every participant. All that you have to do is make the coworkers form a circle while grabbing a piece of rope. Each of the members will then be asked to put their blindfolds on and set the rope on the floor. Next, have the participants must move away from where the ropes were placed and then come back and arrange all the ropes together to form a large square with each other’s help while still being blindfolded.

This game will encourage communication as each participant will be dependent on another and allow them to demonstrate their leadership skills. This will also develop a sense of trust among the participants and add to their team building skills.

If there is a corporate event coming up and you have been stressing over making it engaging and fun without sidelining the actual purpose/goal, Scottsdale Corporate Events has got you covered. Connect today to discuss your options!

Important Tips for Hiring Entertainment

4 Best Tips for Hiring Entertainment for Your Event

Having any form of entertainment at your special event is very important. A good entertainment can make your event more fun and exciting.

Plus, it can cheer up your guests to the point where they are willing to show some groovy dance moves. This way your special occasion can stay in the minds of your guests for a really long time.

To make sure that you hire an awesome entertainment, you need to focus on the following tips before hiring entertainment.


  • Know Your Audience


The entertainment is majorly for your guests so that they can relax and loosen up a bit. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep the kind of audience in mind before hiring entertainment.

If you are organizing a birthday party for children, you will probably consider a hilarious magic show for the kids to keep them engaged throughout the event. On the other hand, if you are planning a party for your friends, you will probably consider hiring a DJ or a live performance by a popular music band.

Thus, it is important to know what age group your guests mostly belong to and hire entertainment according to that.


  • Know What You Want to Accomplish Through Entertainment


You don’t know but entertainment can help you achieve the purpose of the entire event. Yes, entertainment is a very powerful tool in conveying your message or goal to the audience.

If you are organizing a corporate event and want your entertainment to help accentuate the overall motive of your event, hire the entertainment accordingly.

If you are organizing an award ceremony and don’t want it to be boring. Hire a lively, fun entertainment which let the night flow smoothly and doesn’t make the audience sleepy. You can also hire a standup comedian to help your audience cheer up. This way your overall event would be fun and totally memorable as well.


  • Know the Latest Entertainment Trends


Before hiring any sort of entertainment it is good to stay updated on the latest entertainment trends that are in these days.

For example, hiring a popular music band to perform at your party is a fun trend that many opt for. This elevates the overall appeal of the event and makes it memorable for the guests. Hiring Jazz musicians or a violin soloist is a trend that most people follow when the event is more sophisticated like a corporate dinner.


  • Book in Advance


The most important tip is to book your entertainment weeks or months prior to your event. Once you have set the date of your event, book entertainment next immediately. This will ensure that you get the entertainment you want.

Venues of North Scottsdale is known for booking the best entertainment for your event. Be it a DJ or a popular music band, the company will hire the perfect entertainment of your preference. So, what are you waiting for? Contact them today.

Know What You Want! Select a Venue That Meets Your Needs

Know What You Want! Select a Venue That Meets Your Needs Venues of North Scottsdale

Best Venue For Your Event


What is your ideal event budget and how much are you willing to spend for your “dream venue”?  When coming up with this magic number, determine if the venue will also be providing food and beverage, entertainment, music or decorations so you can allocate your funds accordingly.  This will help you pick the best venue for your event.

Number of Guests

Most venues have minimums and also – by law – have maximum capacities.  Where do you fit?  Avoid selecting a venue that may be too large for your group if you must meet a minimum requirement.  But also be wary of choosing a facility that may be too small to accommodate your guests, which may lead to overcrowding.  Like Goldilocks and The Three Bears – you don’t want it too big, you don’t want it too small…you want it to be just right.

Senior Board Meeting or Celebration?

What type of event are you hosting?  Is it a formal business event or a casual business gathering?

 Is it a 50th birthday party celebration or a bridal shower?  Determining the type of event and the mood will help you choose the best venue for that desired ambience. Keep an open mind – creative decorations can transform a plain room into something spectacular.  Just be sure to include any decoration costs in your budget.

