With a deep understanding that food is an art

With a deep understanding, food is an art. With the arrival of food on TV and a celebrity chef-inspired culture, consumers want better food everywhere they go.  That includes at the Event Venues. Especially relevant today’s culinary service needs to be flexible enough to handle changing menus.  As well as have enough capacity to feed large crowds in short periods of time.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues & Scottsdale Hangar Parties have a preferred catering partner.  Focused on inventive menus with the highest caliber of service in our industry. Our catering menus and styles of service are tailor-made to suit your goals and budgetary requests.  Whether your event calls for a cocktail reception for 500, seated coursed dinner with wine for 1500, or a commercial conference closing mixer for 3,000, we execute luscious, trendsetting culinary design with attention to every detail.

Our catering, food styling, and event production services include:

– Creative menu design with sophisticated, innovative cuisine
– Custom tailoring of buffets and plates as well as bar accessories
– Liquid refreshment synchronization
– Novelty kitchens
– Provision guidelines, timing, and coordination
– Exceptional trained service staff that are professionals
– A deep understanding that food is an art

Therefore passion lives here. From start-ups to corporate headquarters, from east to west, from last-minute meetings to holiday parties, we will feed every ingredient of your company. From social galas to personal milestones, from uptown to downtown, from big to small, we will feed it all. In this vast city, we understand the power of your network – our corporate event team will dazzle your launch parties, events, happy hours, and holiday parties with distinctive charm.

So many choices so much to eat it’s all good. Because from breakfast to dinner, hors d’ oeuvres to make-your-own stations, vegan to gluten-free, we have the handcrafted food & drink to feed your meeting, wow your guests, and make your event sparkle.

Most noteworthy we’re here to help.
Feel free to email us at:cocktail reception

Tips to Trim Down Food Waste at Your Upcoming Corporate Event

Food is what brings events to life. It is a notable attraction in corporate catered events. However, what is saddening is a lot of food that remains uneaten in these events ends up in the landfill.

As per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, food happens to be the largest contributor to the disposal system as compared to other forms of municipal solid waste. What is even more dreadful is that the same ‘clean’ food ends up releasing methane—a strong greenhouse gas.

If you think there is a lot of food waste at your corporate events, here are a few steps you can follow to reduce it in your upcoming corporate event.


  • Plan In Advance


When organizing a corporate catered event, put food waste reduction as your first priority since the very beginning. Start from finding organizations that will collect leftover food to distribute amongst the poor or homeless in your area. The most common mistake people make is putting first things last, such as food waste reduction. This is not something you can do at the eleventh hour. It will take you time to find a leftover collection organization and things like availability will have to be considered. So, it is best to plan ahead of the event.

Another thing you should understand is the importance of the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act. The law was passed in the United States in 1996, and it protects organizations and individuals who donate food from facing legal consequences if any of the donated food items turn out bad or harm anyone.

If you can, communicate with the attendees prior to the event regarding food waste reduction. Send out a reminder email a day before the event in which you ask the attendees to confirm their availability in order to reduce food waste.


  • Be Watchful


Research has shown that an average person eats no more than 1 pound of food in every meal. Often, food caterers will con you by setting a target of 3 pounds per person to earn more, especially in buffet setups. Make sure you choose reliable caterers and do necessary calculations before things are finalized. Go for well-reputed corporate caterers, such as Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering, Atlasta Catering & Event Concepts, Creations In Cuisine or Levi Catering (Kosher or Non).


  • Be Imaginative


Use shrewd tactics to prevent food waste. For example, you should use reusable crockery over paper/plastic dishes that are disposable. This will keep the guests from throwing away leftovers and using fresh plates to fill up without there being a need.

You can also install a hydration station or present tap-water pitchers instead of plastic bottles to prevent both water waste and environmental damage.


  • Be Cooperative


Most people think it is solely the caterer’s responsibility to manage everything, so they don’t pay heed to or discuss important things when they should rather be very cooperative and well-informed. Things like food quality and quantity should be discussed with the event planners or caterers you choose.

You should also communicate with both your guests and the caterers to reduce food waste. The caterer should be informed of the number of guests so that the perfect amount of food is served. If possible, talk about the importance of food waste reduction before it is time to serve.  Learn more about SPEV’s Catering options.

After all, it only takes a little amount of food to save a life; so, why not?

Important Tips for Hiring the Best Catering Service for Any Event

Essential Tips for Hiring the Best Catering Services

When it comes to organizing an event, there are many significant things to consider. One of them includes the catering service.

Good food is something all guests look forward to when attending any event. Therefore, it is imperative for you to take the necessary measures to ensure that you have hired the best of the best catering service.

