About Our Event Professionals

 Meet Karen,

Creator of Luxury Events

About Our Event Professionals

Infuse your life with action. Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and we make it happen.

We are a team that loves what we do and that plays host to forwarding thinking leaders and people driven by their strong vision and business mission.

About Our Event Professionals

Karen L. May a native of Arizona who discovered as a teenager an enthusiastic interest in events. My first love is my 6 rescues then any blank slate I can make into a killer event venue. We provide catering, audiovisual, décor, rental, transportation, logistics, and consultation services to round out their full-service event planning and production support, providing relief to event planners who often source these services from multiple providers when renting traditional offsite venues. 

Duct Tape is a girl’s best friend

It has been an amazing experience working with some well-established events, but I knew I wanted to work somewhere I could have more creative control. I introduced Scottsdale Private Event Venues and Scottsdale Hangar Parties in 2017 after becoming bored stiff working in Ballrooms. I am incredibly proud of my dream to be able to offer a blank canvas or the full package as many of our clients alter the space to meet their needs.

Ever used chewed gum to hold a hem! 

As corporations are looking to engage their audiences with breathtaking or branded events, the team at Scottsdale Private Event Venues provides concept-to-execution consultation and production, managing every detail of the guest’s experience.  Scottsdale Private Events is led by May, recipient of many industry recognitions such as 2016 Trendsetter for Smart Meeting Today Magazine, Meeting Planner International’s “Meeting Planner of the Month” and “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International, Arizona Chapter.  May maintains membership in the local chapters of MPI, ADME, SITE, HIP, ISES, PCMA, ESCA and AZSAE, and is the current Job Bank Chair and Past President of the Arizona chapter of HSMAI.

Yeah, the Super Glue worked until 5 minutes after the event ended what’s your point.

It starts with the customer understanding them, their goals, personality, humor, vibe,  background, and then from there, it is about the end result. Admittedly 75% of my clients are unsure of what they want. So I get to be very creative, which is one of my favorite things about what we do – I am very involved in the design, decor, and overall look of the events that I organize. During the season it’s nonstop, and never a dull moment! It’s also the time when you get to see all of your hard work come to life, and my client’s dreams come to reality, which is always the most incredible feeling. Every day is completely different which is why this job is so much fun.

You can’t fix crazy all you can do is document it

We are the perfect fit for 100 -1500 depending on setup. SPEV was created to be a premier event venue provider that only operates in its own unique private event venues. We can be a One-Stop-Shop a Clean Canvas or Dry Rental. We are based in Scottsdale, AZ, we offer access to privately owned airplane hangars, Jet Hangars, Helicopter Hangars, and 1 very luxury high-end car vault, and a multi-million-dollar man-cave.

Let’s have a meeting about a meeting …shoot me

Karen says having killer venues can be the savior of any event so once the venue is selected the hard work starts. So I say Don’t be fearful to push your inspired boundaries, it’s electrifying to experiment.

You see a big huge blank slate Karen sees possibilities

We play host to a variety of guests, with the goal of astounding all those that come through the door. To ensure we provide the best experience we only work with the best in the business. Our team has the ability to take a blank slate ( a HANGAR)  and make it something amazing, unique and memorable. We are seeing more events take giant steps into progressive locations, and it is working like a charm to engage and amuse guests.

Who has not made a repair in a ballgown?

About our Event Professionals
We know not being in a ballroom inspires people, we know when the meeting is over you can connect laugh share, and collaborate.  Hard to do when you are sitting at a schoolie table 50’ deep looking at a 25’ screen. We pride ourselves on our commitment to helping our clients achieve their vision. Don’t get fearful of this “inspired control” because that’s what our team will help you with! Create a space that reveals your distinctive style and taste by collaborating with a staff that will direct you along the way to bring your concept to life.

Of course, I know where the off valve is, do you?

To get her creative juices flowing, Karen enjoys spending time with her 6 rescue dogs, friends, and family. With her two loyal sidekicks, Android and caffeine, no deadline feel hopeless. Karen currently owns Scottsdale Private Event Venues & Scottsdale Hangar Parties connecting unique event spaces with professional event planning and designing powerful and awe-inspiring event experiences that mesmerize the audience with measurable results.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur. Red Adair Coolest man I ever met and had the best stories ever and a very famous Texan!

I’m inspired by…Creative Thinkers and My work inspiration have no division from my own inspiration, those who will not take no in making any kind of positive impact on people’s lives.

The most insane thing that happened at an event I produced…We had to drain a 5-star resort pool to find a lost Diamond Ring!

