Guests want distinctive – something they haven’t seen before. Most of the time, this suggests venues that weren’t envisioned for events. Just our take but If a venue has a package, it isn’t exceptional

What if you could host your next corporate event in a pimped-out Jet Hangar?

We know one of the most essential components of your event is the right venue. Through our relationships with our venue owners, we have an extensive collection of spaces for events of all shapes and sizes. Even an impressive event itinerary can’t persuade people to attend if they already know that they have to travel a long distance to reach the destination. Keep in mind that, a far-off venue location can drastically impact the headcount at your event and subsequently its success. SPEV venues most are under 10 minutes from Scottsdale resorts.

They want unforgettable events in unique locations.

Finding non- conventional locations means looking outside any space that was designed specifically to accommodate meetings.

How about a hangar full of Classic Cars? Or even a helicopter hangar?

Countless companies have been there and done that and got the T-shirt. Ballrooms however swanky, have come to be predictable. In order to be noticeable and electrify your guests to leave an impression, they would in no way have expected. Approach your next venue selection outside any space that was created exclusively for meetings.

We love a challenge and will move heaven and earth to make it happen!

While a prestigious chain hotel or bold new convention center can set the stage for a thoroughly lovely event, occasionally clients need a truly exclusive backdrop for their corporate event. Standing out from the cluster includes more than marvelous décor and well-played music—the venue secures the complete event. And when a run-of-the-mill venue just won’t do, take into account an out-of-the-box space to set the stage for an exceptionally exceptional event.

We have organized events as varied as a Vintage Pan Am themed party complete with juggling Pilots, to intimate private dining with a celebrity chef for 50 hand-selected guests.

Places that were once seen as too cold, dark, and unfinished for weddings and events – are now being thought of as hip cool, urban and trendy. It is not that astonishing that event trends get their cues from architecture, creative design, and truthfully fashion week; however, it is a bit staggering just how far behind the event industry is on some of these trends. However, as millennials continue to push the limit on old traditions, and look at their events as an opportunity to reflect their unique personality, hopefully, we’ll see the industry start to catch on.

Personalities of Industrial Spaces:

Exposed Brick Walls

Exposed ceiling structure and systems

Large doors and Windows

Concrete, Epoxy or Wood Floors

Open Floor Plans no obstructions

High  Ceilings