Here we have assembled some great tips that you can follow to hire an amazing catering business.


  • Ask for Recommendations or Check Out the Website


If you have little to no experience in planning an event, this is something you should definitely do.

Ask your family, friends or colleagues for catering service suggestions. You can also check online reviews to weed out unsatisfactory caterers. If possible, try to personally contact the reviewer and ask about the catering service in detail. This can make it easy for you to narrow down your list of catering services and help you to choose the right one.


  • Provide Tastings


No matter how perfect the food pictures and their descriptions are, your safe bet is always to ask your potential caterer to provide tastings of their food.

If the caterer is not willing to provide tasting, avoid taking the risk and consider other caterers who are willing to conduct a food-tasting session before the event. This way, you will be able to figure out if the food has lived up to your expectations or not. Trust us, going through the tasting session beforehand can save you from a lot of disappointment and embarrassment in the near future. This will also be a great chance for you to meet the chef himself and squeeze out all the necessary information from him related to the preparation, presentation, and customization of the food.


  • Flexibility


There are many catering services that are willing to customize the menu according to their customers’ wishes.

The caterers will consider changing the menu taking into account your specific dietary, budget, and taste. For instance, if you are a vegetarian, the caterer will make sure that the menu is comprised of all the veggie-based dishes. So, whenever you get in touch with a catering service, do ask them if they assist special menu requirements.


  • Staff Availability


Before you sign any contract, make sure that you pick the catering company that has a staff required to fully service your important event.

The amount of staff will largely depend on the nature of your event. If it’s a big event, comprising of many guests, make sure that the staff has a good amount of well-experienced workers who can easily cater to the needs of your guests. Discuss your plans with the head of the caterer and let him know what your expectations really are.

Venues of North Scottsdale offers an impeccable catering service that features simple and sophisticated menus and presentation. So, book them today to make your next event a hearty one!

How to Choose the Menu for Your Corporate Event

Meet the Catering Needs of Your Corporate Event Diligently

One major reason why corporate events are organized is for appreciating the company’s employees.

Time and again these events have proven they play a key role in motivating employees. Recognition is always welcomed by everyone. These events do just that for the employees that serve as a valuable asset to a company. A lot of thought is given into such events especially for their catering as food becomes the center of attention in any event.

Let’s have a look at how you can meet the catering needs of your corporate event diligently.


  • Keep the Numbers in Mind


When planning for catering, you first need to consider the number of guests you will be having. Just think of the embarrassment you’d have to face if you run out of food while certain guests remain unattended. If a large number of people will be gathered then try to avoid using finger food and snacks as the main course. Keep them separately for starters.


  • Remember the Designations


Make sure a few items are according to the preference of the senior management. Before sending an approved list to the caterers, get it through the eyes of the senior management for approval. Also, add a note to let them know they can make additions to the list. The CEOs and COOs of your companies will surely love this idea.


  • Plan a Seasonal Catering


Bring in all the seasonal specialties. Choose your menu according to the seasonal favorites. Your guests will love the fresh meals prepared only for them.


  • Keep in Mind the Type of Audience


While planning the catering, remember a few things. Whether the employees being invited will enjoy snacks more or would they be more interested in traditional dishes? If a group of seniors in being invited for a conference then traditional dishes will certainly take preference over snacks.

If your guest list is going to comprise the younger lot then make sure burgers and pizzas are a definite part of the menu.


  • Choose from Seated Dining or Buffet


The type of menu you choose will also determine if a buffet would be convenient or seated dining would be preferred much more.

As you can see there’s quite a lot that on just the catering needs of the corporate event alone! It is safe to say it is not an easy task. You need to be very careful with the choices you make in terms of planning a menu as people on the company’s highest designations are going to be attending the event. A good menu is a great impression. If you don’t know how to make these choices on your own, you can always take professional help. Venues in North Scottsdale provide catering services for corporate events. Just give them the number of attendees and they will bring an amazing cuisine to the table, including seasonal favorites.

What do you do to prevent or reduce a hangover

What do you do to prevent or reduce a hangover. Overindulged this past weekend? It can happen to the best of us! Join me on Good Morning AZ as I share some natural remedies to help you feel better fast!

