Things to Factor in While Selecting a Venue Location

Things to Factor in While Selecting a Venue Location

Finding and settling on a venue is one of the most difficult tasks of any event planning routine. The venue has the power to make your event a rampant success or a washout. Its location also greatly matters in deciding the fate of your event. This is the reason why event planners and managers always ask hosts to do thorough homework for picking a venue location before finalizing any other event detail.

Let’s have a look at the elements that one must factor in before locking in a venue location.

The Commute Should Be Shorter

No one wants to drive for an hour to reach a suburban venue. The ones who will make this effort will already be dead beat due to the long commute. So, try to choose the location that remains a moderate commute for all the invitees.

Even an impressive event itinerary can’t persuade people to attend if they already know that they have to travel a long distance to reach the destination. Keep in mind that, a far-off venue location can drastically impact the headcount at your event and subsequently its success.

The Commute Should be Hassle-Free

Just as people don’t want to travel long distances, they also don’t like to get stuck in traffic again and again while heading to an event. Wrestling their way out of bad traffic can spoil their mood even before the start of the event proceedings. It’s never easy to get the annoyed and tempered guests involved in the activities. They even have the contagious power to spread their bad mood vibes.

We know that it is not easy to find a venue that can fulfill both the above requirements. However, we are going to make one suggestion here: try our hangars. There are many hangar venues in Arizona that are not far away from the city centers and also involve a hassle-free commute.

Caterers Can Easily Manage their Things on the Location

While facilitating the guests and putting their convenience at the forefront, it is also important to factor in the functional requirements of your event. For instance, it is essential that the caterers you are working with can easily manage the food and beverages at the given location without making any compromise. A better option is to look for an event management company that offers both a venue and catering services.


Take into Account the ‘Curb Appeal’ of a Venue

Besides crafting the interior of the venue in accordance with the event theme, it is equally important that the surrounding location also enhances the experience of the guests attending the event. A natural landscape or some good architectural work of art in the vicinity of the venue will add a personality to your event.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues offers a range of different venues at different locations including hangers. The wide assortment of venues offered by the company makes it easier for hosts in picking a venue location of their choice.

The Vehicle Vault of Scottsdale will deliver a unique experience

The Vehicle Vault of Scottsdale will deliver a unique experience. When looking for a venue to host your corporate event, the goal in mind is to represent your company the best way possible, keep your guests engaged, and have them leave thinking “this was not the usual corporate event”. Vehicle Vault of Scottsdale creates exceptional experiences from the ground up, driven by the lust and love for all things luxury!  From the world’s leading brands to elite individuals, we are Scottsdale’s number 1 choice for today’s most discerning clients seeking an exceptional, personalized, and unique end-to-end event.

Especially relevant a gorgeous eclectic mix of automobiles, beautiful open space, and stunning high ceilings. Most of all Vehicle Vault of Scottsdale is the true mainstay and cornerstone of your corporate event. Our event planners will work with you and your vision, offer positive suggestions, and most importantly, piece it all together. Our team will be your partner that you can depend on to make your event run seamless, and most of all, impress.

As a result, the venue was specifically built to house a collection of some of Scottsdale’s finest automobiles, and provides a very unique setting for your event.

Weather you’re planning a simple business meeting, an incentive event, a “let your hair loose” offsite party, awards gala, wedding reception, anniversary party, or team building event, let The Vehicle Vault of Scottsdale provide a memorable event on your behalf!

Things happening at The Vehicle Vault of Scottsdale

  • Teambuilding
  • Business meetings
  • Trade shows
  • Summits
  • Company gatherings
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Business dinners
  • Networking events
  • Product launches
  • Themes parties
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Award ceremonies
  • Client and employee appreciation
  • Holiday parties

Therefore this modern, stylish space is a showcase of classiness. 10,000 square feet of pure elegance. Most noteworthy 20-foot floor to ceiling windows flow with natural light and state of the art AV and premier options. With that said a perfect blank canvas for your dream event! Featuring dozens of rare and exotic cars from past and present and designed to support gatherings from the 200 person reception to the 400+ guest banquet.

