Martinis are meant to be dirty

Creative, individualized cocktail & spirit experiences

Liquid caters to all palates, whether you like sticking to the classics or spicing things up with one of our signature crafted cocktails.

Scottsdale Hangar Parties will provide bartending services while presenting innovative mixology. Our professional staff thrives on making your event fun and memorable for you & all of your guests. We design customized menus based on your aspirations, manage your bar with our lovely professional staff, and aim to give you an exceptional beverage experience. Beautifully executed experiences for all of our clients. Scottsdale Hangars, where uniqueness meets origination, and every event is elevated to new altitudes. Step into our world, and you’ll find more than just fabulous cocktails; you’ll discover an extraordinary experience that will leave a lasting consciousness on your guests.

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Cocktails & SpiritsAdd a unique experience to any of our packages with a Signature Cocktail. SPEV will custom-create it specifically for you and your event. Signature drinks created just for you & yours on your special day! We love to co-create unique signature cocktails for our couples. It’s all about the little touches that really make for a memorable celebration! Contact us to schedule your signature drink tasting today! A Title 4 Certified Professional Bartender will arrive ready to serve you and your guests at your event start time. Your bartender will arrive in professional attire with their bar tools. Premier On-Site Bartending

Are you ready to try Liqui Bar’s carefully curated signature cocktails?


Cocktails & SpiritsAre you looking for a crowd-pleasing bartending for your next event? Liquid works in our venue of choice and serves up freshly crafted cocktails and drinks for the duration of your event. Liquid service includes 5-hours of service, with the ability to add additional time and/or additional bartender staffing to ensure your guests’ drinks never run dry.


Cocktails & SpiritsElevate your next event with our Espresso Bar service! Our expert barista arrives an hour early with a top-notch espresso machine, ready to perfect iced and hot espresso drinks. Offering a range of milk, sweeteners, and house-made syrups, ensuring every cup is tailored to individual tastes. But that’s not all: we don’t just provide drinks; we add a touch of sophistication to your gathering. With aromatic coffee bean garnishes and disposable coffee cups, we combine convenience with luxury, making each espresso a beverage and a personalized experience that elevates any occasion. Perfect for kick-starting morning meetings or keeping the after-party alive. Book our Espresso Bar service now and take your event to the next level!


Cocktails & SpiritsEmbrace the warmth and nostalgia of a perfect cup of hot cocoa with our dedicated Hot Cocoa Bars. Our insulated dispensers ensure the cocoa remains at the perfect temperature, served in our specialized cups. Customize your cup with caramel and chocolate syrups, and top it off with marshmallows and whipped cream. For that added touch of luxury, dive into our assortment of candies. All set upon our elegantly draped tables, it’s a delightful treat that promises to warm both hands and hearts. Ideal for chilly evenings or simply when comfort is on the agenda.


Cocktails & SpiritsNeed a little liquid therapy from time to time. You can enjoy a specialty cocktail at home with the Liquid Caterer Cocktail Infusion Kits! Our house-made infusion kits contain all-natural ingredients and are designed to pair perfectly with your favorite spirit. These delicious infusion kit cocktails can be sipped straight, over ice, mixed into your favorite cocktail, or even paired with tea, water, or lemonade. Three sizes are available. Customization is available upon request. Pre

mier On-Site Bartending


Cocktails & SpiritsCustomized Gift Boxes with Liquid Caterer Cocktail Infusion Kits. These are perfect for any celebration: weddings, birthdays, holidays, and much more! We curate boxes based on your budget and event/occasion! Premier On-Site Bartending 


Cocktails & SpiritsEnhance wine or spirit tasting by utilizing different flavor profiles of smoke to alter + elevate the taste of any wine or spirit! What kind of cocktails can you smoke? Wood Chips or shavings work well with personality-forward cocktails such as Manhattans, Martinis, and Old-Fashioned’ s. Smoke robustly with nuts, fruit, and herbs. You can choose from an array of ingredients to smoke.



Cocktails & SpiritsCreate a unique and engaging experience for your guests with customizable images and sayings. Our drink toppers are all natural and flavorless. Great for beer, cocktails, coffee, hot cocoa, and more! They are made of edible ink and corn-based baking fondant and can be customized with your images to make any occasion memorable.  Edible Custom cocktail toppers are the best addition to all kinds of cocktails. This is definitely a fun way of making your cocktails more interesting. Think only food can be customized look again. These images melt right into your drink.


WOW, your guests with Custom Edible Garnishes! Elevate your cocktail experience by adding a custom logo, saying, image, hashtag, etc. These edible garnishes are full color and add a unique aspect to any event. We can even print LIVE on demand to capture guests during your event or special occasion. These custom-printed drink edible images are gluten-free, soy-free, and trans-fat free, and have virtually no taste other than a little sweetness, thereby not changing the flavor or taste of your cocktail!



Our one-of-a-kind 1966 Chevy panel truck has been converted into a Tap Truck equipped with five taps and is genuinely an event showpiece! Our passion for discovering the best local craft beer and wine combined with our love for restoring vintage pick-up trucks led to the creation of Tap Truck. We hope to spread our shared passions to the world one event at a time. We look forward to sharing our mobile bar and serving at your next event soon!

Tap Truck is the mobile bar service for your wedding, party or special event.

✔ Select the craft brews, wines, ciders or cocktails your guests might want to enjoy.

✔ Receive recommendations on customized alcoholic beverage selection.

✔ Pick the perfect vintage truck to match your event’s style!

✔ Leave the rest to us!

The very first, and certainly not the last, vehicle in our fleet is a restored 1966 Chevy tap truck for rent. We transformed it into a mobile bar with five taps that can dispense any beverage. This showpiece can serve beer, premium liquor, soda, kombucha, and even iced tea! The drinks we provide are proudly sourced from local vineyards, microbreweries, and distilleries in Arizona.


Finlay Ray is our fancy and elegant little guy, featuring four taps. Finlay, or “Lil Fin” as we call him, is perfect for pouring custom cocktails, wine, or any non-alcoholic beverages. Ok, so after adding Alice Marie to the family, we couldn’t stop at just one tap vehicle… so here is Finlay Ray.  He is a fancy and elegant little guy, featuring 4 taps. Finlay, like his big sister Alice Marie, can tap anything your heart desires, but his favorite is prosecco…. because… YES!  Finlay is smaller, so he can fit into virtually any yard by driving in the right through the gate or inside any double-door entry, making him more accommodating to almost any home or venue.

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