The Aviator Hangar

The AVIATOR hangar is a 19,200 indoor area space with high ceilings 

The Aviator Hangar

This airplane hangar event venue is one of our favorite Non Traditional Venues. Scottsdale Private Event Venues & Hangar Parties prides itself on producing elevated events and providing genuinely unique experiences for all guests. We understand the significance of throwing unforgettable events that have an outstanding impact on corporations and their events. When it comes to throwing a great event, our event specialists have it covered.  Our reputation for excellence is built on organizing events as colorful as they are varied. 

In search of the best party hangars in Scottsdale?

The Aviator Hangar offers the best in luxury and can accommodate anywhere from 150 to 2000 pax. Whether it’s a birthday party, a corporate function, a photoshoot, or a PR launch, the Aviator hangar will transform accordingly to your specifications. This unique airplane hangar event venue with up to 1900 guests. This Non-Traditional event venue as well can accommodate any type of entertainment, including headliners with enormous staging or cirque aerial artists from Scottsdale or Las Vegas. If you are looking for an exclusive venue to really impress your guests, you can’t get more unique than mingling with a drink beside a Super marine Spitfire, dining near the legendary Hawker Hurricane, or the mighty Cessna T-50.

The sky is the limit for elevated event experiences

Having aircraft at the aviator hangar as a backdrop to your event helps create a surreal and inspiring environment that guests will talk about for years to come and don’t be surprised if everyone’s social media feeds are overrun with selfies of your event.

The multi-awarding venue boasts an impressive list of clients. Events range anywhere from corporate incentives to experiential events. The space is well suited to large meetings, award shows, corporate receptions & parties.

Let your imagination Soar

The Aviator Hangar is positioned in Scottsdale a short drive from all of Scottsdale’s resorts. We are not open to the public so each event is uniquely private and exclusive. There’s no shortage of occasions to celebrate so for your next milestone birthday, anniversary, engagement, divorce, or Christmas bash, let us do all the hard work. This remarkable, industrial event space can house any type of entertainment including A-List talent with enormous staging, aerial artists, and room for displays of any size.  Take your party outdoors by using the tarmac for a great arrival cocktail hour. The aviator hangar is the perfect place to watch planes and helicopters take off!

From the informal and intimate to the creative and spectacular

Your imagination can literally take flight as it gives you numerous options. Our hangars are a wonderful place to mix the old with the new. Scottsdale plays host to many large events from annual award ceremonies, conventions, and conferences to product launches and corporate events.

In Scottsdale, there is no absence of remarkable event spaces. Most meeting planners are aware of the city’s conventional, ballroom spaces and meeting spaces. But why go humdrum when you can throw your next event in a space that’s as unique as our city? This space offers you premium seclusion to keep your party going long through the night. There is nothing else like it in our market and we are thrilled to bring this cutting-edge venue to YOU! This unique venue is ideal for large-scale events with groups of up to 1000 guests. This amazing, industrial event space can accommodate any type of entertainment; including A-Listers with large staging needs, and aerial cirque artists, with room for brands of any size. 

Spot on if you are looking to provide a unique corporate or incentive event experience in Scottsdale Arizona.

  • High Ceilings riggable
  • Outside area 
  • On tarmac
  • 136’x220′ 
  • No obstructions
  • Easy load in 
  • Close to all Scottsdale Resorts 
  • Space for coaches is one of our favorite
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