Location, Location, Location

As a result consider the mode of transportation your guests will be using to get to the event.  If attendees are arriving via airplane, how far is the venue from the airport?  Is there a free shuttle available?  If mass transit will be utilized, how convenient is it to reach the facility?  Know your audience and select a venue in a location that best suits their needs.


If your attendees will be driving to the event, check if there is ample parking in the immediate lot.   Do they offer valet parking?  Do you need it?  Ask if they provide space for overflow parking and be sure the facility can accommodate the accessibility needs of your guests.

Services and Amenities

What services and amenities do you require for your function?  Will you be using the venue for a meeting only and guests will go elsewhere for dining?  If so, find out what is available nearby or within walking distance.  If there are activities and services your guests may need in conjunction with the event, be sure the venue has them available either onsite or close by.  Unless guests will be lodged at the venue and everything will be handled on premises, avoid selecting a site that is tucked out of the way; it can be a hassle for guests to travel offsite.

Experience it Yourself

So with that said visit the venue you are considering and observe a similar event.  Experience the flow of traffic throughout the facility, notice the attentiveness of the staff, take in the overall feel of the venue.  This is a great way to get a real sense of whether a particular location may suit your needs.

Therefore have you considered how easy the venue is to access:

  1. storage
  2. local resources
  3. technology needs
  4. additional amenities (that may or may not be included in the package price

For example, if one location includes all the tables and chairs as well as the set-up and clean-up of the event that may be a better value than having to pay for all of those services separately at another event venue.

7 Ways to Stretch Your Client’s Event Budget

What Meeting Planners Expect of Venues of the Future

What Meeting Planners Expect of Venues of the Future. Earlier this year, IACC (formerly the International Association of Conference Centres, now officially referred to by its acronym alone) surveyed meeting planners and interviewed other meeting professionals to create a report on the “IACC Meeting Room of the Future.” What emerged is a picture of flexible spaces intertwined with meeting goals and design, rather than an image of fixed rooms into which meeting sessions are poured.

Some results are not news: “Broadband and technology in general have moved from being nice-to-have features to being foundational resources that are more important and expected than food and drink,” the report states.

Digging deeper, it’s interesting to note what planners say high-speed Internet access is most important for: Number one is allowing delegates to continue with their outside lives while on site. Here’s the whole list:

1. Delegate e-mail and Internet access (83 percent)

2. Smartphone audience participation (77 percent)

3. Conference app use (70 percent)

4. Video streaming for presenter (67 percent)

5. Live event streaming (56 percent)

6. Virtual attendees (50 percent)

7. Online learning (42 percent)

8. Video streaming for delegates (41 percent)

9. Beacon/GPS tracking of delegates (20 percent)

Immersive and Engaging

Planners responded that their focus today is on “creating experiences” (75 percent), that they are looking for “collaborative” meeting spaces (80 percent), that they need to be able to change layouts in meeting rooms (82 percent), and that access to interactive technology will grow in importance over the next two to five years (77 percent). They also strongly agree with the statement “I am looking for different meeting space elements today than I was two to five years ago.”

These results point to meetings that mix it up—that are more interactive and immersive than in the past. Some technologies haven’t taken hold yet, but may be on the brink, such as virtual reality. Though few respondents (six percent) have used virtual reality in a meeting setting, a majority (six out of 10) believe that it “will play a more significant role at their events in the next two to five years.”

Virtual reality is “only just emerging as an affordable addition to meetings,” says Corbin Ball of Corbin Ball Associates, one of the meeting experts who offered his insights for the report. “However, it is worth looking again 12 months down the line, to see if this starts to become more commonplace.”

Below is IACC’s new infographic, which reveals a few stats that were not included in the full report.
IACC is an association of small to medium-sized venues focused on meetings, training courses, and conferences, all of which conform to a comprehensive global set of criteria and standards. IACC currently has 400 members in 21 countries in the Americas, Europe, and Australia, searchable at the IACC website.

