Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Wedding at an Airport Hangar

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Wedding at an Airport Hangar

When we think of airports, the first thing that immediately pops into our minds is obviously, an airplane. The second thing is the passengers, and then traveling, and so on and so forth.

Not even in our wildest dreams do we regard airports as wedding destinations. And that is mainly because it is not the usual place for weddings to be arranged. However, you may not know but an airport hangar is a unique place where you can have your wedding planned. Are you wondering what an airport hangar is?

Well, it is a spacious building where airplanes are repaired or serviced, as well as parked. The hangars are far away from the terminals and runways, but they are a fun place to have the wedding ceremony. Read on to find out some reasons why an airport hangar should be your wedding venue!

1.     A Modern and Unique Trend

Are you bored and tired of weddings taking place in churches, beaches or the backyard? Do you want a unique venue? You surely do!

An airport hangar is a perfect option for you to have your wedding in the most extraordinary style. An airport hangar is the latest trend that has not become common yet. So, surprise your guests by inviting them to such an amazing venue.

2.     Spacious Enough to Accommodate a Large Number of Guests

The space is generally limited when you have wedding ceremonies in churches, backyards or wedding halls. And therefore, you are unwillingly forced to invite a limited number of guests. However, this may not be the case when you have your wedding in an airport hangar.

It is an open-air place with a large space that can easily accommodate thousands of guests. So, don’t hesitate to call your friends and their friends when having a wedding at an airport hangar!

3.     Customize the Venue

An airport hangar gives the opportunity to customize the place whichever way you want. You can make the location gorgeous and stunning by creatively styling it the way you feel.

For example, you can follow fun themes like airplane tickets as an invitation and have a matching themed table decoration accordingly.

4.     A Unique and Fun Wedding Photo Shoot

Photos are the best way to collect beautiful memories. And that’s why a wedding photo shoot is a must. The photo shoot at an airport hangar will be undoubtedly the most outstanding experience.

The photos clicked in the open-area will give a remarkable result. Plus, having jets and planes as the backdrop will make the photos look quirky and cool!

Weddings are the most special day of one’s life and they should be nothing less than extraordinary. So, choose the airport hangar as the perfect wedding venue and make the ceremony an extravagant affair.

You can book us to help you plan your wedding event at the airport hangar in the perfect way possible!

Unique Venue for Events

Choosing a Unique Venue for Events

Conventional events having been hosted in all the creative ways possible. It seems like it is impossible to host an event in a unique venue that can truly provide a memorable experience. All the corporate events, conferences, workshops, and even weddings have become a boring affair now. It seems like there is no real excitement to these things anymore. While a lot of people might assume that the problem is with the organization of the event, it is not. The events themselves are successful. They are able to serve their purpose and you can pull them off without a hitch. The problem lies in where you host them.

Traditional venues have been used for so long that they have left nothing special for events nowadays. No matter how special the seating arrangement, decorations or entertainment gets, the venue itself makes an event boring. This is why there is a need to choose a more unique venue for events now. Thinking outside the norm can help you achieve an event that becomes a night for everybody to remember.

The trend for unique venues to host events has seen a surge throughout this year. People are opting for the strangest of places to host traditional events in an unconventional manner. As we go exploring the aspect of planning events in unique venues, we will also tell you what you should keep in mind when selecting a unique venue for events.

Why Should You Choose a Unique Venue?

A unique venue will make for one of the most memorable events possible. There are a few reasons why you should choose a unique venue to host an event in Scottsdale. If you have a knack for hosting or planning events, working on setting up an event in a unique venue can provide you a new experience. For instance, organizing a party in an airplane hangar will be a whole new experience. You’ll have a lot of space to work with and you will have a lot more creative options when it comes to how you can transform the space. As an event planner, this can add a lot of diversity to your portfolio.

Consider Traditional Venue Standards

Of course, when you have the creative freedom with a unique venue like an airplane hangar in Scottsdale, you might just blow it out of proportion. While it is good to enjoy the creative juices flowing, it is also a good idea to consider the standards set by traditional venues in mind. The best practices for events have to be kept in check while going all out with your unique ideas.

