Floating Centerpiece? Yes!

Floating Centerpiece? Yes! How To Make a Floating Centerpiece for Your Next Event! Last week we brought you four of our favorite edible garden centerpieces. This week, we are sticking with centerpieces, but upping the ante. How about we put a little magic into it? Today we’re bringing you an original Clarke Allen Event creation […]

Tips for a Great Summer Wedding

25 Tips for a Great Summer Wedding If you’re having a summertime wedding, you’re probably envisioning a gorgeous, blue-sky day that’s like something out of a movie.  A sea of perfect, white roses everywhere you look. Your guests in high-fashion ensembles walking through the gardens with champagne glasses in their hands, remarking how this is […]

Trashing Those Centerpieces

Trashing Those Centerpieces White hydrangeas and deep orange roses and lilies helped turn the dinner on the opening night of the Host Global Alliance 4th Annual HGA Global Forum into a special affair. That wouldn’t be the final act for the gorgeous buds and blooms. Rather than a trip to the dumpster. The flowers made […]

Find the Perfect Setting for Your Wedding

Find the Perfect Setting for Your Wedding “To one bride, romance is a grand ballroom with candles everywhere. To another bride the perfect setting, it’s a meadow filled with wildflowers. They’re both right,” says Tara Guérard, who works with couples in her event design firm Tara Guérard Soirée, based in Charleston and New York City. “It […]

Floral Design at The Venue

Floral Design at The Venue Floral Design at The Venue is for intimate private dinners through to grand scale Gala Balls. We have done floral design for events of every scale and budget. A beautiful floral can stir your emotions and drive your event to a new level.  Expect innovative concepts, attention to detail & […]