Smart Badges.
Better Connections.

Proxfinity’s CUE™ is the first true wearable for business. No downloads or apps – just smart matching of skills with needs that makes events better and face-to-face time more valuable.

Introducing the Social Hardware for Business Platform

The Proxfinity CUE™ is the only smart badge linked to a SaaS back-end that improves the event experience before, during and after a meeting.

With a  form factor thinner than a smartphone and lighter than a pad of sticky notes, the CUE™ puts just the right amount of social into professional – helping people connect and bond easily and naturally.

Reprogrammable. Reusable. Reliable – with three days of battery life.

Professionally Identifiable Information (PII)

Before the event, we profile participants with a simple, variable screen based on behavioral science and event purpose in order to program the CUE™.

During and after the event, the CUE™ generates meaningful connections and collects matching data – so that even if you can’t connect, you know who else you shared affinities with.

All this information – PII for the workplace – helps make the value of an event last long after it’s over for both participants and organizers.

Not working.

Event organizers and attendees deserve a flexible, all-in-one system that gives them the tools to make sure the right connections happen at the right time, rather than depending on luck and personality.

Christine Hutchison and Lisa Carrel present Proxfinity

Watch a fun demo on networking NOT working! PROXFINITY

…For Meetings

When you’re sponsoring and/or running an event, you’re often blind until people show up to register – and in the dark until or unless people take surveys afterward. That’s why we invented social hardware.

Proxfinity’s CUE™ and SaaS platform give organizers an unparalleled ability to design, manage and measure events.

Our fast profiling, reprogrammable hardware and lack of dependence on downloaded apps mean nearly 100% participation in pre-event interaction. CUE’s real-time data collection and LED screens mean that messages and sponsor branding can be delivered and tracked in real-time – allowing event heat mapping and traffic management – all from an intuitively designed dashboard.

…Find Yourself

 The truth about meetings is that even side-by-side with colleagues and customers, it’s very hard to know how to break the ice, who to spend time with and what to say as a follow-up. That’s where the Proxfinity CUE™ changes the game.

 Without apps or taps, they tell you when there’s a mix of personal and professional affinities – cueing you when a smart match is nearby by flashing your name on a paired badge.

 So just find your name – and use our CUE™ and real-time dashboards to up-level your meeting experience, keep track of even the conversations you missed, and walk away with the next steps already teed up.

Our CUE smart badge was designed to make in-person interaction more approachable and effective. Combined with our back-end SaaS platform, we help attendees break the ice by alerting users to when they share common interests, have relevant work experience or skills to people nearby. The badge simply alerts users to the match, allowing two parties to initiate conversation easily and naturally. All the while, our CUE badges are tracking and collecting data that we analyze for clients – letting them know how many connections were made, who spoke to who, for how long, and so forth. And what does that mean? It means better ROI from the often costly investments companies make into meetings, conferences and other professional gatherings.

It’s a segment that shows no signs of slowing down. The global wearable market has been growing steadily since 2016 and is poised to reach nearly $60 billion by 2025. It’s clear that wearables are going to become a larger part of our everyday life.

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