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Feeling unsure about an upcoming meeting somewhere new? Let us know! We are experts at the logistics side and will help you get the most out of your event, wherever it may be.


A highly collaborative team building and business exercise that gets teams working towards one common goal. The Objective: Create an innovative and inspiring machine that will complete a simple task in a gloriously intricate and elegant fashion. It is a complicated process that is artful, creative and fun with the objective of completing a very basic task – like revealing a banner, flipping a switch or setting off a mouse trap. Each team will be given a budget to creatively acquire their building materials including hundreds of household and office items.


What is Cardboard Boat Building Activity? The Cardboard Boat Building Activity challenges your team to design, build, and float a boat made from cardboard and tape! Your team will have a chance to work cohesively, think creatively, and enjoy an exciting competition. This activity is available anywhere in North America with pool or water access for any size group.


This program is sizzling. Spuds of Thunder is a radically different way to bring a team together. Strategy and negotiation can be taught in a fun and experiential team building experience. This is an imaginative and creative program that features special ‘guilds’ from the Potato Kingdom who will build fortresses in order to protect the precious assets of the realm.


This is an exciting, challenging and adventurous mission designed around a location of your choosing. A great way to explore a new location, connect with your team, and incorporate your conference theme. This event will layer in any specific goals/objectives you might have and add an exciting element to your meeting or conference.


What is Bicycle Build Challenge? The Bicycle Build Challenge for Charity event is wholesome experience that delivers fully assembled childrens bicycles to a local charity of your choice. This is a memorable event that will create unity and connection within your team.


What is the Great Race? Based off the popular TV show – The Amazing Race and offered in ALL cities throughout North America. Teams will explore interesting areas and neighborhoods in your city. Your people will have to strategically work together to complete a series of challenges while on the clock. Teams might encounter various roadblocks and obstacles that require problem solving and creativity to move on. Who is going to claim the championship title?


What is the Art of Flight Challenge? Take flight by building and designing an aerodynamic cardboard airplane. A highly collaborative team building and business simulation exercise that gets teams working towards one common goal – a real cardboard boat that floats. At the core of the Eagle Glider Challenge is a real business simulation. Real elements of business are built right into the event and can be tailored to your unique goals, objectives and culture.


What is the Junkyard Orchestra? Not all team building has to be a competition! FullTilt Team Development’s “Junkyard Orchestra” is a collaborative program that gets your entire group in a fun, creative and synergistic space. Great for groups large or small, everyone has a great time as the day unfolds and what started as separate teams of instruments come together to make music together. This event will excite, entertain and energize your entire group, while creating a fun opportunity to laugh, bond and create memories they won’t soon forget!

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