Latest Corporate Event Trends

Useful Corporate Event Trends You Must Know About and Utilize

Everything ranging from physical features like the theme of your corporate events to the use of the latest technology can increase the success rate of your event radically. These features are known as event ‘trends’ that come and go with time.

Things like networking opportunities, interesting food presentation, unique food items, and fun elements, etc. have more impact on the success of your corporate event than you think they do. In addition to these usual attractions, there are high-end trends like green initiatives and yoga breaks that impress the guests.

If you are planning a corporate event and are wondering which corporate event trends should be followed, here are a few that will help you pull off the best event possible.

Corporate Event Trends

1.     Health and Fitness

One way to show your guests that they are valued and keep them energized throughout an otherwise dull corporate event is by incorporating a ‘health and fitness’ part. Two easy ways you can do this is by accommodating a couple of exercise breaks in between the event and offering the guests healthy snacks. These will not only deliver a nice impression but will also keep the attendees rejuvenated and motivated.

2.     Gamification

Every industry is trying to incorporate gamification into its corporate events. Gamification refers to the introduction of games in events that keep the guests entertained and relaxed. Nonetheless, these games shouldn’t be completely irrelevant or have no purpose. They should rather be focused on cognitive skills/development and encourage positive things such as team building, critical thinking, etc. You can even organize a short gaming competition amid an event to make the events more vibrant by infusing a sense of competition.

3.     Mobile Event Applications

Event applications simplify things for the attendees. These applications feature event-related things like the agenda, outcomes, goals, names, and particulars of the spokespeople, note-taking, question-raising, etc. These applications are not only really impressive but play a prominent role in keeping events more organized and interactive.

4.     Green Initiatives

The world is slowly and gradually shifting to being green as people become more conscious about harming the environment that they are living in. If you forget or neglect introducing green initiatives and following things that add to environmental safety, you will be making a big mistake.

At the bare minimum, what you can do to make an impression and preserve the environment is forbidding the use of plastic products such as water bottles and polythene bags for anything during the event.  Additionally, you can utilize state-of-the-art LED bulbs that consume less energy than the fancy lights do and use mobile apps to share any documents or images instead of distributing printed templates. This information should also be highlighted and shared with the attendees to have a longer lasting impact.

5.     Desirable Event Venues

This might sound like an ordinary one, but it is as important as all the other trends on this list. There is an appropriate location/environment for everything, so the location that you choose for your corporate event or meeting should be well-suited to it. You can’t expect your event to be successful if you organize your corporate event in a playground, can you?

The best you can do to ensure the location is best-suited to your event is focusing on things like convenience and desirability, not only the price when browsing through the options.

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Important Tips for Hiring the Best Catering Service for Any Event

Essential Tips for Hiring the Best Catering Services

When it comes to organizing an event, there are many significant things to consider. One of them includes the catering service.

Good food is something all guests look forward to when attending any event. Therefore, it is imperative for you to take the necessary measures to ensure that you have hired the best of the best catering service.

Here we have assembled some great tips that you can follow to hire an amazing catering business.


  • Ask for Recommendations or Check Out the Website


If you have little to no experience in planning an event, this is something you should definitely do.

Ask your family, friends or colleagues for catering service suggestions. You can also check online reviews to weed out unsatisfactory caterers. If possible, try to personally contact the reviewer and ask about the catering service in detail. This can make it easy for you to narrow down your list of catering services and help you to choose the right one.


  • Provide Tastings


No matter how perfect the food pictures and their descriptions are, your safe bet is always to ask your potential caterer to provide tastings of their food.

If the caterer is not willing to provide tasting, avoid taking the risk and consider other caterers who are willing to conduct a food-tasting session before the event. This way, you will be able to figure out if the food has lived up to your expectations or not. Trust us, going through the tasting session beforehand can save you from a lot of disappointment and embarrassment in the near future. This will also be a great chance for you to meet the chef himself and squeeze out all the necessary information from him related to the preparation, presentation, and customization of the food.