How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Event

How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Event.

There are two ways to find the perfect venue for your event. You can either let your venue determine the type of event you want, or choose your venue according to the event you already have planned. For instance; does your event need a stage for presentations or guest speakers? Have you promised an outdoor activity, such as an obstacle course? Perhaps you require tables to display items for a silent auction or chairs and round tables to host a sit-down dinner?

To help you get the most from your event we recommend asking your event manager the following questions:

How much space is needed?

Consider how many people you’re expecting. There needs to be sufficient space for guests to move about freely so they don’t feel too cramped or lost in an abundance of open space. Additionally, if you’re planning to hold activities for the duration of the event, you’ll need to take that into consideration. The Artillery Garden in summer even gives you the option of hiring out its fun fair for extra entertainment.

Will the food be a big draw for guests of this event?

Having a venue that has on-site catering is a major benefit to you. Not only is it second nature for the team to cater for large numbers, but you also reduce the risk of running into issues. Venues like One London Wall have dedicated in-house catering by Create Food & Party Design, so you can entice guests with a fantastic menu at your London event.

Is there space for branding?

Branding helps associate and promote your event. If there are sponsors involved, there will more than likely be a clause stating they require their own branding. Be sure that when you’re looking at potential venues, that there is ample room within eyesight for yours and your sponsors’ logos. Old Billingsgate in London can even project your branding onto one of its huge screens during your event and The Pavilion at Tower of London also has the opportunity to project logos onto the wall of the Tower of London.

Are there AV and sound facilities?

More than likely, you or someone else will need to make an announcement during your event. Whether it’s to welcome a guest speaker, thank guests or even encourage guests to dance, you will require the equipment to do so. The Roundhouse offers a full PA system which can be used for background music or speeches.

Is it accessible?

There’s a good chance that your guests will be utilising public transport to get to and from your event so, it’s good to ensure that it’s close to bus and train services, or has ample parking for guests travelling in cars. Glaziers Hall is a quick walk from both Waterloo and London Bridge station and is centrally located to several hotels, should guests be travelling from far.

Another point to consider is whether your venue has WiFi capabilities or if you can connect your LTE router. Social media and digital presence is so important as it can help boost presence.

 For More:

Arizona Hottest Craze: Industrial-Style Spaces

Serviceable surfaces, exposed -back design and rescued objects offer themselves to a contemporary visual. Keep your venue unadorned or get funky with florals, initiate things huge art installations to absolutely change the space. Don’t be frightened to take a gamble when it comes to designing an industrialized venue – exposing your personality and creating the space is what’s going to craft build your event and make it unforgettable. VNS is not a 3rd party we represent the owners of each venue. We offer exclusive private meeting and event spaces in the greater Scottsdale area and surrounding communities. We can place your group in our exclusive jet airplane hangars, equestrian ranches, outdoor arenas, covered scenic desert patios, private clubs and luxury auto showrooms.

Able to accommodate all event sizes and styles in many of our spaces.  Indoor and outdoor beautiful scenic spots are perfect for intimate chef’s kitchen requests as well as cocktail receptions accommodating several guests to several thousand guests.  Options abound for seated dinners from 40 – 2,000 guests.  For live concert designs chose from stages under the open sky or under roof cover. We can even design a combination of VIP spaces and larger gatherings in the same venue, for the same event.

Customization is the focus of our venue selection and planning process. Every space is unique in its size, flooring, height, location and amenities. Once we understand the goals for your event, we can assist with the selection process to ensure your event lands in the right venue for your vision and is executed flawlessly. Your event built to order from the ground up!