Have you heard of Spacebase

Have you heard of Spacebase? Rent meeting rooms with just a few clicks

Our mission at Spacebase is to make your meetings better and change the way you meet. We have sent out local scouts to select the best meeting venues throughout Europe. They have found exciting and unique locations that will not only boost your creativity, but will also be easy on your budget.

Search your perfect space

You can easily browse our complete portfolio using our search page. If you cannot find what you are looking for or feel like you need some help please get in touch through our chat or via phone.

Select extras

Once you found a venue it’s time to select the extras you need for your workshop. You like to have a projector, flipchart or coffee? When you start a booking online you can easily add all extras and you will instantly see an overview of all the costs.

Book directly online

With Spacebase booking and paying a space is as easy as online shopping. Once you confirm the booking, we coordinate your payment and provide you with an instant confirmation.

Handpicked Spaces

All our spaces have been visited by our scouts to ensure they live up to our and your professional standards. Spacebase’s professional verification and support gives you the highest degree of security that you can have.

40% cheaper

Our Spaces are 40% cheaper than conventional hotel meeting rooms – and 100% more creative. We find spaces that would be vacant otherwise and make them accessible through the Sharing Economy.

Full package deals

Extras such as catering or meeting equipment is bookable individually or as a package deal with all our meeting rooms.No matter what event you have planned, we will provide you with all you need.

All over the world

Organizing your corporate meeting in a different country? No problem, with us you can book meeting rooms in over 10 countries without having to pick up the phone.

Importance of Choosing the Right Venue

Importance of Choosing the Right Venue. Think back on the successful and memorable events you’ve attended. Chances are, if they were great events, they were held at great venues. Choosing the right venue for your event is not a decision to take lightly. The following venue options and amenities can have a profound effect on how your event flows.

  • Atmosphere – Will your venue be indoor or outdoor? In a formal or casual setting? Daytime or evening? All of these factors change the atmosphere of your event and greatly impact the feeling or ambiance of your occasion.

  • Venue Type – Renting a penthouse in Midtown? Thinking about a cruise ship gala? Renting out a club in Lower Manhattan? Or an art gallery in Chelsea? They type of venue you choose can not only affect how your event plays out, it can be the deciding factor in whether or not a guest chooses to attend.

  •  Oftentimes, your ideal venue might end up eating up your entire budget, so some compromises need to be made.

From our friends at Strategic Event Design based in new York  Venue Questionnaire 

The one Resource you Need to Get the Job Done Strategic Event Design 

Our vision is to realize yours. We accomplish this by taking the time to understand our client’s goals and aspirations. Through communication and creativity, we’re able to turn these objectives into incredible events that are on budget and on target.

 Well-planned, well-executed strategies work hard no matter the event.  As professionals who offer a wide range of services, Strategic Event Design’s team of industry experts handle live and digital event production anywhere in the world. Our talented team of expert event producers, meeting planners, technical producers and creative designers are at your disposal to design every aspect of your event. Our expertise and attention to detail guarantee excellence and will transform your event from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

We pay attention. We’re smart. We’re flexible

Our formula for success is simple: we offer each of our clients the ultimate in performance.

SED’s innovative design concepts will transform your event from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Our talented team of expert event producers, meeting planners, technical producers and creative designers are at your disposal to design every aspect of your event. Their expertise and attention to detail guarantee excellence and satisfaction.

Know What You Want! Select a Venue That Meets Your Needs

Know What You Want! Select a Venue That Meets Your Needs Venues of North Scottsdale

Best Venue For Your Event


What is your ideal event budget and how much are you willing to spend for your “dream venue”?  When coming up with this magic number, determine if the venue will also be providing food and beverage, entertainment, music or decorations so you can allocate your funds accordingly.  This will help you pick the best venue for your event.