  • Flexibility


There are many catering services that are willing to customize the menu according to their customers’ wishes.

The caterers will consider changing the menu taking into account your specific dietary, budget, and taste. For instance, if you are a vegetarian, the caterer will make sure that the menu is comprised of all the veggie-based dishes. So, whenever you get in touch with a catering service, do ask them if they assist special menu requirements.


  • Staff Availability


Before you sign any contract, make sure that you pick the catering company that has a staff required to fully service your important event.

The amount of staff will largely depend on the nature of your event. If it’s a big event, comprising of many guests, make sure that the staff has a good amount of well-experienced workers who can easily cater to the needs of your guests. Discuss your plans with the head of the caterer and let him know what your expectations really are.

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The Importance of Entertainment at a Corporate Event

Reasons Why Live Entertainment Is Important at Any Corporate Event

If you are planning a corporate event, you definitely would want to get the most out of it. To make the event successful, you make sure that all the major things including the venue, decoration, and food are par excellence.

However, one of the most easily neglected aspects of any corporate event is entertainment. The planners easily over-look this significant feature of any event.

That’s why we share with you some major reasons why hiring live entertainment can determine the success of your corporate event.


  • Cheers up the Guests


The corporate events can become very boring at times. The constant serious talk related to business can wear out people quite easily. Thus, what is needed to enliven their spirits is good entertainment. It is also important that you hire entertainment that goes along with the likes and interests of your audience.

Live entertainment can help the guests to have fun and be relaxed. It could also be a nice way to engage better with others, getting the opportunity to talk about other light and fun topics.  

The energy of the event elevates the mood of the guests, making them feel more positive. This way they will go back home with a smile on their faces.  


  • Reflects Your Values and Vision


You might not know but live entertainment at your corporate event can be a way to showcase the visionary ideas that your company upholds. It means that you can use entertainment to help your guests understand the motive of your event.  

The entertainment that is according to the purpose of the event helps to run the event more smoothly and naturally. Your guests will easily understand the message you are trying to convey, and that too through music. Hence, it is vital to choose the right kind of entertainment for your event.


  • Makes the Event Memorable


Do not underestimate the power of live entertainment. Good music or funny stage performance can make your event stick out in the minds of guests forever.

People never forget the things that successfully make them happy. Keeping that in mind, if the live entertainment at your corporate event is able to bring joy to people, your event will be totally a hit.

Trust us, people will definitely talk about it afterwards. Surely they will also look forward attending your next corporate event.


  • Enhances the Morale of the Co-Workers


A popular live entertainment can give your co-workers a chance to boost their energy. All year long they work hard which can drain out their energy. Thus, a lively entertainment can give your co-workers a reason to stay at the company.

When planning entertainment you can also set the space for dancing which can be a light-hearted fun for everyone.

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Entertainment for Corporate Events

4 Entertainment Ideas for Your Corporate Events

Corporate events tend to get dull halfway through. They begin with a bang as all the guests arrive and are introduced.

They also end well with the open bar and the amazing catering. But the middle of the event becomes dull when a business review is carried out and only a few people are awarded medals and certificates for their performances.

The rest of the guests tend to tune out until dinner is announced. Corporate entertainment makes sure your guests are with you throughout the event.

Let’s have a look at some of the types of entertainment you must hire for your corporate event to make the whole of it quite memorable.


  • Stand Up Comedians


They are one of the most favorable candidates for entertainment at corporate events. Stand up comedians can do wonders with a script. All you have to do is give them a little background about some of the senior management and they can make the toughest of them laugh.

Most corporate events are set up for business reviews. These can be a little tense for some of the members present. Bringing in a comedian will bring everyone’s smiles back!


  • Concerts by Famous Bands


Another well-appreciated form of entertainment for corporate events is a concert by a renowned band. Add rock, metallic or jazz, whatever you know your audiences will enjoy the most. A live band will get them all on their feet and on the dance floor. You can also let your guests make requests for their favorite songs. A photo session with the famous band will be cherry on top!


