How to Host the Perfect Business Event

How to Host the Perfect Business Event

This is a guest post from HeadBox, the UK’s first online marketplace for creative offsite, meeting and event Spaces.

In any business, there’s a real art to creating a great event experience. If you want to grow your business or showcase to new potential clients then hosting an event is a great way to promote your company. Whether that’s a large scale gala or a smaller networking event this guide contains some top tips on how to host the perfect business event for any occasion and how to make it stand out from all the rest.

Hosting a corporate business event can be a daunting task – you’ll have lots of things to organize during the lead up to the event. Plus playing the role of host on the night means you will have lots of responsibilities. But if you follow the steps below. We’re sure you’ll be able to arrange the best business event your organisation has ever seen.


Communication is key

Before we get into the nitty gritty of being a top event host there’s just a few tips we want to share with you before the event. Essentially you need to know the venue and event schedule inside out in order to help your Guests at any point during the event. Use the venue staff as a key point of contact and between the two of you, become a source of information for all attendees. Have a think about what key pieces of information from the venue you will need to share with your Guests before they arrive on the day of the event.

Every detail counts when planning an event so make a checklist to ensure you’ve covered everything! From catering to parking all these smaller details are your responsibility as the event host, so make sure you don’t miss out anything important. For example if your event is on the 7th floor and there is no lift access this could be a vital piece of information one of your Guests needs to know. Make sure you have covered any special requirements for all your attendees before the day of the event.

Promote your brand no matter what the event

Whether you’re hosting a big ticketed event that’s open to everyone or a small invite only event with very limited numbers – branding is always important. If you’re hosting a smaller event, think of more intricate branding options that you can include in the event. For example, glasses or napkins with your logo. Or get really creative and decorate the front of the bar with your company’s branding. Invitations are also a low budget way of creating branded materials for your event. You can design and create bespoke invites and reminders that are designed in line with your brand guidelines for consistency throughout the event.

If you’re organising a large scale event that’s got a big budget behind it – then market and promote the event as much as possible. Whether that’s across mailers, newsletters or social media – you want as many people as possible to know about your event! The more the merrier should be your new mantra.  If it’s a larger event you can also think about things like having branded DJ booths or completely transforming one of the walls of the venues with a creative branded backdrop – this is particularly useful if you’re planning a conference or a party! You can completely transform the canvas behind the stage to reflect your company.   

Any corporate event is an ambassador of your company. Everything from the invites, decoration and playlist will reflect your brand in a different way. So really think about how you want to represent your business to everyone attending your event. Whether that’s a sophisticated corporate affair or a quirky networking party make sure your brand is clear and stands out.

Events can be a key part to your company’s PR and marketing strategy as they’re a great way to sell. Market and build your brand awareness to potential new clients, as well as building on pre-existing relationships and providing face-to-face meetings with current and potential clients. You also want to make sure your event stands out from the crowd – especially compared to your competitors. Fill your event with creative surprises and personal touches which will all pay off in the end. Think of fun and creative ways to represent your brand.

One way of doing this is organizing a photo booth at the event. With a customized border that clearly endorses your company. This is also a great way to get people talking about your company on social media as Guests love to post their event photos on Instagram or Twitter. Create a brand hashtag which Guests can post about on social media when sharing their photos.



Once your event is in full swing, as the event host you want to walk around the venue as much as possible. Talk to all your Guests at least once. If you’re planning a corporate party then this is key for networking and making a good first impression! Be personable and welcoming to all your Guests to make them feel comfortable to enjoy their evening.

Going the extra mile

If you really want to make your event to stand out from the crowd and be the best host at your event then always go the extra mile. Add some personal touches to your event that will make sure your Guests remember you, your brand and the event. You could organise a personalised take away for all the attendees. Whether that’s some edible treats or practical goodies. This is also a good opportunity to get some branded merchandise out there.

Another way to go that extra mile as an event host is to always be vigilant. If you see someone standing on their own, try introducing them to another Guest. Encourage everyone to talk to one another and loop people into conversations that you feel could be beneficial. This is particularly important with corporate events where people want to network! Finally, when it comes to the end of the night, make sure all your Guests know how they’re getting home. Go above and beyond for the Guests if it’s something the venue staff can’t help with.


Don’t forget to follow up

After a big business event – particularly one that’s taken you months to organize. It’s important to follow up with the attendees as soon as possible. The day after an event is best, as the event will still be fresh in all your Guests minds. It’s the ideal time to engage with people about their thoughts of the event. As well as following up on any business leads that may have come out of it. Think of a creative way to get feedback from everyone who attended the event. Most people won’t want to sit there and write a lengthy emails about their thoughts of your business event. However sending quick and easy electronic feedback forms is a great way to collect lots of constructive reviews. Whilst asking for feedback make sure you thank all the Guests for attending the event. Share any photos or videos from the evening too!

Megan is a Digital Content Executive at HeadBox, the UK’s first online marketplace for creative offsite, meeting and event spaces where you can search, book and pay for venues online.



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