  1. Water! As you are out enjoying yourself, drink one glass of water with each alcoholic beverage. Have a glass of water on your bedside table to drink before bed, and drink lots of water the next day. Ideally drink half your weight in oz of water. Ie: if you weigh 100lbs, drink 50 oz of water.
  2. Lemon tea – drink this detox tea first thing in the morning, and throughout the day. This helps the liver and kidneys clean the body out. Ginger helps with any feelings of nausea. Cinnamon and apple cider vinegar help to balance the blood sugar. Choose from one or all of the ingredients below!
  • Juice of ½ lemon
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • Ginger (grated fresh or powdered)
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Hot water
  1. Fruits and Veggies – eat mostly fruits and veggies throughout the day to let your body rest and repair from the damage the night before.
  2. Supplements
  • Vitamins B & C – alcohol depletes B-Vitamins, and Vitamin C is full of antioxidants to help your body detox.
  • Omega-3 – think fish oil, flax, chia seeds or walnuts. This is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can help to balance your body.
  1. Move your body! – sweating will help your body to flush the toxins out. Anything that increases blood flow is great, including massage, yoga, and cardio exercise.

board certified holistic nutrition Jolene Goring known as a leading integrated health and fitness, holistic nutrition and natural beauty expert based in Scottsdale, AZ.

18 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, with a BSc. Geophysics and Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition.


Also certified in personal training, group fitness, senior’s fitness, and sports nutrition.


Put A Fork In It Catering

Put A Fork In It Catering

Put A Fork In It Catering is a top Phoenix Catering company in business since 2006 serving the valley and surrounding cities bringing you delicious foods and outstanding client service!

At Put A Fork In It Catering we emphasize fun and creativity in each event we do!

We take pride in our attention to detail while making each event unique to our clients. As a full service event planning company we can see your event from start to finish. From your venue search to color schemes, centerpieces and dessert stations. Having planned hundreds of events in the valley we have the experience to make your event flow naturally and the creativity to make it one of a kind.

couples_selected_award2016Our outstanding customer service begins from the day you contact us! We make a promise to each client….

  • their phone calls and e-mails are responded to promptly
  • discuss all your event details while providing a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere
  • limit the number of catering events we do to ensure personal service and your event coordinator on site throughout your event
  • listen to you and give you the event that you want, NOT the one we think you should have

Our fully trained service staff is excited to be part of your special event!

Corporate & Special Event Catering

Put a Fork In It! Catering is the number one source for all your catering needs. Whether the occasion is large or small, Put a Fork In It Catering will make it a special one. We invite you to browse our catering menus for some of our most popular requests. However this is not all we do! Come in for a customized menu designed just for you by our chef and wedding consultants.

Call us today to get started 602.930.0603 / info@putaforkinitcatering.com / Scottsdale, Arizona

Are you Negotiating for the Right Things for F&B?

Are you Negotiating for the Right Things for F&B?

I have found that when I ask colleagues why they are attending a meeting, I get answers like, networking, education, etc. But when they return and I ask how the meeting was, they usually start describing the food and beverage events.

Ergo, food and beverage is important to the success of your meeting.

People generally remember only the very bad or the excellent events they have attended. Never want to be remembered for bad events (skimpy food, cheap booze, tacky theme, etc.). You don’t want to be in the middle where the event is promptly forgotten. You want to be remembered for the fabulous events that attendees talk about for years.

I can still remember the incredible Indiana Jones and the Lost Temple of Doom event that was held in Boston at a PCMA conference in the early 90s. And, I still shudder when I remember a certain conference with an outside buffet in the direct sun in Miami – with mayonnaise-based salads and cream pies – and where the waiters were actually eating off of the back of the buffet as we were selecting our items from the front.

Catering is usually the largest budget item for most meetings. Yet, it often comes last in the planning process. I have had planners tell me that catering is a “black hole.” They don’t know what is negotiable or how to negotiate. Catering is not one-size-fits-all. Everything about each event is unique.

One thing to consider is soft costs vs hard costs. A hotel cannot sell you a bottle of wine for $20 if they paid $25 for it, but they can usually recommend a less expensive wine. Soft costs can be rental charges, because the hotel does not have to outlay cash.

I asked James Filtz, a Convention Service Manager at the Sheraton New York (Starwood), what is most negotiable in catering. His answer: “The contents of a menu. Often times if a customer comes to me and wants to swap out items, or create a custom menu I am happy to oblige. It is much easier for me to get approval from leadership to do this than discount a menu.”

Cheryl Sgovio, Director of Catering and Convention Sales at the Thomas & Mack Center/Cox Pavilion/Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas agrees. Cheryl says, “Menu selections. We will work with every client to customize a menu that best suits their event.”

So, what is least negotiable? Sgovio says, “Minimums. We have to be sure and protect the space we are holding and ensure it will be offset with either a high enough food and beverage purchase and/or rental.”