  • Dueling Piano Shows


This is a very classy and interactive form of entertainment for your guests. Two performers will be playing the songs that your audiences will choose, on their pianos. They will also be singing along the songs.

In fact, even the audiences are allowed to sing along their favorite lines. This interactive show will be a treat for everyone whether they were attending the event with friends or all by themselves.


  • Dance Teams


A dance team performing on some of the famous tunes out there is also a great choice for your event. If you know that most of your audiences will be seated during the performances then this is perfect for you. You can request group dances, couple dances or even solo dances with props.

You will have unlimited options with a dance performance. If your company promotes a product specific to a particular culture, then you can also add cultural dances to the performance. It will add value to your event!

Entertainment at official events becomes a matter of choice and you have to pick options that keep the senior management and all the employees happy. Venues of Scottsdale can hire entertainment for your event if you are having your event at their private venues. We will find the perfect match for your event and make sure you and your guests have a wonderful time.

19 Things That Thrill Event Planners

19 Things That Thrill Event Planners.

As an event planner there are a number of simple things that get us over excited. Here are 19 things which are irresistible to event professionals, but which others outside the industry may not understand or appreciate.

Sometimes the simplest of things can evoke disproportionate joy. Many of these items are inexpensive, and common place but to a professional event planner they can mean or be worth so much more. Here are some of the things guaranteed to make me happy (and I don’t think I am alone!).

Whether you like paper or electronic lists this is often an essential part of an event planners daily life. Obsession, necessity or comfort, the real thrill however really comes from crossing (or striking or ticking or swiping) items from your list.



Post It Notes

So simple, and so effective, how can these little blocks of fluorescent paper fail to bring cheer? Whether you are using them to take telephone messages, brainstorm your meeting design or as part of an event workshop session they add brightness to every situation.

Knowing You’ve Nailed It

The biggest (and most addictive) thrill for any event planner is witnessing people having a good time or benefitting because of something you have created. Looking around and seeing this first hand is a great feeling and hard to beat.

Fitness Trackers


fitness-trackersOn site visits, walk throughs and event days you will smash your step count. There is nothing like being top of the leader board and boasting a crazy amount of steps to make you feel smug! Of course on those days that you work from home and don’t leave the house it is the opposite story, but let’s not mention that.


Whether you are using them to replace your ring binder, as a check in device. Or to moderate social media or audience responses. Tablets have quickly became an essential touchscreen toy for every modern event professional. Tablets are particularly thrilling for those that remember a time before the invention. Which gives a deeper appreciation of the mighty tablet device.


Why You Need to Break Your Event Assumptions

Why You Need to Break Your Event Assumptions. As a professional speaker, I have the opportunity to attend a lot of events and conferences. While they all differ in scale, audience,  locations, and cultures, they almost all share certain elements.

For example, the flow is the same at most events. Attendees arrive at  a certain hour, register at the welcome desk, get a name badge, and get a coffee before gathering in a large room for the keynote presentation. That’s usually followed by some extra plenary presentations or workshop sessions, then lunch, and then more workshops in the afternoon. At the end of the day, attendees gather again for the closing keynote. The organizer expresses some words of thanks and invites everybody to have a drink and network.

There’s nothing wrong with this flow, but there may be other ways to organize the event that could have a huge impact on the attendee experience.

What other assumptions do we hold about our events? One way to find out what things we accept as true or necessary—but that may not be either—is to look at what events have in common. It’s likely that 90 percent start and end at the same time and feature keynote speakers, for example.

Then see if you can find an event that did that element differently. I have found 21 common event assumptions, and some ways to break them.

Here are a few examples:

by in face2face

How to Get a Job in Events Without Experience

How to Get a Job in Events Without Experience

Everyone has to start somewhere when starting out in the event industry. If you don’t have much experience here are 20 ideas to get your career off the ground.