Number of Guests

Most venues have minimums and also – by law – have maximum capacities.  Where do you fit?  Avoid selecting a venue that may be too large for your group if you must meet a minimum requirement.  But also be wary of choosing a facility that may be too small to accommodate your guests, which may lead to overcrowding.  Like Goldilocks and The Three Bears – you don’t want it too big, you don’t want it too small…you want it to be just right.

Senior Board Meeting or Celebration?

What type of event are you hosting?  Is it a formal business event or a casual business gathering?

 Is it a 50th birthday party celebration or a bridal shower?  Determining the type of event and the mood will help you choose the best venue for that desired ambience. Keep an open mind – creative decorations can transform a plain room into something spectacular.  Just be sure to include any decoration costs in your budget.

Location, Location, Location

As a result consider the mode of transportation your guests will be using to get to the event.  If attendees are arriving via airplane, how far is the venue from the airport?  Is there a free shuttle available?  If mass transit will be utilized, how convenient is it to reach the facility?  Know your audience and select a venue in a location that best suits their needs.


If your attendees will be driving to the event, check if there is ample parking in the immediate lot.   Do they offer valet parking?  Do you need it?  Ask if they provide space for overflow parking and be sure the facility can accommodate the accessibility needs of your guests.

Services and Amenities

What services and amenities do you require for your function?  Will you be using the venue for a meeting only and guests will go elsewhere for dining?  If so, find out what is available nearby or within walking distance.  If there are activities and services your guests may need in conjunction with the event, be sure the venue has them available either onsite or close by.  Unless guests will be lodged at the venue and everything will be handled on premises, avoid selecting a site that is tucked out of the way; it can be a hassle for guests to travel offsite.

Experience it Yourself

So with that said visit the venue you are considering and observe a similar event.  Experience the flow of traffic throughout the facility, notice the attentiveness of the staff, take in the overall feel of the venue.  This is a great way to get a real sense of whether a particular location may suit your needs.

Therefore have you considered how easy the venue is to access:

  1. storage
  2. local resources
  3. technology needs
  4. additional amenities (that may or may not be included in the package price

For example, if one location includes all the tables and chairs as well as the set-up and clean-up of the event that may be a better value than having to pay for all of those services separately at another event venue.

7 Ways to Stretch Your Client’s Event Budget

3 Reasons Why Relationships Still Matter

3 Reasons Why Relationships Still Matter. With the recent passing of several industry veterans and friends,I started to reflect upon my

3 Reasons Why Relationships Still Matter

generation of meeting industry leaders. The one thing we all have in common is that during our time in the industry, professional relationships really mattered. I’m not saying that current leaders are not relationship oriented, but I can say with complete confidence that with my generation, the relationship was a primary catalyst for getting things done.

Those relationships were how great industry partnerships and alliances were built. They were the currency for influence. These relationships were not subject to any ROI formulas or quid pro quo analysis. They were based on trust and a legacy of successful results. It was through the power of these relationships and references that people got hired, promoted, fired, or demoted. Individuals who mined those relationships successfully through strong personal branding didn’t need to apply for jobs; they were offered positions—sometimes positions created specifically for the value they brought to the hiring organization.

Good and bad—relationships mattered. Now, whenever industry professionals seek funding for various sponsorships and partnerships, everything must pass a ROI formula before it gets approved. It no longer seems to matter how powerful the partner, individual, association, or media publication may be; if it doesn’t pass the ROI test, it doesn’t get funded and business partnerships don’t happen.

Maybe I’m too nostalgic or glossing over some of the cons of the relationship era, but as more of my peers and colleagues depart for well-deserved retirements or from natural causes, they are leaving a legacy that built this industry and strengthened its foundation. I truly hope the current generation of industry professionals respect and honor the shoulders they stand upon. I am in awe of what was accomplished in my generation, and I look forward to what the next generation will do. Who knows, maybe the bean counters will come to realize the power of relationships even if the ROI is difficult to quantify.

Three reasons why I believe relationships still matter:

1. Relationships are built on your personal brand integrity. Your brand is your most valuable business asset. It’s something you carry with you for your entire career, irrespective of what company you work for.

