We spark profitable relationships anchored in genuine connection through rousing shared experiences and conversations.

So you’ve been told that you can’t create connections right now. You’ve been lied to.

This is a perfect time. It’s easier than ever before. There isn’t too much noise. There is silence and opportunity.

There are no closed doors. When has it EVER been this easy to be invited into someone’s home? We see kids, dogs, bedrooms through the screen. You’re being told that the virtual world is flat. But now, business is personal. Emotions drive business decisions. And now it’s amplified.

You have not figured out the magic formula to help people genuinely connect. We have.

Shared experiences that evoke an emotional response and are anchored in conversation create genuine connections that drive profitable relationships. And we’re going to prove it.

Join us for a journey you never thought you’d have.

Join us to become part of a community you didn’t know you needed.

Choose your adventure.


I believe in genuinely caring because we rise by lifting others.

I believe conversation brings education and enlightenment.

I believe co-creation requires co-involvement, diversity, and shared tasks.

I believe collaboration yields the most impactful results.

I believe connection is fundamental to humanity.

2021 Programs for Hauties

Haute U

You can find Haute Dokimazo’s Nicole Osibodu and Liz Lathan leading the Authenticity course in PCMA’s “7 Change Actions to Transformation.”

Check it out at Convening Leaders 2021!

More Haute U courses are coming in 2021.

Spontaneous Think Tanks and Virtual Adventures

All Spontaneous Think Tanks for event professionals will be held in conjunction with event industry events. If you have an industry event and would like to add a Spontaneous Think Tank to it, reach out to Liz to check availability. We will offer this experience free of charge for up to five industry events in 2021.

Haute Dokimazo Secret Family Refresh

Well, we made it to 2021, and we sure could use a REFRESH! So we’ve decided make this year’s secret trip open to all Hauties, no application process necessary.

Ready to get refreshed?

The magic starts with this click.