Check us out at

Innovative Ideas for Your Hangar Wedding

5 Amazing Ideas for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is bound to be one of the most unforgettable events in your life. You also want to make it quite memorable for your guests too! What you need for that are great ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding to make it an amazing event.

Let’s have a look at some of the things you can do to make your wedding just spectacular.


  • Create Reception Lounges for Dance Breaks


A wedding without dance floor is incomplete. There has to be a dance floor and it has to stay full. You can achieve that with all your friends and family gathered with you. However, dancing can be quite tiring for everyone.

You can set up luxurious lounges in different places at your wedding venue. Everyone who feels exhausted can take 5 on the incredibly soft and spongy couches only to return and fire up the dance floor again.


  • Create a Restaurant Environment


For your wedding dinner, you don’t have to ditch your excellent venue and go to a restaurant. You can bring the restaurant to you! Instead of arranging a buffet, set up a restaurant environment, bring in waiters who take orders from your guests and let everyone enjoy the meals of their choice!


  • Fly Into Your Wedding Reception


This is will be the most talked about entrance in years to come. Enter your wedding by flying into it in a private jet. Use the inside of the jet to take pictures, take more when you are climbing down and with the jet as a background in your frame.

Let the jet stay in the venue for the rest of your guests to take pictures in front of it. It will become a monument for all the attendees.   


  • Roll Out in a Mercedes


Leave the wedding reception in as much style as you entered it. Since you flew into it at the beginning; you should drive out in a high-speed Mercedes. Give the love of your life an exhilarating experience on her wedding day!

Set up a Barbeque

When you are outdoors, you can also set up a live barbeque at your wedding reception where guests can request their favorite items and the chef can serve them hot! A barbeque goes a long way with an open bar in the side. Make sure drinks flow free at your wedding!

Setting up a wedding with all the above ideas needs a lot more than planning. It requires a very large space. You need to have room for the jet, the bar b q and the Mercedes. Not only that, you will need a large area just for the restaurant.

The spread out lounges will also take up quite a bit of space. If you live in Phoenix, Arizona you don’t need to worry about a great venue. Venues of North Scottsdale can organize your wedding reception at their jet hangars! You can easily fly into your wedding and leave a lasting impression on your guests! All the amazing things you have planned will be accommodated easily in the 75000 square feet of space at the hangar. Visit us and see for yourself. We will make your wedding very exciting!

Are you a Non-Traditional Bride

Departing your fabulous wedding

Is your BETTER HALF  a pilot?

Is your future bride a muscle car GIRL?

Does the idea of a church wedding bore both of you to death?

You are a Non-Traditional Bride and we love that about you! 

Did you meet on an amazing trip or at an airport? Do you both have that bug and just love to travel? Do you love hot cars? Are you into airplane rides? Are you marrying a Pilot! It does not matter as long as Love is the air! What a fabulous way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials than with us at one of our dazzling hangars!

Marrying your best friend at an airport?

How about a fabulous collector car venue?

Arrive or leave your wedding in our Helicopter for a once in a lifetime experience!

Our hangars offer flexible and affordable options to suit a variety of needs at any budget. With large open floor space ranging from 3,500 square feet to 32,000 square feet, air conditioning (available in select hangars), restrooms (available in select hangars), raw industrial elements and versatile indoor and outdoor entertaining options our hangars provide the ultimate blank canvas designed to let you create the wedding or rehearsal dinner you’ve always dreamed of.

Therefore our services are limitless, our creativity is revolutionary and our attention to detail is unparalleled.

Your food service will be expertly catered by select, well- appreciated local caterers. Each offers the resourcefulness to create a diversity of exciting and mouthwatering menus, committing themselves to plan the highest quality service.

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Meet Nicki Schoenecker Crause

Nicki has all-encompassing knowledge and specializes in the development and implementation of high-end weddings, exclusive events, and tests the limits on photoshoots. Her services include full event planning for: – Weddings – Private Celebrations – Bachelor and Bachelorette – Elopements – Rehearsal Dinners – After Wedding Events and perfectly executed celebrations. We design and deliver exceptional events for stylish individuals with our renowned service; Nickie is on hand to make sure your every need is met and that your day runs perfectly to plan. My tip would be to stay true to you and your partner, embrace your love & all your favorite things and people!