2. When buyers are making a final decision among preferred suppliers, the final decision (if all things are relatively equal) tends to be affected by the relationship or lack thereof. When I was a buyer, I often relied on the value of the relationship to make key supplier decisions. I also paid attention to the brand and reputation of the sales individuals I worked with, and in more cases that I can remember, these ended up being deciding factors.

3. At the end of the day, your legacy is comprised of the relationships you’ve built. It’s the long-lasting impact of those relationships that speaks volumes about the quality of your life and career. You can buy great public relations. But your legacy will be a direct reflection of your lifelong connections and your personal brand. These are your most valuable assets, so protect, develop, and guard them well.

Kevin has enjoyed over 35 years in the travel industry. He is considered one of the original founders of Strategic Meetings Management . And is a leading subject matter expert in the discipline. Kevin is a former President & CEO of the Board of Directors for the Global Business Travel Association, and is a sought-after industry spokesperson representing business travel and meetings and event interests globally.

Government Conference Spending Guidelines Just Got a Little Looser

Government Conference Spending Guidelines Just Got a Little Looser. The Obama Administration has issued a memorandum. It loosens the noose around government attendance at conferences that has been in place since a crackdown four years ago.

It called for a 30 percent reduction in travel expenses through FY 2016. Senior-level review of all conference-related expenses over $100,000. And other restrictions that curtailed government officials from hosting, sponsoring, attending, and speaking at conferences.

While the freewheeling conferences of yore—remember the Government Services Administration’s excessive spending on food and beverage, entertainment, and frills that led to the crackdown?—are not coming back, the new memorandum issued by the Office of Management and Budget on November 25 streamlines the conference-approval process and lifts the spending caps that expired in September.

The update will limit the approval process to meetings that are sponsored or hosted by a government agency. Government officials seeking to attend or speak at an outside conference will be able to skip the wait and red tape involved.

The memorandum states that the new rules resulted from lessons learned during the past four years. And that, while controlling costs remains a priority, “Conferences play an important role in the Federal Government.

Therefore by enabling the sharing of knowledge among large groups, bringing together dispersed communities. Or providing opportunities for interaction, collaboration, and presenting cutting-edge work.” Scientific associations were particularly hard-hit by the restrictions. Which reduced the number of government experts available to speak at their programs.

Written by

Industrial venues versatile to all sorts of events

Industrial venues are versatile spaces that lend themselves to all sorts of events. Blank canvas spaces give you a lot of creative control, which means sourcing an industrial venue for your event is all about finding the perfect shell to work your magic on.

Utilitarian surfaces, stripped-back architecture and salvaged objects lend themselves to a modern aesthetic. Keep your venue bare or get creative with florals, found objects or modern art installations to totally transform the space. Don’t be afraid to take a risk when it comes to styling an industrial venue – showing off your personality and making the space your own is what’s going to make your event a standout. And remember that industrial-style spaces are usually expansive, so when decorating choose larger pieces for a big impact.

The Demand for Industrial Chic

Pared back to the essentials with strong clean lines and no hint of excess, industrial spaces are big, bold, comfortable in their own skin and all the more chic for it. There’s a stripped-back quality about this style that makes for a unique atmosphere and leaves a lasting impression on guests.

Whether you’re after a New York loft-style space or a cavernous exhibition space with vaulted ceilings, exposed pipes and cement floors, hosting an event in an industrial-style space is all about the wow factor. From crumbling former factories to the more polished and altogether less-warehousey warehouses, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Cost Less Than an Arm and a Leg

Industrial venues are relatively affordable event spaces. A rustic warehouse wedding is perfect for the budget savvy bride as industrial-style spaces can accommodate large guest counts that would usually call for a ballroom affair. In conclusion also lend themselves to DIY decorations and are perfect for self-catered events.