The coolest thing that happened at an event…I was able to attend the laying of the wreath at Arlington National Cemetery with  The Security Traders Association. Life-changing moment.

The one person who motivates me is…was always my father he has been gone 20 years, but we talk every day!

If I could change anything in the world, it would be…Dare I say “World Peace” I love Sandra Bullock

The perfect day would be…a day on a beach with an ice-cold margarita in my hand and no phone.

I believe anything can be achieved through hard work and dedication. I believe in creating my own path. I believe my life is an incredible gift. I believe in always trusting your gut. It is the best guide and wisest advisor. I believe our flag is more than a cloth. That which has not killed me has made me stronger. People may not agree with me, and that is fine. But I have a right to my own opinion and feelings. And I have a right to express them when and where I want to. I used to think it was important to conform to what other people thought about me. The day I realized it wasn’t was the day I became free.

Meet Julie,

Innovative concepts, creative design, flawless execution

Julie Walker HanniganI grew up in the small town of St. Helens, Oregon where I met my first “true love” the hospitality industry. Through the years of working in restaurants and hotels, my number one goal has always been to create an amazing experience for all the people that I interact with, even the small things such as opening a door for someone and saying good morning can put a smile on someone’s face.

Nobody does it better

As Chief Operations Officer for Scottsdale Private Event Venues & Scottsdale Hanger Parties, I am very fortunate to continue my passion as I am creating a uniquely tailored event, amazing memories, and lifelong friends.

I spent much of my “corporate” life working with Hilton, so you could say I know the “ins and outs” of the hospitality world quite well.

My first General Manager and a cherished mentor at the Hershey Hotel in Corpus Christi, Texas once told me, “As long as the client is happy, you did the right thing.” I truly take that to heart – it’s become a motto for me throughout my career.

Innovative concepts, creative design, flawless execution

Often, the person that is planning a Corporate Event is wearing several hats and Event Planning was just added to their “hat collection”.  Their company wants an event that is memorable and they want to be wowed! The same things apply to our wedding and our social clients. My job is to take the stress out of the client’s world, becoming partners with them as we create an awe-inspiring experience, so the client, their colleagues, friends, and family can relax and have fun at their event.

I’m motivated by Three Things: 1)

The poem The Dash. Your Life is made of two dates and a Dash. Make the most of the Dash. 2) Practicing Daily Gratitude. My son Jake & I made that a “New Year’s Goal” while sitting on the beach in Cancun over a Christmas Holiday. It is something that I do before my feet touch the ground in the morning and before I go to sleep each night.  3) Creating wonderful memories for strangers that will soon become my friends.

Things that I always carry with me:

My phone as it’s also my traveling office!  Tape measure, the rule in the event business measure twice, order once! Double-sided tape works for taping down the carpet to fixing a Bride’s hem. Sense Humor and a bottle of Ibuprofen. Those five things usually can fix anything!

The most insane thing that happened at an event I produced:

There was one event where everything out of the ordinary happened!  I was told by the production team for the next few days that I will be living on “Tony Time”. I quickly learned what that meant as for this client, as there was no such thing as living on an agenda. But I learned some valuable things from that event: you must be flexible, you need to keep calm, remember to find the humor and embrace the craziness, and you really can live on 2 hours of sleep per night!

The coolest thing that happened at an event:

Every event is unique & cool! That is why I love what I do! I love taking someone’s raw vision of an event, adding my experience, passion, and a touch of magic that turns into a “WOW Event” is the BEST!  



My favorite thing to do when I am not working:

Traveling, emerging myself in the new places that I am in and learning about the people, and making new connections.  When I come home, I have new inspiration from the new world that was just presented to me.





If I could change anything about the world, it would be:

Encouraging people to love people for the sake of being people. We can’t see politics, color, or religion. In the end, we all have one common goal – and that is to live a life that is better for all of us.

Reader’s Digest of Me:

Hard work, tenacity, independence, embracing the crazy, finding the humor & great glass of Chardonnay has been the foundation of my day-to-day life! I am very grateful for everything that I have in my life.


Spread your love like fire

I have an amazing 26-year-old son who is such a wonderful mix of me & his father. I had 24 years of wedded bliss which sadly ended of his passing five years ago. I have found a new Love of My Life (props to Karen May for this!) I am surrounded by friends and family that always have one another’s back. Life is GREAT and working with Scottsdale Private Event Venues & Scottsdale Hanger Parties & helping clients create amazing memories is “icing on the cake!”  


Just Think I get to do this every day! 

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