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Event Entertainment

How to Bring Your Corporate Event to Life with a Big Opening

It’s expected of events to be lively and full of entertainment. However, that doesn’t happen all the time and particularly not with corporate events. Tedious state of affairs—this is how one can define the most of corporate events that are just organized for the sake of it.

This happens when no planning, creativity, and hard work is put in making the night memorable. With sleepy proceedings all through the event, neither your employees will feel rewarded, nor can you build new partnerships.

In short, if you are organizing an event, make sure it brims with energy. If not all, it should make most of your guests happy and chirpy. In order to ace corporate event management, you will need to get at least two things right: the opening and food.

Full performance showbands rock it in our hangars

Extraordinary event experiences

SPEV applauds the creativity and big dreams in every form. Our squad has time after time has succeeded with ahead of the curve corporate events. The resource of bands, DJs and specialty performers spans a variety of styles and genres suited for Fortune 500 corporate events as well as grand non-profit galas. We produce a flawless show by bringing the right entertainment and then matching their production, staging, and technical requirements for your event, theme, and budget. Entertainment can make or break a corporate event and making the most out of any act, show or performer can be hugely beneficial. Our planning and production staff lead by has a combined over 50 + years in the entertainment industry so you are assured of the highest quality of execution.

Entertainment for corporate events needs to focus specifically on the key audience, guaranteeing that it is appropriate for all guests. Event experts managing the corporate atmosphere must constantly strive to seek out the greatest entertainment that will make a lasting impression. The acts, performances or entertainers will be innovative and be able to integrate logos and corporate branding. We make sure your entertainment is interactive for a very personal experience which makes for a very memorable event.

Variety & Country Bands Cover & Jazz Bands High Energy Dance

What makes the perfect band? Booking corporate entertainment is all about giving the audience what they want. If you want to change an average, plain corporate party into an event that all guests will be raving about for many years to come, you’ll want to hire a world-renowned corporate band from us. Now more than ever, conference attendees need to come away from their corporate event having had an incredible experience. We deliver any variety of musicians and bands to enhance any budget, situation, event and or theme. In addition, our home-grown cover bands, performers and entertainers help keep costs down


Interactive Entertainment

Interactive entertainment from SHOWSTOPPERS  is what we’re all about! Instead of a standard bar, why not have a Champagne Divas from her skirt? Or how about an aerial bartender pouring libations from above?Our Hangars are perfect for aerialists !! Serving food? Why not serve hor’s oeuvres from our living cocktail table? We bring ordinary events an extraordinary element of fun! walk around serving drink


Urban Electra

We’re firm believers that “corporate entertainment” and “stodgy” need not go together. Let Urban Electra pump some energy into your next gathering. From corporate events to public gatherings to private parties, if you plan it, we’ll play it: We travel the world providing live music for all sorts of corporate functions. Urban Electra has opened for celebrities such as Howie Mandel, Halle Berry, John Fogerty, Seal, Donna Summer, and Cirque du Soleil. We like to think we’re a tough act to follow, but you’d have to ask them.



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