Experience counts for a lot in the world of events. If you want to work in the events industry it can often seem that everyone demands more experience than you can offer but it isn’t impossible to find a position. Here are 20 quick tips that will have you on your way to your dream job in no time!

  1.  Find a Mentor

When starting your career in events it is always a great idea to connect with someone who has experience in the industry. They can lead you in the right direction for finding jobs, seeking out education and connecting with other industry professionals.

  1. Network Your Way In

If you starting out without many contacts in the industry you can make great connections and potentially find mentors through networking events and by networking in online groups. Finding people to connect with is a very important way to kickstart your career and find a great job within the industry.

  1. Connect on Social Media

Social media is a wonderful way to “meet” people who work in event management. Reach out and connect online with anyone who might help your career in real life. The nice thing about social is that there are very few barriers to connecting with almost anyone!

Be sure that your social profile is up to date and gives you a creative and interesting online presence. Your profile is really the first impression that you make and an important way that others on social media can learn about you.

  1. Build a Blog

When you are learning about a new topic, one of the best ways to enhance your knowledge is by researching and writing about the subject. By starting a blog you can learn more and share what you find with others. It is also a great way to connect and build relationships with fellow event managers and people who are passionate about event planning. Through your writing and your gained knowledge you will earn the respect of others and it could be a great way to land a future job.

  1. Find Quick Ways to Educate Yourself

There are many easy ways to enhance your skills and knowledge through education. You don’t necessarily have to attend formal education courses to learn about about event management. You can find excellent online resources and blogs with very valuable information. There are also a variety of online courses and skill sites where you can learn at your own pace which can make a great addition to education through reading books, exploring publications and listening to podcasts.

  1. Pick Up the Phone and Connect

You can always take the good old fashioned route of picking up the phone and calling people. Reach out to individuals you respect within your niche and explain your newfound passion. Ask if they have some time to chat and explore how they got their start in the industry, along with asking if they can possibly keep you in mind for potential opportunities. Sometimes a simple call could lead you to a great opportunity.

  1. Have an Outstanding Resume/CV

In order to start applying for jobs you will need to have a resume or CV available for potential employers to review. Get creative with how you present yourself. Try using color in a tasteful way, create a personal website you can link to or think outside the box and find unique ideas to help you stand out.

  1. Check Out Local Job Sites

Local job sites can be a great place to find opportunities within events. Try to look for event specific sites or niches within the industry. Some event planners and venues hire seasonal employees –  i.e. wedding planners, outdoor venues, etc, so you might see an increase in opportunities during certain times of the year.

  1. Work for Free

Volunteering is a great way to connect in your community and build experience. Find events that you want to plan and look for a way to volunteer or gain an internship. Many internships lead to full time jobs and some internships pay a small amount too.

  1. Attend Events and Observe

Taking the time to get out and attend events can teach you a lot about the industry. Whenever you have the opportunity to check out an event, take time to think about the planning and preparation that goes on behind the scenes. While you are in attendance you might be able to find out who was in charge of the event and potentially use this as a way to connect with other industry professionals.

  1. Focus on the Skills you Have

When speaking with people in the industry, let them know what you can bring to the table. Maybe you have experience in communications or customer service, etc. All of these types of skills can help you to land a job that will get your foot in the door with event planning. So much goes into the execution of a successful event and every planner is looking for well rounded people to assist on their team.

  1. Connect with Local Vendors

If you can’t find a job at an event management company try exploring options with vendors and venues. Often times they are looking for part time or seasonal help and this can provide great experience and a way to network with people in the industry.

  1. Plan Community Events

Reach out to your local parks department or community to see if they need assistance planning local events. Perhaps they have events like holiday celebrations or kids summer camps that you could help in planning. This experience will be valuable for you and provide an excellent learning opportunity.

  1. Serve on a Planning Committee

Many local events or smaller companies need members on their event planning committee. This can be an awesome way to build relationships and show off your event planning skills to people in your area, along with helping to serve your community. Perhaps the experience and connections you build through this experience will lead to to future opportunities.

