Strategy, then tactics

“Quick! Go virtual!” It’s the rally cry of 2020. But we’d like to encourage you to not put the cart before the horse. It’s time to implement the old tried-and-true methodology of strategy first, then tactics. Virtual events are a tactic. They may very well be the right tactic. But they aren’t a flip-switch. It’s time to take a look at those hundreds of thousands of dollars that you planned to spend on events in Q1 and Q2 and plot the new course for a new reality.

Many industries have been eviscerated by this pandemic. But many are still trying to move forward. As long as the world isn’t actually hitting the pause button, then neither are the quotas.

That’s why we’ve taken our HD environment remote – so we can be human, personal, and social even at a distance. If your teams need a new way to focus; if you wonder how to connect with panicked customers; if you need to engage your existing community, let’s talk.

Start with a Haute Dokimazo Remote Strategy Session: HD(s). To the leader who needs to pivot their business or project, an HD(s) is the only remote experience that can help you uncover what to pivot to and how to get started, because we empower your team to innovate. 

“So, wait, you’re telling me NOT to go virtual and yet YOU’RE going VIRTUAL?” Okay, you caught me. Yes, we broke all the rules and we are taking HD to the screen – but it’s just to help you find new ways to deliver your content in the most impactful way for your customers and prospects, so your product or solution can help solve their problem right now or in the near future.

This session will help you define your strategy so that you can determine the right tactics. Maybe it’s not a virtual event after all. Maybe it’s an online collaborative escape room. Or maybe it’s a video game. Or maybe it’s a podcast. Or maybe it’s a magazine. An HD Strategy Session will help your team focus on the objective, the message, and THEN the method of conveying the content.

But if you already know that you want to take your event virtual, but you don’t want a “sit-and-get” webinar experience, then a Haute Dokimazo Experience may be the format you need.

We’ve created three new ways to leverage our way of meeting, sharing, and learning to help you achieve your business goals while remote:

Haute Dokimazo Experience for Customers & Prospects: HD(x). To the marketer who needs to continue to drive pipeline while remote, an HD(x) is the only virtual solution that can help you create community and drive brand affinity while uncovering brand new insights that will fuel your business. 

Haute Dokimazo Experience for Existing Communities: HD(x). To the community manager who needs to continue to engage members remotely, an HD(x) is the solution that creates the most meaningful human connections in a virtual environment.

Haute Dokimazo Remote Prospecting Experiences: HD(x). To the sales team who needs to continue to prospect and nurture remotely, an HD(x) is the only format that celebrates your customer’s success stories and helps solve your prospects’ challenges with your solutions.

While we are not excited about this new way of the world (WHEN CAN WE HUG AGAIN??), we a believe that human connection (our specialty) has never been in higher demand than right now. Haute Dokimazo was built for a time like this. As with all things HD and by design, we adapt on the fly. Our goal as a business is to always be the best go-to resource for human connection and strategic business growth – especially when remote. 

Visit our website to book learn more, explore our #BecauseIamRemote movement, or apply to join our affiliate program.

————————————————————————————————————–Liz Lathan, CMP is Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Haute Companies. Haute Companies is a family of companies anchored in human connection. From events to media (podcasts, videos, and more) to direct mail to talent management to strategy session facilitation, Haute Companies can support your goals with Haute Dokimazo, Haute Rock Creative, Swag Hub, Haute Spot, and Haute Rock Entertainment.

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