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An exceptional experience every time

staging & event rentals Event rentals that turn your ordinary occasion into something extraordinary. We integrate your brand and event goals to create immersive stage sets and presentation themes. Event Gurus will take your design from the Event Planning stage and turn it into reality with the help of our Production team. It may look simple on paper, but this is where you need the best to get the best. The devil is in the details, as they say, and the Scottsdale Private Event Venues team are virtual angels in this jungle of minutiae. Every corporate event that we create has unique challenges including scheduling, color schemes and unique equipment requirements. staging & event rentals 

Because in your dreams, every detail matters

staging & event rentals Our versatile private spaces and our infinite staging & event rentals set and space designs rank Scottsdale Private Event Venues a top choice nationally for exclusive high-end corporate events. Distinctive space plans are part of the planning process. We build your event from the floor up including CAD designs for all staging & event rental needs and layout diagrams for all furnishings, audio-visual technology plans, and guest tables. Our unique venues allow for the ultimate versatility in staging installations, fabrication of brand-specific backdrops, freestanding facades, and even tents for outdoor spaces. staging & event rentals 

Maximize the impact of your program

staging & event rentals Presenting a powerful staging & event rentals design, with just the right lighting colors and angles to enhance presenters and décor on stage, will maximize the impact of your program. Our carefully designed lighting will illuminate your staging & event rentals set, as well as your live and recorded video images on the screen, to deliver your message and captivate your audience. Video Production is a key component for people who want to incorporate video into their event. We now offer High high-definition camcorders to capture the action for your training or marketing needs. This is the same equipment TV stations use for HD newscasts. staging & event rentals 

Memorable events don’t just happen. They happen to be our business.

staging & event rentals Whether you need AV Production, AV Rental or an AV Installation, our AV Systems ensure that your Audio Visual Presentations are flawless. Scottsdale Private Event Venues Audio Visual Equipment is world-class and can serve all your AV needs. Our Audio Visual Services will support stage productions for your upcoming Trade Show, Product Launch, National Convention, Corporate Events, Concerts, Social Events and Awards Show. We take pride in our results. If you have an event, no matter what kind, contact us! We have been putting on over-the-top ground-breaking events for years. We can provide our clients with an experience unparalleled by any other production company in the business. We offer the most client-centric approach when collaborating with your vision and deciding what can really be done with the hippest technology and design out there. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression. staging & event rentals 












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