  1. Be Willing to Travel

Some event jobs may include a high volume of travel, sometimes these are less desired positions and thus they will hire people with less experience. The great thing about travel related event jobs is that you normally get to see some really interesting places, work with people from around the country (or world) and explore different niches or responsibilities.

  1. Sign up with an Event Staffing Agency

Large events often call on event staffing companies to temporarily staff positions for specific roles. You could potentially get paid to work as registration staff, promotional staff, a runner, steward or part of the waiting staff. This will provide good experience and might still lead to other opportunities and get you noticed.

  1. Register on Freelance Sites

Different employers are in need of planners from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels. Try connecting on sites such as Upwork where you can advertise yourself as a virtual events assistant to assist someone on a bigger projects.

  1. LinkedIn

Many potential employers seek out new employees by using LinkedIn. One way to make yourself stand out is by having a fully completed profile. Think about adding more testimonials, endorsements, volunteer experience, projects, accomplishments and blog posts to your profile. Do your best to contribute to groups, connect with people, post regularly, and make it clear you are looking for a new challenge. There are also a number of great job listings to explore on LinkedIn by using their job search tool.

  1. Create a Detailed Plan

Every new adventure needs a plan. And when you are looking for a job within event management you need to have some goals developed. Start by creating short term ideas that you plan to implement quickly, along with your longer term goals. Having a good path identified for your career journey will keep you focused. And help you to reach your goals quickly.

  1. Do it Yourself

At the end of the day if you can’t find or get the job you want.  Maybe you should consider taking on the challenge of creating your own event or setting up your own business. Once you feel like you have the experience needed to succeed. You should evaluate your entrepreneurial interest and possibly take on the role of being your own boss! This will give you the chance to call the shots. And maybe one day provide jobs to other who are looking to break into the industry.

In Conclusion

There are many different ways to break into the event world. Whether you find a great mentor, connect online or through your community. You can create your own success with a little diligence and hard work! Try using some of our tips above to give your career a jumpstart. Keep your eyes open for the next great opportunity.

Your Venue Speaking

Your Venue Speaking ? Meeting planners know the feeling of standing alone in an empty, vast ballroom  or Venue in the early morning hours before the sun rises or at night long after the last participant duly exits. There is something captivating that envelopes you—that sound of silence when looking out into space.

Think about space in today’s world. We live in physical places, communicate in digital places, explore outer space, and virtually visit places in the space in our minds. Above all, we continue to reach for that space within our body and soul, that place of balance. As more and more Millennials enter the work space, they are searching for a physical sense of place to belong in society and work, having grown up in a digital space.

Any sense of place is pervasive; it speaks to you in the silence of the room, in the silence of your mind. If silence speaks, then what should we listen to when choosing a destination, location, venue, hotel? A space where we will invite people to have a place to engage, interact, play, learn, and communicate.

Understanding how destination and venue spaces impact the attendee experience and the sense of place is an added dimension to the site-selection process. It requires a sensitivity to the lifestyle choices people are making now to maintain the balance in their own personal sense of place while they explore new experiences.

Some questions to ask yourself in the meeting design process:

1. Were the objective and goals of the meeting or event clear?
2. Does the location meet your criteria for the format of the meeting, conference, or exhibition?
3. Are there attractions, museums, venues, or locations that could offer unique opportunities? For example, during The Special Event conference in Orlando this month, the Leadership Lunch was held on the Orlando Eye. How creative to use this location, filling each car with a seasoned professional facilitating a specific discussion with a group of 8–10 participants while enjoying the experience. Everyone wins as the PR opportunities benefit The Special Event and the Eye team for future business.
4. Will the space allow for designing places to complement the profile and needs of the attendees?
5. Does the sense of place encourage attendance and pre- or post-meeting tourism?

