Luxury Hangar Events


Our hangars one of Arizona’s most unique luxury event spaces

Featuring a spacious and open floor plans, a large outdoor areas, Private Event Venues in Scottsdale provides the ultimate event space designed to let you create the event you’ve always wanted. Impress your guests with a grand entrance in a plane – and even a ride of their own!

Qualities & Characteristics That Make Our Events & Venues Unique. Large events at Private Event Venues in Scottsdale are notoriously difficult to plan, with limited venues able to cater for more than a few hundred people. We will work closely with you to design the interior layout of the venue for maximum effect. Private Event Venues in Scottsdale’s flexible approach to event venues means you can choose from any of our locations. From corporate events to intimate family soirees.

Ignite Engage Inspire Excite

Whether it’s a large scale conference or product launch, an awards ceremony or discreet business meeting, we have the perfect spaces for your event.

Blank canvas venues give you the freedom and liberty for originality that other venues cannot offer. Our Blank slate venues come in all shapes and sizes, from totally decked-out event spaces to totally raw hangars. Start your exploration for a black canvas venue in Arizona here.

Our company culture is as unique as the venues we offer

Private Event Venues in Scottsdale has the ideal backdrop for your next bash and you can choose any one of our unique spots. We offer everything you need to stage an event that’s distinctly different. Most area blank canvas venue, chosen with events in mind, and can platform your own personality and character. From urban industrial to unadorned, historical to the leading edge, transformative to formalized – we have a venue for your event.

Prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime!

All hangars and venues are extremely adaptable, allowing extensive freedom to influence and brand your own event. All spaces customizable canvas tailored to meet each event’s individual needs. These spaces are perfect for art, film, corporate, social, music, fashion, and culinary communities with both private and in-house programming.

Private Event Venues in Scottsdale takes pride in our results. If you have an event, no matter what kind, contact us! We have been putting on over the top ground-breaking events for years.

Individually tailored around building meaningful experiences

Every space is unique in its size, flooring, height, location, and amenities. If you are seeking privacy and maximum personalization we are an unparalleled experience located in North Scottsdale Arizona.  Our Scottsdale Hangar Events are located in the heart of the city’s business area and in close proximity to the Phoenix and Scottsdale Metro area. Private Event Venues in Scottsdale can provide our clients with an experience unparalleled by any other production company in the business. We offer the most client-centric approach when collaborating with your vision and deciding what can really be done with the hippest technology and design out there. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression.


Capture the imagination of your clients in a way you never thought possible

Scottsdale’s leading destination for any private event, ideal for those looking for the essential alternative experience. What makes Scottsdale Hangar Parties unlike any other event is the setting.

At Scottsdale Private Event Venues we’re team players, passionate and talented experts who deliver exceptional results. We work across a range of verticals – luxury, travel, Fortune 500, retail, wine & spirits, technology, fashion, consumer goods private events, bend launches, and philanthropy.

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