Do you want to go against the grain on your wedding day and rock a theme that stands out more stunningly than the normal white dress and traditional vows? If you desire a uniquely remarkable wedding, then look no further than SPEV and Nickie.

Things to Factor in While Selecting a Venue Location

Things to Factor in While Selecting a Venue Location

Finding and settling on a venue is one of the most difficult tasks of any event planning routine. The venue has the power to make your event a rampant success or a washout. Its location also greatly matters in deciding the fate of your event. This is the reason why event planners and managers always ask hosts to do thorough homework for picking a venue location before finalizing any other event detail.

Let’s have a look at the elements that one must factor in before locking in a venue location.

The Commute Should Be Shorter

No one wants to drive for an hour to reach a suburban venue. The ones who will make this effort will already be dead beat due to the long commute. So, try to choose the location that remains a moderate commute for all the invitees.

Even an impressive event itinerary can’t persuade people to attend if they already know that they have to travel a long distance to reach the destination. Keep in mind that, a far-off venue location can drastically impact the headcount at your event and subsequently its success.

The Commute Should be Hassle-Free

Just as people don’t want to travel long distances, they also don’t like to get stuck in traffic again and again while heading to an event. Wrestling their way out of bad traffic can spoil their mood even before the start of the event proceedings. It’s never easy to get the annoyed and tempered guests involved in the activities. They even have the contagious power to spread their bad mood vibes.

We know that it is not easy to find a venue that can fulfill both the above requirements. However, we are going to make one suggestion here: try our hangars. There are many hangar venues in Arizona that are not far away from the city centers and also involve a hassle-free commute.

Caterers Can Easily Manage their Things on the Location

While facilitating the guests and putting their convenience at the forefront, it is also important to factor in the functional requirements of your event. For instance, it is essential that the caterers you are working with can easily manage the food and beverages at the given location without making any compromise. A better option is to look for an event management company that offers both a venue and catering services.


Take into Account the ‘Curb Appeal’ of a Venue

Besides crafting the interior of the venue in accordance with the event theme, it is equally important that the surrounding location also enhances the experience of the guests attending the event. A natural landscape or some good architectural work of art in the vicinity of the venue will add a personality to your event.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues offers a range of different venues at different locations including hangers. The wide assortment of venues offered by the company makes it easier for hosts in picking a venue location of their choice.

Unique Venue for Weddings

Importance of Choosing a Unique Venue for Weddings

A wedding is one of the most important events that take place in a person’s life. When a couple gets engaged, they are always going to be worried about the special day which will set the precedent of how they will spend the rest of their lives together. The thoughts of a perfect wedding are something that both excite and worry both the bride and the groom. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration in order to have the perfect wedding that everybody wants. In order to make the most wonderful memories of the wedding, the location counts for a lot when it comes to your dream wedding. Everything has to be planned right down to the tiniest detail. If you want your wedding to be truly special, you will want to pick out a unique venue which will be perfect for the occasion and at the same time surprise everybody. We are talking about thinking out of the box when it comes to the wedding and the unique venue. There are several reasons why you should choose a unique venue for your wedding.

Creating an Atmosphere

One of the foremost aspects of your dream wedding would be creating the right atmosphere for the event. Selecting the perfect unique venue for your wedding will help you do most of the work that needs to be done in that regard. It is the central part of creating the atmosphere for your wedding. A lot of people choose to build the theme for their weddings based on the unique venue. There are plenty of special venues to be found in Scottsdale for your wedding. We will tell you more about it later.

Making Special Memories

Choosing a unique venue for your dream makes the event a lot more special. Since you are (hopefully) going to be married just once in your life, why not make the best of it? Have a wedding party that is unlike anything that you or your soon-to-be spouse could never have imagined. It will certainly make for something that you two will remember for the rest of your lives. It will also be an unforgettable experience for everybody that attends the wedding as well.

Plenty of Options

When it comes to unconventional and unique venues for your dream weddings, there are so many options for you to avail in Scottsdale. The unique wedding venues also give you a lot of options when it comes to deciding what you can do with the theme for your wedding. You can go crazy with the creative aspect of your wedding’s theme.

A Truly Unique Venue for Your Wedding

If you are wondering about what you can go for, we have the perfect suggestion for you.