Understanding how destination and venue spaces impact the attendee experience

6. Where in the space are branding opportunities? Where are they allowed? Where are they most effective?
7. Does the space allow for an event design that will maximize flow?
8. What is the vibe of the people who work there? Are they proud of the place? Is there positive energy?
9. Can an actual destination—country, state, city—complement the theme? If you are planning a meeting with top producers and the theme is Go for the Gold, are you aware of the influence that the location you choose has on perception, behavior, expectations?
10. Certain places have spaces that are uniquely designed for specific looks or themes. If using these results in cost savings that matches the theme and objectives, then the space works. If it doesn’t, choose something else and avoid the risk of losing marketing impact

Alice peered through the Looking Glass and saw BIG and little doors. Explore the spaces. Enjoy the places and continue the search and process for the right fit.
Before your next meeting, stand alone and let the venue tell you the possibilities. And, above all, remember there’s no place like a feeling of home and home is where two or more people can meet face to face. Invite me anytime.

Founder, the DND Experience Group

More Personalization, New Destinations

More Personalization, New Destinations. Last year’s results could have been an anomaly. The latest data just in from the annual incentive travel survey by MeetingsNet and the Incentive Research Foundation, it looks like we’ve got a trend on our hands: Budgets are coming back!

“Overall this year’s survey again shows a banner year for incentive travel, with budgets expanding and programs growing,” says IRF President Melissa Van Dyke. “Planners continue to find ways to meet attendee demands for authentic, unique, personalized experiences. By targeting new destinations, expanding their use of mobile, highlighting merchandise experiences, and helping attendees give back.”Asked about their 2016 incentive budgets overall, most planners reported budgets that are stable or that have grown over 2015.

The mood is not quite as giddy as it was last year when almost 54 percent saw increases (and half those increases were more than 10 percent). For 2016, planners whose budgets are up (about 38 percent of respondents) are typically working with modest— and more sustainable—increases. “The austerity measures and cautious optimism of the post-re­cession era is finally receding from budgets,” Van Dyke says. “The pendulum is now swinging toward program re-investment, giving planners the resources they need to create incentives with a lasting impression.”

 Change in 2016 Incentive Budgets Increased significantly (more than 25%) Increased moderately (11% to 25%) Increased slightly (6% to 10%) About the same (5% to -5%) Decreased slightly (-6% to -10%) Decreased moderately (-11% to -25%) Decreased significantly (more than -25%)

Nimbrio Mobile Review App

Nimbrio Mobile Review AppNimbrio Brand Activation

Nimbrio is the perfect tool for brand activation events, because it engages users and encourages them to test and rate your products, solidifying their connection with your brand.

When users see the leaderboard of product reviews, they are encouraged to try and review the products themselves. What’s more, they can add notes, mark favorites, share and even buy online!

The Nimbrio app helps event organizers and brands gather intelligence about the user interactions, guage stickiness, and follow up with lead nurturing after the event to encourage sales.

In short, users, brands, and event organizers all love the Nimbrio app. It’s the perfect tool for before, during and after your event.

Fill out the form to the left to receive more information and make your next brand event a smashing success!


How Does Nimbrio Take Product Review to the Next Level?

  • Favorites – Users can keep track of the products they liked and even keep shopping lists.
  • Buy Online – Set up online shopping links so customers can purchase on the spot.
  • Facebook Connect – Customers can log in seamlessly with their existing Facebook account.
  • Social Sharing – Extend your event reach with social sharing options via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Data – Receive all of the ratings, feedback and email addresses after the event.
  • Leaderboard – A live screen updates the front runners in real time.
  • No Downloads – Nimbrio is a web app, so there’s no need to download anything. Just visit the website or use a QR code to go there directly.

What Can My Users Rate?

  • Food
  • Wine
  • Tea
  • Beer
  • Music
  • Electronics
  • Media
  • Sporting Goods
  • People
  • Gadgets
  • Automobiles
  • Accessories
  • Fashion
  • Art
  • Just About Anything!