Landing Your Dream Job as a Corporate Event Planner

Landing Your Dream Job as a Corporate Event Planner.

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If you’re looking for a corporate event planning role, it’s important to understand how the company of your choice does its hiring. You don’t want to spend hours perusing their open positions every week only to find that it’s a position they don’t hire for and rely on someone internally to perform the duties on top of their own. Do the research first.

Four Easy Paths to Transition into Corporate Event Planning

A traditional degree in event planning is one way to get into corporate event planning but not the only one. Here are a few other ways to gain the experience that is crucial to landing your dream job in corporate planning. If you want to know how to get into corporate event planning and fast, these may be the quickest routes for you, particularly without formal event training and experience behond you.

  1. Corporate training. A lot of corporate trainers make the transition into corporate event planning. They already know what it takes to teach and develop curriculum, organizing an event is just a different set of details to manage.
  1. Office support or assistance. Many administrative assistants pick up the basics of conference and meeting prep. Because those they support hand the tasks off to them. If you’re currently working in these roles, ask those who are planning the corporate events if you could help out.
  1. Marketing, Communication, and Sales. It’s natural that marketers and sales coordinators be involved in the planning for product launches and user conferences so they already have a natural in to the rest of the corporate events. Marketers and sales also understand the return on investment calculation in what they do in their given departments.
  1. Corporate Foundation. So many larger companies have a corporate foundation that handles working with nonprofits and community groups.

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