Filtz says it is, “Labor fees and service charges. I work in a unionized property and our collective bargaining agreement drives these fees. I have no way not to pay for them.

Written by Patti Shock

Patti Shock on Linkedin

6 New Celebrity Chef Dining Experiences

Food and beverage is such a huge part of meetings and events. While planners are continually seeking out new restaurants to host attendees for unique dining experiences. Therefore the whole celebrity chef craze is not lost on the meetings industry. So we have compiled a list of six new and upcoming restaurants that reflect the handiwork of famous celebrity chefs.

Just this week, MGM Grand in Las Vegas announced that Masaharu Morimoto. Famed Japanese chef and star of Food Network’s Iron Chef America, has made his debut in the meeting capital with Morimoto Las Vegas. Morimoto’s distinctive Japanese fare melds Eastern and Western flavors. The new restaurant offers three distinct dining experiences: sushi bar, main dining room and Teppan tables.

“Fate brought Morimoto Las Vegas to MGM Grand at an exciting time when the city’s dining scene is flourishing,”. Morimoto says. “I’m continually inspired by Las Vegas’ glamour.  I wanted to create something we haven’t done before. A stimulating culinary show, bold cuisine and delicious drinks that my guests will not soon forget.”

Scott Sibella, president and COO of MGM Grand, says the food scene at his property and throughout Las Vegas will benefit from this opening. “We are honored to have him as part of our culinary team.  And look forward to creating once-in-a-lifetime dining experiences at the city’s newest dining destination,” Sibella says.

San Francisco-based Michael Mina, one of the first celebrity chefs to kick off the popular trend in Las Vegas, He opened his first restaurant in Hawaii in August, with Stripsteak Waikiki coming online in Honolulu. The opening marks Mina’s 29th restaurant. The menu features lighter takes on steak house fare, with the addition of fresh seafood.

Located inside Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown, Cut was opened by Wolfgang Puck in September. The celebrity chef is making his New York City debut.

Also new MGM National Harbor in Maryland, a member of Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI), will open in December.  With several big-name chefs to help catch the attention of meeting planners and attendees. This includes Fish by Jose Andres, who will celebrate the best of Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.  Most noteworthy diners will be able to enjoy a crab boil on the outdoor patio during warm weather.

In January, Phoenix will welcome Mora Italian by celebrity chef Scott Conant of Impero Caffe in New York and Scarpetta in Miami. Conant’s partner in this venture is Stefano Fabbri. Designed to create a neighborhood vibe, Mora Italian will offer a modern vibe with urban street art and live music on weekends.

In conclusion David Chang is opening Las Vegas Momofuku in 2017 at The Cosmopolitan. Chang has eateries in New York City, Sydney, Toronto and Washington, DC.

By Holly Woolard

21 Dining Etiquette Tips for Event Professionals

Business is not just conducted in the office…quite often it takes place over a dinner table in a restaurant or hotel. Whether dining with clients or co-workers, it behooves event professionals to bone up on their dining etiquette.

Which is the salad fork? Should you order the pasta? What about alcohol? To avoid a faux pas, Lindsay Kolowich has compiled a comprehensive list of dining etiquette tips that will help you make a positive impression at your next business function. Here are some of the highlights:

Prior to Meeting

Have a snack. You don’t want to be so ravenous that you can’t concentrate on the conversation.

Disable your phone’s ringer and vibrator, and do not take it out during the meal.

Arrive promptly. It is better to be early than late. If your host is late, wait at least 15 minutes before calling them.

The Meet Up

Greet everyone professionally. Say hello to those you know, shaking hands and maintaining eye contact. Introduce yourself to those you don’t know, and try to remember their names.

Stash your gear. Don’t put your purse, sunglasses or cell phone on the table; discreetly store all belongings on the floor or behind your back on the chair. If you have a coat, hang it up or neatly drape it over the back of your chair.

Remain standing until the host takes a seat. If there is no host, wait until the oldest person sits down.

Lay your napkin in your lap. Do not tuck it in your shirt. If you leave the table to visit the restroom, place the napkin on your chair rather than on the table.

Acknowledge your place settings. Your bread plate is on your left; glassware is on your right. Utensils are set in their order of use; start from the outside and work inwards. The salad fork is smaller than the meal fork.


Limit alcohol consumption. If the host suggests a drink, it is appropriate to imbibe; however drink it slowly and have just one.  Good non-alcoholic alternatives include club soda and iced tea.

When ordering, follow the lead of the host. If he or she does not choose an appetizer, don’t order one. Avoid complicating your order by requesting substitutions, and don’t select the most expensive item on the menu.

