Haute Dokimazo

Haute Dokimazo 

Conversation-based experiences for your Customers, Prospects, or Employees

Haute Dokimazo Spontaneous Think Tank™

Turn-Key, 3-hour experiences

If you want to add conversation into your event portfolio to break out of the webinar-only content and build community, a Spontaneous Think Tank™ might be right for you. This 3-hour online experience can be used as a stand-alone event or incorporated into your existing virtual event and is ideal for up to 100 participants (although more can be accommodated).

We crowdsource in real-time with with the participants, curating the topics, and then selecting the facilitators during the event. You bring the people, we do the rest!

Ways to use a Spontaneous Think Tank:

  • Bring prospects and customers together, asking customers what problems they’ve solved and can help with and asking prospects what problems they are trying to solve (then you customers lead the sessions for your prospects!).

  • Engage existing communities that normally have meet-ups and now have to go virtual.

  • Use as a replacement for field events that you can no longer hold in person.

  • Engage employee resource groups with this virtual experience for networking and collaboration across business units or geographies.

It’s your low-cost, turn-key, peer-to-peer solution.

Want to us these HDs to replace your existing field event program? Ask us about bundled pricing for a package of 5 or more!


Haute Dokimazo is an intimate, friendly, welcoming, energetic gathering like nothing you’ve ever experienced as an event industry professional. There are no keynotes, no breakout sessions, no lanyards, and no expo. In-person, HD is just $200 and includes all the food we can fit. Remote, we run our marketing/event professional HDs for free.

Why are there no session topics listed? We crowdsource the topics on-site that YOU want to talk about or share, then we match up the subject matter experts with those seeking to learn, and create an agenda on the fly.


At a normal HD event, sessions are an hour long with time in between for networking and continuing conversations. At a remote HD, participants will experience a shortened 30 minute session to make connections and begin conversations.

To close out the event, an HD event ends with a group retrospective. This involves our Plus/Delta or Roses & Thorns opportunity.

Participants are invited to share their Plus or Rose and publicly tell everyone everything they LOVED about the experience. Then, participants are invited to share their Delta or Thorn to tell everyone how we can improve next time. Open and transparent is the only way to make things better next time, and we adore real-time feedback!

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