Industrial venues give you plenty of opportunity to make a space your own. Working with the bare tableau of a warehouse or former factory means you can really afford to get creative. Why not inject a little personality into your event by including an element of surprise? Serve a custom-named cocktail with personalised drink stirrers or set up a make-your-own BBQ slider station or an oyster bar with on-the-spot shucking.

You Can Go Your Own Way

Therefore I don’t know about you, but the growing popularity of industrial-style spaces has us very excited as event-goers. Finally this trend is all about pushing boundaries and daring to be a little different, which essentially translates to new and exciting ways of getting together. And what’s not to love about that?

Images courtesy of Tagvenue.

Guest Author:

Jacinta - Tagvenue venues londonJacinta Butterworth is a content marketer at #tagvenue. A fast-growing startup that’s transforming the way people discover and book spaces for their events. She has a passion for social media as well as the best venues in London to get together.

The venue truly sets the tone


The venue truly sets the tone

Before anything else, the venue truly sets the tone for the type of event you’re throwing, be it otherworldly, ethereal, old-school or modern. And, while spectacular decor is a tremendous component to any remarkable celebration, sometimes the venue just speaks for itself. We’re talking about unique, one-of-a-kind spaces that instantaneously transport guests to another time or place the moment they walk through the door. Whether you’re planning an amazing incentive event, a let your hair loose offsite party, business meeting, awards gala, wedding reception, anniversary or team building, the right venue will set the tone for your next Scottsdale Arizona corporate event.

Our exclusive private venues provide the ideal backdrop for unforgettable Scottsdale corporate events.

With experiential events at the core of purposeful marketing today, creativity from concept to execution is paramount to program success. Choosing from one of our privately owned 21 unique venues is the first step in the planning process and the perfect solution for corporate events.

If you are seeking privacy and maximum personalization we are an unparalleled experience located in North Scottsdale Arizona.  Located in the heart of the city’s business area and in close proximity to the Phoenix and Scottsdale Metro area. Hangars range from 3500 to 60,000 square feet and have looks from urban to flawlessly finished with many amenities not generally located in this kind of venue. EL SAMARITANO EQUESTRIAN RANCH IS on 30 acres covered area is over 30,000. Connecting unique event spaces with professional event planning and production solutions, this is what Venues of North Scottsdale is about. Plan your next corporate event with us because it’s more then a day on the calendar!

Venues of North Scottsdale offers an all- inclusive event planning experience with unique spaces of all sizes.  Unlike other venues in Scottsdale, we can accommodate groups as large as 3,000 participants at several of our locations.   For intimate gatherings choose from our smaller sites including mini airport hangars, private clubs or chef’s service on the tarmac of one of our runways.

We as well offer all venues as Dry Hire, meaning you can bring your own team. At night, our hangars become “private event-only” venues. Our event  specialists and chefs will entertain with epicurean proportions so great sharing is easy. Enjoy jaw dropping, taste bud tantalizing, sensory overloads we’ve served up. So indulge us with your next exclusive event at Venues of North Scottsdale. Multiple venue’s that accommodates every detail from the décor to more.

We deliver five star treatment in our private venues with each event carefully crafted and one of a kind. We tell your story your attendees take the message home.

10 Things Productive #EventProfs Do Every Day

10 Things Productive #EventProfs Do Every Day. Productivity and event planning go hand in hand. Successful event planners are very productive. Here are 10 habits of productive event planners you can steal to kick off your week.

Productivity for event planners
Corporate events are ever more drawn to unique sites that offer both privacy and maximum personalization. Including an event experience in a memorable locale guarantees long lasting positive association to your program.

I haven’t met a single event professional who is not very organised and effective at getting things done. Stories from the trenches range from those who developed their own excel templates to superbly crafted email auto-responders.

The level of practicality needed to get very complex tasks done in a super short amount of time is inherent to our profession. Being productive and efficient helps to relief stress and do more, quicker.

Researching the web for scientifically proven ways to boost productivity, I pretty much encountered the same tips. This is because no matter how different jobs can be, the human brain works in the same way.

So what things do successful event professionals do every day that ultimately boost their productivity? Here they are!