Stay away from sloppy foods such as spaghetti or lobster, as well as items that can get stuck in your teeth (such as things with seeds.) Better choices include chicken, fish or salad.

Dining Tips

When pouring water from a pitcher, fill the glasses of your neighbors first.

Bread and butter. If there is a bread basket, help yourself and then pass it to the right. If it comes in a loaf, tear off a piece by hand rather than using a knife. When eating, separate it into bite-sized chunks. Use your butter knife to select some butter from the communal dish, and smear it on the side of your bread plate.

Wait before digging in. Make sure all guests have been served and your host starts eating before you begin.

Correctly hold utensils. Cultures vary with this. European/Continental style dictates that you hold the food down with your fork in your left hand and cut it with the knife in your right hand. Keeping the fork in your left hand, bring the food to your mouth so the back of the fork faces upward. American style has you cutting the food the same way, but placing the knife down on the edge of the plate, and transferring the fork to your right and turning it so the tines face upwards before taking a mouthful. With either style, never lean the handles of the utensils on the table. Make sure they fully rest on your plate. When eating with chopsticks, avoid spearing the food or using the chopsticks as pointers.

More on utensils. If you leave the table but are not yet finished eating, indicate this to the server by correctly resting your utensils. European/Continental style has you placing the knife turned inward and fork with tines down, crossing the knife in an “x” position.  In the American style, place the knife on the right hand edge of the plate with the blade turned inward and the fork tines up. Rest chopsticks in a chopstick holder or side-by-side on top of your bowl instead of sticking them into the food.

Eating etiquette. Don’t cool down hot food by blowing on it. Spoon shared sauces on your plate. Don’t salt your food before tasting it. Cut the food one piece at a time, instead of all at once. Consume soup from the edge of the spoon instead of putting the whole spoon in your mouth. Although slurping is considered rude in America, it is an acceptable practice in Japan*, where you can also tilt the soup bowl and drink from it.

Quantity. Don’t overeat or volunteer to finish someone else’s food. Also, don’t leave your food untouched; that may communicate that you disliked your meal. Eat at the same pace of the other diners.


Finishing up. Indicate you are done by properly retiring your utensils. In the European/Continental style, place the fork (tines down) and knife side-by-side on your plate. In the American style, place the fork tines up.

Offer to pay, even if you know the host will take care of it. Do not argue or request to cover the tip.

Thank the host, and follow up with an email or handwritten note.

* In some regions of the world, etiquette differs. When dining in a foreign country or with guests from another nation, investigate the particular etiquette traditions in advance.

Tecate Will Ambush Tonight’s Debate With This Trump-Mocking Ad About Building a ‘Beer Wall’

Tecate Will Ambush Tonight’s Debate With This Trump-Mocking Ad About Building a Beer Wall.

 A structure that will unite, not divide

Tecate thinks building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico is a great idea. Our hope it’s 3 feet tall and is used as a meeting place for guys from both sides of the border (and all sides of the political spectrum) to get together and have beers.

The spot below, from Saatchi & Saatchi New York, will get a perfect media placement, too. It will debut Monday night on Fox News, Univision and Telemundo during the presidential debate between Donald Trump—who has proposed a much higher, less beer-friendly wall separating the nations—and Hillary Clinton.

Tecate Will Ambush Tonight’s Debate With This Trump-Mocking Ad About Building a ‘Beer Wall’

Filmed near the border town of Tecate, Mexico, where the Mexican beer originated. This is the brand’s first work targeting the general market. It usually focuses its efforts on a core Hispanic target.

Therefore this is a tremendous idea for Tecate. It really is the best idea. We worked with the best clients and hired the best people to work on it. Only the best. It’s terrific,” Chris Moreira, said at Saatchi, said in a statement (possibly after a few Tecates).”Building on the insight that the wall issue is extremely important to our millennial target consumers. Whether leaning more liberal or more conservative. We knew people would be watching the first presidential debate to hear each candidate’s side. We couldn’t think of a better stage to serve Tecate’s message of unity,”.  Jennifer Weiss, vp and director at Mediavest | Spark, which handled media. “We’re also hyper-focused on social to ensure we’re reaching legal-drinking-age adults 21+. Hopefully interested in politics on both sides of the aisle to drive conversation for #TecateBeerWall efficiently.”

Therefore “Tecate is using beer as the great unifier in developing a fun. Finally a Lighthearted and clever commercial where friends from two bordering countries share a couple of Tecates over a wall,”. “With this spot, Tecate is acknowledging an ongoing conversation. While raising a glass to beer’s uncanny ability to bring people together in a positive way.”