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Jet Broker & Jet ChartersWith mask mandates, delayed flights, and busy terminals plaguing the modern-day travel experience, it’s easy to see why people are flocking to the private sector of aviation. Jessica and the experts at Paradise Jets have set out to improve the private aviation experience. Jessica has helped ultra-high-net-worth individuals, private enterprises, and large corporations successfully obtain the perfect aircraft for their exclusive travel needs. Jet Broker & Jet Charters

It’s time to fly 

“Whether buying, selling, or chartering, a key problem I see throughout the aviation industry is the lack of customer service and financial oversight. At Paradise Jets, we set ourselves apart by going above and beyond to provide an unmatched level of service and thoroughness. Our team is eager to perform on behalf of our clients; as a result, they feel protected, understood, and can see the value of partnering with our team, ” says Jessica Holland, Director of Sales and Acquisitions. Jet Broker & Jet Charters

The sky is not the limit.

Jessica has been in the aviation industry for years and has a long-standing finance background. With a record of leading high-performance teams, including multi-million dollar sales operations and business development, and being a pilot herself, Jessica has the experience and knowledge you want on your side regarding aircraft deals.

Gotta jet? I’m your bet!

Jessica is tasked with understanding her current role’s ever-changing aircraft sales market. Her primary focus is advocating for clients while educating them on the different options aviation offers. When asked what led to her success in aviation, Jessica responded, “My secret weapon is my passion for what I do and my incredible teammates. Together it is an unbeatable formula. From our President, Jamie Thomas, to our CPAs, Aviation Attorneys, and tenured Directors, we all share the same passion for aviation and seeing our clients succeed. When you work with Jessica, you choose a team of skilled professionals who advocate for you when negotiating. Paradise Jets is the answer whether that includes buying, selling, maintenance, or chartering.”  Jet Broker & Jet Charters

Best way to fly

Paradise Jets is located at Falcon Field. Paradise Jets is located at Falcon Field. With brand new hangars that are fully enclosed, state-of-the-art, climate control, and fire suppression equipt, Paradise Jets is leading the way in private aviation.  Paradise Jets offers a wide array of management programs that provide aircraft owners with a positive ROI.” Jet Broker & Jet Charters

Contact Jessica at 602.541.0466 for more information or visit Jet Broker & Jet Charter



Choosing chartered flights with Paradise Jets provides you with the personalized service you and your personnel deserve. Travel more efficiently, with flight providers eager to schedule their flights around your needs. Enjoy the flexibility and on-time service your company needs to thrive. Call the charter flight liaisons at Paradise Jets today to get started! Jet Broker & Jet Charters


Flying Charter On A Private Jet Provides Efficiencies And Amenities That Can Save Your Company Money. Why Should Your Most Valued Personnel Schedule Their Air Travel With Providers That Have Hundreds Of Other Customers To Attend To?  Paradise Jets a full-service aviation consulting firm offers you the tailored flying experience you’re searching for. Paradise Jets leverages a network of contacts, flight industry experts, and years of experience to offer you an unrivaled chartered flight experience. 


Choosing Chartered Flights With Paradise Jets Provides You The Personalized Service You And Your Personnel Deserve. Travel More Efficiently, With Flight Providers Eager To Schedule Their Flights Around Your Needs. Enjoy The Flexibility And On-Time Service Your Company Needs To Thrive. Call The Charter Flight Liaisons At Paradise Jets Today To Get Started!


There are many reasons to use private jets. The main general reasons that we hear most often are listed below. The specific pros and cons of the different forms of private aircraft travel are discussed in our articles on each travel type.

Time-saving is one of the most significant reasons for using private aircraft. Depending on your program and provider, you can have an aircraft ready in just a few hours. You can arrive at the airport just minutes before your scheduled departure time, fly directly to your destination (without any layovers), make productive use of your time onboard, avoid overnight stays (saving hotel $ as well as time), avoid waiting in lines at the airport, land at over 5,000 airports in the US and so be closer to your destination. All of this can provide significant savings in both productive times and dollars.

Productivity – the time savings above provide significantly more productive time onboard and before and after your flight. You and your staff can make the most of the travel time to talk business or work with customers, suppliers, or partners.

Convenience – There are over 5,000 airports in the US that private planes can use (vs 500 airports for larger commercial aircraft). This means you can often land closer to your true destination. The ban on liquids in the cabin caused all sorts of inconveniences for people flying commercially, but private flyers have avoided all this. Private planes also mean that you can travel with your special belongings such as instruments, sports gear, and product samples, or bring your pet in the cabin.

Flexibility – Planes can be available at a few hours’ notice and can wait for you if you’re running late. It’s even possible to change flight plans in mid-flight if necessary.

Quality of service – Private planes provide luxury furnishings, plenty of space, and individualized attention, and your preferred food and drinks can be ordered ahead of time. Your colleagues, friends, or family are the only people on the plane, so you receive the utmost attention and service focus.

Family time – spend more time with your friends and family by reducing travel time and not having to spend as many overnights away from home.

Privacy – you can hold meetings and make productive use of your time without being overheard. Your overall travel will also be far less visible when you’re on a private plane, helping preserve the secrecy around important negotiations or deals.

Reduced stress – without the lines, waiting, lost luggage, transfers, delay concerns, or security issues of commercial flights, you’ll be much more relaxed.

Image – a private plane projects a well-run, efficient, successful individual or organization that values time and can afford private air travel.

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