They Prepare Their To Do List The Night Before

Productivity todo
There is nothing more exciting than being whisked away to a private venue… until you walk through the entrance and see how impactful a meticulously crafted event can be!

Do you know what are you going to do tomorrow? No? Read on then.

In the book, Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours, author Robert Pozen explains how writing down our to do’s the night before helps us to keep them realistic and achievable.

I would add that it also helps us to keep us focused on what is really needed without being carried away by incoming emails.

They Never Check Emails When They Wake Up


Productivity eventsChecking email continuously is an addiction. It gives the same satisfaction of pulling the handle of a slot machine. That feeling of satisfaction to have positive news or that frustration to read a negative response belong to the same addiction of continuously ‘pulling down to refresh’.

In her book, Never Check E-Mail In the Morning: And Other Unexpected Strategies for Making Your Work Life Work, author Julie Morgenstern stresses how checking emails first thing in the morning will mess with your ability to be organised. Emails will control you and your to do list, completely shattering any prep you did the night before.

Dedicating a particular time(s) of the day to check emails and setting up auto responders will help regain control of your priorities.

I must admit I suck at email management so I will be the first one taking Julie’s advice.

They Exercise


Excercise for eventprofsThere is an incredible amount of literature supporting the positive impact of exercise on productivity and in general on our brain. Speaking of which, in his hugely popular book Brainrules, John Medina sums up how exercising makes our brain more effective. This is well summed up here.

If you want more tips about being healthy and improve your event planning lifestyle, check this post out.

They Work in Chunks


Work in blocksVery productive event professionals know that having only objectives does not help anyone. Mission statements and SMART objectives are great, but you have to break it down to details if you want to be great at execution.

Big tasks are very negative for productivity. They suck all of your energy, they feel insurmountable and in result make you unproductive.

We discussed the Pomodoro Technique before and how breaking down big tasks in chunks helps to get more stuff done, faster. So go for it!

They Know Why They Do What They Do


WhyIf you don’t know why you are doing something, it is highly likely you will be unsuccessful at it.

Strong motivation is linked to productivity and success. Finding motivation is inherent to your work choice. With event planning being the 5th most stressing job out there, you have to live and breath motivation to see your events take shape.

They Get Enough Sleep


Productivity sleepThe life of an event planner is filled with late nights and early mornings but are you sure this sleep deprivation is helping? Or is it just part of the stressed event planner archetype we can so do without.

Don’t you agree? No? Well in that case science says that the longer you are awake, the less you are productive. And you have to agree with science.

They Live by Deadlines


Deadlines in event planningI am always amazed by how some people do not respect deadlines. On the other hand, I always notice that those who impose deadlines and respect them are the ones who are extremely successful at what they do.

A recent study also showed that imposing strict deadlines kills procrastination. Giving yourself limits is essential to feel that pressure that makes you preforms.

If you have no deadlines, you have no event.

They Never Multitask


MultitaskingI am not sure who put out the word that multitasking is good for productivity. Probably the fact that the word entails ‘more than one task’ makes it look good in the eye of the unproductive event planner. Yet quantity is not quality.

Research definitely smashes multitasking. Successful event planners break down tasks in chunks and perform them one at a time.

They Have a Creative Routine


Creativity event plannesAnyone with kids would know how routines are important to grow and improve your children. However not all routines were created equal. Jocelyn Glei, editor of 99U (birthplace of the amazing conference) collected tips for a creative routine shared by great minds of our times in a book.

Having a routine will highly differentiate the output from not having one.

They Know How to Say No


Learn to say noProductive event professionals are not afraid to say no. They know what the concept of opportunity cost means. Tons of coffees and meetings are useful only if there is an agenda and and an objective. So you have to learn to politely decline.

Productivity guru Darren Hardy explains how your time is the most precious resource you have and learning to say no protects it.

In Conclusion

I hope these 10 quick tips will help you being more productive. Even picking one up will make a huge difference.

So while I work on my email management fiasco, let me know what you will be improving!

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