When we said “out of the box” we really meant it. With some of the best venues available in Scottsdale for all kinds of events, we think you should seriously consider a wedding in an aircraft hangar. It is completely unheard of and will catch everybody by surprise. The fact that there is so much space in an aircraft hangar means you can go crazy with the wedding decorations without worrying about claustrophobia. 

With the surprise element, the ambiance that will be at your whim and an enormous amount of space, we know that one of our unique venues will be perfect for your wedding. Think about it. You’ll only ever get married once in your life (again, hopefully). Make it special.

For more information, please feel free to contact us. We’ll get you sorted out.

SPEV adds Vehicle Vault to portfolio

SPEV adds Vehicle Vault to the portfolio, Venues of North Scottsdale is announcing the addition Vehicle Vault. An 11,000 square foot facility to its already expansive offering of unique venues for hosting private events. Furthermore, this addition boasts 28-32 foot ceilings, accommodates large groups for dinner. Besides that provides a dramatic backdrop to any experiential event. With that said the open space and the high ceilings with exposed rafters lend opportunity for event planners to create a fully customized and unique atmosphere.  Unlike any big box, ballroom could provide No More Ballrooms!

About Venues of North Scottsdale:

Venues of North Scottsdale a premier exclusive venue rental agency based in Scottsdale, AZ. Most importantly SPEV offers access to privately owned hangars, for hosting private and corporate events. Groups from 300 to 2,000 from across the United States. Venue of North Scottsdale’s catering, décor, rental, transportation, logistics, and consultation services round out their full-service event planning and production support. Providing relief to event planners who often source these services from multiple providers when renting traditional offsite venues. With that said corporations are looking to engage their audiences with breathtaking or branded events. The team at Venues of North Scottsdale provides concept-to-execution consultation and production, managing every detail of the guest’s experience.

In the heart of Scottsdale Airpark this dazzling and very private event venue magnificent for hosting corporate events. With that said from lunches, sit down dinners, canapé receptions and film premieres to product launches, live music showcases, awards ceremonies and of course, fabulous holiday celebrations. An expert events team is on hand to ensure that everything is just perfect. The Scottsdale Automobile Museum inventory includes several antique & classic vehicles which are offered to enhance your company party, corporate event, wedding, anniversary, or another special event.


Introducing Hangar 6 Scottsdale

Introducing Hangar 6 Scottsdale

Introducing Hangar 6 Scottsdale. Hangar 6 at the Scottsdale Airport is a true blank canvas when it comes to corporate event planning.

Check out our hangars for creative live experiences that will surely leave an impression on your attendees.

From the informal and intimate to the creative and spectacular hangars characteristically make for excellent event venues, as they tend to be celebrated for their high ceilings, wide-open space, big windows, and textural details. From corporate meetings to intimate gatherings, SPEV offers an awe-inspiring setting for all kinds of special occasions. Our Scottsdale Hangars and our Phoenix Hangars are perfect for all types of events, from corporate gatherings to social functions.

Most meeting planners are aware of the city’s conventional, ballroom spaces and meeting spaces. But why go humdrum when you can throw your next event in a space that’s as unique as our city! This space offers you premium seclusion to keep your party going long through the night. There is nothing else like it in our market and we are thrilled to bring this cutting-edge venue to YOU! This unique venue is ideal for large-scale events with groups up to 1000 guests. This amazing, industrial event space can accommodate any type of entertainment; including A-Listers with large staging needs, aerial cirque artists, with room for brands of any size.

Our hangars are a wonderful place to mix the old with the new. Scottsdale plays host to many large events from annual award ceremonies, conventions and conferences to product launches and corporate events.

Our venue lends itself perfectly to extraordinary events

This venue is perfect for large corporate conferences, movie screenings, and awards banquets. H6 offers organizers with a lot of options when it comes to staging their next event.

The space makes for a perfect venue for a seated dinner, product launch, conference or live music performance. The space has a large load in bays, making it a great space for car product launches.

Hangar 6 is 22,000 square foot and located at the Scottsdale Executive Airport, situated just moments away from Downtown Scottsdale, and a mere 20-minute drive from Sky Harbor and the Phoenix Convention Center.

30’ ceilings, drive in production doors, white floors and urban/industrial looking walls. The hangar door opens 20’ high to 70’ wide with a perfect view of the jets taking off and landing.