Our venues are all on private land so addresses are not published. They are all opportunely positioned minutes from all the valley’s top resorts. We currently have 21 styles and sizes of Jet hangars 2500 sqft. to 31,000 sqft. Our Sonora Desert  Equestrian Ranches are on over 30 acres in the Grayhawk community, capable of seating 2000 under a fabulous roof for dinner, our luxury showroom can seat 500 for dinner indoors. Our purpose is to deliver high quality customized corporate events for the discerning client in our extraordinary Scottsdale locations.

Each of our private venues offer an exceptional experience It’s easy to measure the standard elements, attendance, audience surveys, etc. It’s hard to measure the experience and that’s the thing that matters the most. So we confuse execution with success. Everything operates properly so it must be great.

Choosing a unique venue is the first step in the planning process and the perfect solution for corporate events seeking privacy and maximum personalization. Our exclusive private venues provide the ideal backdrop for unforgettable corporate events. Connecting unique event spaces with professional event planning and production solutions is what Venues of North Scottsdale is about. We offer an all-inclusive event planning experience with unique spaces of all sizes.  Unlike other venues in Scottsdale, we can accommodate groups as large as 3,000 participants at several of our locations.   For intimate gatherings choose from our smaller sites including mini airport hangars, private clubs or chef’s service on the tarmac of one of our runways.

On the search for a venue, but don’t require it to provide catering, staffing or extras? Why not go dry hire? By renting a space as an empty shell, you’ll have the liberty to create your perfect event. Dry hire venues are blank canvases that allow you to make a space your own. If elements are your thing, then supplementing a personal touch by sourcing your preferred vendor, decor and so. Sophisticated levels of flexibility and control is desirable. Whether you’re planning a hard-hitting product launch or big bat mitzvah bash, dry hire corporate venues give you free control to go with your choice of suppliers and bring your vision to life.

Our team has extensive experience in planning and producing seamlessly executed:
  • Cocktail Welcomes – Sit down dinners – Interactive events
  • Action Station – Receptions – Exceptional Experiences
  • Corporate Events – Private Concerts – Streamlined and Synergistic
  • Brand Launches – Product Activations – Event Decor
  • Experiential Events – Team Building Events – Creative Strategists
  • Award Recognition Ceremonies – Black Tie Galas
  • Couture Fashion Shows – Destination Weddings
  • One-of-a-Kind Environments – Custom Fabrication

Take your event to the next level to a place that makes your heart race

Take your event to the next level to a place that makes your heart race. With over 12,000 square feet, there are endless possibilities to make your party a memorable one. We guarantee this is the most luxurious garage you’ve ever seen. This 12000 sq. ft. warehouse offers a two-story open floor plan allowing guests the flexibility to mingle and move around throughout the night.

If you’re looking for a venue that brings on the wow-factor, your search ends here.

This space has hosted performances from so many legends so you know your holiday party is in for a special night

This spacious venue will offer a unique vibe to any company party, especially during the holidays. If you’re searching for a night filled with good food, craft beer, and good times, this is the spot for you.

Take your event to the next level to a place that makes your heart race. Host a roadshow or reveal so unique and glamorous attendees won’t want to leave.
Incredibly Unique Venue filled with great cars and is great for all types of occasions. Road Shows, Reveals, Ride and Drive, Brand Launch, Product Launch, New Car launch, New Car Events

If you have an exciting new product to unveil. You need an exciting venue to play host to your product launch. Venues of North Scottsdale is pleased to offer flexible venues hire for product launches, and have a range of fantastic facilities for you to make the most of. Whether you are a start-up business launching your very first product, or an established brand with something new to show off, Venues of North Scottsdale will make the perfect location for your special event.

A Blank Canvas Means No Limits 

Lusso Events Scottsdale offers a thrilling and unique backdrop of a collection of over 40 stunning classic and exotic cars for a range of events including receptions, launches, celebrations and more. For any car enthusiast or car-related event it is an unforgettable setting.  Dress it with lighting, music and more. With the classic cars present to add a talking point to any event. Integrate our cars into your event.

Exotic, exhilarating and elegant venue spaces for your event needs─ small, large, indoor, outdoor, or a combination of all!