Thunder Alley Event Hangar

Thunder Alley Event Hangars often induce an exclusive feel. Nonetheless, for event planners willing to look outside ordinary venues, there’s a thoroughly suited distinguishing hangar for nearly every event. Take into account that these assorted out-of-the-box hangars are located near all Scottsdale Resorts. Let your creativity run free—the combination is sure to generate an event that people will talk about for years to come. Exclusive Lifestyle Events We Manage Every Detail Of Your Personal And Business Events To Leave A Profound Impression On Your Guests. With Locations As Flexible As Ours, The Scope For Producing Striking And Memorable Events Is Endless.

From the informal and intimate to the creative and spectacular Thunder, Alley Event Hangars characteristically make for excellent event spaces, as they tend to be celebrated for their high ceilings, wide-open space, big windows, and textural details. 

Your imagination can literally take flight as it gives you numerous options. Thunder Alley Event Hangar is a wonderful place to mix the old with the new. Scottsdale plays host to many large events from annual award ceremonies, conventions, and conferences to product launches and corporate events. Thunder Alley Event Hangar

Thunder Alley Event Hangar lends itself perfectly to extraordinary events

This venue is perfect for large corporate conferences, movie screenings, and awards banquets. It offers organizers a lot of options when it comes to staging their next event. Thunder Alley Event Hangar

Space makes for a perfect venue for a seated dinner, product launch, conference, or live music performance. The hangar has a large load in bays, making it a great space for car product launches.

Thunder Alley Event Hangar is located at the Scottsdale Executive Airport, situated just moments away from Downtown Scottsdale, and a mere 20-minute drive from Sky Harbor and the Phoenix Convention Center.

30’ ceilings, drive-in production doors, white floors, and urban/industrial-looking walls. The hangar door opens 20’ high to 90’ wide with a perfect view of the jets taking off and landing.

Plenty of space for large groups arriving in Motor Coaches, Mini Coaches, and even limousines.

We Give You An Unforgettable Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience

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