Marry your best friend in a Helicopter Hangar

Marry your best friend in a Helicopter Hangar.

Ever considered marrying your best friend in a Helicopter Hangar?

Make a grand entrance to your wedding reception in our Airbus AS350-B2 “SaberCat1” helicopter.

You can impress your guests with Helicopter rides of their own and show them what Scottsdale Arizona is like 1000’ up!

Our Heli Hangar is one of Scottsdale Arizona’s most exclusive wedding and event spaces. We offer a generous open floor space 7200’ or 2 spaces 3600’ each both options with a large 5400’ West facing patio great for Arizona sunsets! So if you love to be outside it is perfect for a cocktail hour, the ceremony.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues represents Scottsdale’s most unique wedding venues and event spaces.

The just right place to view planes and helicopters taking off after you get married!

SPEV’s in-house wedding planner will guide you through all the details.  This will ensure that every aspect of your special day meets your highest expectations.  From design details to day-of management, our services are limitless, our creativity is revolutionary and our attention to detail is unparalleled.

Space for up to 300, with flexible indoor and out-of-doors choices. The hangar delivers the ultimate space to let you produce the wedding and or reception you’ve forever dreamed of.

25-foot ceilings, and urban elements including polished white concrete floors.  The spot-on space to have a wedding ceremony, white leather lounge, or dance all night party.

Big, bright and sparkling clean. This 13,600 ft space houses 2 ultra luxe helicopters, that are removed for your event. Or you can leave in the hanger for a novel event centerpiece. 2nd-floor luxury lounge area with a great west view. With 24 feet ceilings and sparkling concrete floors, you can get creative with lighting and decor. The hangar plays host to some of the most exclusive events in Scottsdale. Located minutes from all of Scottsdale’s fabulous resorts.

At Scottsdale Private Event Wedding Venues, the sky is the limit!

Top 4 Wedding Reception Venues in Scottsdale

The Best Private Venues for Your Wedding Reception

If there is one occasion that is the most special in one’s life, it is the wedding day. Your loved ones including family, friends, and relatives joins in your happiness and celebrate your big day. To honor their presence on your big day, you hold a wedding reception.

It is an important ceremony for a wedding couple and it needs to be celebrated extravagantly. Choosing the right venue is the first significant step in making your wedding reception a success.

Here we present to you some of the unique wedding reception venues to consider for your happiest occasion.


  • Hangar 6


If you are planning a big wedding reception, consider Hangar 6 as your best option. Do you know why? The place is an extraordinary private venue which can accommodate a large number of guests, making it ideal for those who have a long list of guest.

Located in the heart of Scottsdale Airpark, the private venue is far away from the city’s buzz. You and your guests can comfortably enjoy the reception in seclusion. The unique part of this venue is that it gives the perfect view of the jets taking off and landing, an ideal site for all the travel lovers!


  • Heli Hangar


Heli Hangar is a big, bright place which will definitely wow your guests by its unique interior and exterior details.

The private venue is spacious enough to let you design the space the way you wanted. It means that you can easily set an exciting cocktail bar for your guests or you can organize a live music show.

More than that, you can mesmerize your guests with an impressive entrance in a helicopter. You can also avail the thrilling opportunity to create tours of the city with your partner and the guests. This will most definitely be one memorable wedding event for everyone!


  • Acoma Hangar


The airport hangar is situated in the most iconic landmarks – Scottsdale Airport. This is an unconventional private venue perfect for those who have a penchant for adventure and thrill.

The venue has wondrous runway views and a large space which can easily be transformed according to your liking. You can make the space more beautiful by stunning wall draping or you can also personalize it by choosing a distinct airport-themed wedding.


  • Jetset Hangar


If the dance is the major part of your wedding reception, consider booking Jetset Hangar. The place offers amazing ballroom space where you and your guests can dance their hearts out.

The large stunning space decorated with beautiful lighting and decoration will definitely make your wedding reception a memorable one. Also, you can tailor the event by calling any type of live entertainment including the city’s popular musicians!

If you are interested to book any of these wedding reception venues (as you surely must be) then immediately contact Venue in North Scottsdale. The company will work with you to create and design a glorious wedding reception!