Janet Cussler Car Collection oozes character and natural charm


“Each car has a unique story that reflects the whys and emotional attachment Clive and I felt that led to its purchase.”
The Bees Knees a very popular cocktail way back when
A venue that delivers delectable cuisine, top-notch service and that has all the glitz and glam that the 1920s represented literally in its roots.
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A vintage auto event venue retaining all the charm of years gone by!

The Janet Cussler Car Collection at Scottsdale Private Event Venues is a timeless auto vault full of 40 gorgeous pre-war cars in Scottsdale. Whether you’re hosting an elaborate reception, a private celebration, or a fully themed evening, Scottsdale Private Event Venues provides the style and glamour an event in Scottsdale requires. Perfect for corporate events,  birthday parties to award ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, or a fundraising dinner, our unique venue is one of the most spectacular in Scottsdale.

Not just planning. Total event production

Inside, three distinctly designed spaces had their color palette and vibe with faux brick to create a speakeasy feel. At the same time, the spacious interior can comfortably hold 150 people. We are climate-controlled, have indoor and outdoor areas for entertaining, and provide on-site security. It is a venue that delivers delectable cuisine, top-notch service, and all the glitz and glam that the 1920s represented literally in its roots. With a dedicated team of event planners, incredibly skilled chefs, and operations staff, the Scottsdale Private Event Venues team works tirelessly to ensure your special event is perfect. Our dedicated team will be on hand to guarantee success, both during the preparation and on the day itself.

Our unique venue is one of the most spectacular in Scottsdale. With a dedicated team of event planners, the Scottsdale Private Event Venues team will work tirelessly to ensure your special event is perfect. We can provide complete event services, including decor, catering, and technical support. Our events team can help you plan the perfect occasion with creative concepts and state-of-the-art Audiovisuals.

We take your fun seriously.

We organize hundreds of events annually, giving us the experience to tailor our services to every client’s requirements. What better place to have an event than with some of the finest cars the Janet Cussler Car Collection has ever made? Even for those without a passion for autos, an event here may be a surprising and worthwhile venture.

The Janet Cussler Car Collection 

offers 7500 square feet of viewing space housing forty-five cars, one fire engine, and two airplanes. Arranged to accommodate private and corporate events from black tie to a board meeting with access to additional space for cocktails and dining. 

Available as a unique event space in Scottsdale, the Janet Cussler Car Collection is open by appointment only and does not offer daily hours. You may choose to have an intimate dinner by candlelight emersed in the bygone days of the Roaring Twenties, the stylish years of Art Deco, and the Brass Era, or you and your guests can party while strolling through the history of the classical automobile. 

Your vision. Our innovation. Event Solutions

Janet Cussler Car Collection is a venue that exudes old-world charm and high-profile sophistication. This transportive world is encapsulated by a modern architectural shell that is just as pleasing to the eye. Cozy hardwood floors and minimalist-style brick walls offer those designing the event a canvas with opportunity. The Experience With 7,500 square feet of versatile space at your disposal, planning an exciting occasion can seem limitless. A built-in sound system and two professional pianos can be the ideal foundation for your function’s entertainment. Event lighting is included in the rental and can be the perfect finishing touch to a creatively designed gathering.

Innovative concepts, creative design, and flawless execution at Janet Cussler Car Collection 

Janet Cussler Car Collection, managed by SPEV is an event venue devoted to the conservancy of astonishing rare and classic automobiles from around the world. The extensive collection has over 40 momentous automobiles and was started by renowned bestselling author Clive Cussler and his wife, Janet Cussler. To paraphrase Charles Dickens in A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, and sometimes it was the worst of times.” A live jazz band will let guests get into the swing of things; the 1920s were, after all, known as the Jazz Age. Out of all the event ideas inspired by the 1920s, this is just the thing for music lovers.


There’s nothing more Gatsby than a pyramid of champagne glasses filled and flowing with bubbly.

There is absolutely nothing more celebratory than serving Champagne from a Champagne tower – that is unless you also plan to saber the bottles of Champagne before raining the delicious liquid down into the glasses. The glamour of the 1920s was coupe champagne glasses, flapper dresses, and swanky parties. As an anonymous Tribune reporter observed, “The New Year’s Eve celebration is the oldest known to man. The grape was part of it long before the days of the Roman Saturnalia.”1  Once Prohibition hit, however, things changed for the worse.

Janet Cussler Car Collection considers these cars works of art and hopes others see them that way.

The collection at Janet Cussler Car Collection is quite diverse, so whether you are enthusiastic about the muscle cars of your younger days, captivated by the artistic and power-driven personalities of antique autos, or grasp the historical progress of the automobile and its impact on American culture, a visit to Janet Cussler Car Collection is a must.

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